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Prisoner and Savior: Part 2 - efug25g

After narrowly evading capture by the enemies pursuing Princess Twilight and her new friends, she does whatever it takes to help her friends survive and head back to Equestria to defend her homeland from the alien invasion.

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Chapter 21: Homecoming

Although they were able to conquer another planet as well as disabling the defenses all around the UFF Military port, most of the Sectanium commanding officers and guards were defeated under hands of a group of Equine ponies during their fight with them and the UFF forces. As of now, the remaining Sectanium Soldiers turned to face the Empress onboard her flagship in disgrace. The moment the Sectanium Guard Sergeant made a full report of their personal losses, the Empress snapped right in front of him and his fellow soldiers.

"ARE......YOU.......KIDDING ME????!!!!" Empress Vanista shouted in a frustrated, furious tone. "YOU ALL JUST GOT BEATEN BY A GROUP OF PASTEL HORSES?? JUST HOW BRAIN-DEAD ARE YOU ALL??!!!?"

"W-W-We're sorry your highness!!!" The frightened Guard Sergeant stammered. "We never saw it coming, honest!!!"


Fed up with such excuses, the Empress hit the Sergeant in the face with her right hand without hesitation. Feeling the full brunt of her hand, the sergeant fell down as he whimpered in agony.

"SAYING SORRY ISN'T GOING TO HELP RECOVER OUR LOSSES!!!" The Empress shouted again, scolding the Sectanium Guard Sergeant for his failures.

Just as the Sergeant struggled to look up to the Empress, she pulled out her gun and shoots the Sectanium in the head as she initiated a disciplinary action. As the Sergeant fell on the ground dead, with his head blasted in between the eyes, the Empress turned to face the rest of the Sectanium soldiers kneeling before the Empress in fear.

"Look everyone, we may have taken over this UFF Military Port. We have may conquered this planet without anymore resistance. But it doesn't change the fact that Captain Trine is badly injured during our takeover. Most of the enemy defenders, workers, and civilians have fled with their lives. We were not able to capture the commander of that space station in time before he escaped nor were we able to recapture our designated targets. What's worse, Lord Hampt is captured by the enemy!!!!" Vanista continued as she is still trembling with anger towards remaining Sectanium soldiers and Mandor grunts. "I should just kill you all for not protecting my best commanders and warriors. Without them, we will not rid ourselves of our suffering under the hands of those that wouldn't stop humiliating us."

The Sectanium soldiers couldn't help but stare at the Empress in a state of shock and horror, forcing themselves to keep their mouths shut.

For the Empress, she takes a feel deep breaths before her royal advisor came up to her from behind. The Royal Advisor is seen wearing yellow-green robes and is carrying a bag full of his scrolls that he uses to initiate royal decrees the Empress has to offer. Apparently, the advisor happens to be another Mandor who is currently looked down upon most of the Sectaniums onboard the Empress' Flagship.

"Your majesty, we just managed to sent in some scouts to stay track on Zeck's ship. We'll keep an eye on them first before we attack them again. Besides, the only way we can beat them is by using their power against them."

"You hope you had the right idea or else I will toss you into the airlock!!!" The Empress snarled at her royal advisor."Our superior race is supposed to be untouched. Well, I'm getting a strange feeling that we Sectaniums may have bear witness to another race that is likely competing with our power. I hope I'm wrong."

"You there!!!"

The Empress shouted as she pointed her finger to another Sectanium Guard. This time, its a female Sectanium officer who is seen as a red-brown skinned alien wearing a gray officer's uniform and a black beret on top of her head.

"Yes, your majesty?!" The Female Colonel spoke.

"What is your name, soldier?"

"My name is Colonel Dialuria Janus." The Female Sectanium Officer spoke, still shivering in fear before the Empress' fury.

"Colonel Janus, you are in charge of helping the scouts investigate the sentimental race of pastel horses helping out the UFF. You will deliver to me as much as information as possible about them but do not engage them unless I say so. Is that clear?!"

"Yes, your majesty." Colonel Janus said, saluting the Empress in acknowledging her orders.

"Good, now get out there!!!" The Empress ordered, making the Colonel dash out of the throne room without another word, but not before making another statement. "While you're at it, please let me know where did they take my Royal Consort!!"

"Yes, ma'am!!" Janus acknowledged before running out of the Empress' throne room.

After seeing Janus disappear from her sights, Empress Vanista came up to the window to look at the constellations in space.

