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Prisoner and Savior: Part 2 - efug25g

After narrowly evading capture by the enemies pursuing Princess Twilight and her new friends, she does whatever it takes to help her friends survive and head back to Equestria to defend her homeland from the alien invasion.

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Chapter 22: Xul's story part 1

Author's Note:

At the start of this chapter and in the next few chapters, I'm going to explain the full story of why Xul and Pam betrayed the Sectanium Empire using as much detail as I can from the cancelled story. This chapter will be explained the best of my writing abilities when making stories of antagonists, just like in One Piece and in MLP Fiendship is Magic.

When most of the UFF officers and personal put the ship on hover mode behind the Canterlot Palace, Twilight and the Counsel of Friendship went inside the throne room to discuss their allegiance with the UFF, they all immediately agreed to help them out because if the Sectaniums got this close to Twilight on the day she was captured when this whole madness started, then no pony or creature in Equestria will be safe from them.

However, for Luna, she is still feeling skeptical over accepting the UFF allegiance fearing that they'll just take advantage of Twilight's power for selfish interest. As for Celestia, she did her best to convince Luna that the UFF will help protect Twilight and all of Equestria from the invaders since it is Twilight's duty as the Princess of Friendship to help serve and protect her friends from any impeding threat heading their way. In Celestia's point of view, if it hadn't been for UFF, she and all of Equestria will never see Twilight again and Celestia will be forced to find another successor to Twilight's throne which may be nearly impossible to accomplish.

After her meeting with the Counsel of Friendship, Twilight needed to plan several more schedules in meeting with Equestria's Military Officers, the Nobles of the Canterlot Elite, and the Pillars of Equestria at later dates. Apparently, Spike helped her out make plans for the meetings at certain times in only for two days inside the Canterlot Palace.

After she lowered the sun once again and raised the moon with the amulet, Princess Twilight had her new guests rest up in the guest rooms inside the palace's upper floors, while Pinkie Pie prepares a welcoming party for the heroes that brought Twilight Sparkle back home safe and sound. For the Mane 5, they stayed in the palace too for they wanted to help Twilight deal with the invaders before this whole madness starts all over again.

For Celestia and Luna, they moved all of their bags from Twilight's room before the two elderly alicorns shared the same guest suite inside the palace as Twilight finally came back to her Royal bedroom chambers.

During the time Zeck, his wife, and his comrades are hanging around inside the guest chambers while holding the translator latched onto his belt, Xul and Pam are under heavy escort as they are led to another guest room at the end of the palace hallways. At first, Xul and Pam were afraid that the ponies of Equestria may not see them as friends, not after what happened to Princess Twilight on Terram. However, just like Twilight, Fluttershy did notice that they both felt bad because of the sad look in their eyes. She is certain that very soon, Fluttershy will have a talk with both Sectanium women about their side of the story before their race declared war on the entire universe. After seeing Xul and Pam go inside their guest room, Fluttershy stayed close by before falling asleep inside the guest room adjacent to theirs.

When the news spread out of Princess Twilight's return from her royal hiatus, most of the ponies and creatures in Ponyville, the Crystal Empire, the Dragonlands, and in the Changeling Kingdom are all rejoicing. In fact, Shinning Armour and Cadence are eager to head down to Canterlot to see Twilight again. For Twilight's parents, they were eager to see her as well. However, they all have to wait until morning before then since Twilight needs to rest inside the palace where she currently lives right now.

As the rooster started crowing two days later, Twilight appears from the balcony outside of her royal chambers as she raised the sun with the amulet. Now that she is finally awake and well-rested, Twilight sits on top of her throne while wearing her golden crown on her head and her wearing her royal necklace hanging on her chest. In such a short notice, Twilight looks over several of her paperwork that hasn't been checked off yet due to her absence from the throne. For Spike, he came out from the other room opposite of Twilight's room.

"So Twilight, do you have anything in mind right now?" Spike asked.

"Well Spike, I said I was going to discuss how will we plan to help our new friends deal with the alien invaders if they enter Equestria, aren't we?!" Twilight replied, remembering Zeck's request one the day he first spoke with her via translator.

