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Prisoner and Savior: Part 2 - efug25g

After narrowly evading capture by the enemies pursuing Princess Twilight and her new friends, she does whatever it takes to help her friends survive and head back to Equestria to defend her homeland from the alien invasion.

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Chapter 32: Twilight vs Vanista

"RRRRRAAAAAARRRRRRGGGHHHH!!!!" Twilight roared as she charged head-on, flapping her wings to increase her attacking speed to the fullest while pointing her sword towards the Empress.

At the same time, Vanista ran towards the purple alicorn like an angry bull on a rampage. In an instant, Vanista lunged her rapier in hopes of stabbing Twilight in the face.

Both rulers made their move in a ferocious charge with both weapons and their magic in their possessions. Xul and Fluttershy couldn't help but shiver in fear that both of their friends, or former friends, would end up pitying themselves on the battlefield over the fact that Twilight and Vanista both already have something that is worth fighting for. However, as much as they both wanted to protest against such craziness, they were already warned by the Empress not to get involved for any reason.

From behind the UFF Marines up at the stairway in front of the palace entrance, Sonja is seen filming the duel between alien rulers for she wanted to put this in her new story. She can only hope that her story will finally include an ultimate victory for the UFF should the ruler of these pony lands would win against the Empress Vanista Rantu. Unless that is possible, Sonja will have to flee onboard Zeck's battlecruiser the moment Twilight will lose.

Xul couldn't help but worry how will this fight end. In fact, she happens to be one of the few Sectaniums that suffered the most when Vanista slowly fell under the corruption so long ago. In fact, the real reason why Pam ended up as a slave on Terram is because she was too blind to see what has ever become of their life-long friend. In fact, because of Vanista's dark-crazed emotions, she was getting worse and worse every year. Xul didn't even know what to do to avoid all of this bloodshed, starting from the day that the Sectanium Empire rose up from the ashes back in Sacreus. She felt sad to think that her people would listen to some ruler so corrupt, so twisted, and so blinded with vengeance, despite how she knew that person for a long time. Why is it that there is no way for Vanista to come to her senses? Is it going to end with Twilight's demise or end with Vanista's demise? Who knows?

For the side of the Sectanium Army looming at the bridge leading to the palace courtyard, Shinning started sweating underneath his gagged breath over fearing for his sister's life. She may taken down a path similar to his wife Princess Cadence, but he is afraid of seeing her fall before the might of the new enemy of Equestria. In fact, it doesn't change the fact that Twilight is still young at the time she was crowned Ruler of Equestria. So, it may cause a bit of a problem if any other creature outside of Equestria finds out about it.

As for Ash and Lord Hampt, they faced self-pity after taking in such a loss when they were both held prisoner first by the UFF, then by the Equines.

Ever since they were held up in Canterlot, Ash didn't know who to blame for letting such an incident on Terram get out of control. She thought for sure that the Sectaniums would grant her a better life and a better future when they let her work for them at Terram. However, Ash felt even more nervous to think that EQ-3 was actually a young leader that isn't going to go down that easily despite being a little horse walking on all fours. It may be the time for Ash to reconsider who will be a better side to yield for since Twilight and her fellow Equines are slowly making a much more better impression on the battlefield than that of the UFF, not to mention that several ponies with the horns were just as fierce to that of the Warriors.

In the start of their duel, Vanista shoved rapid strikes at Twilight with her rapier before she held fast in blocking them with her rainbow sword.


Barely enough time to react, Twilight flew backwards as she swung her sword at Vanista and unleashed an arc wave of rainbow colors at the Empress' face. In response, Vanista held up her hand and cast a psi-shield barrier while maintaining her footing against the arc wave attack.


Feeling the full impact of Twilight's wave attack from her sword, Vanista grunted as she felt herself skidding backwards while the ground in front of her exploded into a pillar of flying concrete and stone. As the small explosion stopped, Vanista was up against the wall of the shield barrier before seeing Twilight flying towards her while aiming the rainbow sword at her direction. Just as Twilight is about to stab Vanista, the Empress immediately dodged Twilight's blade before rolling away from the hovering alicorn pony.

Seeing an instant opening, Vanista held her rapier with both of her hands and attempted to slam the blade on top of Twilight's side. However, as soon as Twilight turned around, she swung her blade to her side in blocking the rapier from striking her.


In a next attack, Twilight flew up into the air right above Vanista's level before trying to strike back with her sword on top of her face. However, Vanista blocked Twilight's sword with using the rapier with both her hands, right one on the grip and the left one on the blade.