"Lord Hampt!!" Vanista sniffed. "I'll be coming for you, my love!!!"

Back in Equestria......

In the Canterlot Hospital, Celestia and Raven Inkwell appeared in one of the floors of the medical center only to see a group of injured guards being treated of their injuries. As Celestia takes a good look at everyone of them, she sees the guards with legs and their lower abdomens wrapped up in bandages. At the far end of the room that she is in, Celestia sees that Tempest has a huge bandage wrapped around her head and with one hoof wrapped around in a sling.

"Tempest, are you okay?! What happened to you all??" Celesta asked, showing concern for the guards loyal to Princess Twilight.

"Celestia, me and my team got ambushed at the Everfree Forest, the moment Princess Twilight ordered us to investigate the unknown incursion in the middle of the night." Tempest said, trying to take a breather.

"Did any of you know who it was that attacked you?!" Celestia asked in a worried expression. "Did any of your men take a good look at them?"

"W-W-We're sorry, Celestia. I did my best to keep our guards in line as they closed in ranks but they hurled some sort of explosive that sent all of us packing. I tried to use my magic against our attackers but we were overwhelmed and I was seeing stars." Tempest added in.

"I'm afraid that was my fault, Celestia." Raven Inkwell reluctantly said. "I-I told Princess Twilight of the incursion and notified her of the missing guards who were on night shift and she flew out of the palace to go find her guards."

"That must've explain why she disappeared from Equestria without warning. But still, did any pony else saw Twilight during that night?" Celestia frantically asked the other guards who just woke up. "Did any pony see or hear anything??"

As every pony turned to face Celestia, they all stood there speechless as if they couldn't come up with any answer.

"Sorry, every pony. I can't help it but worry about what is happening to Twilight out there." Celestia said as she closed her eyes in feeling lost.

"I know how you feel, Celestia." Spike said, trying to comfort the depressed white alicorn. "But I'm sure the other girls will help lead Twilight back home."

In the present, 6 days later.......

"Lord Spike!!" One of the Royal Guards spoke out loud as he appeared from outside of the throne room. "We have received word that the ponies accompanying Lady Luna have returned and they brought a prisoner with them!!"

Upon hearing the guard's immediate report, Celestia and Spike looked at each other as they both smirked with delight over the fact that they are going to have fun with their new prisoner very soon.

"Bring him to the palace!!" Spike ordered the Royal Guard.

"Yes, my lord!!!" The Guard acknowledged as he bowed towards Spike.

Somewhere out in space, a few clicks towards Temar which is the galaxy that Twilight's planet is located at, Zeck's battleship was moving fast in hyperspace. Inside the ship, Twilight turns to see Zeck, Sonja, and Derek with shocked looks in their eyes.

"Twilight, those ponies with you? Are they really....?" Derek asked in awe after seeing what happened before they escaped from the wrecked Military Port.

"Yes Derek, they were the pony friends that I was talking about earlier." Twilight said, in a cheerful voice. "If they were to find me at a place like that, that could only mean that my home planet is not much further."

"That was really amazing, the way your friends fought our enemies for us." Zeck said, feeling a bit excited.

"I know right?!" Twilight grinned with confidence. "This isn't the first time we fought enemies together, neither will it be the last. Besides, we always did our best to protect Equestria from threats like that."

"I see what you mean." Sonja replied with amazement. "So, this Rainbow Dash, was she...?

"Yes, Sonja, she is one of my best friends I had most of the time. Formerly known as the Element of Loyalty. Now a full-class Wonderbolt Commander-In-Training." Twilight said as she explained to Sonja briefly about Rainbow. "She happens to be a Pegasus mare."

"What's a Wonderbolt??" Sonja asked out of curiosity.

"It's a lot to explain. I'll show you all when we reach Equestria." Twilight said, not wanting to give out too much info.

"Our next destination is Equis." The helmsman announced from the PA speakers. "ETA will be one hour."

"So Twilight, are you nervous in coming back home?" Zeck asked.

"Of course I am. I still have a lot of paperwork and royal duties to take care of with Spike." Twilight replied, feeling a bit nervous.

"I know what you mean." Xul said as she and Pam appeared from the hallways of the ship. "I don't know how will I react if your subjects see both of us in plain sight."

"Yeah, we're all feeling pretty nervous in meeting with your people, Twilight." Pam said, in reluctant voice.

