• Published 31st Jul 2020
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Split Personality - Darravan

A Cozy Glow has made a twin with her conscience trapped inside and now it's all alone in a world that hates it.

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Twilight walked down the white palace hallways of Canterlot castle carrying Cozy's bottle in her magic and would occasionally glance out a window to the rolling mountains and the stars beyond. Guards were standing at there stations as she walked by, though Twilight didn't pay them any mind, she was too lost in thought. How had a situation that felt so right now feel so wrong. If Cozy had such horrible parents then why didn't she say anything? Was there something she hadn't seen before? Twilight thought of Cozy from her time at the school of friendship, she always seemed ready to help, always trying to be there for others. Was all of that a lie or was there some truth to her actions even if in the slightest?

Twilight noticed Spike enter her peripheral vision, she hadn't even noticed him catching up to her. "um Twilight are you doing okay? that was pretty intense" Spike said, holding his hands out for further emphasis and breaking her silent brooding.

"I'll be fine Spike, I'm just thinking." Twilight glanced at her friend, If Spike betrayed me wouldn't I try to save him? Of course she would, even if it would destroy her, but she had just left Cozy in a dark pit with Lord Tirek. Ugh... what could she do now, Cozy had tried to kill her and that wasn't even considering the fact of her trying to take over the world.

"It's about Cozy Glow right?" Spike asked glancing at the levitated baby bottle clearly already knowing her answer.

"Ugh... just when I thought I knew what to do, something like this happens." Twilight said nodding towards her latest gift as they finally reached their bedchambers. "I don't know what I'm going to do Spike, lets just get some sleep, tomorrow I plan on figuring something out." Twilight shook her head, she was to tired to be in this state of mind, what was she gonna do? Spank her and put her in a corner, if Twilight released her Cozy would be plotting her demise with every breath in her body. I need to find out more...

An idea came to Twilight as she looked at the gold clad royal guard stationed outside her royal bedchambers. "Um pardon me, sir" Twilight said, and as soon as she did the guard turned towards her at attention and bowed his head, "Yes, you're highness". Twilight had to know, "Can you tell me the name of the maid with red hair and green eyes, she just resigned from the palace?" that got him to look up at her as he said, "Yes I can, her names Rosie you're highness"

Rosie, Twilight would have to contact her when she'd had some time to calm down. "How... how long did Rosie work at the royal palace, do you know?" Twilight had to get a timeline of events.

The guard looked up and raised a hoof to his chin in thought, "Hmm...I believe I've only seen her around here for about two years."

Two years, where had she been before that? "Do you know anything about where she was employed before coming here?" Twilight asked despite knowing the longshot of a random guard knowing Rosie's personal history.

"I'm sorry your grace that's all I know" He said, as I suspected, well it's better than no lead at all I suppose.

Twilight gave him a week smile and said, "It's quite alright sir, thank you." before glancing towards Spike to see him listening intently, at least I don't have to handle this mess alone.

Twilight opened the door and used her magic to light her fireplace, then she lowered the Bottle to sit on her nightstand. Afterwards Twilight and Spike made their way to their beds in silence. Her's was said by Celestia herself to be the best bed made in Canterlot, oh please let that be true Twilight thought as she hopped in and snuggled into her head pillow, not even a thousand years and I already wanna retire. She waited as Spike curled up under his own blankets and then whispered over to him "Goodnight Spike".

"You too Twilight" Spike said matching her low volume and moved himself around until he found the perfect position for his slumber. Twilight turned her head to face the baby bottle and whispered, "Goodnight Cozy". Tomorrows another day, I've just gott'a figure this out, Twilight thought as her eyes closed and darkness whisked her away.

Cozy was running through the dark forest all around her with the howling wind torturing her ears, every time she looked back she could see them, about a dozen yellow eyes were chasing her through the dense undergrowth. I have to get out, I have to get out, Cozy thought as her fear drove her to push herself faster and faster. Where was she? Why couldn't she find the way out? Cozy ran past tree after tree, barley being able to see them in the darkness of the forest.

Cozy could hear her pursuers growling and snapping twigs in their pursuit as they made their way after her. I don't know what they are but they sound big, I just have to get away... I have too!, Cozy glanced up to see the full moon peeking out from the storm clouds in the night sky... why can't I fly? She thought as she flapping her wings to no avail.