As Twilight hit her sword on Vanista's rapier, the Empress grunted in pain as the impact pressurizes the rapier into the palm of her left hand, making it bleed a bit from the middle. The moment Vanista let out the pain from her left hand, she moved her rapier to her left and shoved the sword grip into Twilight's face.



Upon impact, Vanista smashed the grip of her rapier into the alicorn's face. In the resulting damage, Twilight's head recoiled backwards as she crashed backwards onto the pavement.

When Twilight got up on her hooves, she grunted in agony while underneath her helmet as blood came trickling down from the right side of her jaw. Wiping the blood off her jaw, Twilight runs towards her enemy as she continues her fight against the Sectanium Empress. She flew up into the air again and this time she summoned a dozen duplicates of her rainbow sword with her magic before aiming them all towards Vanista.

"TRY DODGING THIS!!!" Twilight shouted as she unleashed a barrage of swords at the Empress.


Startled, Vanista activated her psi-shield in a huge, tower-like barrier while keeping her head down below it. As she kneed to the floor, Vanista did her best to remain in position as the duplicate swords were bouncing off her psi-shield when most of them punctured the floor in a shower of blades. All at once, Vanista could hear the endless shower of blades whooshing past her, forcing her to think up with another trick. She may need to act fast before Twilight gets the upper hand. The moment a light bulb lit up above her head, Vanista put her rapier back into her scabbard before her sword hand lit up in a bright red orb. She utters something in an dark ancient alien language that allows her to call out another spell in an instant.


Just when Twilight heard something from Vanista that she couldn't really understand, Vanista raised her fist up in the air as it let out a red orb that expanded all over the area in a red-flashing effect. In an instant, all of Twilight's duplicate swords froze in place before they all disintegrated, much to her astonishment. Before long, Vanista disengaged her psi-shield before drawing out her rapier once again.

Undaunted by such an area of effect, Twilight flew up into the sky, making big flaps from her wings, before preparing to strike at the Sectanium Empress once again.

"Your powers are not going to scare me that easily, Twilight!!" Vanista hissed as she readied her rapier before attacking the alicorn from above. "They will all be mine, once I'm done with you!!!"

"Come and get me!!!" Twilight snarled as she lurched forward while in the air before dive bombing straight towards the Empress.


In close proximity, Twilight's and Vanista's blades clashed into each other while they both glared towards one another with fury in their eyes.

Somewhere in the Equis' orbit......

A fleet of 20 UFF ships have arrived with one of their flagships taking the lead. Before they had a chance to come any closer to Equiss, they ran into a fleet of Sectanium Battleships that haven't descended into the planet yet. However, it won't be long before the enemy will take notice of their presence since they're only 100km away from the UFF Fleet.

From the bridge of the UFF flagship, Commander Fenirius standing tall next to another Captain. This time, the captain of the UFF flagship happens to be another human like Zeck Stone. Unlike Zeck, he was seen with a eye patch covering up his left eye while wearing a white naval officer dress uniform and white cap.

"Captain Belial, we have arrived in the planet of Equis." Fenirius said as he saluted the captain of the UFF Flagship.

"Good work, gentlemen. It's time to get this show on the road." Belial exclaimed as he congratulated Fenirius and the rest of the fleet for making their way towards Zeck's current position.

The moment Belial activates his communication channel, he attempts to reestablish contact with Admiral Wellington from somewhere inside the planet.

"Admiral Wellington!! This is Captain Belial. Are you still there?! The rest of the UFF Fleet has arrived!!!!" Belial spoke, trying to get the admiral his attention.

At first, Belial didn't think that Wellington is still alive down there. Just when he is about to call in the Admiral again, he gets an immediate response that was somewhat static. Just when Belial readjusted the volume, he can finally hear the Admiral's distorted voice.


Upon hearing the Admiral's broken-up voice, Belial can assume that the UFF inside Equiss needed help at once.

With no time to spare, Belial relayed the Admiral's instructions to the rest of the UFF Fleet orbiting above Equiss.

"All vessels, prepare for battle. We have to punch through that Sectanium Fleet to aid the UFF forces occupying this planet."

Commander Fenirius also tries to establish communication to Monet's Battlecruiser from within the Fleet.

"Captain Monet, are you there?!"

"Copy, Commander!!!"

"Once we engage the Sectanium Fleet, you move past them to make way towards the planet's surface!!!" The Commander said, giving out orders to Captain Monet.

"It will be done, sir!!!" The female voice spoke, acknowledging the commander's immediate orders.

"Good. Prepare to engage!!!"

Meanwhile back in Canterlot.......

