• Published 7th May 2021
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Sombra’s Interesting Quest - Badguy400

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Prologue: Here we go Again

King Sombra; now having been known as; “savior of all of Equestria”, is currently babysitting the Cake Twins; (whom are currently about a little older than Flurry Heart, but with a few issues of their own... . More will be explained in the story).

King Sombra is playing with some plushies with Pumpkin Cake; whilst also trying his best to curb Pound Cake’s effort to “pound” him. It is in fact friendly of course, and all in good play... . But... knowing how rough Poundcake can get when playing; he’s not taking any chances... . And so with that; King Sombra has Poundcake pinned between his backhooves; (gently of course since he’s still young), and is trying his best to hold him down there so he would quit trying to hurt him playfully. It’s working... mostly. But eventually Pound will break free... . Just he waits.... .

And now; onto the story... .

“Mmm; Poundcake.” Pumpkin Cake whined whilst looking at her twin brother... . “He’s not a bad guy no more... . So why’re you huwrting him?...”.

Poundcake simply replied with; “who says I’m hurting him? He can handle it; right big guy?” Poundcake said as he patted Sombra’s lower back whilst still being pinned by him.

King Sombra then replied; “hehe, yeah... . I guess so kid; hehe... . But still; rules are rules. And you can’t exactly break the rules; can you?”

Poundcake looked down and replied; “no...” but soon gets up slightly and says; “but I can still try to break you... right?”

Sombra chuckles a little, then says; “maybe...” and picks up Poundcake. “But then again; you’re still too young... . And you will be hurt if you try to hurt me pal; got it?”

Poundcake sighs, then says in defeat; “I’m sorry... .” and then began to look down at the ground in shame.

Sombra sighs, then says; “it’s alright bub. Now here... .” He then proceeds to give Poundcake a hug; albeit to his dismay, and embarrassment.

“Sombra.. quit it...” Poundcake began to whine. “I’m not a baby anymore... . I’m a grown stallion already... . Let me go... .”

Try as he might; Poundcake just can’t seem to wiggle himself out free... . With a sigh in defeat; he gives in, and hugs King Sombra back. “There; I hugged you. Can I go now?”

Sombra turns to Poundcake, and says; “I don’t know.... . You didn’t exactly ask me nicely you know... .”

Poundcake said; “what?” in disbelief, and then continues with; “cmon!”

Sombra clears his throat, and says; “now now kid; it’s not that hard, really... .” Poundcake then crossed his arms; not wanting to talk to the heroic king anymore, and then turns away from him... . With that; King Sombra then says; “alright kid; look... . How about you ask me nicely, and say please afterwards; okay?”

Poundcake replied with; “no!” and turned away once more.

With that; King Sombra then states; “how about this... . You ask me to release you nicely; saying please and all that... . And then I’ll consider letting you go... . Kay? How’s that sound?”

Poundcake; having enough of King Sombra’s child games; simply states; “no! And you can’t make me!”

King Sombra sighs, chuckles, and then states; “alright then...” and sets Poundcake down on his lap. “Though because of that; you’re not getting released... . Not until you start being nice again... . Hehehe.”

Poundcake; with no other option; simply sighs loudly, turns to King Sombra, and then says; “okay.... . I’m sorry.... . Can you let me go now?...”.

King Sombra then says; “and what’s the magic word?”

Poundcake mumbles under his breath; causing King Sombra to say his name, and repeat his question... . After a few long seconds; Poundcake sighs, and with the most baby-ish face he should muster, asks; “please?” in a almost babyish tone... .

With that; King Sombra says; “sure...” and let’s go of Poundcake. But before he could let Poundcake off the hook; Sombra asks; “and then?...”.

Confused; Poundcake turned and asked; “what?”

King Sombra cleared his throat again, and says; “and what do you say after you’ve gotten what you wanted?...”.

Poundcake pouted, crossing his forehooves, and meekly says; “no..” under his breath.

Sombra then called Poundcake’s name again, and repeated the question again.

Furious; yet not wanting to make things worse between him and Sombra; Poundcake sighs, and then says; “thank you...” even though it was soft to hear him say... .

King Sombra then asks; “what?” and gestures for Poundcake to say it again.

With the most pouting; yet angriest face he could muster; Poundcake says; “thank you!” and sits down on the ground in anger.

Satisfied; King Sombra then says; “you’re welcome”, and sits down next to Poundcake... .

Having enough antics for one day; Poundcake begins to ask; “so can I go now?” Sombra then says; “yes you can..” and gestures Poundcake to move along... .

But; before he could move on; a knock came at the door. Curious as to who it is; King Sombra got up, and opened the door for the pony at the door. Apparently; he wasn’t expecting a certain filly to return... . And oh boy; was he having second thoughts about opening that door... . He just kinda wish he hadn’t... but he did. Already! “Oh well...” he thought. “At least things can’t get any worse... . Right?...”.

Oh how he could’ve wished that he kept his mouth shut... .