• Published 1st Nov 2022
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Equestria Ninja Girls: The Nightmare Before Christmas: Oogie's Revenge - RainbowRaptorDash1

This Halloween and Christmas will be the most eventful yet, with all seven holidays at stake, so the heroes will need to dig deep down and let the scary out!

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Chapter 17: Casino Clash

Jack and most of the ninjas found themselves in a dark room.

"Oogie! Release the Holiday Leaders and our friend!" Jack ordered.

"I can assure you all, the leader of every holiday is right where he should be, and you’re lookin’ at him!" Oogie mocked.

"Where's Santa Claus?!" Mikey asked.

"Miiikey. Weren’t you, Jack, Aria and your friends listening? I said I had a debt to repay old Sandy Claws, a debt I’m going to pay back in person! I don’t want any of you causing any trouble while I’m on my little visit, so I’ve hidden the Christmas door behind something quite nasty." Oogie responded.

"Doesn't matter. It's six against one." Aria pointed out.

"Hehehe, you think so?" Oogie smirked before cages suddenly captured Jack and the ninjas. "I've got my favorite toy to play with." Oogie said as Pinkie whimpered fearfully on the floor. "But I'm fair, Pinkie. Give me back the doors and you and your friends can go home. You'll never hear from me again."

The offer caught Pinkie off guard.

"Don't do it, Pinkie!" Rainbow Dash urged.

"Stand up to him!" Aria added as Pinkie was starting to be scared out of her mind.

"Give me doors and I'll never scare you again." Oogie offered as Pinkie then heard everyone's words about bullies.

Pinkie's hair fell straight as she grabbed Jack's Scythe, it was as if something snapped inside Pinkie, as she became bigger and electricity buzzed around her.

"That does it. You wanna gamble, let's gamble!" Pinkie declared.

"Ooh! Let’s have ourselves a little fun. The Oogie Casino is now open!" Oogie said.

"I'm done being scared of you!" Pinkie growled before a roulette wheel appeared, with Oogie on it.

"What are we gambling for, you ask? Nothing much, just your life! Cue the music!" Oogie declared as he tried to snap, but couldn't. "Uh, you think you could do it please? Downside to not having hands."

"Sure." Pinkie responded as she snapped her fingers, causing music to start playing.

"Thanks." Oogie said.

Oogie: Well well well, look what the bat dragged in. Pinkie being brave? Ooh, I’m really scared!

Pinkie: Oogie, your grip on me ends here and now!

Oogie: You’re jokin’! You’re jokin’! I can’t believe my ears! You’re joking me! You gotta be! Best laugh I’ve had in years

Pinkie: (Slicing) I hope you did amuse yourself with all my frightened screams! You better pay attention now, cause I'm the Laughter Queen

Oogie: You think you are winning, but that’s a lot of noise. Just to be a sport, Pinkie, I’ll share my Oogie toys.


Ghosts: WOW~

Oogie: WOW~

Ghosts: WOW~

Oogie: WOW~

Ghosts: WOW~

Oogie: I’m the Oogie Boogie Man!


"Hahaha! We’ll see about that!" Oogie laughed.

Pinkie: The leaders of the holidays must right now be set free! Release them all at once or you will have to deal with me

Oogie: You beat my men, so what? Big deal! Your friends have ran the maze. You still can’t stop me! I’m the King of Seven Holidays!


Pinkie: WOW~

Oogie: WOW~

Pinkie: WOW~

Oogie: WOW~

Pinkie: WOW~

I’m the only Laughter Queen!

Pinkie rushed at Oogie and sliced him hard.

"Gah!" Oogie yelped.

"You know, I just realized, that there’s something I’m even more afraid of than you. All of my friends being gloomy and them being taken away by a bullying bag of bugs." Pinkie said as she kicked Oogie, pushing him back. "Which means, you’re going down… clown."

"Jokes on you all the same!" Oogie taunted as Jack and the other ninjas were released from their cages. "For he who has the last laugh wins!" Oogie declared as he suddenly melted and reformed, revealed to be Shadow Oogie. "Congratulations, “big girl!” You defeated my shadow! Neat trick, huh? The real me is in Christmas Town!"

"You wanna see something, really scary?" Pinkie darkly asked as she then tore her chest opened, causing tentacles of some kind of monster to emerged from her as Shadow Oogie suddenly flew back in fear before she sealed her chest back up.

"Grr…! Why you little!" Shadow Oogie growled.

"Aw, don’t tell me you’re scared of old Pinkie!" Pinkie sinisterly taunted.

"You won’t get away with this!" Shadow Ooggie declared.

"Boo!" Pinkie spooked as Shadow Oogie yelped in fright before he exploded in a blinding light, becoming no more. "Whoa… That kinda freaks even me out."

"Sorry you didn't conquer your fear." Jack apologized.

"Nah, I was just surprised at that explosion of light. That’s all." Pinkie explained.

"Huh?" The others asked in confusement.

"Besides, look up." Pinkie pointed out as sparkles fell from the sky before the Easter door appeared.

"The Easter Door." Jack noticed.

"But where’s the Christmas door?" Mikey asked.

"Well let’s get back to the plaza." Aria said as she jumped into the hole, followed by a splash, before everyone else jumped in after her.

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