In just several more parries and sword strikes, Vanista swatted Twilight away with her rapier forcing the alicorn to skid backwards 10 feet away from her position. Twilight was panting and grunting after receiving all sorts of small cuts on both of her front hooves while barely holding onto her sword with her magic. With every parry bearing down on her by Vanista, Twilight is slowly loosing her guard by a mere thread. However, she glared at the Empress in not wavering against her might because Twilight refuses to give up her life and her country.

As Twilight spat out a drip of blood from her mouth, she sees Vanista lunging at her in preparing to lash another rapier strike at her face. This time, Twilight finally makes a counterattacking move. Just when Vanista jabbed her rapier at Twilight, she spread out her wings in a split-second and did an immediate back flip as both of her hind hooves knocked the Empress upside her head while dodging the pointed blade by a mere inch away from her face.


Upon impact, Vanista was sent flying as she got struck by Twilight's hind, armored hooves, nearly cracking her chin as a squirt of blood came out of her mouth. Most of the Sectanium soldiers gasped in stunned horror as they see their Empress get flung backwards a few feet away from the purple pastel horse before she landed on top of the concrete pavement leading to the bridge outside of the palace courtyard. For Trine and Hampt, they were sweating in a total panic that their Empress may end up meeting her match despite her long-term dominating campaign.


Vanista grunted in pain as she felt her mouth bleeding for a bit before getting back up on her feet. After taking a few deep breaths, Vanista narrowed her eyes towards the purple pony while gripping her rapier tightly with only her right hand.

For Twilight, she regained her balance thanks to her wings before landing on all fours again on top of the pavement. After that, she readies herself for another enemy attack as Twilight held onto her sword with her mouth. She panted for a moment while holding her sword before Twilight circled around Vanista is if she was prey. The Empress held her rapier up to the middle of her face with her right grip while paying close attention to Twilight's footing.

In just two seconds, Twilight unfurls her wings again as she leaped up from the ground and zeroed straight towards Vanista, attempting to cut her with a horizontal sword strike. However, Vanista was already waiting for that moment to happen when suddenly she made another move that surprised Twilight in the last possible moment.

The moment Twilight's sword clashed against Vanista's rapier, the Empress leaned her head back along with her blade before she summoned another red orb from her left hand. When the red orb encased her hand, Vanista clenched it into a fist as she is preparing to perform a powered-up attack. Vanista struck back at Twilight underneath her chest.


When Vanista's red orb struck at Twilight's underbelly, the orb fired out an upper, wide-spread force field that smashed the purple alicorn in which sends her flying beyond straight up into the air. Twilight ended up cough out a splosh of blood from her mouth before she loses her grip on her sword as it fell flat on the floor at the same time.


While feeling the full brunt of Vanista's powered-up attack from her left fist, Twilight hit the back of her head up against the ceiling of the small shield dome before falling straight down in a smash.


"TWILIGHT!!!" The Mane 5 shrieked in horrified unison, realizing that their beloved ruler and friend was taken down. At the same time, Shinning made muffled screaming upon seeing his sister get knocked out up and down fearing that she is losing.

Twilight crashed down into the pavement a few feet in front of Vanista before leaving behind a small cloud of dust in its wake. As soon as the dust disappeared, Twilight is seen with her face flat on the pavement with all of her four hooves spread out like an "X." She didn't move. Seeing that Twilight is now flat on the ground motionless with her wings spread out on the floor, Vanista cackled out loud in triumph.

Upon seeing this, Celestia, Luna, Pam, and Xul all gasped in horror that their only hope for true salvation and redeemed friendship will go up in smoke. When Vanista slowly approached the frightened group of ponies and UFF marines, she starts taunting them as if she won again.

As for the remaining massive army of Sectanium Soldiers, Warriors, and Mandor Grunts, they all cackled as well thinking that their Empress has achieved another victory.

"Like what I'm saying, you're all fools to think you'd let her protect this country from me. Now then, you ponies will all have to say you're prayers!!"

Just before Vanista is about to snap her fingers in giving out the order to finish all of Canterlot off, she heard some screeching and rumbling coming from a distance away. However, the noises start to get louder as they are getting closer. In a sudden event, Vanista hears her phone ringing in an abrupt, alarming rate. As soon as Vanista takes out her phone, she starts to her a panicking voice coming from her flagship.

"Empress, we've got trouble!!! Enemy reinforcements arrived above orbit right behind us. WE'RE UNDER HEAVY ATTACK!! IT'S THE UFF ARMADA!!!" The Admiral's voice said, alerting the Empress in a terrified voice.