"So that Zeck guy, did you really think you'd escape captivity without him?" The Royal Advisor asked.

"I probably wouldn't since I was the only pony to be brought to Terram against my own will. Besides, he already knows the full layout of the prison that I was held up at. In fact, I was able to start off using several transfiguration spells, turning a few objects into essentials that allow Zeck to draw out the plan for all of us to understand. Even though Fluttershy wasn't there to help me talk to them when it all happened, I did my best to point out things and write notes for them."

"I see." Spike pondered before asking Twilight about Xul and Pam. "Speaking of which, I thought you said that the Sectaniums are our new enemies. If so, why are those Sectanium ladies staying with us?"

"Well, they aren't as bad as they look." Twilight said back in a confident tone. "They may be former soldiers of the evil alien empire, but they both have serious doubts with the ruler that they used to be commanded by. I mean, they already told me everything about their Empress and they were forced to do things they aren't really proud of."

"What do you think they're going to do, once we deal with this new threat from space?" Spike asked.

"Who knows?! It's their choice to make, whether they can stay with us and learn from our culture or they can leave to help restore their homeland to its former glory." Twilight imagined.

"Anyway, we have a tight schedule to setup for our meetings with the rest of Equestria's government officials."

"What about breakfast?" Spike asked, not willing to do their job without an empty stomach.

"I already had a small early breakfast of pancakes before every creature was able to wake up." Twilight responded briefly. "Come, Spike. We both have work to do!!"

Eager to help protect Equestria, Twilight and Spike both flew together as they make their way to their designated locations around Canterlot.

Somewhere above the Everfree Forest, a cloaked scout ship is hiding from plain sight as it makes its landing near a swampy section of the area. Once the ship docked itself, a small team of Sectanium scouts disembarked. They are all wearing camouflage uniforms, equipped with silenced rifles and small trench knives. At the front of the team, they are led by Colonel Janus of the Sectanium Army.

Janus still remembers that the last time she and her team were on a mission was actually here in Equestria; they were doing their part as a set-up team back then. In the past several campaigns, they were dispatched further into the Temar Galaxy to locate planets that the rest of the Sectanium Fleet can use to establish more bases of operation. In fact, they were about to pinpoint a location to establish a base of operations in the Everfree Forest in Equestria. Unfortunately, their operation gets interrupted by an approaching presence of ponies wearing royal guard armor.

Twilight, Tempest, and their guards never realized that it was actually Dialuria Janus and her set-up, scouting team that ambushed them all during that same night. As a matter of fact, Janus knew that they were going to give away their position as soon as they see them in their sights. So, in order to silence them, Janus' team was using EMP laser rifles and electrical grenades to shock and paralyze the pony guards and Tempest, knocking them all out cold. Just when they were getting ready to leave empty-handed, one of her scouts also spotted Twilight enter the Everfree Forest.

Not wanting any witnesses near the scene, Janus and her team tried to shoot her down from the sky with their laser stun rifles only for the purple pastel horse to dodge every single one of them and let loose a shield bubble that blocked most of their laser shots. Not wanting the pony to get away, Janus took out a missile launcher that shoots out silent, shockwave missiles at their target. As they struck the flying purple horse, they see it falling 25 meters in a clearing outside the Everfree Forest. They silently ran towards it and hauled it away due to the fact that they wanted to use the strange winged, horned pony as a living experimental slave and test subject. However, now that the purple horse has escaped and made several unbelievable tricks against their fellow Sectaniums, Janus can only hope that she will not engage the purple horse again without being spotted during her current mission.

As of now, right after they trailed behind Zeck's ship unnoticed, they veered away from their course as the Sectanium scouting party sees them approach a nearby city without hesitation. Not wanting to get exposed, their Scout ship steered towards the Everfree Forest while still underneath their cloak and flew below the trees before laying low until sundown.

During the night when every creature is fast asleep, the team of Scouts make their way through the forest while under their camo cloaks and aiming their guns up front. As for Janus, she uses a GPS to keep track on Zeck's ship after she placed the tracking bug on it; it was on the day that Zeck's ship was brought into Terram when they hauled him and his crew into prison.