Cozy saw a break in the trees and dove past the treeline, ending up in a small clearing beside a towering mountain. Oh no, I can't get away... Cozy had cornered herself... now there was nowhere left to run! She swiveled back around to her pursuers who... weren't leaving the forest? Why were they waiting? Cozy backed up until her backside hit the mountain wall and she heard a clang. Huh, Cozy looked behind her to find a large black door with red patterns embedded in it. Wait I've seen this door before... , it was the door to Tartarus! What was going on! that wasn't there a second ago? Cozy didn't want to go in there... back to the cages... back to her misery.

Cozy looked back at the forest to see the eyes were gone. Should I leave... no they'll get me I ...I have to um. Cozy was at a loss, what should she do, she needed somepony, anypony! she had to get somewhere safe. Then she heard the door creek open. Cozy turned towards the sound startled, wait was there somepony there? Cozy whispered "Hello... who..who's there?" hope filling her that maybe sompony would help her but nopony answered. Mustering up her courage Cozy slowly trotted forward and with her shaking front hoof pushed on the giant cracked door.

To her shock the doors flung open the second her hoof touched the cold ancient metal. What greeted her was the most Horrifying sight Cozy had ever seen, a dark tunnel of flesh stretched before her with rows of giant teeth clinging to its walls as it moved and flexed each sharpened tooth the size of Cozy's very own forehoof, but that wasn't the worst part there were eyes... staring at her from the flesh between the teeth on the walls, hundreds of them watching her. Cozy started backing away in fear, What is that thing? Then to her horror black tendrils from the center abyss of the dark cave monster started snaking their way towards her. Run... run, Cozy turned to flee but didn't get two hoofsteps before one of the black appendages latched onto her back legs and pulled her back, bringing her down to the ground.

Cozy glanced back in time to see more of them coming towards her, no... No! Cozy pulled at her assailant with all her might, when it didn't work she let out a bloodcurdling scream "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah...No..ugh", Cozy could only watch in horror as another vine like appendage latched onto her left wing and then as another wrapped itself around her barrel. Cozy was losing ground as she was pulled past the entrance of the large stone doors, with the darkness closing in around her. Cozy turned back to the forest and saw... Princess Luna, the night princess stood at the treeline, her magical star filled mane flinging in the howling wind, as her mouth hung open agasp in shock as the doors slammed shut, sealing Cozy's fate.

"Aaaaaah!" Cozy screeched as she pulled herself from her blanket hyperventilating. Cozy glanced from side to side realizing she was right where she'd fallen asleep after finding the road, Huh...It was just a dream... wait no that was a nightmare for sure. Cozy couldn't stop panting or stop her heart from racing, Have to calm down... have to calm down. Cozy put a hoof to her chest and drew in a deep breath trying to get control of herself, I've never had a nightmare like that before... or at least the other me didn't.

Cozy's breathing steadied as she looked up into the night sky, It's still nighttime. Cozy gazed at the twinkling stars in all their splendor, they'd always been there for her when she felt like she needed something pretty to take her mind off things. I can't stay up star gazing I have to... get back to sleep, if she didn't she would be to tired to travel and she knew she needed all the energy she could to pass by Ponyville undetected. That's probably at least a day away on hoof, she thought as she glanced around the forest for danger. I hope nothing out there heard me... fear gripped Cozy again as the reality that she was at the forests mercy played on her mind. "Just have to get back to sleep... ulp*." Cozy said to herself as she curled herself back into a ball and pulled the blanket back over her. Please let things be okay..., Cozy thought unsure about if she was thinking of the forest creatures or going back to sleep...

Starlight cracked her eyes open as she lay sprawled out in her bed, her gaze stared at an open window with a stream of sunshine shinning itself in. Hmm... must be morning, she thought hearing birds chirping in the peaceful town of Ponyville,well time to get up. Starlight wanted to start her day off right, afterwards she planned on getting everything she could for her and Trixie's trip.

Starlight rolled out of bed and trotted down the castle halls while brushing her hair, it feels different living here now without Twilight and Spike, I feel so lonely. Well not completely lonely Starlight made her way to her old room where she'd left Trixie, only to see the door already open. Wow... Trixie beat me getting up, That pony never ceased to amaze her. Starlight proceeded to the kitchen and started heating up two cups of coffee, Lets see if I can find her before this gets cold. Starlight gathered the some of her morning ritual and took a sip feeling it warm her insides, aaaah much better.