"Hey, what are those two Sectanium Woman doing here??" Sonja said, noticing the strange colored-skinned aliens in a flabbergasted tone. "Zeck, didn't you tell me that the Sectaniums are evil aliens back then?! If so, why are they on board this ship??!?"

"It's okay, Sonja. They maybe Sectaniums too, but they're not our enemies!!" Twilight said, as she referred Sonja back to the time that she met both of them. "They both told me otherwise."

"What makes you say that??" Sonja said back, not getting Twilight's statement about Xul and Pam.

"I had some issue in doubt with them too, but they already said it themselves." Zeck added in, supporting Twilight's claim. "One happens to be some sort of spy working for the UFF and the other was locked up in Terram because of her so-called treason against the Empress herself. It may be hard to believe, but there's always the first time for everything."

"A spy and a traitor??" Sonja said in confusion. "You mean they both betrayed their own alien race?? I don't understand."

"It's a long story, miss." Xul said, greeting Sonja up front. "My name is Xuliana Lilith Sona, but my friends call me Xul for short. And this lady beside me happens to be an old friend of mine, Pamela Kimi Herath."

"You can call me Pam instead, if you like." Pamela spoke right after Xul's short conversation with Sonja.

"My name is Sonja Willis Stone. I'm Zeck's wife!" Sonja said, giving both Sectaniums a surprising introduction.

"Oh my. Well, that is quite a surprise." Xul said in a shock.

"Okay, ladies. I'd say we might as well rest up before we reach Twilight's homeland, wouldn't you say?" Zeck told the group of strange alien ladies, female human, and the alicorn pony.

Ending their conversation, Xul and Pam went with Twilight as the alicorn princess makes her way back to her private quarters.

As for Sonja, she went with Zeck to the Captain's quarters. Though, she couldn't help but feel just as amazed that a group of pastel horses could actually do that no other horse could on earth.

"So Zeck, when did Twilight get on board this ship?" Sonja asked out of curiosity.

"Well my dear, she was with me the whole time after we all escaped from Terram. There's also something you should know about her....." Zeck answered before getting straight to the point over what he learned from Twilight.

At the command bridge of Zeck's ship, Admiral Derek is seen trying to reestablish contact with Captain Monet and Commander Fenirius after being forced to abandon their Military Port to the enemy. For Chmone, he is now steering the ship on course towards Equis via Hyperspace.

"Commander Fenirius, are you there?! Please respond!! This is Admiral Wellington. Can you hear me?" Derek spoke on the communication channel.

In a few minutes, Derek could hear static until he finally gets a response from a grunting, howling voice.

"Admiral, this is Commander Fenirius over. Me and my men have safely escaped and is now onboard Monet's Battlecruiser."

"Where are you now?!" Admiral said, feeling relieved that his fellow officers are still alive and kicking.

"We're on our way to UFF HQ in the Rambon Galaxy. We'll be gathering as much of our forces as we can before we meet up with you at Temar via hyperspace."

"Good to hear. Don't take too long. The Empress will be hunting us down after recovering her men from the fight at Xarillius." The Admiral ordered while holding the phone up to his mouth.

"Understood, sir. We won't fail you!!" Fenirius' voice replied back before Derek ended his communication channel with the commander.

"So Chmone, is everything ready once we reach Equis?" The Admiral asked the four-armed alien in front of him.

"It will be soon, sir." Chmone replied positively. "By the way, I heard what happened when Twilight's friends made a brief heroic intervention back there. Did you get a good look at them?"

"I did, Chmone. Man, they were actually really amazing than they look!!" Derek responded in such awe. "I can't wait to meet the other government officials running Twilight's country."

"Me too, man. This war is getting much more interesting." Chmone thought.

"Well, we may have been pushing our luck. Since the Empress' flagship was seen amongst the fleet when they attacked us back there, we do need to help Twilight's people prepare for battle as soon as the Sectanium Armada reaches Temar." The Admiral pointed out, remembering everything he saw during the attack upon their military port.

"Let's hope they will accept our allegiance." Chmone said, before he turned towards the space in front of their ship.

Meanwhile back in Equestria......

As the Mane 5 and Luna returned to Canterlot via Chaos Realm, Discord appeared from behind as he and Applejack are pulling the captured alien both by the chain and by the earth pony mare's lasso.

