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Sombra’s Interesting Quest - Badguy400

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Chapter Eleven: Breakout

It’s been a week since Sombra and the others have been captured... . Cozy Glow and Tirek were forced into manual labor to ensure that the fort’s walls and doors were in mint condition. King Sombra was forced to train new bandit recruits on how to engage and take down a potential target; should the need arise. Queen Chrysalis was forced to become the lunchroom’s new lunch mare. And lastly; the Cake Twins; despite their pleas not to; were forced into manual labor too; in a kids only faction. That way; should a grownup need assistance; the kids will arrive to either sort out the problem, or finish the work; since there’s certain things that small hooves, or other appendages can do that grownup sized ones can not; like fixing small gears and switches for instance.

It’s been a grueling six hours since he’s been tasked with training, and helping the bandits with some other stuff. King Sombra was just about to pass out from exhaustion, but the bandits wouldn’t let him; under the threat of lesser meals, and more hard work if he did so. With that; he did all he could, and kept on moving; (or working in this case). “I’m never going to hear the end of this...” King Sombra began. “I really wish that my pals, and Flurry Heart and her family are alright... . It’s been awhile since I’ve seen them. And knowing Flurry Heart; she’s a fighter, sure... . But she’s also prone to crying and or throwing tantrums if she were to do something that she doesn’t want to; like working for bandits for instance... .” He took a deep breath, then continued in his mind; “I hope she doesn’t cause too much trouble... . Who knows what those bandits might do to her... and how her parents might react if she does... . Oh... I can’t bare to think what’s gonna happen if she’s not okay... .” Sombra was about to finish his thinking; when suddenly he was thumped in the head from one of the bandits; whom demanded that he’d pay attention or else. With that; he nodded, and got back to work.

After what seemed like forever; (despite it being only five minutes or so); King Sombra was notified that it was time for his break. With that; he thanked the bandit in charge of watching over him, and went to go and see if the others were on break too. To his surprise; he saw that Tirek and Cozy Glow were on break as well, but unfortunately looked a little worse for wear. With that in mind; he approached them, and asked; “y’all okay? You looked like death... .” Tirek sighed in exhaustion, and replied; “yeah... . And it seems that way too.” Sombra then turned to Cozy, and asked; “what about you? You okay?” Cozy Glow was panting heavily, and then replied; “never better...” before going back to panting some more. After another five minutes; the bandit captain from the training portion of the fort said; “break’s over y’all. Back to your sectors.” Cozy Glow whined, and then asked Sombra; “when are we gonna make it out of this?... .” Sombra sighs, then says; “soon kid; soon... .”

Chrysalis was busy washing the dishes; when suddenly she saw someone that she’d never thought she’d see... . It was Cadence. Alongside her however; was a worn out, and exhausted filly named Flurry Heart. And to her dismay... Flurry Heart doesn’t seem to be potty trained yet; as she’s still in diapers; which is unfortunately noticeable due to the fact that it’s drooping down while she’s still wearing it. With a sigh; Chrysalis came to them while still behind the counter, and says; “well... long time no see... . How’s the work going so far?” Cadence; already exhausted from her day, says blankly; “oh... hey Chrysalis... . It’s good to see you too... I think. W-what’re you doing here?” Chrysalis replied with; “locked up here with my friends and forced to work. Can I get you anything?” Cadence nodded, and ordered the Equestrian salad from the menu. Flurry Heart however; tugged onto her mom’s leg, and whines; “I’m hungwy... .” Cadence sighs again, then says to Chrysalis; “you think maybe you can make her something extra that’ll help get her strength back up? She hasn’t gotten to eat for who knows how long since we got here... . And I think she’s starting to grow weak. You think maybe you can help her?” Chrysalis sighs, then says; “I’ll try... . But I can’t make any promises though... . If I’m caught sneaking out extra food for the prisoners again; I’ll get my flank whooped, and then get locked up for a week without food.” Cadence then said; “it’s okay... . Any food you can give us right now will suffice. Thank you.” Chrysalis nodded, and said; “coming right up!” before going to the kitchen, and preparing their meals.

