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Prisoner and Savior: Part 2 - efug25g

After narrowly evading capture by the enemies pursuing Princess Twilight and her new friends, she does whatever it takes to help her friends survive and head back to Equestria to defend her homeland from the alien invasion.

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Chapter 20: Surprise attack. Luna's Intervention

After Discord tear a rift through the reality, he let the Mane 5 and Luna enter into the Chaos Realm as he directed them to outer space. Celestia can only watch as she bid farewell to the ponies and Discord in hopes of helping Princess Twilight making it back to Equestria while still standing at the balcony of the palace in Canterlot. Once she sees them disappear through the rift, Celestia started to have tears come down her eyes out of worry.

As Celestia wiped her tears from her face with her hoof, Raven Inkwell appear behind her in a terrified expression.

"My lady!! We received a report that most of the night guard sent by Princess Twilight several nights ago have been found badly injured in the Everfree Forest. Even though most of them are still alive, they claimed that the unit was ambushed by an unseen force." Raven explained in a terrified expression on her face. "Captain Fizzlepop was among them."

"What??" Celestia exclaimed in horror, realizing that it might be a clue that led to the new threat aiming directly at Twilight Sparkle. "Take me to them. I need to ask some questions about their situation."

"Yes ma'am!!" Raven acknowledged as she led Celestia away from the palace's balcony.

Meanwhile back at the UFF Military Port, Chmone was ordered by Zeck to get the ship resupplied before they make their departure to Equestria. As for Calaria Monet, she was tasked by the Admiral to have her ship ready to jump into hyperspace to rendezvous with the other UFF ships in the other planets inside their territory to set a course to Equis' orbit.

As for Zeck and Twilight, they made another tour around the military port to kill some time off while Chmone resupply the ship with more ammo and weapons for the crew and for the ship's armaments.

When Twilight went back the way she came, she makes her way back to the library while being escorted by Zeck Stone. As she asked if she can see the library, Zeck replied with a "Yes." But what Zeck didn't expect was that the alicorn pony would start going overboard.

As Twilight entered the library within the military port, her eyes widen with total excitement.

"This is so amazing. SO MANY BOOKS!!! I wish I could take them all with MEEEEE!!!!" Twilight exasperated crazed joy. "OH MY GOSH!!! I-I-I-I-I can't even.... EEEEEEEEEE!!!!"

In an instant, Twilight squealed in excitement as flew up on the second level over the railings before looking at one bookshelf on her right; at the same time, she started drooling profusely.

When seeing this, Zeck had a big drop on the back of his head for he couldn't tell whether to laugh or stare at the excited Alicorn while she was levitating several books with her magic. For the other people inside the library, they were all staring at the alicorn in a startled manner.

"What the heck is that thing doing, fluttering around here??" One of the alien said, not even understanding why is the little pony being so uppity.

As Twilight started squealing with delight, she took like 10 books to read at the table nearby while Zeck came up the stairs to the floor that she flew too.

Man, that Twilight sure is quite a nutcase when seeing all those books here. I wonder why would she be so excited when inside a library. Zeck thought to himself, not being able to come up with anything to say in front of Twilight.

"Uh Twilight, are you okay?!" Zeck asked, feeling confused over the purple alicorn's postive behavior.

"Oh, yes. I-I-I can't help see all of these new books about technology and science. It's just so fascinating, wouldn't you say?!" Twilight said, grinning in an exaggerated manner.

In the next second, Twilight started panting repeatedly while huffing and puffing like a maniac before taking a breather and getting back to her personal reading session.

"Are you sure you want to stay here for awhile?" Zeck asked. "You do realize that we need to leave once my ship is ready for departure, right?"

"Yes sir." Twilight panted. "I won't go anywhere."

"Good to hear. I will be outside in case you need me for anything else." Zeck said before heading at the exit of the library.

Somewhere 20,000 kilometers in space......

The Empress' personal flagship is seen leading a fleet of 12 Sectanium Warships heading towards the Military Post that Zeck headed towards. Right after the failed attempt to recapture the prisoners that escaped at the Mandor Fueling station, Empress Vanista has ordered her personal fleet to be prepped before they resume in pursuing Zeck's battlecruiser.

The Empress' flagship is seen with a huge circular insignia that symbolizes the Sectanium Royal Family. It was a huge circle that has the face of a Sectanium Noble with two smaller objects inside it seen on both sides of the face. On the right inside the circle is a golden eye and on the left is two black blades clashing into each other. The golden eye represents the power to dominate and control. For the black blades, they symbolize superiority and might. The circular insignia is printed on a flag that is flowing above the flagship's command bridge.