Starlight exited the palace doors using her magic to carry Trixie's morning gift and trotted around the side of the castle to Trixie's wagon. Starlight wondered if her best friend would like to spend the day with her, you know since they weren't leaving immediately. Starlight knocked on the door and asked, "Hey Trix are you in ther-"

"Over here!" Trixie shouted cutting her off. Starlight swiveled around to see her magician friend resting beneath a tree with her tilted star covered hat covering up her face.

There you are, Starlight slowly trotted over to her and plopped down on the grass beside her, then she nudged Trixie's shoulder with her offered coffee. Trixie brought a hoof under her hat and lifted it up eyeing the warm beverage.

"Did you add sugar?" Trixie asked while cocking an eyebrow, looking incredibly tired.

"Of course" Starlight said huffing as Trixie took her hat off and began sipping away. Starlight gazed at the rising sun over Ponyville, you can't find that just anywhere, she thought marveled by the serenity of it all. "Sooo... why did you come to sit out here instead of staying in bed?" Starlight asked curious as to why Trixie had chosen to rest beneath a tree of all places.

"The Great and Powerful Trixie sleeps where she wants" she replied in a neutral tone taking another sip and gazing across the rolling green hills that lay between Ponyville and the School of friendship. Starlight giggled remembering Trixie after she had eaten too many sweets, and was able to move. "Yeah unless you pass out, then you sleep where I put you" she said pointing a hoof at herself and earning an amused smile from Trixie.

"Har-har, Trixie needed some fresh air and it's hard to get that in a castle, so why are you really here?" Trixie said turning to Starlight grinning. Wow was she actually quicker while tired?

"Okay do you wanna spend the day around Ponyville with me? Maybe we can find some stuff for you're magic show." Starlight asked while batting her eyelashes, which earned a snort from her weary friend.

"Sure thing, just... ten more minutes" Trixie whispered putting her cup between her legs and resting her head on Starlight's shoulder. Okay I've now graduated to being a makeshift pillow, my father would be so proud Starlight thought as she stole a sip from Trixie's coffee and went back to staring at the wonderful scenery.

Twilight listened patiently as Fancypant's finish his Proposal. "I do believe you're highness that the best way to halt this disruption in the future is to ask for an ambassador from each of Equestia's allies, so we can come to a reasonable arrangement on the import of outside products that seems both fair and beneficial without swindlers trying to take advantage of our average business pony." Fancy said adjusting his monocle. I know why he's so interested Fancy has a slew of businesses to maintain and he wants to make sure he gets the most out of them, especially where new merchandise is concerned, Twilight thought as she considered his greed in the matter but... she supposed that didn't matter, it would be beneficial to work this out with the other nations and keep things going smoothly for Equestria's economy regardless of anypony's personal gain.

"I do believe I agree wholeheartedly Fancypants, we should ask for ambassadors to come and make a fair arrangement." Twilight said as she glance at Spike who nodded and added this to his list for Twilight to do in the near future.

Twilight supposed she ought to end this soon, she had a public appearance later and she really didn't want to procrastinate. Twilight needed all the time she could get to figure out what course of action she wanted to take with the villains, How can I help Cozy, let alone all of them if all they want to do is destroy me, Twilight thought before returning to the subject at hoof. "Thank you Fancy if that's all I bid you farewell, until we speak again." Twilight said giving him a smile and a light wave of her hoof. Fancypants bowed his head and turned, walking towards the entrance when a guard bolted through the palace doors and made his way to Twilight. Oh what now, Twilight thought as he took his helmet off and met her gaze.

"It's the statue you're highness, my commander sent me to get you, there's a mob of ponies trying to break it apart!" He said hurriedly.

"Oh No!" Twilight got up from her throne and ran past the guard and Fancypants with Spike flying close behind her. She had to stop them, Cozy, Tirek, and Chrysalis were defenseless, I can't let this happen. Twilight ran past the line of ponies who wanted to speak with her, most of them giving her a shocked expression as she shot past them.

Twilight burst through the double doors of the palace entrance, spread her wings, and took flight Come on, Come on she scanned the green Royal gardens as she made her way towards the stone statue. There, Twilight thought as she saw a mass of ponies with signs waving them about as they yelled at the worried guard patrol who were trying desperately to fending them off. Twilight landed behind the guards with most of the ponies gathered falling silent at her presence.

