• Published 31st Jul 2020
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Split Personality - Darravan

A Cozy Glow has made a twin with her conscience trapped inside and now it's all alone in a world that hates it.

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Cozy stirred and opened her eyes to see the metallic bars of her tiny cage in Tartarus. What, how? Cozy thought as she peered through the black metal bars at the dark cave around her, only now she didn't hear any howling animals off in the distance and even Cerberus's heavy breathing didn't seem to be there anymore. Cozy glanced behind her at where her cellmate Tirek always was in his cage but both him and his dungen cell were long gone. Am I the only one here?

"Hello, is anypony there?!" Cozy shouted as she glanced around at her surroundings. Come on puppy bark...

Fear started to take hold of her, I don't want to be alone. Cozy backed up to one side of her tiny cell, which realistically was only about two feet from the other side and then she flung herself at the bars, trying to break free. When she made contact she heard a clang and backed up to see it not dented in the slightest, what are these things made of? she wondered. Again and again she flung herself at the bars to no avail as the darkness seemed to be getting darker around her. Then to her surprise a blinding white flash of light entered her vision as she made contact with her bars for the fifth time. Cozy held up a hoof until after the light faded, then she saw the princess of the night herself only for some strange reason Luna didn't appear to have her crown or her royal attire on.

Cozy wasted no time in pleading to get away from the accursed prison she was in, "Please, please let me out." Cozy begged as she put her hooves around two of the bars holding her there as she gazed up at her visitor.

Luna approached her cautiously and with every step it seemed she would glance in a different direction of the cave. What's she looking for... Cozy wondered as Luna made it to within four feet of her cage before stopping and staring down at her.

"Cozy Glow is that you?" Luna asked as her eyes seemed to study her like a lab experiment.

"Y...Yes." she answered. Despite Luna leaving her in this place to begin with Cozy was glad she was here, right now I'd give anything not to be alone in this place.

"That's unfortunate... it's fitting to find you here, it seems even in you're dreams your rightfully being punished for your crimes." Luna said as her blue eyes turned cold as she glared down at her.

A dream... wait this wasn't real? Cozy thought as she broke her eyes away from Luna's and glance around the cave again. If this is a dream then it has to end right?, she really wanted to wake up now, she didn't have too many fond memories of this place. All the days she'd been stuck in here to rot away...

"Well I-" Cozy started.

"Where is the creature?" Luna asked which got Cozy to snap her mouth shut and pay attention. Creature... what creature?

"I don't know what you're talking about." Cozy said but kept her volume low so she didn't offend her jailer.

Luna closed her eyes and took a deep breath, then she trotted forward towards Cozy's tiny cell. When she got close enough for Cozy to reach out and touch her with her hooves Luna lit up her horn and put the sparkling blue energy to the top of Cozy's cage. After a second the cage turned to dust around her as she felt the cold metal disappear out from under her, sending her flank to land on the bright cave floor. Cozy backed up a few hoofsteps from Luna as she cherished her new mobility. Despite now knowing this was a dream she still felt safer away from the younger of the two royal sisters, why did she free me?

"I'm looking for a creature from you're latest dream, if you tell me where it is I'll talk to twilight on you're behalf and see about giving you a lesser sentence than the one Celestia and I bestowed upon you." Luna stated.

A lesser sentence? Cozy wondered as images of the door monster entered her mind. I don't know what that creature was... but I can't just tell her nothing... what do I do?

"I don't know what that thing was." Cozy answered nervously as she rubbed her forehoof.

Luna's eyes studied her for a good minute before her stare relaxed and she said, "No I don't suppose you would, would you. Sigh*... I'm surprised you're cooperating with me, that's actually the last thing I expected from you."

She thinks I'm the other me, Cozy realized as she decided to play the situation submissively, maybe if Luna saw her trying to help instead of trying to lie to her she might actually speak to Twilight, regardless of whether or not she was the original Cozy Glow. Cozy sat down and tucked her tail around her side as she tried to make herself seem as small as possible to the intimidating princess, hopefully this helps her calm down. Luna's gaze stayed on her but at least some of the hate seemed to vanish from her blue eyes.

Then Luna sat down in front of Cozy and took a look around Tartarus for a while before asking, "Can you tell me where you saw the monster in the waking world? That would be enough I think... and remember if you lie to me I won't be giving you any second chances."

"I... I just saw it in the dream." Cozy answered honestly as she waited for Luna to either explode or believe her.

Luna's eyes slightly narrowed, "Just in the dream... no where else?"

Cozy nodded, "That's right, it was just the dream."

"I find that hard to believe, unless you've read some very restrictive archives." Luna stated angerly. Oh no she's getting mad, I have to come clean...