From inside the bridge, the Empress is seen as a tall, skinny humanoid alien with an elongated crown filled with black and blue jewelry. Just like before, Empress Vanista Rantu is seen with red-purple skin on her hands and face. She is standing while wearing her black, regal dress that covered her feet as it was dragging through the floors of her ship.

As she surveyed all around the bridge, Vanista kept a close eye on where the fleeing UFF ship is last seen. The Captain commanding her flagship happens to be none other than Trine Grethal, who was one of the guards at Terram before the prison outbreak. Shortly after learning of their failed attempt of recapturing Zeck's ship, Empress Vanista has ordered Trine to be recalled back to the Sectanium capital as he was issued to commandeer her personal vessel to help her surviving guards to hunt down the escaped prisoners of Terram.

Throughout the 6 days of hiatus, Trine prepped Vanista's personal flagship before departing to the location where Zeck's ship was last seen. Thanks to Vanista's scouts, they were able to locate Zeck's ship in UFF Military Port 53FR.

"Empress, we are now 500 km heading towards the UFF military port your highness!!" Trine said, making his immediate statement to Vanista.

"Excellent, Trine. Get our troops ready. I want to see that foolish Zeck Stone wriggle like a worm on a hook!!" Vanista ordered as she started cackling to herself maniacally. "This time, I'll make sure no one will stand in our way. I going teach the entire galaxy not to make us suffer ever again!!!"

"Yes, your majesty!!!" Trine acknowledged as he carried out the Empress' orders to the rest of the soldiers onboard the flagship.

Behind her, a Sectanium warrior appeared before her. Unfortunately, due to the unexpected fiasco he had with EQ-3, the warrior is now seen with his attire totally burned out and his skin has turned into a burnt version of himself. Before being struck by EQ-3's strange powers, Rantu had brown skin. Now, his skin turned into a charred-red color because of his nemesis. Though, he still has his silver pin on his right shoulder, which symbolizes his part as a mind-controlling warrior.

"Are you feeling okay to go for another round, my dear Lord Hampt?" The Empress asked, showing concern over the burnt warrior.

"I hope I am!!" Hampt said, in a disgruntled mess which is followed by a angry snarl. "I can't believe that strange little purple horse back there actually gave me a painful shock therapy. If I ever ran into that thing again, I'll break her skull like a twig!!!"

"Not too worry, Hampt. You'll still get your second chance to shine!!" Trine smirked in a sly manner.

"So Trine, about that message you just sent me written by Xuliana Sona, it's not true is it?! Was she the one who...?" Vanista asked before getting an answer immediately from the red-skinned Sectanium.

"If my hunch is right, then there is a chance that Xul is a mole sent by someone in the UFF to sabotage one of our prison facilities." Trine replied, in disappointment. "Ever since we carried out your Royal Decree of Massive Conquest, Xul left our army and hasn't been heard from until a few years later. Right after we built those prison facilities in the planets that we have conquered, she was seen again but she ran off when we tried to make contact with one of our warriors."

"I think that Xul is up to something!!" Vanista hissed.

"I did remember seeing her back at the Mandor Fueling Station. We were able to see through her lies. I was about to capture Xul for questioning but thanks to EQ-3 it was easier said than done." Rantu said, explaining his point of view.

" Captain Trine. Lord Hampt. Once you board that UFF Military Port, your orders are to bring both Xul and EQ-3 alive. I do need to interrogate them both on who they are and why would they be trying to resist us." The Empress said, as she pulls out another translator from underneath her gown, which is very similar to what Zeck currently has.

"It will be done, my lady!!!" Both Trine and Hampt acknowledged in unison as they bowed down before the Empress.

As they disappear into the corridors behind the throne room, Vanista smiled at Hampt that she still remain not just loyal to the Sectanium Empire, but also became her first love.

Back inside the UFF military port, Twilight went through 5 books in just 30 minutes while taking notes on what new histories she has discovered while reading them. At the same time, she has also uncovered more knowledge of new technology that can prove beneficial to her country but only if she had the money and approval from the outside vendors.

No matter, Twilight couldn't help but smile while reading in silence while Zeck stood from the first floor of the library. He couldn't wait to see what did Twilight learn from reading most of those books on the table. During the time Twilight was reading, Zeck went to a nearby locker room to find his name on one of the lockers. As soon as he saw his signature, Zeck took off his prison jumpsuit and put on his naval captain uniform. Zeck is now seen wearing a naval light-blue dress uniform with golden epaulets and a communicator attached to its left shoulder blade. Soon after, Zeck went back to the library to keep watch over Twilight who is still reading the books she has on the table in front of her.

