• Published 3rd Jan 2012
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Downfall of Equestria - Shadow Storm

A civil war between the Solar Empire and the New Lunar Republic.

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Chapter VI: Ascension

I slammed my hooves down several times, screaming louder and louder with each blow I delivered to the ground below.

“Why did you have to leave me?! Why?!”

My sadness and anger collided inside me. I was left alone in the Everfree Forest. Four of us went in, and only one came out: me. I ignored the fact that Celestia was probably looking for me as I continued to scream in anger.

“We were supposed to help each other, you and me! All those times you saved me… all those times I saved you!”

I fell on my back, putting my hooves over my eyes. Now I began to regret everything. I should have never stepped forward to Luna’s plan. Why did I feel sorry for her when no one else stepped forward? I felt so stupid that I raised my head, slamming it down to the ground afterwards.

“It’s my entire fault you died, Iron Shock! I should have never stepped forward! I’m so sorry!”

I continued to cry uncontrollably as I rolled around and crawled over to Iron Shock’s dead body. More memories were rushing in. I began to remember the last time he saved my life. It was back in the Everfree Forest, when I found myself surrounded by multiple Solar Guards. They kept on beating me up senselessly as I heard a shriek coming from the sky. The Solar Guards jumped and looked around for whatever caused the noise. Iron Shock then flew in and picked me up in a flash, so fast not even I knew he saved me until we were in the air.

My memories jumped forward to today, when we were flying over to assassinate Celestia.

“Okay, if you love her, then go after her. Let’s just hope this war ends today. After this, let’s go get a drink. On me.”

His laughter haunted my ears as the memory began to fade. I looked down at him again, his eyes closed and his small grin. I looked away, beginning to control my tears. I wiped them away as I stood up, staring down at him.

“You were always there for me. I just stood there, and watched you die. You didn’t deserve it. Why didn’t you let her kill me instead?”

Not realizing until now, but the last time he saved me was no more than ten minutes ago when he called out to Celestia, confessing to her. He was always brave… but I never was…

I began to hear shouting from behind me as I looked backwards. They were looking for me, and I had to leave. I looked down at Iron Shock. I couldn’t just leave him here. I picked his body up, taking off in flight to an unknown location as I tried to get as far away from Canterlot as possible.

I found an open field with flowers. It was the most beautiful sight I’ve ever seen. There was no burnt grass, or trees. This area was completely untouched by warfare. I gently landed, placing Iron Shock down in the smooth meadow. I began to dig a hole in the ground for a burial. Hours past as I finally dug a hole deep enough so Iron Shock could fit. I put him in, putting the dirt back in. As I filled the hole, I gathered some flowers, and placed it in the dirt.

“Iron Shock, there’s nothing I could ever do that would beat what you have done for me. You sacrificed yourself for me so many times, and for that I will forever live my life trying to be like you. Goodbye, old friend. May you find peace wherever you are now…”

I smiled faintly as I bowed my head. I looked up, taking flight into the air and headed back in the direction we came from. Back to Fort Blaze. Back to Luna.

It was dark by the time I came back. The dull clouds still hung above the sky like they always did only this time it seemed more depressing than it has. I approached the fort as I found everypony awaiting my return. As I landed, some of them whispered as they stared at me. Just me. Luna walked forward, directing me to her tent. I walked in as the whole group outside remained silent outside. She stared at me, waiting for me to say anything.

“Princess Luna… I’m so sorry. None of the others made it…”

She looked down, as if she knew what happened.

“It’s not your fault Shadow. It was my fault for suggesting it.”

I looked at her, as she raised her head.

“No Princess, you suggested a plan. You wanted us to do what you thought was possible. They went down fighting for you Princess. I’m sure anypony here would have done it.”

She smiled to that, walking forward and embracing me in a hug without warning. As shocked as I was, I hugged her back.

“Thank you, Shadow. I take it your friend didn’t make it either?” Luna asked as the hug broke.

“No… unfortunately he was killed by Celestia. The other two, Wolf and Eagle, tackled her, enabling us to escape. Iron Shock did manage to kill a pony named Twilight Sparkle.”

“Twilight Sparkle? Celestia’s favorite student? At least, today, your group’s actions were not a total loss. Tomorrow we shall honor their deeds. You rest now, Shadow. Thank you again.”

