• Published 14th Mar 2021
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The Equestria evo hero - Jayelms43

The name is marquis Smith and I'm the evo hero of Equestria.

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Meeting the Princesses of the Sun and Moon and the elements of harmony

Meeting the Princesses of the Sun and Moon and the elements of harmony

(Mark pov)

Me and the guards were walking through the hall of the castle, they said that the princesses and element bearers were waiting for me in the throne room.

"Man I hope this goes well because I don't think I can take on four princesses and the elements of harmony all at once" I thought to myself as we made it to the throne room.

"Well here goes nothing" I said as the throne room doors opened.



Once the doors opened and we went into the throne room, they lead me to the princesses, and they bowed but I still stood standing.

"Bow to the princesses" one of the guards said I stood there not given a damn, one of them was about to hit me with his spear before I grabbed it out of his hands and broke it in two.

"Cualquiera de ustedes, cabrones, una vez para intentarlo de nuevo (any one of you fuckers once to try that again)" I said with blue lines showing up on my left hand meant I was about to use my nanites.

"Wait guards stand down and put away your weapons" someone said in a motherly tone, I looked over to see princess Celestia and princess Luna sitting on their thrones while princess Cadence and princess Twilight stood next to them.

The guards stood down and back away from me I looked at them powering down my nanites, "So you must be Celestia and Luna, and Cadence and Twilight the alicorn princesses I am right" I asked the four looked at me before the white one nodded her head before saying.

"Yes we are how do you know our names stranger" Celestia asked in a kind tone while her sister looked at me with a angry look and Cadence and Twilight looked at me with curiosity.

"Well you see Tia my God sented me here to help you out with the caribou and freeing the ones that are in slavery" I told them everyone was shock that I used Celestia nickname instead of her real name.

"YOU DARE SAY MY SISTER NICKNAME INSTEAD OF HER REAL NAME" Luna said but more like shout it at me; I cover my ears and said in my Spanish language.

"Dios, maldita sea, mujer, baja el volumen (god fucking damn it woman turn down the volume)" I said while still holding my ringing ears.

This seems to make her angry because she fired a magic blast at me and it was strong by the looks of it before it could hit me I used my nanites to create the block party blocking her attack senting it out near a opened window.


(Third person pov)

Everyone was surprise that he was able to block princesse Luna attack even she was surprise by this hairless monkey power before shaking it off and going ready to fire again before her sister stopped her.

"Luna that's enough" Celestia said stoping her from shooting another magic blast at the strange creature, before anyone could do anything they heard a loud crack coming from the stranger.

When they turn around there he was with the Slam Cannon on his right shoulder aimed at Luna before saying.

"quieres ir princesa perra que vamos (you want to go princess bitch than let's go)" he said in his strange second language.

"Please let us calm down and think with cooler heads" Cadence said getting in between mark and Luna, once everyone clam down they started to ask him questions.

"So what is your name and how did you do that" Twilight said being the first ones to ask the question.

"My name is marquis Smith and what you just saw me using was called nanites; nanites are little tiny machines that was help cure diseases and helped make the body more durable and healthy, the ones who created them did succeeded and what they set out to do but it had an unfortunate turn of events, is there started to affecting everything to the plant the trees to the water even if people were affected by it it was small things like they will gain powers or abilities. But there was some who weren't so lucky they got meturned into ternative monstrous things to a person Made complete Stone to a man who needs a fresh supply of nanites to survive because his were unstable. I told them, everyone was surprise about what I told them before someone said.

"Wait you said that a man needed a fresh supply of nanites but his was unstable what do you mean by that" one of the guards asked.

"Well this man name was Van Kleiss he's was of the ones who's was head scientist of the project on the nanites on a day of the accident he was there right in the center of it and got the worst of it he didn't change physically but he got some unstable nanites put inside of him making it unable for him to survive without a fresh supply of them, also he's a dictator that wants all people who are Evo's to be the Supreme dominant species but those who aren't affected by the nanites to be nothing more than animals surviving in the wilderness" I said.

Everybody was surprised by this one person being affected with such an illness best deal what's the rule the world then Princess Celestia ask the next question.

" so you said that these nanites can affect people and turn them into monster does that mean that you can to" she said I shook my head then said.

"No the nanites that I have are different they were the first batch that was created before the final product, my nanites didn't have have those problems like those did, but my can cause memory loss up to the point where I only remember my name" I told them.

The question went on about this for a couple of hours before they heard a loud explosion come from outside what everyone looked out the window they sell another large army of caribou but this time they had three generals.

"Well looks like the caribou came back around 2 then I better introduce myself to them" mark said before creating the Boogie Pack and flew off everyone was surprise that he could fly to but they shook it off and got ready to fight the caribou.

But what mark and the Equestrian didn't know that the three generals had the same power as mark did, but what the 3 generals didn't know that mark can cure eve's as well.