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Sombra’s Interesting Quest - Badguy400

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Chapter Five: An Awful Night

It’s been three hours, and Tirek hasn’t even been able to begin as to know where the lair is; or even how to search for it... .

Not wanting to waste anymore time; Sombra sighs loudly, and says; “screw it; let’s just wing it and start moving.”

Before he could begin moving; Cozy Glow stopped King Sombra by putting a hoof around his, and says; “wait..” before beginning to hug him tightly. “I’m scared...” Cozy Glow said with a little whine.

Not wanting to hear Cozy’s whining either, King Sombra picks her up, and says; “well... it’s either that, or we get captured by the bandits. What do you think?” Not wanting to make a fuss; Cozy Glow hugged him tightly again, and hid her face in King Sombra’s shoulder... . King Sombra sighs, and then says; “don’t worry bud; we’ll protect you.” Cozy Glow looked up at Sombra, smiles, and says; “yay”, before laying her head back onto his shoulder with a smile... .

With the Cake Twins snickering a bit; Pumpkin Cake starts to ask; “has she always been like this?... .”

Sombra sighs, and says; “yeah... and so what? She may be villainous... but she’s still a little filly... . Got that now?... .”

Pumpkin Cake blushed, and bashfully said; “sorry”, before looking away. Cozy Glow then said; “it’s okay”, and went back to holding onto King Sombra... .

After a few minutes; Tirek sighs, and says; “alright... let’s go... . It’s gonna get dark soon; so we need to hurry... fast.” With no time to lose; King Sombra says; “alright... let’s go.” and walks off ahead of the group so they’ll follow behind him... .

Once they were in the forest; Cozy Glow got a little scared, and hid her face in King Sombra’s shoulder.

After a few minutes; the sky went completely dark, and then Cozy Glow began to whine a little; due to the fact that the entire forest is now dark, and that’s since it’s dark; there could be a possibility of an attack of any kind; albeit from bandits, or from the creatures of the Everfree Forest... .

After a few more minutes; Tirek spotted a skull like structure in the horizon. Knowing what it is; Tirek stops the group, and says; “hey look; I found the hideout. Let’s go!”

Before Tirek could get ahead; King Sombra stopped him with a shadow arm grabbing onto one of his, and then says; “wait.... something doesn’t feel right... .”

Pumpkin Cake got behind of Sombra, and asks; “what do you mean?” Sombra turned to her, and replies; “I don’t really know.... but I think that we’ve been followed... .”

Before anyone else could add in to that reply; Poundcake got a little nervous, and says; “uh guys...” before pointing out the shadows that’re being shown from within the hideout.

With what he saw; King Sombra shouts quietly; “rats!” and then backs away a bit. “I knew that something didn’t feel right; the bandits have taken over our hideout!”

Tirek got confused, and says; “what? How did they know that? There’s no way that they could possibly know about that! Unless...”.

Before Tirek could finish; Sombra finished for him. “Chrysalis... . She told them about that place.... . And yet.... I can see why sadly...” he said as his tone began to sound grim.

Pumpkin Cake got in front of him and asked; “what’s wrong?” Sombra then replied; “the bandits must’ve captured Chrysalis, and might’ve tortured her for information... .” Pumpkin Cake gasped, and then Sombra continued; “exactly... . And knowing her; she’s probably either still alive somehow... or worse... .”

Poundcake got a bit frightened, and then asked; “worse? Worse how?... . What could be worse than that?” Sombra then replied; “either she’s gone for good, or being forced to join the bandits in their conquest... . Either way; we have to get out of here... and then make a plan for rescuing her and the others... . Not to mention all of Equestria as well; okay?” Poundcake sighs, and then says; “okay... sorry for bringing that up... .” Sombra then wrapped a shadowarm around him, and then says; “don’t worry about it... . I’m used to dark and grim situations... . I can handle it.” Poundcake then asked; “are you sure?” Sombra then replied; “I’m sure”, and then gave Poundcake a hug to make him feel better.

After another few minutes; Pumpkin Cake then walked around to her brother and Sombra, and then asks; “so... what are we gonna do now?...”.

Cozy Glow whined, and then started to say; “I don’t know... but I’m scared!” and hides her face in Sombra’s shoulder again. Pumpkin Cake snickered a bit, and then asks; “why?” Cozy Glow then replied; “because there’s scaries in hewre...” and then hugs King Sombra tightly while being carried. Pumpkin Cake then replied a little teasingly; “ooh... don’t worry wittle one. I’m suwre we can stop those big old meanies; wight?”

Sombra cleared his throat, and then says; “not helping”, to Pumpkin Cake. She cleared her throat as well, and then says; “sorry; got it”, and moved away from them slightly. “Good”, Sombra said. “That’s good”, before looking at Cozy Glow, and trying to calm her down.

Before anyone else could say anything; Tirek saw the shadows getting bigger from within the structure, and then says; “uuh guys?” before pointing it out to the group.

Seeing what’s happening; King Sombra says; “alright; let’s go.” and directs the others away from the hideout to get away from the bandits... .

Once they got to the edge of the forest again; they looked to see if the coast is clear, and then Pumpkin Cake says; “so.. what do we do now?” King Sombra looked around again, before responding; “I think maybe we should go back to Sugarcube Corner. Who knows? Maybe it’s been ransacked, and the bandits have left it already; you know?...”.

This time; it was Pumpkin Cake’s turn to say; “hey; not helping”, and frowned. Sombra took note of it, and then says; “right; sorry.” and looks ahead again to check and see if the coast is clear... .

Once he confirmed that the coast is clear; King Sombra gestured the group to group up, and held out a hoof to stop them for now. “Alright”, he began. “The coast is clear. Now; let’s get going before the bandits look for us in one of their patrols.”

All agreed, but Pumpkin Cake tapped on his shoulder, and then asked; “wait; what’s that?”

Sombra saw what she was pointing at, and then said to Pumpkin Cake; “I really don’t know... but we gotta move. Knowing bandits; they’ll occasionally trick any passerby into unknowingly helping a “lost” citizen. Next thing you know; boom! They’ll ambush the passerby, and then take all their belongings; even their carriages if there is one.” Pumpkin Cake then said; “oh.. right. Sorry...” and then hid back in the bushes with the others near the edge of the forest.

After a few long minutes; King Sombra stood up, and then said; “alright; let’s move”, before getting out his spear, and advancing out of the bushes.

But before he could; Cozy Glow stopped him, and then said; “wait; look. Who’s that?” King Sombra then looked to where Cozy was pointing, and then said; “oh no... that’s not good... .”

Before anyone could react; the figure spotted them, and came towards them. With that; Cozy yelled out; “run!” having their cover already blown, and ran to Sugarcube Corner bakery. The rest followed suit soon afterward... .