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The Equestria evo hero - Jayelms43

The name is marquis Smith and I'm the evo hero of Equestria.

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Round 2 mark vs king Dainns three generals

Round 2 mark vs king Dainns three generals

(Mark pov)

Once I landed a good distance away I deactivate my creation before yelling out " I can see King Dainn didn't take my advice so he sent his three generals that is also his three sons out of the six so tell me boys are you ready to die or are you going to turn tail and run" I said to them they just stared at me before one of the three raise his right hand a piece of the earth came up beside him and he chucked it at me.

"Wait a minute that's not magic and that's not telekinesis neither this can only mean one thing these three have nanites like I do" I thought as the boulder came straight at me.



I dodged out of the way before bringing up the smack hands and charging at him he brought both his hands up bringing a wall of Earth in between us stopping me from getting to him.

The second General got in a crouching position before blue Lightning appeared all over his body he charged me with blinding speed he throw a right hook connecting with my Cheek.

And the third General appear right behind me while I was flying back from the punch grab me by the back of my neck before slamming me down to the ground face-first.

"Now that we got your attention and it's probably time to introduce ourselves my name is black flame and those two are my brothers lightning strike and Stone Crusher, we are the three out of the six of king Dainn general and sons of king Dainn himself" he said while crouching down next to me before standing up and kicking me away.

I got up off the ground before dusting myself off before looking at them in Surprise "so you guys have nanites too huh, well it makes no difference because I will still kick your ass" I said being out the magna blades and get in a Crouch position.

All three of them came at me it was before I having a flash back to what God told me when I was screaming in pain.


"I'm also going to boost your speed strength and stamina and durability not much at least to superhuman levels as long as nothing too crazy happens I think you'll be all right"


(Third person pov)

"Alright let's get this started" mark thought before put in his headphones and select a song before getting into a fighting stance.


When the song started mark ran at the first caribou general he swung his sword trying to stab one of the general the first one teleported behind trying to end the fight quickly before marquis duck and swept his legs from under him.

The Third General trying to hit him what a large Boulder before Jackson use his sword to cut it in half are running straight at him and delivering a roundhouse kick to his face.

The second General try to Rush him, but this time he was ready for him, he duck under a left hook before sending a flying knee to his chin knocking back the caribou General a few feet away.

They all try to Rush him once but he noticed it created the skull Stoppers in jumping into the air before thinking to himself.

" if Rex can create new build can I have the same ability to" mark thought before trying to create one then like Rex he saw the blueprints create something instead of trying to figure it out he was able to do it instantly


The arm Cannon was just like any other new build black with blue lighting around it he looked at it before smirking and saying to the caribou.

"Oh now you guys done f**k up now " mark said before taking aim at a Caribou an firing it and one that could control the Earth was too slow to get out of the way and being vaporized in an instant.

The rest of the Caribou Army was shocked and scared of what happened while the other two generals were angry about your brother dying, they trying to rush him but Mark saw this is shut off small blast at them one teleport all the way what the other uses lightning speed to dodge.

"Damnit I need something to make me go faster so I can keep up with them" mark said before putting away the arm cannon and try to create another build.


Once mark made them he noticed that everything was moving slower than normal, he realized that he was just faster than everyone else he smirk before getting into a Chinese stance when the samurai was about to pull out there sword and ran at the last two generals


(Celestia pov)

Me and my sister an the element bearers made it to the battlefield just in time to see half of the caribou either died or run; only people who were there was two of king Dainns generals and mark who was just standing there.

"Look out" Twilight said to mark but instead of getting hit he moved at blinded speed he appeared on the other side of the battlefield with his sword stressed out they stood there for a couple of minutes before the last two fell to the ground.

I was in shock I believe my sister and the element bearers were to, I shook out my shock like state and walk over to see if he was okay and to ask him more questions.


(Mark pov)

I stood there in the middle of the battlefield staring at the two bodies but my mind was reeling with questions; " how could they have nanites and why are they here I should be the only one with this power" mark thought before thinking.

"And more importantly how could he have modern technology when the Equestrian still use swords and shields, I might have an idea but just the thought of him being here especially after the real rex dealt with him scare me" mark thought before the princesses and element bearers came up to him.

" I see you finally showed up to the show too bad it already ended so was it awesome or wh-" mark didn't have time to finish his sentence before been tackled To The Ground by Pinkie and Fluttershy one of them worried the other excited but a little worried too.

"Are you hurt, do you need medical attention need any first aid" Fluttershy said while looking over mark making sure he is Alright.

"That was super awesome, hi my name is Pinkie pie do you like parties do you like cakes or cupcakes" Pinkie said while having a excited smile but no one saw that she was worried that he was hurt.

"Ms. shy and ms. Pinkie may you please get off our new friend so that we can continue our questions and have a welcome party for him" Celestia said with a smile.

" sounds like a great idea also I'm getting quite tired so can we do this tomorrow" mark said and everyone agreed and went back to the castle of the Two Sisters But everyone didn't notice that a single caribou was watching the entire fight the caribou said something into his Communicator before running off to report to his superiors.

Author's Note:

Sorry it took so long and have to worry about working other things hopefully I'll be able to get the next you chapters out soon if you're one of us to part with Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie yes I'm making that a ship.