In several hours of navigating through the forest, they reach the main entrance of Canterlot. Apparently, Janus takes out her binoculars only to see a platoon of strange ponies clad in armor and medieval weapons guarding the main entrance and patrolling the walls surrounding it. Above them, she also sees three guard towers armed with bombardment cannons. Realizing that it is impossible to sneak past the front garrison, Janus and her team stay hidden until they find another plan to infiltrate Canterlot.

During the two days when Twilight continued to attend royal meetings about forming an allegiance with the UFF, the palace attendants notified every pony and creature that breakfast banquet is ready in the dinning room. On the way to the dinning room, Chmone noticed that Twilight hadn't shown up yet.

"Is Twilight going to be joining us at breakfast?" Chmone asked, noticing that the Princess of Friendship as yet to appear before them in the dinning room.

"Not yet." Zeck said, reminding Chmone what she just told him on the first day he used the translator on Twilight. "She already said it herself that she needs to speak with the other government officials here."

"I see. Well, let's hope she'd be here very soon." Chmone replied, feeling anxious to hear Twilight's verdict.

By the time they all arrived there, they see that the pony servants and cooks have already prepped their breakfast two hours before Twilight raised the sun with her amulet. On one long row of tables in front them, they see an assortment of fruits, veggies, pastries, cakes, pancakes, and pitchers of Apple Cider placed on top. Before any creature could take their seats, the ponies notice that Pinkie Pie is missing.

Rainbow Dash couldn't help but cackle to herself, knowing that Pinkie Pie is getting ready to give them all a welcoming surprise during their stay in the palace.

"Sorry every creature. Pinkie can be so random in almost any way." Rainbow snickered as she cleared her throat before making phone call impression.

"Ring! Ring! Ring! Ring! Ring! Ring! Hellooooooo!!" Rainbow called out in a rhythmic beat. "Any pony ho....."

In a sudden explosion of confetti from, Pinkie Pie came crashing down from the ceiling and landed straight on top of Rainbow Dash, giving every creature a total shock.

"SURPRISE!!!!" Pinkie smiled in a ludicrous manner as she bounced off Rainbow Dash. "BREAKFAST IS SERVED!!!!"

For the rest of the Mane 5, Celestia, Luna, and the UFF, they all stared at Pinkie Pie with their jaws hanging a few inches lower in startled shock.

"WHAAAAAAAAAAA???!!!" They all exclaimed in confused unison.

"Hehehehehehe!!!" Pinkie gigged. "This is my way of starting a breakfast banquet to every creature here. DIG IN!!!"

"Hahahahaha!!" Rainbow laughed while laying on the ground with her back. "Pinkie Pie, you're so random!!!"

Just like that, Zeck, Chmone, Derek, Sonja, and Xul started giggling at the same time when seeing Pinkie pull of a stunt in front of Rainbow Dash.

As they all sat at the seat of their choose, Zeck, Sonja, and his fellow UFF crewmembers sat across from where the Equestrian ponies are sitting at. When they were the first to try out the food the ponies provided them, Zeck tasted a slice of cake, giving him a really wonderful scrumptious impression. When Pinkie first see it, she made a wide smile followed by a squee of joy. For the rest of Zeck's friends, they were able to get dig in first before the ponies munched on the food at the table second.

In a few minutes of breakfasting, the Mane 5 introduced themselves to the UFF officers while they, Celestia, and Luna told them their side of the story starting all the way back when they first met Twilight, way before she became the Ruler of Equestria. At the same time, the Mane 5 also explains a brief history of their background as well while telling their new friends about all of the adventures they had with Princess Twilight. When they all finally understood what Twilight has been through up until now, Zeck felt even more impressed of how the Magic of Friendship guided the purple alicorn to fulfill her destiny when they all defeated Equestria's old enemies one more time. Sonja became the first to praise Twilight's story.

"That was such a beautiful story."

"Well, if I didn't know any better, I would've thought that you girls all gave Twilight really good impression and confidence to step up in a really top, governmental rank here." Zeck added in, feeling even more impressed over how Twilight made her accomplishments.

"I know, right?!" Celestia said. "It may not be smart of me to let a little pony like Twilight Sparkle to rule over such a big country, but it was already the right thing to do since Luna and I are not able to make good royal decisions very often since we faced a 1,000 year old rift."