"WHATS GOING ON HERE!", Twilight was in no mood at this kind of display as she decided to opt for her royal canterlot voice instead of her usual calm tone, hopefully it would pacify the angry mob and get them to listen to her. Most of the ponies gathered looked to be unicorn nobles, Twilight couldn't make out any ponies from outside of Canterlot here. Then she heard one of them shout "They need to be destroyed before they get lose and destroy our city!" with most of the ponies nodding their heads in agreement. They're scared I should have expected this, Twilight decided to try a peaceful way of getting them to calm down first before doing anything rash, "I know you're all scared but these three aren't dangerous anymore, all they can do is stay in this garden and pay for their crimes". Twilight saw some ponies relax but at least half of them were still staring daggers at the structure behind her. They really would turn the villains to rubble if she let them wouldn't they?

Twilight listened as another of the ponies in the crowd gathered his courage and shouted "They don't deserve to stay here with us" as a brick was flung towards the statue. No! Twilight thought watching it sail through the air only for Spike to intercept it mid flight and burn it to ashes. Okay no more playing around,"Anypony who breaks or demolishes this statue from this day forth shall take it's place in the Royal Gardens!" Twilight said glaring at the ponies with the royal guards positioning themselves around her in a semicircle. After which the ponies gathered reeled their heads back in shock, while some gasped at the prospect of being turned to stone. "I don't want to see anypony trying to deface this statue again, now disperse!" Twilight shouted, relieved when the gathered ponies started breaking up and began trotting back towards the city.

After Twilight watched the last of them leave she turned to the Guard captain, "I want a patrol guarding this statue from now on, if anypony tries to harm it bring them to me." The older looking guard nodded his head and said "at once you're highness." while saluting her. Twilight turned toward the statue to see a rock had been already thrown at it before she got there and looked it over, Oh no, there was a slight crack on Chrysalis's shoulder. I wonder if she's hurting, Twilight thought as she put a hoof on it imagining the changling queen screeching in pain, trapped in her immobile prison. I did this I shouldn't have left them out here, Twilight's guilt taunted her, she had to find out if Chrysalis was alright somehow.

Twilight looked at her hoof to see it trembling, I hope I didn't go to far... As horrible as it was she really did intend to turn anypony to stone if they destroyed the villains in the state they were in now. She glanced at Spike as he followed her making eye contact. "Thank you Spike" she said looking away in a somber tone.

"Don't mention it, they might be evil but they don't deserve to get smashed into a million pieces." Spike said as he crumbled a tiny bit of brick ashes in his claws and then crossed his arms. "Are you gonna be okay Twilight?"

"Yes Spike, I just wish things like this didn't happen" she said looking back up at the statue before turning around to make her way back to the palace. She supposed she would have to ask Discord about the wound on Chrysalis...

Tender made her way down the dirt road occasionally glancing into the forest to see small animals about as they climbed trees and ran in the undergrowth. Why do I always listen to him?, she thought glancing at her husband, Victor as he pulled all their supplies along in a large brown wagon. "So do you think you're little detour will take another night before we reach civilization again?" she said worried about another long trek through the woods to find a camp site.

"In all honesty, yes it probably will" he said much to her disdain, I appreciate the honesty honey but you could give me some hope, I have nothing to do out here.

"Huh... why did I let you have the map again?" she said pouring sarcasm into her words, wanting to lighten the mood on their nature walk.

"Because of you're over bearing love..." he said letting his words trail off while making eye contact with her and adopting a playful grin, then he said "It wasn't all that bad was it?". It really hadn't been they had eaten smores' and nature watched all kinds of critters, but as fun as that was it wasn't what they'd left Manehatten for. Tender wanted to see the cowboy saloons, the palaces, and heck even the Crystal Empire if she got her way.

She wanted to see all of Equestria, not wander aimlessly through the forest for days. Tender lowered her head, she was fed up with this whole situation, "No it wasn't... I just wanna get back on Tra-"

"Wait lovebear, do you see that." he said cutting her off and pointing down the road from them.

Tender looked up at him in surprise and followed his hoof... there was something in the road. It looked like a gray blanket and a hoofpack... a child's hoofpack. I don't think I like this, did something bad happen here?, Tender and Victor gave each other a look of worry, Who would be all the way out here? "Umm... what should we do?" she asked, looking for a game plan. "We should probably check it out, somepony might be in trouble" Victor said, He's right Tender gave him a nod and they both started trotting forward slowly.