"W-WHAT?! That can't be!! H-H-How did they......??" Vanista shrieked as she replied in a frantic voice.

For the forces of Equestria and the UFF, they all looked at Vanista's panicked behavior from despair to confusion. Before long, 3 UFF battlecruisers have appeared right above the palace as it aimed all of its weapons at the Sectanium Battleships looming over the wrecked city of Canterlot.

Just when the UFF ships are about to open fire, Zeck's ship has taken off to rejoin the UFF Fleet as the Equestrian Royal Air Fleet were rallying around the Canterlot Palace.

Instantly, all of the UFF ships and the Equestrian Airships have opened fire at the Sectanium Fleet looming over Canterlot in an all-out aerial battle with laser cannons, missiles, and bombard cannons firing at will at the Sectanium Battleships and the Empress' flagship.

When the Royal airships opened fire with their bombard cannons, squads of unicorn guards also appeared on deck as they shoot out rapid-fire beams of magic at the Interceptors, with the UFF battlecruisers assisting them with constant fire from their laser cannons.

With the UFF Fleet and the Equestrian Royal Air Fleet currently engaging the Sectanium Fleet, forcing them to withdrawal, Discord appeared right in front of the Mane 5, Celestia, and Luna as he bear in really great news.

"Every pony, our allied nations from Mount Aris, the Changeling Kingdom, the Crystal Empire, and from the Dragonlands have all finally arrived. They're outside of Canterlot's main gates!!" Discord announced with a big, bright smile on his face.

As the ponies cheered that their friends from the other countries came, Vanista gets another call on her phone. This time, it is from General Zulux.

"Your majesty. We got massive movement coming in from the rear of our ranks. They're charging at us from behind. WE'RE SURROUNDED!!!!"

From a distance away, Vanista's eyes widened with horror as she sees that the rest of her army that is still outside of Canterlot were being overrun by various armies of creatures. She saw that her army is getting wasted by a large flock of giant lizards, ponies shimmering bright with crystalized lights, and huge flying bird-like aliens. Worse, some of Vanista's men are shooting amongst themselves only to shape shift into strange bug-eyed aliens before joining into the enemy's ranks.

Outside of the outer walls of Canterlot, there were dragons screeching as they flew down into the fray, breathing massive jets of fire in their wake. The moment they got struck, most of the Sectanium tanks disappeared into huge, flaming explosions.

In a foolish, desperate move, the Sectanium soldiers tried shooting down the giant lizards above them only to be met with them flapping their wings, creating big gusts of wind that knocked the evil aliens off their feet. Before they knew it, the lizards were shooting out huge fire balls at them, blasting the latter into a hellish bathe of fire.

In burning agony, the Sectanium soldiers were running around screaming in pain as the fire on their color skin melted away their flesh before they collapsed into a pile of burnt husks.

From within the army of dragons, Dragonlord Ember roared in a victorious bellow as she raised her dragon staff up into the air, while the red gem wrapped inside it started glowing as bright as the sun itself.


As one of the Sectanium officers tried to call in for back up he was immediately shoot by one of his own soldiers.

In a similar fashion, a dozen Sectanium soldiers started shooting at each other during the confusion before they shape-shift into changelings as they rallied alongside the dragons led by Ember.

"What the hell... ARGH!!!" One of the Sectanium soldiers screamed in terror only to be silenced by one of own comrades before shape-shifting into a changeling.

After the officer collapsed into a dead heap, the soldier that fired amongst himself shape-shift into a changeling under the league of King Thorax of the Changelings.

Startled by such an unexpected loss and an unexpected betrayal, the Sectaniums who are still loyal to the Empress formed up behind the Warriors. Not far from their position, Thorax makes his appearance as he leads the charge of his Changeling Army, dive bombing the alien invaders with their green magic spells.

"Let's go my fellow Changelings!! Drive them out of our friends' city!!!"

With the Sectaniums running scared by such confusion and fear of getting shot at by their comrades, they also ran into a platoon strange creatures that came out of the river only to transform themselves into big, winged-like beasts with claws and beaks the size of Bowie knives.

As Queen Novo appeared from amongst the winged beasts, after jumping out of the river, she makes an ululating battle cry that her fellow hippogriffs can understand. In an act of aggression, she sound in the charge to take on the invaders head on.

"My daughter sends in her regards!! FOR MOUNT ERIS!!!" Queen Novo ululated as dauntlessly flew towards the alien invaders.

The army of Hippogriffs led by Novo flew forward as she raised her claws high up above her head before striking at the Sectanium invaders up close and in-person.



