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Sombra’s Interesting Quest - Badguy400

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Chapter Ten: Captured

It was dark... really dark. The cage that King Sombra was thrown into was very dark. There’s barely any light that could seep into the cracks of King Sombra’s cage. He could hear cartwheels turning and moving; as this cage he was in was moving in a carriage. Suddenly it stopped, and one of the bandits went to the cage to inspect it and see if the, “precious cargo”; was secured. With that; the bandit gave the all clear, and then the cart moved once again. This went on for several more minutes; as the bandits surely had made their “fortress” almost impenetrable; by any means necessary. Finally; King Sombra heard something different; chains, and lots of them. Before he knew it; the chains wrapped around the cage he was in, and he was hoisted up into the ceiling; left to dangle there along with the other captives in this hideout.

Many hours passed, before an important looking bandit stepped into the room, and says; “listen up here you miserable filth. We are here for one thing, and one thing only; to plunder and steal all of your riches and valuables. Now then... I may have been a little cruel to y’all for when we first arrived... . And yes I know that we’ve also separated y’all from your families through any means... . But just know that I don’t envy taking y’all’s lives away, and I most certainly don’t enjoy hurting anyone. However... since I’ve met some resistance from y’all; that unfortunately had to make me use my final resort. Now then! We can either get along fine, or we can remain as enemies, and make y’all’s lives way worse than we already are... . Follow our rules, and you’ll be spared... . Do not, and y’all will perish. So; with that; I bid each and everyone of y’all a good day!” With that little speech out of the way; the important bandit then turned to leave the room, and shutted the doors behind them; leaving the prisoners lonely with each other, once again... .

Many more hours have passed, and King Sombra can hear so many ponies or creatures either getting dragged out of their cages due to their fear, or their screams for when they’re led elsewhere, and are being hurt in anyway shape or form by any means necessary. However; once King Sombra has woken up from his slumber once more; (since he could barely sleep in a cage); he was then lowered onto the ground, and then the cage door opened up. “Get out!” the bandit guard commanded. He did so, and was immediately dragged out and planted onto his back hooves. “Start walking!” the other bandit guard commanded. “Or you’ll be sorry.” Sombra; having no other choice; followed the guard’s orders, and follows the third guard while he’s being directed by the other two. After a few minutes, he was planted down onto a table, and then chained to the chair of it. “Do anything funny and you’ll be sorry.” One of the bandit guards whispered before leaving him alone.

Soon after the guards left to keep watch; Cozy Glow, Tirek, and Chrysalis sat alongside him, and gave King Sombra an extra tray so he could eat something. “We’ve heard that you were imprisoned into one of the worst rooms in this place. So we kinda figured that you wanted something to eat; assuming none of us had anything to eat since we arrived... .” Cozy Glow said in slight discomfort. King Sombra sighed in relief; knowing that his pals were alright, and then says; “thank you Cozy; I really mean it.” Cozy Glow smiled, and said; “no problem”, before beginning to eat her meal.

With Tirek looking all around; he turned to Sombra, and asked him; “so; have you figured out what this place is? And or how we can get out?” Sombra sighs again, but this time in defeat, and says; “sadly... I do.” Cozy Glow and Tirek leaned in to hear what Sombra had to say... . “This place is known as the Lockout. A notorious, awful prison. Created just to house the worst of the worst. Even if you were to commit a minor crime against the Crystal Empire, and or other kingdoms; you’ll be very unlucky to receive a one time only stay in this place if there’s a chance.” Cozy got confused and asked; “but why?” Sombra sighs again, and then says; “because unlike the Canterlot dungeons; this prison makes Canterlot seem more merciful. You see; it wasn’t like this at first.. . It was old; decrepit looking... and abandoned; due to it having really harsh guards, and terrible living conditions for their prisoners... . Not to mention that it was the Crystal Empire’s first prison, and the ponies that created it don’t even know first thing on how to run it... . But ever since those bandits took over; this once abandoned prison, is now back and fully operational... . Now that the bandits are the ones in charge; I highly doubt that we’ll make it through this in one piece... . And I highly doubt that we’ll make it out of here too... you know?” Cozy Glow nodded grimly and said; “okay... . I guess that makes sense...” and sits back down to continue eating her meal.

Once some time has passed; another guard; (this time in full body armor), reports; “alright now. Lunchtime is over! Eat or take whatever food you can get, and scram on outta here!” With no time to lose; King Sombra and everyone else gathered what they could in the lunchroom, and scrambled out so they wouldn’t be punished. Once the coast was clear; everyone was directed back into their cages, and locked up to be kept there for a little while longer... .

King Sombra was sent back to where his cage was located. Meanwhile; Tirek and Cozy Glow were directed back into their own separate rooms with their cages. And as for Queen Chrysalis... . She’s sent back to her; “special chamber”, to be evaluated, and “corrected”... . Once he heard Queen Chrysalis’s shouts of pain; King Sombra knew that this will be an uneasy ending for him and his friends... . Time will only tell if they’ll make it out of there in one piece... . And they’re counting on it too.