"I-I'm not the real Cozy Glow." she said as she watched Luna's face turn from slight anger to surprise.

"But... you said you were." Luna said startled as she looked Cozy up and down.

"It's kind of hard to explain... Cozy Glow made me... kind of." Cozy said honestly, hoping Luna would understand.

Instead Luna got up from her sitting position and backed away, "What do you mean she made you?"

Cozy let out a sigh as she searched for the right words, "I... I was just a voice in the back of her head and well... she didn't exactly want me around anymore so she got rid of me."

Luna's face fell as her composure faltered, "H-how did she make you... exactly."

"Well she found this really old black book and then she used her Alicorn magic she got from Grogar's bell to cast a spell that tore me out of her head and put me in this body." Cozy explained somberly as Luna took another step back.

"And you don't feel hungry at all?" Luna asked as her eyes grew wider.

Cozy shook her head, "No, why can you get hungry in a dream?" Cozy asked unsure why Luna seemed suddenly scared of her.

"Not really... umm why did Cozy want to get rid of you, do you know?" Luna asked.

Well I was hopeful this wouldn't happen but... Cozy thought as she said, "We couldn't stop arguing, I wanted her to stop trying to take over the world and well... she had her mind pretty made up."

Luna stood still for a while as she took in all Cozy had said to her. Then she said, "You wanted to stop her from trying to take over?"

"Yes, she was never supposed to go that far, I'm sorry." Cozy lamented as she lowered her head in shame. I feel like I failed her...

"If what you say is true then tell me where you are in the waking world so I can find you." Luna asked which got Cozy more confused than anything, Why does she still want to punish me? then Luna asked "Are you still at Discord's evil lair?"

"No and it was Grogar's lair, I don't think Discord was ever there although I can't be entirely sure. It was just Tirek, Chrysalis, and well... me there, Discord didn't have anything to do with it." Cozy stated, why did she think it was Discord's lair?

"Look just... where are you now?" Luna asked with urgency. Why is she acting this way? Cozy wondered as she saw Luna slightly tremble. Is... is she scared?

Cozy got up and started trotting towards Luna and said, "C-calm down It's okay." Cozy approached her slowly while Luna stood still and silently watched Cozy's every move. When Cozy got right in front of Luna she sat down again and put her hoof on Luna's forehoof to try and snap her out of it. However when Cozy's hoof made contact Luna jerked her forehoof away from her...

"Golly..." Cozy said as she pulled her hoof away, She's terrified.

Luna whispered down at her, "Why aren't you attacking me?"

Cozy looked up into her wide blue eyes and asked "Why would I do that?" her answer didn't seem to have much effect but eventually Luna slowly started breathing normally and she lowered her head down right in front of Cozy's face. What's she doing, Cozy wondered as she let Luna poke her with a hoof in her tiny pink chest.

"This isn't right... you should be ravenous while being this close to me." Luna said. What is she talking about?

"I... I don't feel ravenous." Cozy said while looking around nervously as Luna studied her. After a minute of Luna staring at her Luna got up and circled her like a shark.

"When's the last time you ate anything?" Luna asked.

"I ate some smores before I went to sleep." Cozy stated as Luna seemed enthralled with her now. Is she okay...

Luna came to a halt back in front of Cozy as she stated, "You don't seem dangerous like the others but I have to be sure." Then Luna charged her horn and blasted Cozy with a blue ray of magic. Cozy cried out, "Aghhhhh!!" as the beam sent her rolling away from the Night Princess with a burn mark on her underside. Cozy grunted as she tried to pick herself up but before she could manage to find any purchase Luna grasped her in a circle of blue magic and brought her to land at the Princesses's hooves. Then Luna put her hoof lightly on Cozy's chest and moved it around as she felt Cozy's insides. Cozy stayed perfectly still as Luna went about her investigation. I'm too scared to move...

"You didn't defend yourself..." Luna said which confused Cozy, How was I supposed to defend myself from that!?

Luna apparently took notice of Cozy's fear of being blasted again because her next words were far more sympathetic, "Sorry I had to see how your mind would react to being harmed."

"Why?" Cozy asked as Luna picked her up again in a blue bubble of magic.

"I've never seen a Mimic not defending itself before..." Luna stated to herself as if Cozy wasn't there. What's a Mimic?
"You said you were having smores before bed right, can you tell me where you're camping?" Luna asked.

"I don't think I should tell you that. You might hurt me in the real world too." Cozy stated in her defense as she wrapped her hooves around herself and lightly cried in the blue magical bubble. I didn't even do anything...

Luna seemed taken aback as her face fell and she looked away in shame. Then Luna asked, "You haven't done anything wrong yet have you?" Not exactly, Cozy thought as she shook her head no. I need to get away from her, she could blast me again in an instant if she wanted too.