The Sectanium soldiers weren't able to act fast enough when they were met with claws shredding through their combat armor. Some even got bit on the neck before they had a chance to fire their weapons at the hippogriffs.

Speaking of which, the Warriors were also having a hard time dealing with the unexpected enemy reinforcements as well.

Just when the Sectanium Warriors are about to use their mind-control abilities on the rampaging dragons and changelings, they were met with a platoon of crystalized ponies that shot out massive beams of bright-blue light engulfing a group of them. They all screamed in agony, forcing themselves to cover up their eyes before getting pummeled by the ponies clad in crystalized armor, unable to fight back with their plasma blades and with their psi-shields.

Princess Cadence was seen flying above the charging crystal ponies as her horn lit up in a bright crystal-like aura as she fired her magic upon several Warriors all at once. Stunned by Cadence's spell, the Warriors felt that their third eye was bound by a power unlike any other. It turns out that they can't use their powers anymore when getting struck by the pink alicorn. So they were forced to fall back behind their fellow Sectanium Army ranks.

"Twilight! Shinning! Please, hang in there. I'm coming!!" Cadence muttered before raising her regal banner to lead her troops into battle. "FOR THE CRYSTAL EMPIRE!!! CHARGE!!!!"

Heeding Cadence's call, her crystal guard ponies charged forward alongside Novo's Hippogriff's army, Thorax's Changelings, and Ember's Dragon warriors head on.

In a panic, the Sectaniums and Warriors were shooting frantically at the three armies of creatures with everything they've got. Unfortunately, since there is enemies coming in from both air and land, the entire Sectanium Army is badly outnumbered from 2 to 5. With no other option but to retreat, the Sectanium Army was forced to fight their way out as they drew out their plasma blades and their long combat knives before trying make it back to their ships via teleporters.

After seeing the rest of her army in total disarray by constant attacks from the armies of this planet and from the UFF Fleet, Vanista can only watch in horror that she is reaching the breaking point.

"NO!! This can't be.......!!!" Vanista gasped, realizing that, after all her years of conquest, she is finally sending herself and her army to their impeding doom. "Never in all my years have I lost in a major battle!!!"

"There's always the first time for everything, Empress Vanista...." A voice spoke from right behind the Empress. "Because as you can see........"

As soon as Vanista turned around, her eyes widened with shock that Princess Twilight is still alive when she got up on all fours. In an instant, Twilight she glared at the Sectanium Empress as she opened up her eyes as they turned white. The moment she feels a drool of blood coming out of her mouth, Twilight spits all of it out before wiping the rest of it away with her right hoof.

Celestia, Luna, and the Mane 5 smirked upon seeing Twilight get up to go for another round in her fight with the Empress.

"Everything that is happening to the rest of your army right now, is the result of how I carried out friendship in Equestria and beyond and I didn't do this alone. I had pony friends that were able to help me learn how to get along with others that isn't pony-like." Twilight bellowed as her horn lit up in a bright, rainbow glow.

As soon as her horn charged up to the fullest, Twilight fired a massive rainbow beam at Vanista, forcing the latter to raise another psi-shield.



Unfortunately, as soon as the Rainbow beam struck Vanista's psi-shield, a massive explosion engulfed her entirely as she was sent flying over 15 feet above the ground, making her loose her grip on her rapier as well.

"EMPRESS!!!" Trine and Hampt screamed in horror.

"YAY, TWILIGHT!!!" Pinkie cheered at the top of her lungs, waving both her hooves up in the air. "KICK THAT MEANIE TO MOON!!!!"


After her fly through the air, Vanista landed with a loud thud on her back. She felt a burning pain coming from her spine for a moment before slowly getting back up on her feet. However, it wasn't long before Vanista also felt her left hand got crippled when using the psi-shield again. She grunted in agony while feeling the excruciating pain coming from her crippled hand before turning towards the white-eyed, purple alicorn horse.

"Every creature, go help the others secured all of Canterlot!! Twilight bellowed in a Royal Canterlot voice.

Once the small shield dome disappeared all over the palace, the remaining UFF Marines, the Royal Guard, the Mane 5, and the rest of the ponies defending Canterlot ran right past Twilight and Vanista as they made their way through the bridge before reengaging the Sectanium Army aiding Vanista.

Seeing that their army is getting attacked from both the front and the rear, General Zulux ordered his remaining men to fall back into the middle of the city to initiate a hot extract. He insist on getting his men out of Canterlot immediately before they get cornered in with no way out. On the run, the Sectanium army continues to get shot at from the back as the ponies are firing battle spells and crossbow bolts at them. Also, the UFF marines opened fire upon the Sectanium and Mandor forces while on foot. With both armies shooting at them, the Sectaniums are forced to fire back in order to slow down their advance before fleeing towards the rendezvous.

