• Published 7th May 2021
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Sombra’s Interesting Quest - Badguy400

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Chapter One: The Escape

“Hello..” a certain chess cutie marked filly greeted.

Not wanting to be rude; despite the fact that he wants to and all... King Sombra has no choice but to force out a smile, and say; “ah... hey... friend... . How’s it going?”

The little filly strolled inside, then says; “great”, and goes to interact with the Cake Twins. King Sombra closes the door, and follows behind; wanting to figure out what his “friend” wants... .

The twins looked at the little filly, and Pumpkin Cake says; “uh... hi?... .”

The filly then says; “hi”, as well, and sits down on the floor with the twins.

After a few minutes of awkward silence; one of the Twins spoke up. “Uh... hey there... miss... .” Poundcake said a little awkwardly because of the silence.

“Hey”, the filly said enthusiastically.

Pumpkin Cake then asked; “so... what brings you here Cozy Glow?”

Sombra joins in and asks; “yeah... . Why’re you here?”

Cozy Glow clears her throat, stands up, and takes out a scroll to show them. “This scroll here is why I’m here.”

Sombra thinks, and asks; “so what? I’m getting messages from a prankster again?” All three of the ponies looked at Sombra with raised eyebrows. And then Sombra replied; “it happened before. So why not?”

Moving on from the awkward silence; Cozy Glow then began to read the scroll out loud:

“Ahem! Dear King Sombra... . I’m sorry to inform you, but we need your help again. You see; Flurry Heart has gotten captured by bandits this time; not by yetis. Not to mention that me and my beloved husband: Shining Armor; have been captured by the bandits too. So; I’m asking you once more for your help into saving Equestria once again.... . I would highly recommend that you meet this with the utmost urgency... . I fear that at this rate; Equestria will never be the same again... .

So; I ask you this just once.. . Please oh please help us! Please... . We really don’t wanna perish. And we really don’t wanna become target practice for our enemies... . So I ask you this; please help us. Or else Equestria will be destroyed... . I’m afraid that their attack has begun.. . Help us; now!

Sincerely; Princess Mi Amore Cadenza.

P.S. the Crystal Empire is where me and my family are held. Please hurry!


With nothing to spare; King Sombra then took the scroll from Cozy Glow, and gathered around with the three foals. “Alright, so here’s what we gotta do”, King Sombra began. “We gotta help them be rescued by an enemy force. Is that clear?”

The three foals nodded, but then Poundcake asked; “w-wait... . If this is real... . Then where’s Pinkie Pie?” Pumpkin Cake got worried, and asked the same question as her brother once did.

With that; Cozy Glow said; “well.. . They’re either captured too.. . Or they’re gone.. . Yeah.”

Sombra got a little disappointed, and said; “well; we don’t know that yet do we?”

Cozy Glow then replied; “yeah... . But it could happen; right?”

Sombra then replied back; “yeah... . But I wouldn’t think of the worst case scenario; okay? Right now; we just gotta focus on the positives. And get our stuff ready. Something tells me that this is just the beginning of our new adventure together...”. Cozy Glow got excited, and squealed at the thought. But soon blushed, and apologized shyly. King Sombra then said; “no worries..” and got up. “Alright... . Let’s go save Equestria!”