Cozy gasped when the magical bubble fell to the floor and dissipated as she landed on a white pillow in front of Luna. Cozy was amazed when Luna conjured up a pillow of her own, then she sat down and gestured for Cozy settle down as well. Cozy considered running away but knew she wouldn't make it three feet before Luna caught her with her magic so she reluctantly sat down on the pillow. Then Luna put on a slight smile and cleared her throat.

"Let's start all over, you say Cozy Glow didn't want you right... can you elaborate." Luna asked.

"I didn't want to take over the world and she did." Cozy stated with her body still tense with fear.

"So what do you want?" Luna asked as she reached over and played with Cozy's bow on the top of her head.

"I just want to be happy... I just want to live somewhere nice." Cozy said honestly as Luna's eyes turned soft towards her.

"You're nothing like Cozy Glow are you?" Luna asked rhetorically as her blue eyes seemed to peer into Cozy's soul.

"Golly I sure hope not." Cozy answered as she tried to relax in front of Luna. It's just a dream that's why I didn't feel any real pain when her magic hit me, it's all in my head. Cozy just had to bide her time until she woke up.

After a while Luna got up off of her pillow and said, "Alright I need to decide what should be done with you so tell me which road you're on and-" Luna paused before she continued as her expression turned to one of surprise, "You're waking up..." Luna said as the dark caves of Tartarus grew darker and eventually everything went black around Cozy.

Then things got extremely bright as Cozy saw Tender's yellowish face above her, then Tender whispered "Wake up sleepy head. It's time to get back on the road." Tender lightly shook Cozy until she snapped fully awake, then Cozy rubbed the sleepies out of her eyes. That was some dream...

"Come on you can rest on the wagon until we reach Ponyville." Tender said as she ushered Cozy out of the purple tent. What was Luna talking about?

Discord snapped his portal closed and yawned as he walked into his cavernous evil lair. Destroy it Twilight says, didn't she know this was a lot of hard work for him to make. Discord snapped his claws and brought the cave's torches to life, which illuminated the ghastly chasm. Then he went to his round stone table at the center of the room and snatched up his crystal ball.

"You know I never really used this thing." he said to himself as he pulled out a brown sack and tossed the ord into his bag of holding. At least Miss I need every artifact in the world will be happy, Why did she need everything, and what is she going to do with an all seeing magical orb except for spy on him to make sure he didn't do anything nefarious. Didn't she know he was a creature of chaos, trying to make him like everypony else would literally kill him. Oh control freaks...

Discord sighed as he headed down each of the brown rooms and gathered every book and relic he'd collected over the years. Then he found the trio's hidden contraption that had hidden the bell, No good backstabbers, you know I can't decide if I'm proud or angry... I mean it was certainly chaotic of them and they were villains after all, but on the other hand I did bring them together soooooo... they could have at least shown some gratitude... ugh it's so hard to find good help these days. Discord lamented as he went room to room and marked them all of his check list.

Finally he made it to his personal chambers he'd made for his alter ego and went about collecting the various torture devices he'd found throughout the years, I can't believe Grogar had so many of these things, talk about a hobby. Discord stopped at the bookshelf he'd placed all of Grogar's most dangerous spell books and glared at an empty spot. Wasn't there a big black one? he thought as he stared at the open book space.

Oh no, Discord checked his bag of relics as he realized the gravity of the situation and started looking around the room. Discord threw the bed of the bed stand and glanced under it, where was it? Discord chewed on one of his claws as he swept the other books into the his bag with his tail. Did one of them get a hold of it? he wondered as he went and checked the rooms again.

He stopped when he got to the Filly's room and noticed the blanket was gone. Of course it would be the evil brat, Discord thought before he checked beneath the bed and then threw open the dresser's many sections as he searched for the last book. Nothings really here, Discord thought as he racked is brain over the situation, If it's not here then somepony must have taken it... but why didn't they take anything else? Discord wondered before he teleported out of the lair and back on the river bank of the forest to look for clues. As he suspected there were hoof prints heading away from the hideout, tiny hoof prints.

Discord turned towards the lair, First things first I suppose, he snapped his claws and removed all the land holding the lair above the water then he watched in silence as the lair's horned exterior descended beneath the murky water. Now the brave fool who wants to end up in Tartarus, if they were a unicorn that would explain the Mimic Twilight was so interested in.

Discord's eyes followed the hoof prints until they disappeared into the grass of the forest. Darn I can't track them like this, Discord lamented as he put a claw on his chin and stroked his white beard. Fear started seeping in the back of his head as he realized his poor position with Twilight and her friends, they wouldn't turn me back to stone because of a thief... would they? I mean Fluttershy wouldn't let them... right. Discord took a large gulp as he tried to think of a way to break the bad news to Twilight over one of the most dangerous lost spellbooks in history.