In a few minutes later, the Admiral came up to Zeck before looking at where Twilight is at. In a questionable manner, the Admiral couldn't understand why would a horse be so obsessed in reading books in a library.

"You don't see that happen everyday." Zeck muttered nostalgically.

"I hate to admit it, but she sure is one strange, alien princess isn't she?!" Admiral Derek thought. "I do wonder what kind of school did she attend to in Canterlot when learning all of those aggressive stunts back there."

"Well, maybe you could tag along with me onboard my ship because as soon as Chmone finished prepping Blue Lightray, we'll be jumping into hyperspace towards Twilight's planet." Zeck said as he makes his suggestion to the Admiral.

"That's exactly what I'm planning to do. Say, did you run into your wife here?"

"I did, why?" Zeck asked.

"Well, Monet brought her here with me before we planned to meet up with you at our debriefing."

"I hope she is at my ship!" Zeck pondered. "This place may be too dangerous to hang out if it gets attacked."

Speaking of which, the entire military port started rumbling in a violent shake. In the next second, alarms started blaring all over the complex as the lights are flashing red. As the alarms started ringing, Twilight freaked out a bit as her wings started flapping in a frightening display.

"Attention all personal. This is Commander Fernirius speaking. We are under heavy attack by Sectanium Forces. This is not a drill. Please proceed onto the ships for evacuation. I repeat!! Please proceed onto the ships for evacuation!!!"

"All UFF Security Forces, please prepare for counterattack!!!"

Upon hearing the commander's voice from the public speakers, Zeck frantically ran up the stairs to get Twilight.

"Twilight, the military port is under heavy attack. We have to hold them off until our ship is ready for departure!!!" Zeck told Twilight.

"I'm on it!!!" Twilight replied as she gathered up her notes and used her magic to teleport all of the books back on the bookshelf in an instant.

As Zeck ran out of the library, Twilight spreads out her wings and flies down right behind the captain and the admiral who is on the run with them both..

"Say Twilight, do you know how to use any other weapons than just your magic?" Admiral Derek asked.

"Mostly melee weapons, since my brother and Celestia taught me how to use them during sparring sessions." Twilight reluctantly said. "Well, my battle spells are the only thing that keeps me alive during a fight first defense, then offense."

"Well, it's never to late to learn, eh?" Zeck said as he handed Twilight a bladed weapon secured inside a scabbard; at the same time, he pulled out his blaster.

"This is a machete, it's very similar to that of a sword which is used by commandos when trudging through the dense forests and swamps. You may need that just in case."

"Thanks, Zeck." Twilight said, as she grabbed the machete with her telekinesis magic. As she put the scabbard on, she wrapped it around her body with the weapon on top of her back.

While running through the corridors, the two UFF officers and the alicorn princess could see from the glass window panes that several UFF battlecruisers and fighters have already begun engaging the approaching Sectanium Fleet in space. As they were shoot each other, the ships from both sides are bombarding each other with laser blasts and machine gun fire. During the space battle, Twilight notices that a wave of huge carriers with short wingspans are heading straight for them. For Admiral Derek, he knows who they are in an instant.

"Your majesty, get back!! Those are Sectanium transport shuttles!!! They're boarding us!!!" Derek told Twilight as he stood in front of the alicorn, pulling out a blaster from his holster.

Snarling for a fight, Twilight lit her horn up as she is ready for a fight of her life. The last two battles, she was cowering in fear. But this time, Twilight is eager to do whatever it takes to survive now that she is getting good at subduing her enemies in space. However, she still needs to watch out for anymore Warriors that will stand in her way. Zeck already warned her earlier that if they used mind-control on her, it's all over.

"Zeck! Are you there?! Zeck, please come in!!!" A female voice spoke from Zeck's communicator, which is on the chest of his uniform.

"Sonja, its me. The Station is under attack. Where are you?!" Zeck replied frantically. "Are you at the ship?"

"No, I'm not. There's a lot of workers running scared at the docking bays, I can't make it to the ship with all of them crowding over to me." Sonja's voice spoke in a panic. "Please help me, I'm at the docking bays when the alarms went off."

"Hang in there, my love. Me and Twilight are coming to you right now!!!" Zeck said, fearing for his wife's safety.

Right after Zeck ended his transmission with his communicator, an explosion occurred right behind him, Twilight, and Derek.


The moment they turned around, all three see the front end of the Sectanium Shuttle puncturing through the hull of the space station. As soon as the Shuttle opened up its front hatch, squads of Sectanium troops came flooding into the station and opened fire at every UFF security guard and worker in the vicinity.

"ALERT!!! Sectanium troops have entered the Military Port!! I repeat, Sectanium Troops have entered Military Port. All UFF security personal engage at will!!!" The public speakers announced.