"So Celestia, were you still afraid of how Twilight will rule over Equestria after you and your sister retired from the throne?" Zeck asked, feeling concerned over the future Twilight is going for.

"Yes and no." Celestia replied hesitantly. "Sure, there was other protege students that became ambitious in the past when I brought them underneath my wing before I brought Twilight into my study. But for Twilight, she was a lot different from the rest of the students that came before her. She already proved herself by understanding the magic of friendship when I sent her to Ponyville to live with her friends for awhile; that is before I called her back to the castle on the day of her coronation."

"Well, I wish the Empress Vanista could do what Twilight did." Xul thought in a depressing voice.

"Now that you mentioned it, who is this Empress you speak of?" Fluttershy asked, giving both Xul and Pam the shivers.

"She.....She......We all used to be great childhood friends back then; me, Pam, and Vanista. We used to call her Van for short." Xul hesitantly said.

Upon hearing what Xul just reluctantly said, the rest of the ponies and the UFF officers all gasped in shock as they turned towards her and Pam.

"Hey wait? Did you just say that you and Pam used to be friends with the Empress?" Rainbow gasped as she spit out her Apple Cider.

"We used to." Pam clarified. "Our Sectanium race isn't always this cruel and the Empress wasn't that evil back then. Not from the way me and Xul used to see it as. In fact, we Sectaniums are once a proud, neutral race that live in a very rich kingdom in our home planet Sacreus."

"I'm not following with this!" Zeck said, not understand where Xul and Pam are getting at. In fact, Chmone, Sonja, and Derek have all nodded in agreement with Zeck's response.

"We already told Twilight what has become of our Empress before me and Pam were forced to move against our old friend." Xul continued. "Of course, she was horrified to think that our friendship with the Empress has its limits."

"Our race was just a neutral kingdom and Vanista, who is next in line to be our queen, is just trying to find ways to avoid making our people suffer as well."

"Then, why are they making the other creatures outside of their homeland suffer instead?" Celestia added in, feeling confused over the Empress' cruel deeds. "Why are they taking all this slavery and suffering out on our beloved Princess Twilight blindly? They don't realize that by doing so they are going to start a war on our people very soon. That's the last thing I would ever expect!!"

"Yeah, like what Celestia said." Zeck feeling confused on where Pam and Xul are getting at. "That still doesn't explain why the Sectaniums and Mandors are evil beyond reason, let alone explain why they hate every creature."

"There was several problems that Vanista couldn't really deal with, especially when relying on the aid of her faithful advisors and from us, both personal and political." Xul said, trying to get into the start of the Empress' story.

"What happened to the Empress that made her this cruel??" Fluttershy asked trembling in anxiety.

"It all began 25 years ago, during the time when our Sectanium race was a neutral alien kingdom that formed a bond with Earth as part of their republic. We never really declared war on the humans, we were at peace with them for several generations. We even traded resources with them." Xul said as she explains the past revolving around her, Pam, and Van. "I maybe a Sectanium, but I was born on Earth's soil when my Sectanium parents migrated there. We all met each other during our first days of attending school on Earth.......

25 years ago....

On Earth, a few hours before sunset......

In a green meadow, Xuliana was the first to appear as a little blue-skinned girl running through the grassy areas while wearing a yellow tank top and skirt. She is currently 7 years old at the time and was laughing while kicking the ball to one of her friends Pam.

Pamela was seen with a wearing a little sleeveless red dress. Just like Xul, she is also 7. She makes her next move when kicking the ball back to Xul out of fun. They were both playing soccer as kids before Vanista came up from behind them both.

Vanista was as a 6 year old sectanium girl that happens to be the one and only princess of the Sectanium Kingdom. She is seen wearing a yellow sundress that shows her bare, reddish-purple skin shoulders. Despite her royal life, Vanista still wanted to have a bit of freedom and fun with her friends on earth thanks to her caretaker. As of now, she wanted to go in-between the two in trying to kick the ball away from them.

They all laughed together as if they're three peas in a pod. After a few minutes of playing ball, they all collapsed on the grass out of exhaustion, still giggling.