Poundcake and Pumpkin Cake; having been filthy from the work in the mines, looks up at the sky, and sigh in defeat; knowing that there’s no way out of this place. Well... not yet anyways.

Poundcake sighs again, and then says; “I wish Sombra was here... . He’d know what to do in a time like this.” Pumpkin Cake followed suit, and then said; “me too. And I also hope that Cozy Glow’s okay... . I mean sure she was a villain in the past... . But I’m so worried about her... . And.... . I don’t know what to do if anything were to happen to her.... .” Just then; the work whistle blew; signifying that it’s time to get back to work. With that; Poundcake carried his pickaxe on his shoulder, and said; “well... back to work. Hopefully we’ll find something useful in the mines. But for now; let’s get to it; okay?” His sister sighs, and then Pumpkin Cake said; “okay....” before following suit, and starts to sniffle before entering the mines. “I hate this...” Pumpkin Cake whined before beginning to work again.

After a harrowing five hours; the group all met back at the mess hall; with some others following suit.

“C-chrysawis?” Flurry Heart began while looking at her. “W-what’re you doing hewre?” Chrysalis sighs, and then replies; “I’m trapped here with my buddies”, while pointing to all of her friends. “What are you doing here?” Flurry Heart sighs as well with a frown, and with her ears down too before replying; “being forced to work on a job i no wike,” and then pouting afterwards. Chrysalis chuckles a bit, sighs, and then says; “hey; it’s not all bad. Once this is all over; I’m sure your parents will allow you to work on a job that you do like; okay?” Flurry Heart pouts some more, then chuckles before saying; “owkay; you wight; hehe.” Chrysalis smiled too, and says; “that’s what I figured,” before eating her dinner.

As soon as the group were finally looking to have gotten along with each other; (despite the fact that they already have); it was soon cut short by a bandit guard saying; “quiet now! No talking or else!” Soon after that, he then also pushed away the others from the table; before stating out loud; “and in fact; no eating together as a group! All workers are to eat at their own sector‘s tables, or they’ll be Tartarus to pay! Is that understood?!” Cozy Glow whined, and demanded an explanation. Just then, a female bandit guard said softly, but authoritatively; “listen y’all; it’s just the rules; okay? No need to cause a fuss about it; alright? Now then; either follow the rules, or get sent back into your rooms with no chance of having food again the next day. Is that understood?” All of the group unfortunately nodded, and started to separate from the table. “Good”, the female bandit continued. “That’s good...”.

Few hours went by, and the group has been sent back into their rooms. Reason is that dinner time is over, and that there was a fight that broke out between different inmates. So with that; the inmates were removed from the mess hall, and then everyone was sent back into their rooms as a precaution. Cozy Glow and Tirek both went back to their sector’s rooms. Cadence and Flurry Heart were sent back to their rooms as well in their own sector. The Cake Twins were sent back to their rooms as well. And lastly; King Sombra was sent back into his own room too; with someone else joining him. With that; King Sombra was thrown back into his cage, and so was the other prisoner. With them in their cages securely; the bandits locked up the cage, and went back to their normal guard posts.

After King Sombra got up and dusted himself off, he turned to look at the prisoner that’s with him, and then began to say; “so... they got you here too huh? Hm... . Why’d you do that?” The prisoner then replied; “because that guy had it coming... .” The prisoner had a fading white coat with blue hair with streaks, and a shield cutiemark with purple stars on them.

