• Published 7th May 2021
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Sombra’s Interesting Quest - Badguy400

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Chapter Three: The Attack

“T-tirek?!” Cozy Glow said in both surprise and shock. “W-w-what’re you doing here?!”

Pumpkin Cake then asked; “yeah.. what’re you doing here? I thought you were still a statue?”

Tirek sighs, then says; “well... like all the other statued villains; I was freed as well... . But by whom? I don’t know either... .”

Sombra then says; “alright”, and nodded his head. “Do you have any fighting experience?”

Tirek chuckled, then said; “plenty. Why do you ask?”

Sombra sighs, then says; “because... pal. We’re gonna have to fight some bandits, and save Equestria. That’s why.”

Tirek snickers, then says; “what, you serious?” clearly thinking that this must be some kind of joke.

Sombra; already annoyed enough as is; used his shadowhand to pull Tirek close to him, and says; “yes... buddy. And if not? Then we can kiss our enemies, and ourselves good riddance. Would you want that?” Sombra then pushed Tirek to the wall; which cracked on impact, and awaits for his response.

Tirek; having heard the threat loud and clear; nodded in agreement, but then says; “wait... . So what’s in it for me?”

Cozy Glow then flew close to Tirek, and pulls out a medal from behind her back. “This is a medal. It’s what happens when you save Equestria.. .”

Tirek then replied; “I do?” and scratches his head in confusion.

Cozy Glow replied back; “eeyup... . Oh, and once you get that medal; you’ll also be given the title as a hero, and then will no longer be thought as a villain before. Doesn’t that sound fun?”

Tirek took a few minutes to think that over, and then says; “possibly... . But; how will I know that this isn’t some sort of plot to get rid of us?”

Sombra sighs again, and puts his shadowhand on Tirek’s chest. “Look pal; if we were to be in a plot against us, then we wouldn’t be here talking to you now would we?”

Tirek; feeling slightly embarrassed; nonchalantly rubs the back of his head, and then says; “I guess not... .”

Sombra then says; “exactly”, and then pats Tirek’s chest for good measure.

Tirek is speechless for a few seconds, but then says; “wait... . If it isn’t a plot against us, then how could you know if all of this isn’t real? Like; what if this was all a lie to get us to be betrayed for a while?”

As if on cue; an arrow crashed through one of the windows, and embedded itself into the wall behind him.

“Would that answer your question?” replied Cozy Glow.

“...yes.” Tirek replied. “Let’s get outta here.”

Sombra covered the doors in front of them, and said; “wait. I think I can hear them entering the castle.”

Cozy Glow snuck up close to King Sombra, and then asks; “you sure about that?”

Sombra then heard a boom outside; as if the doors to the castle has been breached. “Yes... I’m sure about that... .”

Just then; a voice can be heard shouting out commands. “Spread out! Loot everything that’s deemed valuable! And leave no witnesses behind! Is that clear; soldiers?”

The so called soldiers did a salute outside of the room, and then shouted; “sir yes sir!” in unison.

Cozy Glow; hyperventilating, and breathing heavily; is currently trying to process what’s happening right now... .

But; before she could; King Sombra grabbed onto her, and the rest of the others with him before teleporting all of them outside of the castle.

With everyone out of the castle; King Sombra then looks back at the front of the castle, and then says; “crud... . I knew that this was true after Cozy Glow has read that letter.. .”

Tirek; who is frightened, whispers; “okay.. it’s true. But... how’ll we know that it isn’t some sort of hoax?”

Cozy Glow; now annoyed by Tirek; grabs him by the fur of his chest, and then whispers loudly; “what? You think that these bandits are here because they’re hired by someone? Not a chance!”

Sombra nodded, then says; “Cozy’s right, but we gotta be careful... . They could be everywhere by now.”

Pumpkin Cake poked at Sombra to get his attention, and then says; “uhh, guys?” and pointed to a squadron of bandit soldiers awaiting their commander’s orders.

Sombra; whom already knows the gravity of the situation; blantly states; “aw crud... .” and awaits for the bandits to try to leave... .