Hampt's POV:

Despite all his efforts, Lord Hampt struggled helplessly as he felt the relentless strength of the earth pony dragging him through the streets of what it appears to be a white city with tall buildings all around him while making muffled screams and curses at his captors.

At the same time, Hampt sees all sorts of colorful ponies appear left and right as they show up from all sorts of various buildings inside Canterlot. Despite having such a cute appearance, the ponies are hurling furious curses, insults, and scorns as they angrily threw all sorts of pastries, fruit, and cake at the restrained, gagged alien. When getting hit, Hampt could feel all of those thrown food splattering all over his uniform.

While struggling to look around him despite getting hit from all the food thrown at him by the angry pastel horses, Hampt spots purple regal banners and a familiar purple pastel horse seen on everyone of them. He recognized them all as EQ-3, the very same pony that escaped from Terram and the very same pastel horse that he was ordered to recapture.

Despite seeing all of those banners along the way to the center of town, Hampt couldn't understand what to make of it. However, he is starting to have a very bad feeling that something didn't seem right seeing EQ-3 on every one of them.

The moment the five pastel horses dragged the captured alien into the palace courtyard, he was also met with a platoon of ponies clad in strange guard armor carrying spears and round shields, glaring at him with anger in their eyes. As soon as the ponies stopped at the front entrance of the palace, Hampt felt the orange pony hurling him towards the feet of a tall white horse with a flowing colorful mane and a small green lizard with wings protruding from its back. At the same time, more ponies clad in guard armor showed up behind the two aliens, aiming their spears and crossbows at Hampt's face.

Although, he couldn't understand what most of the other ponies are saying to the tall white horse and the little winged lizard, Hampt's eyes widened with fear as he is getting a bad feeling that EQ-3 isn't who he thinks it is. He started sweating underneath his gagged breath as he was held up by two other ponies in guard armor with their strange telekinesis powers.

"It seems that you girls were able to help Princess Twilight teach those wretched creatures a lesson, didn't you?!" Celestia replied, feeling impressed that the Mane 5 are finally able to take action against this new threat.

"You bet, Celestia!!" Rainbow smirked in triumph. "Those varmits got what they deserve, especially after I bucked their commanding officer into submission!!!"

In a snicker, Rainbow started laughing his head off for some unbelievable reason.

"BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! You should see the looks on all those vile creatures after I decked their officer back there!! It was so priceless, I couldn't resist!!!" The blue pegasus cackled, as she pounded both of her front hooves on the floor.

After hearing Rainbow's success and laughter, Celestia turns toward the tied up alien who is still muttering underneath his muffled breath.

"Is this one of the creatures responsible for hindering Twilight's way back home?!" Celestia said as she glared at the gagged Sectanium.

"Yes, indeed." Discord said as he walked towards him. "I sense that this thing is carry a strange but devastating power that will be our downfall. No matter, I was able to drain him of his magic with the Bewitching Bell before he had a chance to strike at the Mane 5."

"Good work, Discord." Celestia said, congratulating the Draconneques as she grabbed the Bell with her yellow, glowing magic. "I'll take that thank you very much."

After putting the bell away inside her bag, Celestia approached the captured Sectanium, her eyes narrowed in fury for a few minutes before announcing her statements.

"I don't know where you come from and I don't know what you want from her, but we will not let you hurt Princess Twilight Sparkle in front of any of us!!!" Celestia snarled at the Sectanium. "Oh sorry, you've got something to say, twinkle toes??"

As Celestia pulled out the grey tape covering up his mouth, Hampt grunted in pain before he felt his hair being pulled by Celestia's hoof.

"I-I-I don't know what you're saying? I don't know what you're talking about?? What is this place?? W-W-Who are you people??" Hampt said, stuttering in total confusion on what is happening around him.

"Celestia, allow me!!" Fluttershy said as she took a deep breath before approaching the tied up creature. Celestia drops the creature onto the floor in front of Fluttershy as it cowered helplessly before the stern pegasus. "Okay, mister Sectanium or whoever you are. I do have some questions for you. Are you ready to answer them all?"

"W-Wh-What are you talking about, horse?" The Sectanium warrior spoke, feeling confused being interrogated by a yellow pastel horse. "Who are you people??"

"We happen to be the honorable ponies of the Kingdom of Equestria. And the current ruler governing our land right now is Twilight Sparkle, the Princess of Friendship and one of my closest friends." Fluttershy replied, making the Sectanium more confused. "Why are you trying to take Twilight Sparkle away from us?!"

