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Sombra’s Interesting Quest - Badguy400

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Chapter Seven: A not so Good Night

Once everyone was finished with their food; they all went upstairs to figure out on what their bed arrangements would be like for the night... . However; before they could decide that; they’ve decided to check one last time to see if the entire bakery was secured and safe. Once they were sure; they went back upstairs to the Cake Twin’s room, and began to figure out on what the arrangements for the night is gonna be... .

“Hmmm”, Poundcake thinks while rubbing his chin. “I think maybe we should sleep on our own beds, but.... . I don’t know where the rest of them are gonna sleep.” Pumpkin Cake replies; “me too. And we don’t necessarily have any guest beds or bedrooms to spare... . We only have just our room, and our parents’ room. And we can’t exactly let anyone sleep there of course... . Who knows what’s in our parents’ bedroom?... .” King Sombra chimes in, and says; “maybe some personal stuff that only they can see; am I right?” Both Twins nodded and said; “right”, in unison.

Meanwhile; Cozy Glow and Tirek were in the bathroom getting ready for bed. Cozy Glow is brushing up her mane; while Tirek is brushing his teeth. With who’s toothbrush; we’ll leave it up for you to decide... . “Hmm”, began Cozy Glow. “I’m not so sure that coming here was such a good idea. I mean... as much as I like this place and all... I can’t really seem to think of this as a great place to live... ; if there’s more than just the twins, their parents, and Pinkie Pie of course... ; right?” Tirek stopped brushing his teeth to ask; “wait a minute... . How do you know all that?” Cozy Glow blushed, and said; “remember when I said that Luna usually gets me calm whenever I have a nightmare to King Sombra?” Tirek nodded, and then Cozy Glow continued; “so not only that, but she also lets me out of my cage for a while to explore with her; albeit with close supervision of course... .”After a long pause; Tirek said; “makes sense”, and continues brushing his teeth.

King Sombra then went to the bathroom door with the Twins, and starts to say; “you guys; I think I know where our sleeping arrangements are gonna be.” Cozy Glow paused brushing her hair, and then says; “really?” with sheer excitement. “Where’re we gonna sleep?” Poundcake and Pumpkin Cake then shuffled a little, and then Pumpkin Cake started to say sheepishly; “this next part... you won’t like it... .” Tirek spitted out the toothpaste from his mouth into the sink, and then says; “well?... what’re you waiting for?... out with it.”

Cozy Glow is sleeping alone in Pinkie Pie’s room; while Tirek and King Sombra are sleeping in Pinkie Pie’s party planning dungeon; (or basement. Whatever people call it)... .

“So..” began Sombra. “This.. is... comfy... . How’re you holding up over there?” Tirek stretched his arms and hooves, and then replies; “never better...” sarcastically. “How’s your end of the dungeon?” Sombra then replies back; “living the dream...” while sighing and relaxing in his sleeping bag with his arms crossed behind his back with a smile. Tirek just shook his head and asked; “you’re enjoying this; aren’t you?” Sombra then replied; “so what? I’m used to sleeping situations like these... . Aren’t you?” Tirek said; “not really”, and tries to stretch his arms and hooves out some more. Sombra starts thinking, and says; “tell you what. If I get you some sleep medicine from the Cake’s medicine cabinet; will that calm you down?” Tirek replied; “I don’t know about that... . But I’d say go for it.” Sombra gets up, then says; “be back in a flash”, and goes to get Tirek some sleeping pills.

However; once Sombra was about to reach for the medicine cabinet; Cozy Glow whimpered from behind him, and starts rubbing one of her eyes due to sleep and from having tears forming in her eyes due to fear. With that; Sombra turned around, and asked; “what’s the matter kid; can’t sleep?” Cozy Glow whimpered; now rubbing both of her eyes, and says; “I’m scared... . I don’t wanna sleep by myself... .” Sombra blinked, and then says; “what? Why? You’re too old to be sleeping with others beside you. Go back to bed.” But this didn’t persuade her one bit. Instead; Cozy Glow began to whine, and then starts sniffling from not having any sleep. Leaving no other choice; Sombra looks for the sleeping pills, takes the bottle, and then picks up Cozy Glow with his magic. “Fine”, he starts. “But make too much of a fuss, and you’re going back to your room; understand?” Cozy Glow nodded, and laid her head on King Sombra’s shoulder while sucking on one of her forehooves. King Sombra snickered, and then said; “you really are a baby aren’t you?” Cozy smiled, and snuggled up close to him. “Alright now”, began Sombra again. “Let’s get to bed...”.

Morning has arrived, and everyone woke up with a stretch. Well... almost everyone... .

“Owie.... . My brain hurts... .” Poundcake whined while getting up from his own bed. Pumpkin Cake followed suit, and then says; “yeah... me too. What happened last night?...”.

King Sombra and Cozy Glow entered their room, and gave them an explanation... . “You were sleep fighting again, and we’ve had to restrain you two.” King Sombra explained. Both of the Twins saw slight scuffle and scratch marks on each of their bodies. With that; Cozy Glow continued; “don’t worry; it’s bound to happen eventually.. right?...”. Both of the Twins nodded, and apologized to them and each other. “None taken”, King Sombra replied. “Now then... who’s hungry?”