As the enemy troops turned their sights at Zeck, Twilight, and Derek, they all opened fire with their blasters, forcing the trio to hid behind some pillars. In retaliation, Zeck and Derek opened fire with their blasters while Twilight raised her shields up high before flying away from the gunfight.

However, more Sectanium Shuttles came barging from outside right in front of Twilight forcing herself to try another method. She knew that there will be no holding back now that she is the ruler of the Equestrian ponies. So as of now, Twilight makes her move with several more of her battle spells.

Just before any of the Sectaniums from the shuttle in front of her opened fire, Twilight charged up her horn and fired several big arcane blasts of her magic at them, creating small explosions that sent them flying right off their fight. She also hurled fireballs, and lighting bolts with all her strength in keeping the enemy away from her and her friends. Behind her, Zeck and Admiral Derek opened fire with their blasters only taking out several of them before they were backing away towards Twilight.

However, the terror is still stalking the three in between as the UFF security guards are struggling to rescue as many workers as they can while shooting back at the attackers coming out from the Sectanium Warships. During the fight, they had most of the workers evacuate the station via drop pods which were sent straight to the planet they were supposed to protect.

After blasting away 5 more Sectanium guards with her magic blasts, Twilight activates a massive shield wall that she is pushing forward while fighting their way to the docking bays. The moment they see Twilight activate her shields again, Zeck and Derek are staying very close to her while hurling flashbang grenades at the advancing Sectanium guards coming in from behind.

The moment the grenades went off, the Sectanium guards were met with a big flash that left totally disoriented as they were unable to fight back.

"Which way is the docking bays?" Twilight asked Zeck as she lowered her shields.

As soon as she cancels out her shield spell, Twilight zapped the disoriented guards with a chain-lighting spell, electrocuting them before they fell on the ground out cold.

"To the 3rd floors." Zeck replied as he fired another shot at a enemy guard on his right. "We are at the 4th floor now!!

"Alright, then. Let's move forward!!" Twilight said, as she flew towards the flight of stairs, with Zeck and Derek following from behind.

Somewhere nearby, in the Chaos Realm.......

Discord and the Mane 5 are riding on top of a giant stag beetle while navigating through the realm as they went from door to door leading to separate planets out in the Temar Galaxy. For Luna, she was seen flying alongside the Giant Beetle while lighting up her horn as she is trying to track down Twilight's signal.

At first, after going opening every door, they were not able to find Twilight's signal from the other side. However, Pinkie's back started to itch while shuddering as the group got closer to the red door which happens to be part of her Pinkie sense.

"U-u-u-u-u-u-uh guys?! I-I-I-I can feel something bad happening behind t-t-t-t-t-t-that door!!!!" Pinkie said vibrating violently.

"Well, there's only one way to find out!!" Applejack said, as he used her right hoof to open the door.

As soon as Applejack opened up the door, the Mane 5, Luna, and Discord see a group of ships attacking a strange space station in a distance away.

Before long, Luna's magic started beeping at an alarming rate. She can sense Twilight's signal nearby.

"Girls, I think Princess Twilight might be somewhere inside that building!!" Luna exasperatedly.

"Wait, if that's true then........" Rainbow said, as her eyes widened with shock. "HANG ON TWILIGHT WE'RE COMING!!!!"

"Rainbow Dash, wait!!!" Luna screamed out to the blue pegasus.

Unfortunately, Rainbow didn't stand around the listened to Luna as she unfurled her wings and flew straight towards the space station in a flash.

"Jumping gun, aren't we?!!" Discord muttered, after seeing Rainbow disappear towards the space station. "Hang on, every pony. We're going to head into a chaotic fight for our life!!!"

Without another second to spare, Discord smacked the huge Stag Beetle in the butt as he ordered the insect to fly full speed towards the space station.

In the continuing chaos, Sonja was struggling on her feet while hearing panicked screams echoed throughout the docking station. At the same time, she can hear laser blasts coming from outside of the interior walls of the hangar. Worse, most of her journalist team is nowhere near her, either they may be dead, hiding, or captured by the enemy.

In a panic, Sonja tried desperately to make her way to Zeck's ship. Unfortunately, she sees several Security guards and workers get shot down by the Sectanium soldiers storming through the large hangar. In a frantic reaction, Sonja grabbed a blaster from a nearby, dead security guard and opened fire at one of the enemy soldiers advancing towards her. However, there were Mandorian grunts that emerged from one of the enemy shuttles that breached the military port and returned fire with their short-handheld blasters, forcing Sonja to cower behind several, metal boxes.

