• Published 14th Mar 2021
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The Equestria evo hero - Jayelms43

The name is marquis Smith and I'm the evo hero of Equestria.

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Going to Equus and fighting some caribou

Going to Equus and fighting some caribou

(Mark pov)

My name is marquis Smith and I live in new York city more specifically Boston, I have three siblings two sisters and one brother, I'm half American and half Mexican, my mother is Mexican and my father is American; I live with my family when I was just 4 years old, I'm now 20 years old now.

I was walking around the park thinking about my life up to this point, I was just about to head back to the house before I knew it a bright light blind me and I fell unconscious.


When I woke up I realized that I was not in my bed and all around me was a white light I got up off the floor and looked around before I said.

"Qué está pasando (what's going on)" I said before someone was laughing when I turned around I saw the last person I ever meet.

Sitting in a chair with a fresh cup of tea while looking at me was god himself than he said "have a seat my son we have alot to talk about" he said before drinking some of the tea.

I sat down with god and drink the tea that he gave me before asking "did I die or I am dreaming" I asked while looking at him.

"No my child I brought you here to ask you a favor" he said I was curious about this favor so I nodded and he continued.

" you see a fellow God or in this case goddess ask me for some help with her world it seems to be overrun with some species called Caribou led by the crazy king that goes by King Dainn what I ask of you to help her rescue her world" god asked me lowering his head to me.

I was confused about this whole thing before he saw my confusion he held out his hand I was about to ask what he's about to do before his hand touched my forehead, I saw images that almost made me vomit but what I saw females being raped, males being brainwashed or doing free will, and kids being sold as slaves well King dainn set up top his throne in Canterlot.

"que diablos acabo de ver (what in the hell did I just saw)" I said in my Spanish language.

" what you just saw was only the tip of the iceberg on this world is called Equus this is happening all around the world you only saw the part is happening in a land called Equestria" god said while sipping his tea.

" so what you want me to do about it I'm just a regular human I don't have no special abilities or powers" I told him he just laughed before saying " my son I know that what I'm about to do if you agree is give you only two items to take with you to Equus" he said with a bright smile.

I was excited cuz I can choose any two things I wanted but what to choose and then I remembered my favorite show as a kid it was called generator rex than I asked him.

"Can I have rex Powers more specifically his nanites and the Omegle one nanite" I ask he nodded before placing his hand on my forehead I felt extreme pain go throughout my body it only lasted for a couple of seconds before disappearing.

" that I gave you the powers now for your second item" he said before two Magna blades appeared out of thin air I recognize these blades from anywhere there were six swords he used to fight alongside Rex.

"Take these weapons and help save this world I'm counting on you marquis Smith" god said handing me the blades and Rex signature jacket, gloves, and goggles.

I nodded before put on the jacket and gloves an goggles on my head; he snapped his fingers in a bright light blinding me before I found myself falling from the sky seen a fight going on below me.

I just smirked and put the goggles over my eyes, I put my headphones in before selecting a music that was just right for this occasion.


I put my hands together and create the Smack Hands and aimed one of them to the ground before yelling.

"IN COMING" I said before making a large crater in the middle of the battlefield.


(Third person pov)

The Equestrian guards were fighting the caribou, they were trying to fend them off it was no use they were to strong, before lot seems lost they as well as the caribou hear somepony yelled out.

"IN COMING" somepony before something landed in the middle of the battlefield, it looked like a hairless monkey that had two huge metal gauntlets, anyone surprised that the metal gauntlets retreated back into his body, he lifted up his goggles before saying.

"The names marquis Smith now Thrill Me" the creatures said in a cocky tone everyone just stood there for a moment before the one of the caribou soldiers got the bright idea to attack him his right arm had blue lines before turning into a Giant blade.

He block incoming attack before kicking him away then he retracted the blade back into his arm before more blue lines appearing on both his arms he just created the Funchucks and he started to spin the ends of them around before hitting a group of caribou with them.

The Equestrian guards stood there in shock that some strange creature is helping them fight the caribou so they went in to help him.

With Rex's help them they was able to push back the caribou from the forest they were and claim a victory, he retracted his build before looking at one of the nearby Guards before saying.

" hey by any chance is there a person named princess Celestia or Luna by any chance" he said taking out his headphones.

"Yes right this way I will lead you to them" one of the guards said before leading him to the princesses.

What the caribou and Equestrian didn't know was that they were about to have one hell of a thrill ride.

Author's Note:

Hope you like this chapter see you in the next one