"Hey Xul, what do you want to be when you grow up?" Pam asked as she turned to face the laying blue-skinned Sectanium girl.

"I want to be a field agent in serving the Sectanium's Secret Service!!" Xul said, gleefully. "What about you Pam?"

"I want to be a soldier too, just like my father and my grandfather."

"You know, I was been interested to help my family improve our race to become just as great like any other race, wouldn't you say?" Van said to Xul and Pam.

"Is it because your father and mother wanted you to take over after them?!" Xul asked Van.

"Well, I already told you girls that I came from a long line of Sectanium Royals. I only came to Earth because my father sent me to school here to study about humans first. My mom and dad is still settling several disputes with the trading guilds coming in and out of Secreus. So, they left me under the care of one of their trusted caretakers while staying on Earth." Van continued. "I mean, when I get older I will have to study under the guidance of my parents if I were to ascend their throne as the new Queen of the Sectanium Kingdom. So, once I leave their school, I will be heading back to Secreus to attend to a Private, Royal Academy there to study politics and social governing."

"That must be quite a huge deal, isn't it?" Pam thought.

"I'm still afraid of how will work out." Van murmured.

"It's okay, Van. We'll still help you out since we're friends." Xul said as she smiled at Van. "We all dream about become part of the same Sectanium government, right?!"

"Maybe so, but my father reminded me that I will be doing that most of my friends cannot." Vanista explained. "However, I'll still let you all serve under me if I ever become Queen, if that's what you want."

"We'll do anything for our friend." Xul said in a cheerful tone.

"Same here. Anyway, it's getting dark. We all have to head back home." Pam said as she got up on her feet first. "See you all at school, girls."

After they see Pam disappear from the meadows, Xul gets up second as she takes the ball in her hands.

"Do you want me to walk you back home, Van?" Xul asked the little Sectanium Princess.

"Why sure. It's a little scary to walk during the sunset." Van replied in a positive manner.

Along the way home, Xul and Van were trembling anxiously as the sun disappeared on the horizon when the sky turned dark. Before they knew it, Xul and Van were confronted by a group of teenage human boys who glared at them with animosity in their eyes. At first, Xul told Van not to pay any attention to them.

However, the boys refused to let them pass as one of them went up to Van.

"Hey red face princess, where do you and blue face are going, huh?!" The boy sneered in amusement. "Are you taking a bloody makeup or what??"

"None of your business!!" Van said, taken back by the boy's rude remark.

Unfortunately for her, the boy shove Van to the ground while the other two held Xul by her arms.

"Too bad! red means failure. We already know who you are. But that doesn't mean you can control us, loser!!" The second boy said to Van.

"Who said anything about control?" Van said, whimpering as her knees got scrapped by the concrete floor while her clothes got a little dirty stain on them.

"You think you're tough as your parents? They can't even show any force from where they came from!!" The boys laughed, making Van angry.

Just when Van attempted to shove the first boy back, she was met with a big punch to the face, knocking her to the ground again. This time, Van was wailing as she held her head with both of her hands as a bit of blood came down her head.

"VAN!!!" Xul cried as she struggled helplessly while under the grip of the other two boys.

"What a crybaby!!" The first boy stood in front of a sobbing Vanista before turning towards Xul.

"And you, why are you even hanging around with this little loser. You know that she can't really do what her parents did right?!"

"Why would you think that?!" Xul snapped at the boy.

"Weirdos are just not worth listening too, like you!!" The bully said as he smacked Xul in the face, making her fall to the ground.

"You and your skinned-colored friends have no place anywhere on Earth." The bully teen boy said to Xul and Van.

As the boys started laughing at the two Sectanium girls, they walked away in triumph. For Xul, she knew that it is not worth listening to those stupid boys. When Xul tried to get Van up, she sees her whimpering as tears came down her eyes.

"Don't listen to them, Van. They don't know anything about us." Xul told her red-purple skinned friend. "Are you okay, Van?!"

"NO, I'M NOT!!!" Van screamed as she snapped at Xul. "I wish I wasn't sent to Earth from the start. Why can't I start going to school at Secreus first?!"