The Mandor grunts are seen as green-skinned alien beings wearing padded armor covering their bodies and limbs. As they are shooting alongside the Sectanium soldiers, they moved in to secure the military port in hopes of disabling the defenses all around the complex.

Fearing for her life, Sonja hid behind the boxes while holding head down with both of her hands, with one of them holding the gun.

Zeck, where are you?! Please, help me!!! Sonja muttered to herself as she continued to hear several more blasts coming from outside of her cover.

Just as one of the Mandors appeared right behind Sonja, she screamed in terror as she frantically aimed her gun at the alien. Unfortunately, the Mandor already could see it coming as he grabbed Sonja's gun arm and smacked her across the face, knocking her to the floor before aiming it at her.

As she looked up while holding her bruise with her left hand, Sonja could feel a cold, frightful chill as she started sweating in fear.

"Give it up, human. There is no escape!!!" The Mandor grinned as he glared at Sonja intensely.

"Please, just let me go!!!" Sonja whimpered as felt hurt, begging for mercy.

Just before the Mandor is about to shoot Sonja, he gets blasted in the back by a magic bolt from Twilight, who just appeared in mid-air. The impact from Twilight's bolt sent the screaming Mandor flying into a pile of crates, knocking him out cold as Zeck appeared and grabbed Sonja's arm before pulling her back up her feet.

"Zeck! Twilight!" Sonja said, feeling relieved for a moment.

"Don't thank me yet, Sonja. We're not out of the woods." Twilight said, as she cast another shield wall and slammed it into a group of Mandors.


As the shield wall rammed into the Mandors, they were knocked off their feet as they fell off the metal floorings to their deaths.

For Zeck, he ran with Sonja straight to his ship while holding her arm in trying to protect his wife from the Sectaniums and the Mandors.

For Admiral Derek, he ran with the two humans while shooting at the enemies behind him, with Twilight flying a few feet above him.

"Chmone, is our ship ready for departure?" Zeck said, while activating his communicator. "Anytime now will do!!!"

"The ship is ready to go sir!!" Chmone's voice spoke from the communicator.

"Start the ship's engines now!!! Disconnect all mooring lines. We're leaving at once!!!" Zeck ordered.

"Yes, sir!!!" Chmone's voice replied before the communicator went static.

As Zeck's ship is powering up, the entire docking bay started rumbling in a violent effect.

Just as Zeck, Sonja, Derek, and Twilight are 10 meters away from the ship, another enemy shuttle barged right in front of them from the outside. The shuttle stopped in-between them and Zeck's ship.

The moment the shuttle opened up its hatch, a platoon of Sectanium Soldiers led by Trine appeared before all four of them, aiming their blasters.

"END OF THE LINE, REBELS!!" Trine shouted as he aimed his gun at Zeck and Sonja. "This is your last chance. Surrender or die!!!!"

"I'm sorry, Twilight, Sonja. I don't think I can keep either of you safe anymore." Zeck said, apologize to the alicorn princess and his wife one more time.

"It's okay, Zeck. As long as I have friends that are worth fighting for, there is nothing that you and I can't do together." Twilight said.

Not getting what the little pony is saying to Zeck, Trine spat at both of them as he and his men approached the rebel group.

"Zeck Stone, you and EQ-3 are mine!!" Trine smirked with triumph. "Any last words?!"

"OHW ERA UOY GNILLAC 3-QE???" A familiar tomboyish voice shouted out loud.

"Who said th--" Trine asked before his speech gets interrupted by an unexpected attack from an unknown source.


In a sudden flash, a rainbow-like blur came out from the right and struck at Trine by what it appears to be a frontal hoof punching him squarely in the jaw!!! In an instant, Trine was knocked out sky high as several of his teeth broke out of his mouth, followed by a squirt of blood. As a result, the red-skinned Sectanium Guard Captain was sent flying into the wall on the left of the hangar and collapsed on to the floor out cold, much to the shock of the entire Sectanium platoon.

"CAPTAIN!!!???!!!" One of the Sectanium soldiers shrieked, upon seeing his commanding officer go down in an instant.

"What the hell just happened??" Another Sectanium guard gasped in horror.

Derek, Zeck, and Sonja were totally confused at not knowing what just happened in front of them. For Twilight, however, she knew that rainbow blur from anywhere as she smiled with delight and relief.

In the next second, after the rainbow-blur stopped in its tracks, another pastel horse appeared before Twilight with tears coming out of her eyes. It is seen as a light-blue pony with wings, bearing the cutie mark of a cloud with a rainbow-bolt. As soon as it landed on all fours, Twilight was the first to announce her presence.