Knowing who it was that started the fight, King Sombra then asked again; “no; I meant why’d you start that fight back there? I mean... I know that you don’t start fights all willy nilly Shining Armor; so what was that all about?” Shining Armor then took a deep breath; before replying with small tears in his eyes; “because I can’t take it anymore.... . And.... I wanna go home... .” Sombra sighs, then puts a hoof to his shoulder before saying; “I know you do kid, but you can’t do that. I mean... you wouldn’t want to go back to the torture chamber again; do you? I mean... what would your wife and daughter say? Like; what would Cadence and Flurry Heart say; hm? What do you think?... .” Shining Armor sighs, and then says; “I don’t know... . But I know that they wouldn’t like it... .” Sombra then wraps a shadow arm around him, and says; “no... they won’t. But hey; if it makes you feel any better; I’m thinking of a way to bust all of us out of here; okay? But first we gotta get some rest; alright?” Shining Armor sniffled; having been a little down since he was a bit traumatized from being captured for too long, and then says; “alright... I’m in.”

Sombra then pats his back, and says; “that’s the spirit”, before laying down on the ground to try to fall asleep. Shining Armor followed suit; before asking; “so... what’s the plan?” Before passing out; King Sombra says; “I’ll think of something”, and falls asleep. Shining Armor followed suit, and fell asleep as well.

Morning arose, and it seems that all is quiet; albeit too quiet.

King Sombra woke up in a daze, and looked around before saying; “where is everyone?” Just then, a bandit guard opened the door, and threw him out of the cage. “Get up!” the guard demanded. “I said; get up!” Sombra was then picked up, and had his back smacked before the guard said; “now move it!” With that; King Sombra followed orders, and moved to where the guard is directing him.

Soon he was directed to a room, and then was promptly seated in a chair before getting chained to it. “Sit down; don’t move!” the bandit guard commanded. “The commander will be right with you.” Puzzled; Sombra looked to the guard, and asked; “the commander? Who’s this commander?” However; the bandit left, and locked the door behind them. Eventually; Sombra heard a chair turn around, and then heard a familiar voice greet him saying; “greetings old friend. Long time no see... .” Stunned; Sombra turned around; knowing who it was, and says; “you....” before making direct eye contact with his long lost enemy before him.

Cadence and Flurry Heart were busy eating at a table in the fort’s lunchroom; when suddenly they saw someone that they’d never thought they’d see ever again. With excitement; Flurry Heart blurts out; “daddy!” and leapt from her chair to give Shining Armor a hug. With a chuckle; Shining Armor replies; “it’s good to see you too kid”, and hugs his daughter back. Cadence however; wasn’t too fazed by it; as she had seen him before; just not in a good state. “Well; I guess you’re feeling better now...” she replied. With a chuckle; Shining Armor replied; “yeah, hehe. Sorry about that... .” Cadence scoffed it off and patted a seat next to her. With that; the Royal Crystal Empire family are back together again. “So;” began Cadence. “How was your beating?” Shocked by this; Flurry Heart looked up at her dad in disbelief. Looking sheepishly; Shining Armor replied; “it’s been okay... . Sombra and his pals actually helped me out.” Stunned; Cadence looks at her husband with wide eyes, and says; “they’re in here too? How’s that possible?” Just then; Cozy Glow sat on a seat next to Shining Armor, and says; “because we were ambushed before we could come up with a foolproof plan to rescue y’all... . But sadly that didn’t work out.” Shining Armor shook his head; “I guess not”, and nudged Cozy Glow closer to him. With the villains with them; (aside from King Sombra); Flurry Heart began to ask nervously; “is sombwa owkay? Wewre is he?” After a brief pause; Cozy Glow began to explain... .

With utter disbelief; King Sombra slammed his shadow arms on the table in anger, and says; “it was you that started all this?!... . Why?!” Also in anger; the bandit commander stood up abruptly from his seat, and says; “because Princess Celestia wouldn’t give me a promotion after a mission I’ve undergone!” Confused; Sombra then asks; “what was the mission?... .” Sighing; the bandit commander sat down, and says; “it’s a long story... . You wouldn’t wanna know... .” Feeling rather smirky; King Sombra says; “you’re right, I wouldn’t,” and sat back down as well. “But regardless; I still want to know... . I’m curious.” The bandit commander began to sigh again, and began to recall his last mission with Princess Celestia.... .