The closer they got the more she could make out. There was a rubber duck sitting a little ways from the blanket in the road, and... was the blanket moving! Tender put a hoof to her mouth to stop from gasping, and then got right over the blanket, her shadow eclipsing it. Somepony really small was laying in the middle of the road, I hope their not hurt. she glanced back at Victor to see him studying the scene as well. Okay here goes... Tender thought and prepared herself for what she might see as she grasped the edge of the blanket in her teeth and pulled it away slowly to reveal a passed out pink filly laying on her chest with bows in her light blue hair. Oh my Celestia... Tender got close with her eyes darted over the small child as she checked for any damages, she didn't look to be injured but it looked like she had been out here for a while given the dirt clinging to some of her fur. "Oh dear..." she whispered pulling a small leaf out of the girls braided hair with her hoof, being careful not to wake her.

Tender glanced back to see Victor motioned with his hooves for her to go ahead. Just have to be gentle..., Tender put her hoof lightly on the filly's shoulder and slightly shook her awake while saying, "Hello um... h..honey".

Tender watched as the girls eyes started fluttering and then she snapped awake, as soon as she made eye contact with her the filly let out a scream "ahhhh!". Tender drew her hoof back reflexively and watched in silence as the filly scrambled up to her hooves and backed away to stand five feet away from them.

"Who...who are you?" the girl said, Tender could see fear all over the filly's face as she spoke, The poor things scared to death.

"It's alright we're not going to hurt you, are you okay?" Tender asked watching the filly just noticeably tremble. The girl looked between the two clearly unsure...

Cozy's first instinct was to run, she was still to close to Ponyville, but something about how friendly they were reacting to her made Cozy want to stay. Cozy stood back from the two earth ponies as she glanced from one to the other, one was a light grey almost white stallion with green eyes and short blond hair, while the other was a cream colored mare with curly blue hair and pink eyes. They don't seem to reconize me, she thought as she definitely hadn't seen either of them before. Cozy listened as the mare asked if she was alright. "I...I think so" she said trying to slow her racing heart. The mare glanced down and let out a sigh of relief before looking back up at cozy with a relieved smile. The stallion also seemed to visibly relax, Cozy glanced past him to see he was pulling a large wagon with a seat in the front, I haven't seen one of those since I was at Sweet Apple Acers.

"We didn't mean to startle you,... are you out here all by yourself?" the stallion asked and then made eye contact with the lady that Cozy could only assume was his marefriend.

"Yes, I'm on my own" Cozy shook her head, "I'm not out here with anypony", Cozy said deciding to be as honest as she could be with them without giving herself away.

"Where are you're parents" the mare said, looking into the forest for anypony that could be with her.

"I don't have any" Cozy said opting again to be bluntly honest and earning a shocked expression from the pair, The other me would be lying to them for sure.

"Shouldn't you be in an orphanage" ,the stallion asked cocking his head.

"The last one I was in wasn't nice at all, so I decided to live somewhere else", Cozy said thinking of her past memories from before the school of friendship.

The cream colored mare took a step forward, being careful not to touch Cozy's blanket as she said, "My names Tender Taps" then she glanced back at the Stallion who trotted up beside her, "and my names Victor Taps" he said putting his forehoof to his chest, So they were together and wait, what was that accent... Neightish, he sounded like Octavia from Ponyville, then he pointing his hoof in Tenders direction, "Tender here is my wife. What's you're name?" he asked with both of them locking eyes onto her.

Oh no what do I do, Cozy thought knowing she had to come up with something quick. "Umm... I don't know if I should tell you." she said trying to buy time so she could figure something out. Cozy watched as the stallion narrowed his eyes and said, "Why not". Quick have to dodge somehow, "Because you're strangers" Cozy said narrowing her eyes slightly for extra effect. To her surprise Victor laughed and put a hoof by his mouth as he whispered to Tender, "What is with this sassy lost child" Cozy watched Tender roll her eyes at his remark and say, "It's okay you can trust us, we want to help you." as she sent a warm smile Cozy's way.

She seems nice,... okay I have to come up with something that won't link me to the other me, maybe Cozy could give both of them something besides her first name.