"Rainbow Dash!!!" Twilight cheered with happiness.

"Oh, Twilight!! I missed you so much!!" Rainbow Dash cried with joy as she hugged the purple alicorn with tears coming down her eyes. "Where have you been? It's been so long since we last met!!"

Rainbow Dash?? Zeck, Sonja, and Derek muttered in shocked unison.

"I'm sorry, Rainbow. It's a long story!!" Twilight said back while hugging the blue pegasus back.

After a second of embracing each other, Rainbow lets go of Twilight and wipes away her tears only to see a group of hostile Sectanium creatures staring at them with their weapons in their hands.

"Hey Twi, are those guys....?"

"Yes, Rainbow!!" Twilight growled as she took out her machete with her magic. "Those monsters are the real reason why I didn't show up in Canterlot. Where are the others?!"

"They should be here by now!!!" Rainbow told Twilight as she leered at the Sectaniums with an aggressive stance.

"Lord Rantu, we have a situation. Captain Trine is down. I repeat, Captain Trine is down. We have an interloper!!!" The Sectanium Guard Sergeant shouted on his phone.

Before any of the Sectaniums could engage Twilight and Rainbow Dash, they hear another breaching noise coming from where Rainbow came from. This time, it's not one of their shuttles. Instead, a giant stag beetle barged in and landed on all fours as four other ponies came off from its back. Even though the Sectaniums didn't know who those ponies are, Twilight does for she embraced all of them for a minute before they all turned their attention towards them. They can see all six ponies snarling and glaring at them with hostility in their eyes, which isn't a good sign.

"Make that a group of interlopers!!" The Sergeant clarified.

"DON'T JUST STAND THERE YOU FOOLS!!! NEUTRALIZE THEM ALL!!!" Rantu shouted back in an angry voice, startling the Sectanium Sergeant.

"Y-Yes sir!!" The Sergeant replied as he took out his blast and aimed it at the ponies and the three rebels. At the same time, the rest of the Sectanium soldiers aimed all of their weapons at the same group of targets.

"FOR THE KINGDOM OF EQUESTRIA, ATTACK!!!" Twilight roared in a Royal Canterlot voice as she and Rainbow spread out their wings and zeroed into the hostile creatures while Applejack, Fluttershy, Rarity, and Pinkie Pie charged head-on.

Upon noticing that five of the Equine ponies are rallying towards the Princess of Friendship, Admiral Derek and Captain Zeck realized that they must be the very same ponies that are Twilight's closest friends. In that case, the Admiral sees another opportunity as he gave out another order to Zeck and the remaining UFF Security guards nearby. As for Zeck, he immediately got his wife safely onboard his ship before getting back into the fight.

"All UFF military personal, give our Equis allies covering fire!!!"

"YES, SIR!!!" The UFF guards acknowledged in unison as they aimed their guns at the Sectanium soldiers.

The UFF guards opened fire with their blasts as they avoid hitting the Equestrian ponies while taking down several of the Sectanium soldiers.

As the Sectaniums opened fire with their weapons at the charging ponies, Twilight and Rainbow made evasive maneuvers while flying high, dodging every whizzing laser before they struck again with their magic, weapons, and hooves.

In a fast, blurring speed, Rainbow spun around in a fast-circular motion as she created a huge rainbow tornado that headed straight towards a group of Sectanium soldiers. In a panic, some of the Sectaniums started to run for their lives when it was hopeless. As Rainbow's tornado closed in, the aliens got sucked into its vortex and screamed in terror when they were sent spiraling upwards straight into the hangar's ceiling before falling straight down to their demise.

As she flew towards them at the same time, Twilight slashed at those that didn't get struck by Rainbow's tornado with her machete, cutting down several of them while punching one with her hooves.

Rarity grabbed Applejack and hurled the orange earth pony into the middle of the enemy group as she spun in a 360 degree, kicking every single one of them with her hind hooves. Every creature that got to close to Applejack were kicked upside the head, catching most of them off-guard. Just when one of them aimed his weapon at Applejack, she pulled out a huge flail and swung it at the creature's face, bashing him out of commission as he fell face flat on the floor. After that, she took out her lasso with her tail and wrapped it around another Sectanium guard in the torso. With one tug, Applejack hurled the ensnared creature into a group of them, knocking them all at once.

As Rarity jumped up high, she body slammed a Sectanium guard on top of his head, lifting him up with both of her hooves and hurled him at 3 guards, sending them all reeling on top of each other, groaning in pain. After taking care of the four guards, Rarity fired some of her magic at the other Sectanium guards in anger and fury.

