• Published 10th Jan 2021
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Flurry Heart's Story: Villains Anonymous - AleximusPrime

Princess Twilight Sparkle tasks Fluttershy, Discord, Spike and Flurry Heart with reforming an unexpectedly repentant Lord Tirek, who is holding a dark secret about his motives.

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Chapter 1

Princess Twilight Sparkle arranged to meet with Flurry Heart and Spike in Canterlot to discuss some things and see how Flurry’s time in Ponyville was going. She stood in her throne room and listened to her niece as she told her about her findings in Ponyville for the past week.

“And I guess they’re going to take me to go see the Apple Family tomorrow. I can’t wait to see them!” Flurry told her aunt.

“You’re going to love the Apples, Flurry.” Twilight replied. “Things have improved greatly on the farm since Tex came into Applejack’s life. So how are things going with the Cakes and Stormy?”

“I love them! They’re all so friendly and I think they really want to make my time here worthwhile.”

“We’ve got quite a nice little team forming here, Twilight.” Spike added. “Kinda reminds me of the seven of us back when I was little, except now I’m the adult. Hehehe.”

“I’m so happy to hear all of this. Well you two, keep up the good work and keep sending me those letters as well. Now I’m not sure if I’ll be able to see you next weekend since I may be a little busy with some things. King Scorpan has requested that I see him to talk about-”

Suddenly the doors to the throne room swung open and a tall dark purple unicorn with magenta hair came bounding in. She was wearing silver armor and had a helmet with a glowing blue spike in place of her broken horn underneath. This was Tempest Shadow, the captain of the royal guard. Twilight had appointed her as the new captain a few years ago after Tempest had completed her journey to spread news of the Storm King’s defeat. She would rarely come in like this, but Twilight could tell something was clearly wrong.

“PRINCESS! We’ve got a situation!” she called to Twilight before stopping in front of her.

“Tempest? What’s wrong?” Twilight asked.

“It’s Lord Tirek. We’ve got him.”

Twilight put her hoof to her mouth and her wings opened while Flurry and Spike gasped loudly.

“TIREK?! He’s back already?!”

“Lucky for us we were able to capture him without a problem.”

“Where is he right now?”

“My guards have him right outside. He says he’d like to speak with you. Should I let him in.”

Twilight looked back to Flurry and Spike. Spike looked really nervous and almost wanted to tell Twilight to say no. She felt uneasy about letting Tirek in with Flurry around, but she also didn’t feel right kicking her and Spike both out.

“Spike, guard Flurry. Tempest, let him in.” she said.

Spike put one of his arms around Flurry to protect her. Tempest stepped aside and called to her guards.

“Guards, bring in the prisoner, and be ready!”

Two guards came in and held the doors open. Several other guards shuffled in with spears drawn. They stepped into the light and a tall slender centaur was there before them. It was Tirek, the former prince of the Midnight Kingdom, which was the home of the centaurs, gargoyles, and other races. He was once the heir to the throne of his homeland, but his crimes against Equestria were far too great for him to be allowed to return and he was sent to Tartarus instead. Tirek was a known villain across all of Equestria and was treated as such. He used to be muscular and had long s-shaped horns, but his time in Tartarus had made him weak and emaciated. His horns were sawn off after his first encounter with the Elements of Harmony centuries ago and were now just tiny nubs on his skull to prevent him from using powerful magic. They could grow long again if Tirek absorbed magic, but he had only his base magic left inside right now. He had grown a beard out over the years, giving him a more elderly appearance and wore a nose-ring and large silver ring around his neck. Like most centaurs, his upper body was covered mostly in dark fur while his arms and face bared reddish skin. All centaurs had black sclera in their eyes, and Tirek’s pupils were yellow.

The guards continued to prod Tirek forward, some of them barking at him to move faster. He was bound by chains that had been attached to the metal cuffs on his arms. Their spears were tipped with pointy shards that came from Queen Chrysalis’s throne. He had very low levels of magic left in him, but the spears were close enough to him that he would not be able to use any magic at all. Oddly enough, the centaur criminal didn’t even appear to be that angry or spiteful. He actually seemed a bit on edge and scared of all the guards that were surrounding him. They brought him forward to meet Twilight. With a grim face, she opened her wings and walked towards him.

“Tirek.” she said, angrily.

“Princess, we meet again. Congratulations on your coronation by the way.” Tirek replied with a rather sycophantic voice.

“You’ve got some nerve showing up here like this.”

“What ever are you talking about? I gave myself up willingly. I walked right up to your devoted guards with my hands in the air in surrender.”

“Is that true, Tempest?” Twilight asked her captain.

“It’s true, but I still don’t trust him.”

“What about the other two? What happened to Cozy Glow and Chrysalis, Tirek?”

“They’re gone for now. After a bit of an argument we all decided to part ways. The queen met up with some changeling named Scutellum I believe and just ran off with him. As for the child…no idea. All I know is she’s very vengeful of your princesses and that fool, Discord.”

“So Chrysalis already did find Scutellum.” Twilight said to herself. “And how did you manage to break free from being in stone?”

“I’m not sure. I thought it was Chrysalis who used her magic but she denies it. I doubt she’d even be that powerful after our last encounter with the Elements. Oh well, it’s moot at this point. Anyways, Princess, now that I’m here, I think this is as good of a time as ever to say that…well, I’m sorry.”

The entire room went silent for a few moments. Twilight stopped grimacing and appeared confused now. Spike and Flurry just stood with their mouths open.

“That was unexpected.” Spike whispered to Flurry.

“You’re sorry?” Twilight asked Tirek, skeptically.

“Yes. I’m sorry that I’ve caused you ponies so much trouble. After being defeated a total of three times, two of them being by you and your friends I might add, I have decided that Equestria is no longer worth my time and I wish to be sent back to the Midnight Kingdom where I belong.”

“King Vorak had you banished from the Midnight Kingdom after you were first sent to Tartarus, Tirek.”

Tirek looked surprised at this news and finally started to show anger.

“Did he now. That old fool can’t still be in control of the kingdom.”

“Your brother took your place as the king. He’s been ruling for centuries now.”

“Let me guess: silly Scorpan still has me banished too?”

“Reluctantly, but yes.”

“Oh I doubt he’s that reluctant about it, Princess.”

“Regardless, Tirek, you’re a known criminal and I should have you punished for your crimes…”

As Twilight was speaking, she gave Tempest a glance and smiled to her and calmed herself a bit before turning back to Tirek.

“…however, I am not without mercy. Considering the change I’ve seen in Tempest Shadow here, as well as Discord and several other friends of mine, I do believe you are still eligible for reformation.”

“Reformation? Oh no.”

“I hereby sentence you, not directly to imprisonment, but to temporary rehabilitation until you’ve reconciled your crimes.”

“What?! Princess, I just told you I’m sorry. Is that not enough for you?”

“Actions speak louder than words, Tirek. Now unless you want me to have you turned back to stone or sent to Tartarus, that is my offer.”

Tirek rolled his eyes and crossed his arms.

“Ugh. Fine!” he grumbled.

“But Twilight, who in Equestria are you going to have reform him?” Spike asked, walking over to Twilight as Flurry followed closely behind.

“Trust me, Spike, I have a few friends who know a thing or two about redemption.”

Twilight smiled mischievously as Spike and Flurry both looked at each other.

“Fluttershy and Discord?” Flurry asked.

“Definitely.” Spike said, nodding and crossing his arms with an impish grin on his face.