"It's okay, Van." Xul said with sympathy. "We just need to move on and adapt. Besides, my father told me that there is always a balance between good and evil, as well as light and dark."

After a few minutes of whimpering, Van felt comforted by Xul despite feeling a big bruise on her face. Without worry too much, Xul continued to take Van back home before she went back to her parents to rest up for the next day. Unfortunately, on the next day, as soon as she started another day at school, Xul bear witness to something she didn't expect from Val.

Outside of the school, Xul's eyes widened with horror as she sees Vanista slamming a shovel on top of the same bully that tormented her last night.

"VAN!! STOP!!!" Xul shouted in a panic, thinking that Val is going to more worse than her bully did. "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING??"


Before Xul could intervene with her friend's fury, another person came from the school's entrance.

"HEY!!! NO!!! NO!!! NO!!!!!!" The principal screamed as he grabbed Val by the stomach while the bully's mother pulled her son away.

At the same time, several security guards pulled the shovel away from Van while the bully's mother comforted the injured child while sobbing in her arms.

"I WISH YOU'D JUST DIE!!!" Van shouted at the bully teenage boy in anger while squirming underneath the principal's grip. Just like that, Van gets dragged into the principal's office to face disciplinary action against the school's no-violence policy.

Shortly, Van was expelled from school for her violent behavior on another student. As for Xul, she stood outside feeling horrified upon witnessing how Van snapped at her human tormentor. When Pam came to the school's entrance, she notices that Xul was shivering in fright from her experience earlier.

"Xul, what happened?!" Pam asked, feeling concerned for her blue-skinned friend.

"It was Van. Last night, she got bullied by a group of kids. I thought for sure I can comfort her before taking her back home. But Van, she....she......."

Just as soon as Xul told Pam about what Van did to that kid in front of the other kids at the entrance, Pam's mouth went wide open as if she was shocked by such a violent act of revenge.

"Van. H-H-How could you?!" Pam murmured.

After school, Xul and Pam went to see Vanista at home. As soon as they got there, Vanista was seen sitting at the stairs near the front door of the house of her caretaker. Once they went up to Vanista, Xul asked her why.

"Van, why did you do that? That's very uncivilized and unacceptable."

"H-H-He asked for it. Besides, he was about to shove me again at the school's main entrance." Van said, quivering in rage. "M-My father did lecture me that if you want to show them who's boss, you have to learn how to be aggressive and diligent first."

"Not like that!!" Pam shook her head in denial. "I mean, even though what they did is wrong, that is no excuse for you to smash that kid in the skull with a shovel."

"You know what, just leave me alone!!" Van said as she stood up from the stairs and went back inside. "I'm not in a mood."

Before Xul could say anything, the caretaker appeared in front of her and Pam as she ordered them to leave at once. Without another word, Pam and Xul walked down to a nearby park to discuss the matter to themselves as they both sit down at two seats while facing each other on the table close to them.

"I don't know how is she going to live her life if Van were to do something like that in the future?" Xul said to Pam.

"Well, she still has a lot to learn about politics and socializing, just like we both do." Pam replied.

"She definitely needs help."

"Well, do you have any other ideas?" Pam asked, trying to have Xul come up with suggestions.

"We might as well stay close to her, you and I." Xul said, coming up with one suggestion. "We might as well forget about everything else, other than homework and being late for dinner."

"Well, when I first met Van, she was an emotional disturbed girl who had to put up with strict discipline by her father the King. Even though our Kingdom is a neutral nation, my father told me scary ghost stories revolving around dark secrets within the palace. Rumor has it that the Sectanium Royals are hiding a source of dark power within the palace's underbelly. Some say that the Royals in Sacreus will not use it, until the Sectanium Kingdom is starting crumbling away." Pam said, giving Xul the shivers. "They said that this dark power will be used as a last resort when all other political options and decrees have failed to keep our country alive."

"Are you saying that Van might use this dark power to make them obey her if she can't reason with anyone anymore?" Xul exclaimed.

"Well, I hope not. It's just only a rumor. We can only make sure she isn't out of our sight as long as she is attending school with us." Pam said, trying not to let the rumors get to her and Xul.

