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The Equestria evo hero - Jayelms43

The name is marquis Smith and I'm the evo hero of Equestria.

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Talking to God again and meeting the captain of the solar and lunar guard

Talking to God again and meeting the captain of the solar and lunar guard

Mraquis mind Escape

I'll looked around to see the white void that I met God in and saw him sitting in a chair drinking some tea and i sat next to him before saying.

"Mind telling me how the caribou has nanites and modern-day weapons when the Equestrian only have swords and shields" I said looking at god.

"Well I did say that it wasn't the same as you thought it would be but I should have been more specific in my explanation but no matter, and if you are wondering how they have nanites then you already know the answer to that" god said making mark started to shit bricks.

"So you're telling me that Van f****** Kleiss is there working with King Dainn to help him take over the world, and he has been there since the fall of Equestria" I asked looking at God while trying not to freak out.

"Yes and that he also gave him the Alpha nanites that how he was able to take over so quickly and stay in power for so long, but knowing that the power you have now won't be enough I'm going to have to give you a third Item for you to use, whatever you wish to have I'll give it to you" god said drinking his tea.

I thought about it for a moment before remember a certain item that I can use, I looked at God and said " can you give me a Kakugane from buso renkin and also can you make it into Genji katana but black and white with a little bit of red, also make it the number 3 black Kakugane as well" I said in a series tone while god look at me like I was crazy.

"You do realize what they could do to you and those around you right because if you don't than why would you ask for something like that" god said.

"Because I need something that can give me an Edge in combat if you saw what happened to those who had that power you know what I need it for" mark said looking at God.

God Sigh before create what Mark asked for it looks just like the one that Kazuki Muto had, after mark had his Kakugane in his hand he felt intense pain goes through his body, he took off his jacket and shirt to see his skin turn a peach color before a symbol of the Kakugane number three was printed on his left chest.


(Also this is how his sword would look like)

"I hope you know what you are doing my child because this can lead to something you will have to deal with" god said as the dream ended.


(Mark pov)

I woke up with a gasp of air I found myself in the room that Celestia gave me after the fight with King Dainn sons and the Army he sent, once I got out of bed I saw the Kakugane that God gave me sit on the dresser next to the bed.

"So it's wasn't a dream I am really in Equestria and the caribou are really in salveing the mares. Well I better get some training in with my Kakugane before seeing the princesses" I said before putting on the same cloths and heading out the door.

Once I made to the training grounds I saw solar and lunar guards training team but they was more mares than it was stallions, the stallions were geting angry gares sent there way maybe because of what king Dainn did to the stallions and they don't trust them.

"Well none of my business I better start training and seeing what abilities I have with my Kakugane" I thought before shouting out.

"Buso Renkin" I said before my katana formed in my hand with sheath attached to it.

"Alright let's see what I can do" I said before drawing my sword and light of black and red energy surrounding it, everyone stop training looking at the stranger that princess Celestia let stay in the castle.

The stallions looked at him in amazement while the mares looked at him in anger and skepticism; at the same time the main six and princesses were just coming out to see marquis training


(Third person pov)

The practice the few swings at his sword before thinking "I wondering" mark though before sheathed his sword and closed his eyes a second later a copy of his katana but made out of black and red Crystal appeared in his hand he's stared at it for a moment before throwing it up in the air.

Than he disappeared then reappeared in the air where the Crystal Sword was he leaded on his feet before saying without really thinking "I got to said this is surprising considering where this ability came from" he said before a solar and lunar guard mares came up to him and said.

"So you think you are so special because you defeated 3 of king Dainn general and a army of caribou" the lunar guard mare said with some sarcasm laced with her voice.

"No I don't think I'm special I know I'm special because you have to know when you are good at something or not" mark said Already know what this is going to lead to.

They both had a look of anger before the solar guard mare said "let's see how smug you are after we defeat you" she said drawing her sword and shield along with the Lunar guard mare as well.

"Okay but first" mark said before taking off his jacket and shirt along with his goggles and gloves an walk over to the main six more specifically Pinkie and Fluttershy and asked "can you hold this for me", mark said with a smile the two of them nodded and mark head back an got in a fighting stance.

The three of them stared at each other before one of the mare rush at mark for a downwards attack but Mark dodged out of the way and drew his katana with the attack of his own making the mare barely block it with her Shield, than mark creature a other Crystal Sword throwing it at the solar guard she blocked it with a shield but forgot that he can use it to teleport.

He then teleported to the other side of the training ground before standing up straight saying "let's see if you can handle me in my new form" mark said before his skin turned light brown and the symbol of the number 3 black Kakugane appeared on his left chest everyone was shocked about his new transformation.

The two guards didn't have enough time prepare before he disappeared and reappear in front of the solar guard and punch her in the gut sented her flying across the training field letting hard on the ground she was gasping for air guess she had the wind knocked out of her.

" I guess you can't handle me then because you're so blinded by your Rage of the caribou and what they did I can't see that you would not be able to beat me" mark said blocking an attack from the lunar yard and throwing a right hook into her abdomen her clutching her stomach while keeled over.

Mark was about to say something before for his felt a sharp pain in his chest he look down to see a sword sticking out from behind him, everyone in the training ground was shocked that the solar guard stabbed him, the princesses with about to step in before Mark turn around and bitch slap the mare so hard that she flu straight into a nearby wall.

"Wow not only did you get a cheap shot in but you also tried to kill me the one person who can help you deal with the caribou" Mark said pulling out the sword and healing the wounds shocking everyone even more.

"THAT'S ENOUGH CAPTAIN FIRE SHOT AND NIGHT BLADE" Celestia said in the royal Canterlot voice.

Everyone stop what day were doing and bowed to the princesses except for mark who stand up and said to the princesses "hi tia and lulu how is your morning" mark said with a smile.

Both princesses smiled and said that they had a good morning before telling Mark today want to finish asking some questions, he nodded and they went back in inside the castle.

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Okay I just went through chapter one again and I did not see him threatening King Dane like not at all. So in chapter 3 when he said he threatened King Dane when did that happen?

I want mean by the threat is the he destroyed his army that was the threat

I'm honestly enjoying this I really hope it is still continuing :pinkiehappy:

Kind of wonder what happens next.

Where's Spike though?

when is the next chapter coming out?

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Can't wait for the next chapter

"I hope you know what you are doing my child because this can lead to something you will have to deal with" god said as the dream ended.

If Nanites is the broken machine god , what would happen if it is added Prototype powers too ?

Or even hybrid of prototype and oerfect Nanites

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