"NO ONE MESSES WITH PRINCESS TWILIGHT SPARKLE!!!" Rarity shouted at the top of her raging lungs. "ROTTEN FIENDS!!!"

"Hello, meanies from another planet. Are you ready for a spin???" Pinkie cackled as she made a grin as wide as a huge banana.

"What??" One of the Sectanium guard stuttered in confusion. Before he knew it, he and 5 other guards were standing on top of a huge round platform with a wooden pillar in the middle that came out of nowhere.

The moment the platform started spinning, it spun faster and faster. It spun so fast, that the guards on top of it were forced to hold onto something for they aren't able to shoot the pink pony without maintaining their balance. As for the Pink pony, Pinkie Pie is sitting on top of the tall pillar in the middle of the platform while holding a microphone with both of her hooves. Just like that, Pinkie Pie started singing very loudly that most of the Sectanium guards were forced to cover their ears while trying to hang on with the platform spinning continuously.


As they felt the fast spinning and the loud singing at the same time, the Sectanium guards were immediately falling into disorientation, unable to shoot at Pinkie Pie.

"GAH!!! It's too loud, I-I-I-I can't stand it!!!"



"WHEEEEEEEEEEE!!!" Pinkie cheered as she was having fun spinning the roulette endlessly.

In the next second of fast spinning, all five creatures were met with a barrage of confetti cannons shooting at them from all sides, making them cower in dismay.

With the ponies and the UFF engaging the Sectanium forces onboard the UFF Military Port, Fluttershy spots the enemy guard Sergeant frantically giving out orders since his Captain is down. Before long, the yellow pegasus approached him from behind without being notice. By the time the Sergeant spots Fluttershy, she glared at him with a frightening stare.

"IS....THIS....WHAT...... YOU......REALLY.....WANT???" Fluttershy screeched in a demonic voice. "WHERE IS YOUR HONOR??!!!"

After Fluttershy screamed at the Guard Sergeant, she immediately strangled him with both of her hooves in demanding a straight answer from the violently, shaken Sectanium.

Even though the Sergeant can't understand a word the yellow pegasus said, he was pleading for mercy. In just a few seconds of strangulation, Fluttershy finally lets go before he collapsed on his butt. After sweating and panting in fright, the sergeant was begging for mercy.

"I'm just following orders. Honest!!!"

As Fluttershy looked closely at his cowering behavior, she glared at him for a few moments before making a loud, furious statement.

"You better not defy our ruler again, young man. Or so Faust help me, YOU....WILL..... FACE.......EXECUTION!!!! UNDERSTAND?!!!!!"

After nodding his head in a panic, the guard sergeant ran away, screaming like a big baby before Fluttershy sees him disappear deep into the space station.

Upon seeing all of his fellow Sectanium guards get beaten down by the group of ponies and UFF security guards, Lord Hampt is getting totally agitated by such a excruciating loss. No longer willing to stand around anymore, Hampt immediately gets out of the shuttle and prepares to activate his mind-controlling powers in hopes of freezing and controlling all of the ponies in front of him.

However, something unexpected happened in which catches Hampt off-guard. Just as the Warrior stepped onto the metal floor, he sees two more of his fellow Sectanium guards get blasted away by a medium-sized dark blue horse with wings and a horn. Before he had a chance to use his mind-controlling powers on the dark-blue horse, Discord makes his appearance in front of the Sectanium Warrior and brings forth a strange, green bell filled with a ominous green aura.

"What the hell is....?" Hampt said, feeling confused as he is met with an unexpected twist of fate.

The bell started floating in mid-air as Discord aimed it at the Sectanium Warrior. With a loud ring chime, the bell opened up a huge, yellow vortex as it immediately struck the Hampt dead on.

Hampt started screaming in horror as he felt his mind-controlling powers started draining from his entire body. In the aftereffects, Hampt collapsed on the metal floor as he finds himself helpless not before the strange draconneques creature, but also under the mercy of an angry dark-blue pony.

"OUY TOG EMOS EVREN, GINMOC RETFA RUO ROSSECUS!!!!" The dark-blue pony shouted in angry as she held Hampt with her strange powers.

Without holding back, the dark-blue pony transformed a nearby rubble into a very long chain and immediately tied Hampt up with it, considering that he will be taken prisoner by the enemy of the Sectaniums. At the same time, Luna gagged Hampt with a huge piece of gray scotch tape and wrapped it around his mouth, silencing him temporary.

As Luna turned around, she sees Captain Zeck staring straight at her with total amazement after seeing such a beautiful pony with flowing, gradient dark-blue mane.

"A-A-Are you Luna?" Zeck asked, who still has the translator on and dangling next to his belt. I must be dreaming; s-she's so pretty.

