• Published 3rd Jan 2012
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Downfall of Equestria - Shadow Storm

A civil war between the Solar Empire and the New Lunar Republic.

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Downfall of Equestria

By: KingofMercs


It was a cold night, as an ash grey pegasi stallion walked into the deadly silent room, filled with ponies in their formal military attire. Eyes began to turn at him as his silvery white mane danced with the wind that came from the balcony. He stared back at each individual pair, some familiar, some foreign to his sight. Two ponies, both pegasi, walked over to him and smiled.

“Today is the day.” One of them said, causing the grey stallion to let out a sigh of nervousness.

Today was the day. The day everypony heard his story. The day everypony learned of the Great Civil War that tore the nation in two. The day everypony learned of the secrets that were never discovered.
Without a word, he moved, faintly limping forward towards the entrance of the balcony. Each step sent a wave of memories.

Each step he moved closer towards his past. As he past each individual pony, they would salute silently; giving respect to the veteran they once served with.

As he entered the balcony, the cold piercing wind caught him. A large noise was roaring below him as he stared towards the dark sky, littered with stars. The moon shined brightly, the stallion now lowering his head towards the crowd, which almost instantly fell silent. He looked around at the civilians he protected, at the lives he saved as he began to give his speech.

Throughout history, everything has a beginning, and an end. Nothing lasts forever. Great empires fall, and new ones rise to replace them and become the new giants of their era. They become victims of economic collapse, revolutions, political affairs, and of course, warfare.

My name is Shadow Storm. I am a soldier currently serving in Celestia’s New Equestrian Republic. Throughout my lifetime I have bared witnessed the tearing of the once harmonic Equestria. It then suffered became divided into two nations, one of light and one of night. Our Princess Celestia served as the Solar Empire's Empress, while her sister Princess Luna served as the leader of the New Lunar Republic

There’s only one rule to warfare: fight to win. Nopony will play by the rules. Nopony will ever play by the rules as long as they are the ones who will stand victorious under defeated. I have been through countless victories, and countless defeats. However the one thing that has ever affected me is the lies that have plagued this world for so long. Not is all that it seems here in Equestria. Not anymore.

It has been fifteen years since the beginning of the war, and things in my life have turned around and spiraled out of control. Some say I got to where I am because I am heartless, or because I allowed these things to happen. I am here to tell you the real story of what happened. I am here to share with you the secrets behind the war, and the lies that have been bestowed upon the entire nation. However, my story begins five years ago, when we marched on towards what would later become the New Lunar Republic’s last stand.

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