For Shinning Armour, he felt relieved for a moment that his sister is able to get back up for another round with the evil empress. Before long, Celestia flew over to his side during the retaking of the rest of Canterlot as she burned away the ropes binding the unicorn stallion and removing the gag from his mouth. After that, Shinning thanked the alicorn mistress before he went with Celestia to help the other ponies drive away the alien invaders from their capital city of Equestria.

As for Trine, he hid in a nearby crate letting the Equestrian Army and the UFF marines get past him before getting out of his hiding spot and made his way to the entrance of the palace to help both Lord Hampt and Ash escape from the city. The moment he released Hampt from their captivity, the Sectanium Warrior went back into the palace while it was still emptied to find the source of his stolen powers. However, just as Trine released Ash from her bounds, she smacked at him much to his startled confusion.

"Ash?? W-Why??" Trine asked, feeling horrified upon seeing Ash's angry look in her eyes.

"I-I-Idiot!! I don't think we can put up with this anymore. I may not have any good ties with the UFF, but my loyalty to the Sectanium race is not getting me anywhere!!!" Ash exasperated.

"WHAT??" Trine gasped in a stuttered response. "WHY???!?"

"Ever since I was thrown into this dungeon, I thought about it over when one of those ponies came in to consult with me about the life that I want to live by." Ash continued on. "Well, guess what?! I didn't have the freedom to get the respect that I thought I deserved from my Sectanium allies, as much as I did from my fellow Mandors. After seeing how Twilight and her friends fought valiantly against them, I don't even see how you and your people are amazing anymore. In fact, the natives of this planet have already proved their point by making an aggressive stand against the Sectanium race in this huge city of theirs!! So, you might as well forget about me because I might as well start over again!!!"

"You can't really think you'd stay here, not after how they held you prisoner! What about your job at Terram??" Trine asked, protesting against Ash's changed senses.

"Well, I quit!!" Ash shouted back at Trine before she stormed off, not wanting to have anything to do with the Sectanium race in Canterlot anymore.

"Ash!! WAIT!!!" Trine said, as he tried to go after the female Mandor.

Unfortunately, before he could get Ash back, he was grabbed on the shoulder by General Zulux.

"Forget about her, Trine. This battle is lost!!! We are leaving now!!!" Zulux said, giving out orders.

"General. We can't leave the Empress and Lord Hampt behind!!!" Trine said, fearing for Vanista's life. "She's still fighting and Lord Hampt is inside the palace!!!"

"I'll take care of that. Just get the rest of our men out of the city. That's an order!!" Zulux shouted intensely, making Trine flinch.

Without another word, Trine went the other direction to catch up with the rest of the retreating Sectanium/ Mandor Army. As for Zulux, he went inside the palace to find Lord Hampt.

Just when Empress Vanista tried to hold her rapier in place, she insisted on keeping her guard up against Twilight's magic spells. However, when Twilight fired another massive beam of magic at the Empress, she got shoved back as her rapier shattered into a million pieces. Infuriated, Vanista's heirloom weapon was destroyed during her fight against Princess Twilight. No matter, Vanista still has dark powers to use since it is consider to be a last resort.


When she looked at Twilight and then both of her hands, Vanista growled as she clenched both of them before calling forth own dark powers. In the next second, the Empress gets enshrouded by a tall black pillar as she gets lifted up into the air with an ominous red serpentine spiraling around her. Both of her hands get encased by two huge black orbs as she aims both of them at Twilight, firing a powerful dark beam at the alicorn princess.


Alarmed, Twilight unfurls her wings and takes flight straight up into the air and dodging Vanista's dark beam before she ascended up above her level.


The moment Twilight took up to the air once again, the dark beam only hit the concrete flooring of the courtyard where Twilight used to stand on before it blew up in a medium-sized crater.

While on the air, Twilight charged up her horn to full power in preparing to unleash a massive beam of rainbow colors upon a dark version of Empress Vanista.

"Are you sure there is no other way to resolve your problems back in your homeland?" Twilight asked before making her final move against the Empress. "There will no turning back if you keep fighting us!!! I guarantee that!!"

"You foul aliens are all the same anyway. Even if I were to be defeated for the very first time, I'll take you down with me!!!!" Vanista howled as she aimed both of her hands at Twilight again, powering them both up with her dark magic.