"I don't know what you're talking about. I-I don't know any Twilight Sparkle. I don't know any ruler governing this place!" The alien creature rambled on in total fright. "I-I-I-I don't know any Princess of Friendship, honest!!!"

Not having it, Fluttershy nodded at Discord as he summoned a plastic bag with just one snap of his fingers before the yellow pegasus grabbed it with her teeth. Not a moment too soon, Fluttershy wrapped the bag around the creature's head, making him suffocate as he struggled for air.

"You don't know, after we saw you and your people try to attack Twilight??!!" Fluttershy snarled before she screamed at the Sectanium Warrior. "ARE YOU REALLY THAT BLIND AND STUPID????"

While Fluttershy shouted out loud, she pressed both of her hooves onto the Sectanium's face while holding the plastic bag in place tightly before lifting the bag up above his head.

"Please, mercy!! I'm just a professional doing a job." The Warrior whimpered, feeling out of breath as his face turned bright red.

"We can keep this up until you answer my question or until I make your lungs burst!!" Fluttershy growled in anger as she put the bag over the creature's head again. "Why are you trying to take Twilight Sparkle away from us?!"

In the next minute, Fluttershy lifts the bag up again for the second time only for the Sectanium Warrior to come up with a blunt response.

"P-P-Please!!! Don't do this!!!" The Warrior pleaded while out of breath. "Y-Y-You don't understand. I-I-I......"

"We don't understand?!" Fluttershy snapped as she threw the bag away and held the creature with both of her hooves. "Of course we do. BECAUSE IT'S PRETTY BUCKING SIMPLE!!!!"

In frustrated fury, Fluttershy shook the powerless warrior violently back and forth in demanding answers from him.

"When Twilight disappeared, our entire country is suffering under a great deal of pandemonium!!! There were crazed ponies rioting in these streets of Canterlot, attempting to storm into the palace by force in stealing Twilight's crown!! Worse, our Royal Advisor was struggling to help the Royal Guard maintain law and order without Twilight!!! All of these unfortunate events are happening in Equestria because of YOU!!!"

"S-S-S-S-Stop.P-P-P-P-Please!!! I-I-I-I....." The shaking warrior begged before his interrogation was interrupted.

"Lord Spike! Mistress Celestia!!" A white pegasus guard appeared as he came down from his flight. "A huge, unidentified ship has been spotted 200 meters outside of Canterlot."

"Where?" Both Spike and Celestia asked in unison.

"This way!!" The guard replied as he led Spike and Celestia to where he saw the ship.

All at once, the Mane 5 followed Spike and Celestia from behind. As for the tied up warrior, he was grabbed immediately by several guard ponies once again, feeling confused on what they're doing.

As soon as they reached to the outer walls of Canterlot, they spot another strange ship hovering in orbit. At first, Celestia thought it might be where that vile creature came from. However, the Mane 5 and Luna recognized it from a distance away.

Just as the unicorn guards at the garrisons charged up their horns and the earth ponies readied the cannons in their guard towers, the Mane 5 shouted at them to stand down.

"Every pony, wait!!!" Fluttershy shouted, who was the first to react. "Don't shoot. We saw Twilight get onboard that ship!!!"

Not listening to Fluttershy for a moment, one Cannon team from a nearby guard tower fired a shot in which made a minor scratch on the huge ship heading their way. At the same time, a army of Pegasus guards flew towards the approaching ship as they escorted a fleet of Royal Airships alongside them, all armed to the teeth.

At the same time when the Mane 5 brought in their prisoner at Canterlot......

At the end of the hyperspace jump, Zeck's battlecruiser has finally reached its destination. Rather than seeing the orbit around the Equis Planet, Zeck and Derek sees a clear, blue sky, lush green forests and foothills, and a tall mountain where a large, white city of gold linings appear before them from inside the command bridge.

Zeck makes his announcement on the public speakers throughout the entire ship.

"Attention all crewmembers and aliens. We have arrived at the planet's surface of Equis."

At first, Twilight is relieved that she is now home at last while seeing all of Equestria from the command bridge. However, before she can thank them, they all hear a loud bang coming from the white city of Canterlot. In the next second, ship's exterior hull was hit.


As the command bridge shook, most of Zeck's crewmembers, his friends, and Twilight felt the violent vibration happening all over the ship. In everyone's shock, a swarm of Pegasus guards and Royal Airships appeared in front and all around the ship as they aimed their crossbolts and bombard cannons at the Battlecruiser.