"I... I'll tell you but you have to promise not to laugh." Cozy said waving her hooves in front of her and watching them share a glance. Tender locked eye's with Cozy and said, "We promise, no laughing" while sitting on her tail and putting her hooves together in front of her. Okay, I hope this works... "My names Dizy". Cozy watched the awkward silence ensue until Victor put a hoof over his mouth trying not to giggle as Tender elbowed him in the shoulder and sent him an angry glare. Cozy could basically see Applejack shaking her head and glaring at her from behind both of them, We'll it wasn't technically lying. Cozy thought, she probably needed to clarify for them.

"My middle names Dizannah, but well... my sister always called me Dizy sooooo...." Cozy said scratching her horehoof on the ground and watching them both absorb the only thing she could reasonably tell them without either giving herself away or lying. That's when Tender raised an eyebrow and asked "Well what's you're first name?". Oh why couldn't things be simple? Think Cozy, come up with something...no wait play it off, "I really don't wanna say, believe it or not my first names way worse than Dizy" Cozy said rolling her eyes, again not lying so... maybe Applejack would be proud?

"Hmm... well I think Dizy sounds pretty cute." Tender said getting up off the road, please... don't call me cute.

"We can't just leave you out here all alone Dizy, you should come with us okay." Tender said motioning for Cozy to come over to them. They want to take me with them, It would certainly be much safer on the road if she traveled with somepony.

"Golly are you sure?", Cozy said wanting to make sure if it was okay before becoming a burden to the nice couple.

"Absolutely, get you're things and hop up here with me" Tender said trotting back to the wagon and climbing up to sit on the tiny bench at the head of it. Cozy trotted forward and wrapped up her now dirty blanket and placed it back over the evil book in her pack. Then she reached for her night guardian and picked up the small ducky, you really stood guard all night didn't you, my little hero, she thought before putting him in with her winter gear. Cozy picked her pack up with her teeth and carried it over to the wagon where Tender leaned down and took it, placing it in the back with the rest of their supplies. Cozy waited for Tender to get situated before climbing up and sitting next to her, then she pulled her tail around her side so she didn't wind up sitting on it and used her front hooves to hold herself up as she dangled her back hooves over the road between her and Victor.

"You girls ready" their driver said looking back over his shoulder.

"Yes we're ready, now mush!" Tender jokingly replied and with a smirk and a nod from Victor the wagon started heading down the dirt road. Cozy watched as the woods passed by them seemingly no longer a threat, This is really relaxing she thought, happy that she was making it out of the forest without having to walk anymore. Cozy wondered what they were doing all the way out here, this wasn't a path most ponies took. As Cozy wondered her stomach growled, an action that Cozy saw Tender take notice of as she reached behind her and brought back a peach in her forehooves.

"Here eat this" Tender said holding it in front of her.

she was just giving her food? "Are you sure, I don't have any bits?" Cozy said, looking up at her.

"Mm-hmm" Tender hummed watching her, why was she being so nice?

Cozy twitched her ears in anticipation as she took the fruit in her hooves and bit into it, her hunger vanishing before she even got done chewing. Cozy took another bite, and then another until finally only the core remained, then she tossed it in the underbrush of the forest, wow that was tasty. Tender chuckled when Cozy licked her lips clean trying to get every last taste she could.

"So how was it?" Tender inquired after watching the whole event unfold in silence.

"Peachy" Cozy replied smiling up at her companion in gratitude as she rubbed her shoulder, which earned a laugh from both of them. "Later we'll have smores when we find someplace to camp for the night." Tender said as she took in the forest view, is that a promise? Cozy thought deciding if they were offering treats she wouldn't say no. When Cozy pulled her hoof from her shoulder it was covered in dirt, hmm... must be from the road I slept on. "Wait let me" Tender said breaking her train of thought as Cozy turned watching as her new companion retrieved a white cloth rag from behind their seat and a canteen... suddenly Cozy got very thirsty at the sight of water, Weird I didn't feel thirsty until I actually saw the canteen. Tender followed Cozy's eyes to the canteen putting two and two together and asked, "Are you thirsty?"