Next week, Van attended to another elementary school on Earth. This time, Xul and Pam begged their parents to get transferred to the same school that their Van is in because they wanted to give her full support and restrain her from resorting to anymore violent behavior.

At first, their parents didn't want to transfer their daughters to another school since it is costly. However, after telling them what happened before Van was kicked out and that they wanted to make sure the incident doesn't happen again, they finally accepted their request.

Though, they will be doing volunteer work for them at the jobs their parents are currently working at in return. Regardless, Xul and Pam did their best to repay their debt while watching over Van at school. Van immediately apologized to Xul and Pam the moment she saw them again at their second school. After that, their friendship has resume and there has been no incident for the next 8 years.

As soon as Van finally finished elementary school, she was sent back to Secreus for more lectures inside the Sectanium Royal Academy at age 14. For Xul and Pam, we they turned 15, they went to a private school that houses Sectanium students studying more about life on Earth and its past history, as well as making more friends with the other students there. It was disappointing that they have to see Van go to another school back at the Sectanium Homeworld. No matter, Xul and Pam still stayed in touch on their emails while checking their personal laptops.

On their first day at their private school, Xul and Pam are now wearing green-grey school uniforms with skirts reaching down to their knees and are wearing black dress shoes while carrying their backpacks on their shoulders.

They met other Sectanium students at their first history class. As Xul and Pam introduce themselves up front, they are greeted by Trine, Dialuria, Ash, Mrenix, Piulius, Fulkrim, and Quasi, who are also wearing the same private school uniforms as well. They had fun learning about the history of the Sectanium timelines, as well as playing soccer ball and baseball.

Most of the time after school, they all meet up in the library to check on how Vanista is doing at the Royal Academy in Secreus.

When Xul went up to the computer, with most of her friends standing behind her, she types up her message before sending it to Van's email.

Hello, Van. It's me Xul. Pam and I wanted to say hi as well as seeing how you are doing in the Royal Academy. Are you okay studying there on your own? Did you make any new friends there? We also made new friends our Private School. I hope we can see you again very soon.

After finishing her message and sending it to Van's email inbox, Xul waited for 10 to 30 minutes to get a response from her long-waited friend. As soon as receives a message from Van, Xul was excited to read it. However, Xul didn't expect Van's response to be something like this:

It's been so long, hasn't it Xul. I'm still having trouble trying to make new friends without you and Pam helping me out because they were pretty jealous of my family's royal lineage. Ultimately, the only friend that I had that stood up to me is Hampt Yuan Trelson. He is the son of a famous Sectanium Noble Family that gave my father full support during his reign.

In the next part of Van's message, Xul read what it felt like a love story:

I don't know why but for some reason, Hampt wanted to make my life happier so that I will not suffer. He invited me to dinner after attending the Royal Academy. We had bread and delicacies. It was like I am living a romantic dream unlike any other. He even thought of me as a lovely flower that will always keep blooming no matter how cold or how hot the season are. It's as if he is in love with me. I don't think I can resist his charms. To me, he was an honorable inspiration of what my father would expect from me. I'll stay in touch with you all, hopefully we'll meet again back in Sacreus.

Upon reading the second part of Van's message, Xul and her friends couldn't help but feel awed by such a romantic experience that Van had.

"Well, it seems that Van may be able to find happiness already." Pam thought.

"I can only hope it doesn't get worse after this." Xul said to herself.

"Hold the phone!! Are you saying that the Sectanium we just captured back there is actually.....?" Luna exasperated.

"Yes, Luna. His name is Lord Hampt. He isn't just any Warrior that the Empress handpicked from her army, he was Vanista's first Royal Consort!!" Xul told every creature briefly. "Yes, he was the very same Warrior that I ran into back at that Mandor Fueling Station before he put me in a trance."

Upon hearing the first part of Xul's story, every pony and creature gasped at what they had done to the Warrior. But before any of them can make objections, Xul still continues more about Hampt's situation.

"The real reason why he became a Warrior because he already knew the pain and suffering that Vanista had to put up with before she self-proclaimed herself as Empress of the Sectanium Empire. Other than that, Vanista isn't the one who suffered because of her unique skin color. In fact, it wasn't just about our appearance that the other races felt offended by in the past, but its also when......"