In the middle of the formation, a Grey Pegasus Guard Captain with the black mane and tail is seen flying in the air while holding a megaphone with his right hoof before speaking through it.

"Attention, unauthorized vessel. This is the Equestrian Royal Airfleet. Do not proceed any further. You have no permission to enter Equestria's airspace. Turn your vessel around or we will shoot you down!! Turn your vessel around or we will destroy you!!!!"

Even though no one in this ship understood what the pegasus are saying, Twilight is the only pony that does. Twilight knew what she had to do as she went up to the console and makes her presence known via speakers.

"Twilight? What are you.....?" Admiral Derek said, spotting the alicorn grab the microphone with her magic before Zeck stops him as the captain reached his hand in front of him.

"It's okay, Admiral. I think she got this!!!" Zeck told the Admiral, knowing that the ponies will likely listen to Twilight.

"Captain Blackwing!! This is Princess Twilight Sparkle of Equestria. Stand your men down!!!"

"Princess Twilight?! I-I-Is that you??! Where are you??" The Captain spoke back through the mega phone.

"I'm onboard this ship. And the creatures inside are not our enemies. They're all with me!! So stand your men down!!!"

In a few seconds after hearing Princess Twilight's orders, the Captain felt hesitant that it's just going to be a trap. But if not, then he has to make sure that the ruler of Equestria can come out unharmed by the visitors.

"All forces stand down!!!" The Pegasus Captain spoke to his fellow guards and the crewmen of the airships behind him. "Her royal majesty is here!! Let them through!!!"

As the pegasus guards and the royal airships withdrew their weapons, Admiral Derek sees it as a signal to order the crew to proceed further towards Canterlot.

As the ponies see the UFF battlecruiser loom overhead above the city of Canterlot, they all gasped in awe while its shadow covered the entire city, blocking out the sun and the clear, blue sky above it.

They all stood there speechless as the ship stopped right above port, left of the palace courtyard. As Celestia and Spike looked upwards to the unidentified ship, they see it escorted by four Royal Airships and a platoon of Pegasus guards.

"Is that ship....?" Celestia muttered before Luna appeared next to her elder sister.

"Yes, Tia. We just saw Princess Twilight get onboard that ship back there." Luna told her sister as the Mane 5 came up to the white alicorn.

"I-I-I-I don't believe it." Celestia gasped as tears are slowly coming out of her eyes.

The moment the ship landed at port, the tied-up Sectanium Warrior's eyes bulged out in horror upon realizing that a UFF ship has made a clear landing without any further incident.

"T-T-This isn't good!! The UFF has reached out to another planet before we could!!" The Warrior muttered in horror.

As the ship opened up its front lander, the Royal Guards surround it as they held up their spears in a cautious formation.

"Whoever is in there, come out with your hands up!!!" A unicorn Guard Captain shouted as he lit up his horn with magic.

(0:34 to 1:49)

In just a few seconds, Twilight finally appeared before them as she cast a spell on herself. She is now wearing her Royal Gown as she approached the Royal Guards dauntlessly.

"TWILIGHT!!!" Celestia wailed as she flew towards her, hugging the purple alicorn tightly in happiness. At the same time, Spike flew towards Twilight as he embraced both her and Celestia at the same time.

"Oh Celestia! Spike! I missed you both. I'm so sorry. I didn't want to...." Twilight whimpered while being embraced by her former mentor.

"It's okay, dearie. It's okay!!" Celestia said, comforting the distraught purple alicorn. "I know. Raven told me everything."

"We're so glad you're okay, Twilight." Spike soothed.

Upon noticing Twilight's injured hoof wrapped in a bandage after her embrace, Celestia lights up her horn as she aimed it at her wound. With one small flash, Twilight's injury is gone. Upon seeing what just happened from the command bridge, Zeck and Chmone felt totally amazed by such a unexpected healing power coming from the tall, white mare.

After Celestia cast her spell on Twilight's wounded leg, the purple alicorn pulled out her dress wrapping, revealing that she is no longer bleeding from her hoof anymore, much to her relief. As soon as Twilight turned to face her guards, they all withdrew their spears and bowed down before the Ruler of Equestria.

"Welcome home, your majesty!!" The unicorn guard captain exclaimed as he bowed before Twilight too.