"Golly Yes" Cozy said trying not to sound to desperate as Tender hoofed the refreshment over. Cozy brought it to her lips and drank it feeling as if it was just cold enough not to freeze her mouth. When Cozy was done gulping it down she took a deep breath and handed it back. Cozy watched as Tender poured what little water remained on the rag she was holding and placed a hoof on the side of Cozy's head, then she saw blackness as Tender started cleaning Cozy's face. After blushing in silence for the rest of her cleaning, which Cozy knew wasn't a normal reaction as she let this stranger she'd just met basically wipe her down. Tender was easy and took great care to get Cozy all over, as the rag turned from white to brown as it took the dirt off of her, she even got behind my ears. Cozy thought, grateful that Tender would be willing to do such a thing for her.

"There all done, it was hard to tell if there was a filly under there?" Tender said jokingly. Cozy chuckled at the idea that they couldn't tell if she was pink or not because of the dirt clinging to her fur, they're fun to be around she thought as she happily dangled her backhooves back and forth over the road. Things were finally looking up, she wasn't alone anymore and they were taking her out of the forest. Tender put the items away, then she put a hoof around Cozy and drew her closer to where their bodies touched, Is... is she trying to comfort me?

Tender looked down at her with a look of sympathy and said, "It must have been scary out here on you're own". Cozy gazed up at the pools of pink making eye contact with her, She has really pretty eyes... unlike mine. Cozy couldn't have agreed more with what she said as the thought of her last nightmare flashed in her mind. She nodded her head in agreement with Tender as they turned and looked forward, watching as the road vanished under the wagon.

This made total sense Starlight thought as she and Trixie trotted down the winding dirt path to Fluttersh's cottage. She knew Fluttershy trusted her, all they had to do was promise to take care of the animals and then they would have all of them at their disposal for even more acts in their show, Muwahahahahaha.

"So Flutterwho lives out in the middle of nowhere?" Trixie said glancing at the wildlife around them as they walked.

"It's Fluttershy and yes she lives out here with all her animals" Starlight corrected, she's lived here for a couple of years now you'd think she'd get to know somepony... well somepony besides me.

Trixie huffed not looking to thrilled as she said, "So let me get this strait, you think because you're friends with her that she's going to just let us take some of her animals with us aaaaaaaall the way to Saddle Arabia?", well when you say it like that.

"I think it's at least worth asking about. I haven't taken care of animals before, but how hard can it be." Starlight replied while shrugging. If Fluttershy gave her some tips Starlight knew she could handle it, after all she had taken care of an entire town on her own before and the worst thing Fluttershy could do was say no, so why not at least try right.

"You've never taken care of animals before?" Trixie asked

"No why?" Starlight replied confused, Trixie knew not everypony had a pet, some of them had other hobbies, Like my kites, I take good care of those... so this should be easy.

"It's... a lot harder than you think." Trixie said

Pouting Starlight was taken aback, Wow was she insinuating that I couldn't handle something like taking care of a rabbit, the nerve! after everything I've done a forest dwelling bunny is going to be to much for me.

"I take care of you don't I" Starlight said grinning while taking a jab at her now shocked walking companion.

"Watch it Starlight, I'll turn you into a teacup!" Trixie said glaring at her narrowing her eyes.

That would be so funny, Starlight the pupil of the princess of friendship bested by a transfiguration spell. Her life would then and forevermore be for the use of serving tea to everypony.

Starlight chuckled at the thought as they crossed Fluttershy's tiny bridge and trotted up to the front door of her tiny cottage. Starlight knocked twice and waited as she heard Fluttershy from the other side of the door. "I wonder who that could be" Starlight heard Fluttershy say as she started trotting to the door to greet her. Then to Starlight's dismay she heard Discord reply "whoever it is tell them to come back later, we only have tea every so often.", oh great I hope he doesn't do anything... chaosy while we're here.

Fluttershy opened the top part of her door and said, "ooh Starlight what brings you out here?"

"I actually wanted to talk to you, can we come in?" Starlight said looking past Fluttershy to see the chaos lord roll his eyes while sitting in one of Fluttershy's chairs.

"We?" Fluttershy said poking her head out of the doorway and glancing at Trixie.

"Oh um sure come on in, we're having some tea so help yourselves." Fluttershy said waving a hoof for them to follow.

"Come on Trix we even get tea." Starlight said not mentioning Discord.

"I don't know Starlight, is this really worth a performance animal." Trixie said glancing back at the path to Ponyville. "ugh, come on Trixie we came all this way." Starlight said opening the other half of the door, trotting in, and taking a seat next to Fluttershy on her couch. She watched as Trixie entered and said "ugh... hello Discord" while rolling her eyes.