“I’m so tired... and hungry....” Pumpkin Cake started to whine. “It’s alright sis,” Poundcake began. “We’re just about done with our work today. I’m sure that there’s nothing else for us to do; right?” Just then; a bandit guard stopped the two of them, and says; “you two; stay where you are. You’re being redirected to the lunchroom for a job. You got that?” Pumpkin Cake whined again; not wanting to work anymore. Sighing; Poundcake; being the big brother he is to his sister; stepped in front of her, and asks; “what’s the job we’re being sent to?” The bandit then replied; “it’s an easy job really; clean up the messes, and wash all of the dishes once the lunchroom is empty. No biggie. And besides..” the bandit began as they pulled Poundcake close to them. “It’s an easy job; one that you two can’t mess up. So with that; you two are gonna have an extra worker with y’all. Doesn’t that sound like fun?” Not liking the answer; Poundcake nodded sarcastically, and starts to hold onto her sister’s hoof. “Alright;” the bandit commanded. “Let’s go!” And with that; they’re off... .

In disbelief; King Sombra leaned back in his chair, and said; “I’m so, sorry... . I.... I didn’t know... .” The bandit commander banged both of his hooves on the table, and shouts; “of course you don’t! No one knows the struggles I’ve been through!” After that outburst; the bandit commander got up from his chair, grabbed onto King Sombra by the neck, and then pulled him close so he could hear what he has to say. “Now; here’s what’s gonna happen. You are going to come with me, and behave. Got it?” Sombra nodded, but asks; “and what happens if I don’t?” With that; Sombra was face planted onto the table, and the bandit commander shouts; “that will happen, and more. Is that understood?!” Sombra nodded, and was picked up. “Good!” said the commander. “That’s good...”.

Queen Chrysalis was currently cleaning some dishes; when suddenly she saw the Cake Twins. “Oh... . They got y’all too huh?” Both of the Twins whined and nodded before beginning to help Queen Chrysalis wash the dishes. Sighing; Queen Chrysalis thinks to herself; “can this day get any worse?” Unfortunately for her, it had; as she then saw the bandit commander with King Sombra. Something tells her that this will not end so well... .

“Ladies and gentleponies or creatures; welcome! To your worst; nightmare... . Now; here’s what’s gonna happen!... .” While the commander was busy giving a speech; Flurry Heart saw her best friend again, but in a bad state. Seeing this; Flurry Heart was gonna cry; when suddenly Cadence brought her daughter close to her, and says; “it’ll be fine sweetie. I’m sure that King Sombra will be alright; okay?” Flurry Heart nodded and said; “owkay”, before looking on in despair as her best friend was in a chokehold by the bandit commander.

After the speech; King Sombra was thrown back to his friends, and the bandit commander left. But not without giving King Sombra a punch to the gut first; which caused him to buckle and fall to the ground in pain. With that; the commander left, and King Sombra was in pain. “Alright...” he began. “Here’s how we can get out... .”

Next day... .

All was well in the bandit’s fortress surprisingly... . Why? This is why... .

“Alright guys; all clear on the plan?” Cozy Glow said whilst grouping together with the others in the lunchroom. They all nodded their heads and looked determined. “Alright”, began Cozy Glow. “Let’s do this... .”

After a few minutes to make sure the coast was clear, and that there wasn’t that many guards in the area; Cozy Glow then stood up, and then shouts; “food fight!” before tossing a chunk of mashed potatoes at Shining Armor. With that; he retaliated, and threw some of his own mashed potatoes back at her. Without so much of a warning; everyone in the lunchroom is throwing food at each other, and is just over all having a surprisingly amazing time.

After the guards try to contain the chaos, the group all then took that as their signal to make their escape.

“We’re gonna make it!” Poundcake said as he’s excited; knowing that this will definitely be the end of the horrible pain and torture that he’s been through from hard labor working in the mines.

However; before the group could reach the exit doors; they were stopped by the bandits teleporting in front of the door, and then getting out their spears; pointing at the group with them so that way they won’t leave.

Seeing a problem; King Sombra said; “aw crud,” and braces himself on what’s to come... .