All the other ponies surrounding the palace courtyard have also bowed down to Princess Twilight as well, considering that they are no long worried of running the country without a ruler. As Twilight took all this for granted, she smiled before making her announcement to her fellow ponies and her friends in Canterlot.

"I'm sorry for keeping you all waiting, every pony. There is so much to do right now, but first I want to introduce you all to our new friends and guests that came from beyond the stars." Twilight said, as she made her announcement to every pony at the palace courtyard.

Right behind her, Zeck, Sonja, Derek, Chmone, Xul, and Pam appeared from the ship as they made a greeting bow too while Zeck held the activated translator in his right hand.

"Friends of the UFF, welcome to Equestria!!!" Twilight Sparkle said, allowing her new friends to introduce themselves to her pony friends, Celestia, and Luna.

"Well, I never thought you'd all make it so soon." Luna said, feeling a bit surprised.

"I-I-I don't know how to thank you all for bringing Twilight back." Celestia said, while sniveling with relief as Zeck could hear her robotic voice through the translator.

"It's nothing really. Since she helped us escape from Terram, we all owe her this much anyway. You must be Mistress Celestia. It's a pleasure to meet you." Zeck said, accepting his condolences to the tall, white alicorn.

"Twilight, we also brought our prisoner here too. I hope you don't mind showing him the error of his ways, do you?!" Luna said as she turned towards the Sectanium Warrior who is still tied up, muttering in self-pity.

As the purple horse approached the Sectanium Warrior with anger in her eyes, Hampt gasped in horror upon seeing that she is now wearing a Royal Gown of her own, unlike what the Sectanium Empress wore. Before he knew it, the blue winged pony takes off her crown as she and the white, winged horse used their magic to turn it back into fused, golden crown as they both placed it on top of EQ-3's head. Realizing a sudden change of events around EQ-3, Hampt started to shudder cowardly before the purple pastel horse.

When Zeck raised the translator up above her head, Twilight glared at the Sectanium Warrior making the vile creature sweat underneath his breath. In fact, Hampt will soon face more than just being strangled with a plastic bag over his head.

"EQ-3? W-W-What the hell is this??" Hampt stammered before he was smacked by a hoof coming from one of the guards holding him up.

"Watch your tongue, you rotten fiend. That is no way to talk to our Ruler!!!"

"Ruler? Wait a minute, you're not saying.....?!" Hampt muttered in fright as he is forced onto his knees in front of the purple pastel horse.

"You might as well beg for mercy before her Royal Majesty, Princess Twilight Sparkle, the honorable Ruler of Equestria!!!" The Unicorn Guard Captain spoke out loud.

Upon hearing what the pony clad in guard armor just said, Hampt's mind went totally blank with shock and fear in his eyes. After seeing all those banners of EQ-3, he never realized that she is actually the one governing this entire land. In such disbelief, Hampt's remained totally speechless not even realizing that this is exactly why the ponies wouldn't stop tormenting him out of his wits. In fact, he never thought that it also the real reason why Twilight gave him a total shock that nearly ended his life back at the Mandor Fueling Station.

"Y-Y-You? You're actually the ruler of these lands??" Hampt gasped in confusion. "I-I-I thought you'd be taller!!!"

"Tall or not, I already came a long way to earn my place among my fellow ponies and I'm not going to give up this country to the likes of you or your filthy Empress!!!" Twilight snarled as she held him up 10 feet above her with her magic.

"I-I-It's not over yet, your royal craziness!!!" Hampt snapped back at her while wiggling helplessly underneath his restraints. "Empress Vanista will have you beheaded for this, the same way she behead all those alien leaders that stood against her. Your land will be hers!!! You will all burn before her very eyes. I swear it!!!"

Ignoring the Sectanium Warrior's loudmouth, Twilight puts another gag on his mouth before ordering the guards to lock him up in the palace's dungeons. Also, she ordered another group of guards to secure another prisoner onboard Zeck's ship too.

When two unicorn guards went inside Zeck's ship they came out a moment later as they dragged a wailing Ash by two chains wrapped around his green skinned body.

As Ash disappeared into the palace while being escorted by the guard ponies, Twilight takes a deep breath before turning to face her fellow ponies and her friends from the UFF.

"Alright every creature, now that we're all here, I'd say we might as well take a break after our long journey." Twilight announced to all of her friends. "Once we rest up, then we'll discuss how we can win the war against the alien invaders."