"Why such the negative reception, I did help save Equestria you know." Discord defended while turning his tea into a picture of himself beside Celestia and Luna as they were using their magic to turn the villains to stone. Starlight watched as he breathed hard on the frame and wiped it off on his chest before making it disappear with a snap of his claws.

"Yeah well you'll have to forgive Trixie for not exactly liking the Draconequus that started Armageddon." Trixie said in a spiteful tone as she plopped down on the couch on the other side of Fluttershy. Oh no here we go again, Starlight mentally sighed drinking some of her tea,... but in all fairness Trixie was right, Discord had some nerve to gloat over nearly destroying Equestria with his stupidity... again.

"You ponies are too sensitive, all I did was point those three in the right direction." Discord said bored with the subject and stretching his large figure in the small chair, I wonder how many ponies have told him off, I almost feel sorry for him... almost.

"Everypony let's just calm down." Fluttershy said trying to calm the two before things got heated.

"Can it Flubbershy, if he almost gets Trixie destroyed in another apocalypse again so help me!" Trixie said pointing a hoof at Discord.

"Ha! what are you going to do hurt my feewings." Discord said smirking at Trixie's impossible threat, Ugh... way to escalate things Discord.

"Um Trixie my-my names Fluttershy" Fluttershy said trying to correct Trixie who Starlight was convinced at this point was messing Fluttershy's name up on purpose.

"Okay Fluttershy's right let's just forget it happened and try and get along" Starlight said earning a thankful smile from the yellow Pegasus.

Trixie actually laughed at Starlight and said, "Yeah screw that" as she shot a pink ray of magic into the bored Draconequus. The beam hit him in the chest as Fluttershy let out an "Eeeep", Discord vanished and there sitting on the chair he had been in was a very familiar pink teacup. Oh no Trixie why!

"Discord!" Fluttershy said getting up of the couch with her mouth hanging open in shock.

Starlight watched in horror as Trixie ignored them both as she trotted around Fluttershy's coffee table and picked up her new teacup, grinning all the while, then she said, "Trixie one, evil Grogar wannabe zero". Then Trixie went and poured some of Fluttershy's tea into her new china with their shocked faces following her every movement. Afterwards Trixie sat in Discord's previously occupied seat and took a sip.

"Aaaahhhhh, the sweet taste of victory" Trixie said leaning into the chair as the teacup laughed with Discord's face appearing on the side of it. Then without warning he transformed back to his mismatched self on Trixie's lap pinning her to the seat. Fluttershy let out a sigh of relief as Starlight burst out laughing at the immediate karma. Poor Trixie she never can get a break... well none of the good kind.

"Get...off...of...me" Trixie's muffled voice said as she tried to push Discord off with her hooves.

"Actually I think this seat is way more comfortable with a seat warming pillow so I'll have to take a rain check and get back to you." Discord said leaning back into her as Trixie's yell was muffled from underneath him, "MMMmmmmhhhhhhhhh"

Having had enough of Trixie's torment Starlight came to her rescue and lifted Discord off of her gasping blue friend, and placed him on the other side of the coffee table. Starlight turned to see Trixie's red face as she huffed and stared daggers at Discord.

"You know she had that coming" he said to nopony in particular as he crossed his arms and looked away.

"You're one to talk mister end of the world!" Starlight yelled at his hypocrisy.

"If you ever..." Trixie said standing up and charging her horn as her anger visible started boiling over.

"You'll what cry and whine like you always do." Discord chanted while rolling a clawed hand provoking her further.

"Aaaaahhhhhhh!!!!" Trixie screeched as she shot magic blast after magic blast at Discord with Starlight putting her hooves to her head and drooping beside the coffee table to avoid the line of fire. I take it back this wasn't a good idea, I really shouldn't have brought her here.

Starlight witnessed the carnage of Trixie's magic blasts shooting over her head as Discord deflected them all around the room sending pink lasers bouncing off the walls as they knocked and destroyed Fluttershy's living room.

Then out of nowhere Starlight saw Fluttershy sit down on her couch and whisper, "It's so nice to have company over for tea." in a depressed tone as she took a sip from her cup before it was blown away in her hoof by a pink blast of magic.

Author's Note:

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