• Published 3rd Jan 2012
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Downfall of Equestria - Shadow Storm

A civil war between the Solar Empire and the New Lunar Republic.

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Chapter IX: Turning Tides

“You? Rainbow mane? What are you doing here?!” I shouted, still fueled with rage.

She approached me, and sat next to me, just shortly away from reach. I didn’t understand why she was here, but the look on her face said it all. She was probably watching everything that happened, and either decided to help, or to finish me off like Luna should have originally.

“My name isn’t rainbow mane. It’s Rainbow Dash.” She said bluntly, blowing her long colorful mane away from her face, looking at the chains that kept me down.

“What do I care? You tried to kill me and Princess Luna.” I spat coldly.

“Well I’m not here to kill you. I’m here to help you.” She said which wasn’t that much of a surprise.

“Why, out of all the ponies in Equestria, would you want to help me?”

“I saw what they did to her. I know you hate Princess Luna. I felt badly for you, though you probably don’t care about that either. Look, if you want your revenge just help us.”

She was probably referring to the Solar Empire. The thought of it wasn’t that bad right now, though my thoughts were lost in darkness and hatred at the moment. If I joined the Solar Empire, I would be able to exact my revenge on Princess Luna and the Black Squadron. If I refused to help them, then I would be left to rot here, alone. As much as I hated the Solar Empire, I had to do this. For Cosette.

“Okay, Rainbow. I’ll help you…” I forced myself to say.

She smiled and unsheathed her dagger, and in an instant, cut the chains off of me. I got up, followed by her, who put her dagger back. I quickly tackled her, pinning her on the ground, taking her dagger and holding it to her neck. She let out a loud yelp, staring up at me fearfully.

“Why are you doing this? Really?” I demanded forcefully, putting a small amount of pressure on her neck.

“I’m doing this because… the Empire needs your help. You can end this war, I know you can. You just have to help us… please.” She answered.

I looked into her eyes for a long time before releasing my pressure on the blade, getting off of her. She got back on her hooves and grabbed her dagger back, dusting herself off in the process. I sighed and stared at her.

“Lead the way Rainbow.” I said, spreading my wings, which she repeated.

Without a reply, she took off into the air as I followed her. My mind was only set on one thing: revenge. I served Princess Luna for ten years, and after my loyal service, she killed her own daughter, the mare I loved, right in front of me. I wouldn’t let this go unpunished, regardless if she was an alicorn or not.

We approached Canterlot very quickly, in a matter of minutes. This time, I wasn’t sneaking around to gain access inside. Rainbow Dash led me straight through the large entrance and down the main hallway to Celestia’s royal chamber. Seeing the familiar room sent traumatizing memories into my head.
I looked up at the chair, and there before me, was Celestia herself. Once I was in the middle of the room, the guards shut the door, while two others came over and held me down.

“H-Hey what’s going on?! Let me go!” I shouted, struggling to get free.

Celestia, without a word, arose from her chair and walked down to me, looking downward at me with an interested look. I looked back up at her, noticing that she was slightly taller than Luna. Her mane flowed like the waves of the ocean, her body the same snowy white.

“What is he doing here, Commander?” She said with a slight uneasy tone.

I could see why she hated me. After all, it was only a few months ago when my small group attempted to assassinate her to end the war. However I realized now, that without her, my revenge wouldn’t be so easy.

“He wants to join the Solar Empire, your Empress. He wants to kill Princess Luna.” Rainbow said, looking at me, giving me a face to keep quiet and to let her do the talking.

She looked at Rainbow with a confused face.

“He is one of the Black Squadron members in the New Lunar Republic, and you’re telling me he wants my sister dead?”
Before Rainbow could say another word, I stood up, still being held by the Solar Guards.

“Your Highness, she killed the mare I loved, which was her own daughter, right in front of me no more than thirty minutes ago.”

Her jaw dropped nominally in shock, the others starting at me blankly.

“I served her for more than a decade, Empress Celestia. I know her strategies, I know where her and her army is located now. She ruined my life, and I want to ruin hers. I am not doing this for you, or for this pathetic war torn country. I’m doing this for the friends I lost under her wing. I am not asking you to trust me, I am asking you to help me, and in return I’ll be helping you win this war.”

Everypony stood silently for a moment, their eyes staring in awe until Celestia spoke up.

“Very well, stallion. I will accept you as a member of the Solar Empire. On one condition.”

“What might that be?” I asked, the guards holding me now loosening their grip, but still keeping me contained.

“You must swear your loyalty to me. I promise that you will get your revenge.” Celestia stated, her stoic face still examining me.

I pushed off the guards, who surprisingly backed off, but kept their hooves on their blades as I walked forward, looking up at Celestia. The one who killed my best friends months ago, was asking me for my loyalty. As much as I hated the idea of joining my enemy, I had to do this. For Cosette.