Without another word to say, Twilight narrowed her white, glowing eyes as she leaned her head back in firing her ultimate magic.

Just as Vanista fired her dark magic with both her hands at Twilight, the alicorn fired a huge rainbow laser at it all at once.




In a full collision, both huge beams blasted into each other as Twilight and Vanista struggled and grunted in pushing their powerful spells at each other.


Their clashing spells made a huge rumble that is shaking the entire palace courtyard, making the whole palace vibrate horrendously as Hampt and Zulux nearly lost their balance during the continuous. Just as they found each other in the palace foyer, the two Sectaniums feel the violent shift all around them inside the structure. They both struggled to hold onto anything sturdy nearby before making it out of the palace's entrance.

Vanista gritted her teeth as she put in more pressure into her dark beams, in hopes of bringing Twilight Sparkle down once and for all. Just as her beam is about to get closer to Twilight while holding her hands up, Vanista starts taunting the alicorn princess of her reckless acts against her alien Empire.

"Do you really think your entire planet can out smart an alien empire?! It doesn't change that fact that your country is still a tick compare to all of the planets that are part of the Sectanium Territory!!! This galaxy will be mine too because I AM ALL OF THE SECTANIUM!!!"

Twilight grunted in fury as she gritted her teeth while struggling to push back Vanista's dark magic away from her. Eventually, the dark magic has finally stopped in its tracks as Twilight's body started to glow white all around her. In a sudden twist, Twilight somehow was able to absorb all of Vanista's dark magic as she lifted her head up high into the sky as she combined it all with her rainbow magic into one humongous ball of swirling light and dark colors.

Vanista's eyes widened with total horror upon seeing that her magic got taken away from Twilight for a moment before she is met with the ultimate punishment for pushing her pride and her luck all the way to the edge.


"Guess what Vanista?!" Twilight replied back before she shouted in a Royal Canterlot voice. "I........AM......ALL.........OF..............EQUESTRIA!!!!!"



In an instant blast, Twilight slammed the entire ball of fused magic onto Vanista as she got drenched into a massive, light-screen explosion that made the dark pillar that she was in break apart. The Empress was screaming in total pain as she felt her skin burn horrendously from the inside out before she fell straight down from the air.



Just as Twilight reverted back to normal, she lowered herself down to the pavement of the palace courtyard only to see a huge shaped hole of the Empress herself. From the palace entrance, Lord Hampt and Zulux both gasped in horror that their Empress has faced defeat after seeing the whole finale before their very eyes.

"VANISTA!!!" Hampt and Zulux shrieked in horrified unison.

Ignoring the frightened voices of the two Sectaniums, Twilight dauntlessly approached the shaped hole on the ground before seeing Vanista slowly reach her hand out as she emerged from it. When Vanista appeared once again, her regal dress underneath all of her broken armor was burnt from the huge blast she took from Twilight. Her face was covered up in smudge of ash and dirt and her skin was totally bruised and scrapped with blood seep from her injuries when she hit the ground.

"Y-Y-You can't defeat me!!!" Vanista shuddered while taunting Twilight with an false conclusion.

While struggling to hold onto herself in maintaining balance, Vanista slowly walked up to Twilight before reaching her hand straight to the alicorn's throat.

"You......You're.....You're just a......little......pastel......horse!!!"

Before Vanista could even grab Twilight by the neck, she swiped it away from her with her purple hoof before lifting the injured Empress off the ground with her telekinesis magic.

"I'm not really a little pastel horse!" Twilight responded before reconsidering herself. "I'm THE little pastel horse!!!"

Knowing that the Empress is no longer able to fight, Twilight hurled Vanista straight into the arms of Hampt and Zulux with the latter catching her immediately before they all fell over on their backs.

"OUCH!!" All three Sectaniums grunted in unison while on the ground on top of each other.

"If you think you can save our homeland from the Red Virus, I just want to let you know one thing about it." Lord Hampt said, reminding Twilight of what he knows about the plague in Sacreus. "There were other alien doctors that tried to find a cure for it ever since the first age of the Sectanium Race began. Unfortunately, that kind of mission went on for centuries with no effort. We already gave up saving our planet a long time ago in peaceful matters. So, if your doctors are any different from ours, then good luck with that!!!"

"Then again, there's always the first time for everything. If you don't want to spend the rest of your lives in Tartarus, then you might as well leave at once and never come back!!!" Twilight retorted as she glared at the three Sectaniums up front.


As Zulux and Hampt got back up on their feet and carried Vanista by putting her arms on both of their shoulders, she makes several remarks before activating the teleporter.