"Yes, I am. You must be Zeck Stone." Luna replied.

"It's an honor to meet you, ma'am." Zeck said as he made a small bow before the dark-blue alicorn.

"We'll save the introductions later. Right now, we only came here to help Princess Twilight get back home." Luna retorted as she dragged the incapacitated Sectanium Warrior across the floor with her chains.

As he see Twilight's fellow Equines fight valiantly against the Sectanium Soldiers, Zeck couldn't help but feel totally amazed and very impressed by such heroic teamwork. Even better, he sees that the yellow and blue pegasuses are somehow helping the workers flee to the nearby UFF battle cruisers unscathed, despite not being able to understand them from a distance away. As much as he wanted to thank them for helping his people escape, Zeck had to hold it for another time since has a battle to finish here.

After seeing that their Guard Captain, their Sergeant, and their Warrior are all defeated by the combined might of the Equis ponies and the UFF security guards, the remaining Sectanium guards ran back to their shuttle before they retreated back to the Sectanium Fleet in disgrace.

Just when the ponies are about to rejoice in seeing Princess Twilight again, more Sectanium Warships continued to open fire upon the military port, making the interior area around them shake violently as explosions are erupted all around them. Additionally, much of the ceiling inside the hangar started to come down as it is a sign that the Military Port is lost, despite their triumphant victory.

"Everyone, to the ships, now!!!" Admiral Derek ordered as he was the first to proceed onto Zeck's battlecruiser.

Upon hearing the Admiral's orders, the surviving UFF security and military personnel withdrew from their fight with the attackers and went onboard the battlecruisers before they took off immediately, abandoning the entire station.

Even though most of the other ponies didn't understand what Derek just said, Twilight relay that order to them. Upon hearing Twilight's relayed orders, the Mane 5, Luna, and Discord attempted reach to Zeck's ship with the giant beetle and the captured Sectanium Warrior in tow. However, before any of them got closer to Zeck's ship other than Twilight, they all get blocked by a pile of collapsing rubble that separated Twilight from the rest of her friends, her predecessor, and the Draconneques.

"Guys, hang in there. I'm going to get you all out!!!" Twilight said as she tried to lit up her horn in hopes of teleporting them all the way to her side. However, Luna reached out past the rubble and towards Twilight's horn, tapping it with her hoof to cancel out her spell.

"No Twilight, you have to head back to Canterlot as soon as possible. You already promised us that, didn't you?!" Luna shouted back at her.

"I can't leave any of you here. They'll do to you all what they tried to do to me. Besides, we just found each other!!!" Twilight said, as she tried to lit her horn up. However, after all of that fighting and all the magic she had used just now, Twilight is starting to feel exhausted as she started panting heavily.

"It's okay, Twilight. Just go!! We'll meet you back at Equestria!!!" Applejack added in. "We'll be fine!!!"

"Twilight, please hurry. We're leaving now!!" Zeck shouted out as he is seen inside the ship.

As she sees more Sectanium guards approaching her friends from behind, Twilight had little choice let since she doesn't have enough energy to teleport any of her friends onboard Zeck's ship like she did with the prisoners that she helped escape. So, Twilight makes her one and only choice left.

"Every pony, please come back home safe!!!" Twilight begged as she unfurled her wings and flew towards Zeck's ship.

Before Zeck closed the doors to his ship, Luna had one more thing to say first.

"Zeck, until she is back in Equestria, I'm personally holding you responsible for Twilight's safety. If anything happens to her, I'll chase you down to the ends of space!!!"

"Y-Yes, ma'am!!" Zeck said, feeling a bit nauseous over what Luna told him.

As the Mane 5 and Luna see Twilight disappear onboard Zeck's ship, with the latter closing the ship's doors it fired up its engines as they see it leave the hangar before heading out into space. In the next second, the ship entered into hyperspace and disappeared from sight.

Feeling relieved that their friend Princess Twilight has escaped safely once again, the Mane 5, Discord, and Luna did their job successfully.

"Okay girls, we managed to get Twilight out. Now, let's bring this jackwagon of a traitor back to Canterlot!!" Applejack said, as she hauled the captured enemy alien on top of the large stag beetle with the chain. "He needs to answer for his crimes against Princess Twilight."

Heeding Applejack's words, the ponies and Discord went on top of the Stag Beetle once again, ignoring the Sectanium's muffled angry voice.

Just before the Sectanium guards came closer to the ponies onboard the huge insect, it flew away in a jiffy. After seeing them disappear a white flash, the Sectaniums started cursing themselves for failing to complete their capturing mission carried out by the order of Empress Vanista, aside from conquering another planet and taking down a UFF military port.