I knelt down before her, grabbing her hoof gently, planting a small kiss before looking up at a now amused Celestia.

“Very well… I swear my allegiance to you. Help me kill Princess Luna. Help me end the New Lunar Republic.” I asked her, as a small smile appeared on her face.

“Welcome to the Solar Empire, my newly devoted subject. You must work to gain trust, and I hope to see you advance yourself in my empire. I look forward to seeing your progress. Come to me whenever you need an assignment, and I will gladly give you one. Go with Rainbow Dash to the train station, there she will debrief you on what you need to do now.” She said before motioning everypony in the room to leave, excluding her two guards that accompanied her at all times.

I left the room alongside Rainbow Dash who escorted me outside the palace and into the city. I was a little uncomfortable walking in the one place I called enemy territory. I looked uneasily at the guards, who shared equally disturbed looks. Many of the civilians even stopped and watched me, gasping at the sight of their enemy. I felt somewhat secure though because Rainbow Dash was, to my knowledge, a commander in the Solar Empire.

“So Rainbow, you’re a commander huh?” I asked, trying to ignore the staring eyes.

“Yep. Along with three other friends of mine that I’m taking you to see right now, actually. It’s better if you get acquainted with them now so they’ll grow on you.”

“Well who are they, if I might ask?” I asked, her head turning towards me as we made our way through the streets of Canterlot.

“Well one of them, is Pinkie Pie. Her and I are like best friends though she kinda… acts weird, in a way. You’ll see what I’m talking about eventually.” She confessed with a giggle.

I stared at her strangely. The fact that she saved me and brought me to Canterlot to join the Solar Empire was confusing enough, but now she was acting like we were never enemies in the first place, but like friends.

“The other is Applejack. She wears a ranch hat so you’ll be able to tell that it’s her. She’s a very honest mare, as well as respectful, so you’ll do fine as long as she gives you a chance.”

Applejack and Pinkie Pie were more names I never heard of. I thought I knew all of their commanding officers, but learning this now made me feel like I knew nothing at all. It was interesting learning these names, and no matter how strange this conversation was, I was somewhat intrigued by it.

“The last one you’ll need to know is Rarity. She is a very… dramatic pony. She complains if you don’t have good fashion, especially if you’re wearing that armor.”

I looked down at my armor and shot her a glare, her smile making it hard to take her seriously.

“What’s wrong with keeping myself alive out in the forest of the Everfree?” I asked coldly, turning my head to look forward.

“I have nothing against it. I think it looks cool! Rarity will think otherwise though… we might need to get you new armor since you’re one of us now.”

I rolled my eyes, sighing to her comment.

“Whatever… let’s just get this over with, Rainbow. The faster I kill Luna the faster I’m out of here.” I said coldly, her ears lowering as a frown was made visible on her face.

“You… you won’t stay after the war ends?” She said quietly, causing me to yet again stare at her strangely.

“No. There is no reason to live anymore. I plan on taking Princess Luna to Hell with me. If I live… then I will live alone. I do not want to get emotionally attached anymore to anypony.”

Without a word the rest of the way, we maintained our course towards what I saw to be the train station. Two guards noticed Rainbow Dash and stood at attention, moving away from the entrance as it opened, allowing us to enter.

“We are heading towards Ponyville. There we will see Commander Applejack.” Rainbow Dash stated, in an almost contempt manner.

The more time I spent with Rainbow Dash the more confused I was becoming. She rescues me, an enemy soldier, from the brink of death. That alone I was questioning. Then she wants me to convert to their side and starts treating me like a friend of hers. Now she’s saddened that I wouldn’t stay in Equestria once the war ends. What is going on here? My heart is probably playing tricks…

We both entered the train as we walked down the cars towards the back. A sudden jerking of the train signaled that it was already moving. Rainbow accidentally bumped into me during the motion of the train and quickly pushed off.

“Sorry about that. These stupid trains. I prefer flying!” She yelled out loud, though nopony but myself was around to hear it.

She quickly glanced back at me and then towards the door to the last train.

“I have a surprise for you. I hope you’re happy about this… seeing what you’ve been through today.” Rainbow brushed her mane out of her face before opening the door towards the last car.

I entered it and my eyes flashed wide. There before me, behind metal bars, was none other than Eagle and Wolf. They looked back at me in awe as a moment of silence fell upon the room. Rainbow Dash stood next to me, looking at them.

“The day of the failed assassination, the Princess took these two prisoners. They were going to be shipped to Ponyville to enter the Maximum Security Prison there. Now that you’re here, I think you might be able to get them on your side. I hope so anyways…” And with that, Rainbow walked out of the car, leaving just me inside with my two friends who I thought died months ago.

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