"How would I even know that you and your people not going to torment or humiliate us anyway? Did you even remember what was it felt like being bullied by aliens that aren't part of your own species? Do you honestly think that your friendship will save anyone else, let alone carry out their own freedom?? How did you even managed to get along with the other alien races when I could not??" Vanista sneered, before coughing out smoke from her mouth. "This fight will never be over. My children and my grandchildren will hear about my defeat. And they will avenge my loss!!!"

"What do you think??" Twilight said, again retorting Vanista's negative thoughts about her past. "I haven't given up on my ponies. Besides, even if they were to torment or humiliate me, they all just get carried away sometimes, like Discord for instance. In my experience, they will come to their senses sooner or later. Because you haven't understood them better like I did, you efforts so far are clearly misguided. You abandoned your own friends and dishonored yourself when fulfilling your destiny just to gain power all to yourself by taking matters into your own hands, as well as making forceful decrees that made every other creature suffer. There will always be a way to fix this, Vanista. You just have to open up your eyes more wider than usual. Even if your children will come fight me next in years to come, the morale of your entire country will diminish beyond saving. So, you might as well start over again with the neighboring races instead of continuing down this dark path."

"They never gave me a chance to express my positivity anyway. So, I can only pray that one day our amends will be realized!! You won for now, but we will remember this for the rest of our days. Farewell, Princess Twilight Sparkle." Vanista said back before she, Hampt, and Zulux teleported themselves away from the palace courtyard, disappearing all at once in a flash of yellow light.

As Twilight looked up far and wide, she sees Ember's dragons burning dozens of Sectanium Interceptors up above the sky before the rest of the Sectanium Fleet retreated. When the interceptors got struck with fire, they come crashing down into the forests and into the mountains outside of Canterlot.

In a few minutes of walking out of the palace courtyard, Twilight looks down to the smoking city from a distance and sees that her friends, her army, and the rest of her allies are able route in all enemy stragglers. The surviving Sectanium and Mandor Armies have all recalled back to their ships via teleporters as they disappeared from Canterlot's city streets. After that, the rest of the surviving Sectanium and Mandor ships have left the planet empty-handed, disappearing via hyperspace.

Once the entire Sectanium Army and Fleet have vanished from sight, the sunlight rays shined down upon Twilight and all over the rest of Canterlot. Princess of Friendship and her Equestrian Army has at last helped the UFF achieved victory against the growing might of the Sectanium Empire. Twilight smiled for a bit before losing her momentum after putting up such a huge fight.

Feeling beat after enduring such blunt pain, long hours of fighting, and overexerting herself with such excessive powers, Twilight felt a bit dizzy before she collapsed onto her right side before she slowly fell asleep. As she closed her eyes, Twilight slowly makes gentle breathing, feeling relieved that she helped protect her kingdom from a mighty alien invasion.

From within the city, Zeck was able to see that the rest of the UFF Fleet as arrived to help clean up the mess in the sky above him. When the rest of his UFF marines see that the Sectanium Armada and their army disappeared, they have finally, after taking in so many losses, won against their enemy for the very first time. As the UFF marines cheered in victory, the Equestrian ponies, Changelings, Dragons, and the Hippogriffs have also made triumphant cheers, screeches, and roars in successfully defending Canterlot from the evil aliens.

"VICTORY!!! VICTORY IS OURS!!!" Celestia shouted out loud in triumph as she raised the Equestrian banner back and forth with her magic. At the same time, she spread out her huge, white wings in excitement.

Even the Mane 5, Shinning, and the rest of Twilight's friends all cheered in triumph as well.

Zeck felt even more amazed that all of these creatures in Equestria are able to make a good stand in which his men cannot. He finally made a smile. For Xuliana and Pamela, they both smiled too as they looked up to the sky with tears of happiness coming down from their eyes. As for Chmone, he couldn't help but feel awestruck by such a major victory.

However, they still suffered a great amount of losses both inside and outside of Canterlot, much to Chmone's grief. All around the city streets, the battlefield as left Canterlot filled with dead ponies, Sectanium soldiers and Warriors, and a dozen of UFF marines. Even Anta was amongst the dead UFF soldiers.

Outside of the gates, there where also dead Sectanium Soldiers, dead creatures, and wrecked hover tanks seen at the open field. Canterlot is left with a complete wreck filled with craters caused by explosions, wrecked catapults, destroyed bombard cannons, a massively damaged, outer wall, fallen guard towers, and a shattered gate at the main entrance. No matter, they will still give a proper burial to honor those that gave their blood to defend Equestria.

The day is theirs and all of Equestria is safe once again.