I woke up in my tent, yawning and then getting up. As I walked outside I was greeted by multiple ponies. They all congratulated me, but I just replied with a stoic face. I began to walk in a random direction, not knowing where I was going. I honestly didn’t care anymore.

I didn’t need congratulation. I didn’t do anything. I let my best friend die, along with the other two that sacrificed themselves so we could escape. I was a coward, doing nothing but getting them killed. They all died because of me.

The thoughts of my guilt sent me in a rage. It wasn’t long before I bumped into somepony, causing me to fall down. I looked up furiously, and realized I bumped into the only pony I knew now. It was Cosette, who also fell down after we collided, shaking her head in slight pain. Her eyes squinted in soreness.


I quickly got up on my hooves and went over to help her up.

“Cosette? I’m so sorry Cosette! I-I didn’t mean to bump into you.”

She opened her eyes and widened as looked up at me, immediately pulling me into a tight hug. I hugged her back, my rage beginning to sink, now filling up with a sudden joyness.

“Oh Shadow! Y-You’re alive! I heard only one survived and… I thought you… I’m so sorry about last week! So so sorry!” She managed to say through her newly forming tears.

What is making me feel this way? A minute ago I was blaming myself for everything that happened yesterday, and now I am in front of her, feeling happy. Suddenly, Iron Shock’s voice said something in my mind.

“If you love her…”

That was all I heard before it disappeared. I remember him telling me that before we began our mission. It was something that bugged me the entire time. I focused on Cosette, who I missed for the longest time. It felt like an eternity since we last talked, which was on a mountain outside of the fort. It was the most painful thing I have ever felt. Even more painful than all of the physical damage I have taken.

“Don’t be sorry, Cosette... I’m just so happy to be back.”

She smiled happily as we hugged each other, not letting go. I couldn’t help but also start to laugh at myself. I was glad I bumped into her. She made everything a whole lot better. We began to walk side to side like old times, talking about recent events, such as the failed Celestia assassination. Our conversation went by fast, as the day began to die down.

It was night, and I was back in my tent, thinking. Negative thoughts were seeping in my mind again. I should just leave the New Lunar Republic. I should leave and find a home for myself, in a peaceful place.

I knew I would be leaving Cosette behind, but it was for the best that I would no longer be seen anymore. I didn’t want to fight anymore. I packed up and began to walk out with a bag on my back, trying to be as quiet as I could. I started making my way towards the front gate. I snuck and hid behind tents until I made it to the front gate. After passing everypony, I made it through the gate and made my way down narrow passage, sighing in relief. At least I wasn’t caught.

Not long after that, I heard a small pebble kicked from behind. I looked around and saw nopony behind me. I continued walking when I heard it again, this time a lot closer. Again I turned around and waited this time. I watched as I saw somepony come from behind a rock and look towards the ground. It was Cosette, trying to follow me. I gulped.

“Shadow, where do you think you’re going...?”

I stared at her, thinking of what to say; she was shaded by the darkness, making it hard to see.

“I, uh, was just taking a-a walk. Yeah!”

Through the darkness I saw her lift her head, her face blushing red with anger.

“Why would you leave? You didn’t think you’d be caugh-mmph!”

I quickly put my hoof on her mouth, trying to silence her. I didn’t want to be caught my anypony else, otherwise I’d be in major trouble. I removed my hoof from her mouth, watching her blush a dark crimson even more.

“I’m sorry Cosette but I have to go. I don’t think I should be in this war anymore, I lost my best friend in this war and I’ve gotten several ponies killed.”

I started thinking to myself. She should come with me. I don’t want her getting killed in the war too. I don’t think I could bear losing the last one in this world that mattered to me. I began to blush as Cosette noticed, examining my face.

“I won’t let you leave me again! I’m coming with you, Shadow.”

She sounded so pleading and demanding, it made me hard to resist. My eyes widened in embarrassment, knowing that I couldn’t argue with her.

“Okay Cosette…”

She smiled as we both began to walk away from the camp with each other. I looked to my side towards her, and smiled. We didn’t know where we were going, but when we found a place, a safe place, we’d stay there. Away from the war.

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