Twilight stared up at the snarling changeling statue in front of her and then glanced behind her to see Spike and the fifty gold royal guards standing in anticipation for Chrysalis's release. I hope they remember the plan, she thought as she turned toward Dr. Graymare and Nurse Redheart who stood by with a large white gurney for their newest patient. I can't believe they actually came all the way from Ponyville for this, Twilight thought with gratitude at just how much she had stressed for them to come, I need the best for this.

Twilight approached the statue and focused on just Chrysalis, if she lost her concentration the other two would be freed as well, which despite the battalion behind her would be a catastrophe. She lit her horn and blasted the Changeling Queen on the head and then fluttered back five feet with her wings as she waited for the stone spell to lesson on Chrysalis.

Slowly but surly the stone broke away and grunts of anger could be heard as Chrysalis's face appeared with each fallen part of her prison. Then Chrysalis broke free and went strait to the ground, when she hit the floor she shouted. "Aaaaaaaaaaaagggggghhhh!!!!" in pain as a light green fluid started to seep out of her shoulder.

"You!!!!" Chrysalis shouted as her horn lit up with green magic.

Before she could do much though Twilight brought out Grogar's bell from behind her and with a ring she drained the last of Chrysalis's magic. There step one down, Twilight silently cheered as she saw Chrysalis's eyes turn from green to grey with the loss of her magic.

"You... Little..." Chrysalis made to get up but twenty five of Twilight's royal guards ran forward and surrounded her. Twilight stood by and watched as her guards held Chrysalis down and gave her a shot of sedative in her rear.

"Agh... ungh..." Chrysalis grunted as her flailing attempts to free herself lessened and her angry snarls turned into quiet whimpers. She really is in pain, Despite their past Twilight couldn't help but take pity on the wounded Queen, At least the hard parts over. Twilight signaled Doctor Graymare and Redheard over, as she told the guards holding Chrysalis down, "Good, now be carful when you get her on the gurney." then she turned to the rest of her guards and shouted, "Make sure we have a strait path to the palace." With most of them giving her a nod as they raced into the streets of Canterlot and quickly shooed the curious citizens out of the way. Good that's step two, Twilight thought and then nodded to Spike as he grabbed the bell and flew of towards the castle.

Twilight turned her attention back to Chrysalis as the changeling grunted against the guards as they used their hooves to pull her into the gurney, then with carful precaution they strapped her down and backed away.

"Do you have it from here?" Twilight asked Nurse Redheart as the nurse put a cloth gently on Chrysalis's bleeding shoulder, which got the changeling's eyes to snap shut as her face contorted in pain. Then to Twilight's surprise a tear ran down Chrysalis's black cheek. Is... is she crying, oh my Celestia...

"Yes, but we should hurry." Redheart said as she took the back of the gurney in her mouth and trotted past Twilight at a quick jog.

"Right." Twilight said and used her magic to turn the gurney for Redheart as they raced down the white streets of Canterlot.

With a snap of her magic the doors to the castle flung open and they raced into the large throne room where they had set up their very own makeshift hospital room. Afterwards Twilight closed the doors behind them and studied Chrysalis as she was unstrapped and placed on the hospital bed in the center of the room. Good she's not fighting anymore, Twilight let out a sigh of relief as she watched Dr. Graymare and Redheart remove the now soaked green rag and put a mask over chrysalis's mouth. Chrysalis's breathing steadied and she slowly passed out, How can somecreature so big look so small when damaged, Twilight wondered as she paced around the ordeal in her throne room and took a seat on her throne to get a better vantage point of the operation without getting in the way. Then Spike came through the back palace door and sat beside her.

"Did you put the bell back." Twilight asked glancing down at him.

"Yeah." Spike said, he look's worried.

"Don't worry Spike after their done she'll be locked up." Twilight said trying to reassure him.

"Yeah... you know when Rarity and the others hear about this their going to think you're crazy right." Spike said with a raised eyebrow.

"Probably, but who knows maybe we can turn Chrysalis around." Twilight said giving him a nervous smile.

"You know I'd pay good bits to see that." Spike said before turning to gaze at the operation below them.

Yeah I know, Twilight thought before she turned to survey their progress. Twilight studied the operation as they ran ex-rays and other quick tests on Chrysalis. Then they placed giant metal needles into the changeling's shoulder as they set about fixing the damage, It must have broken her shoulder.

"Tell me when it's over." Spike said as he hid his face behind his claws.

"Might as well take a nap it looks like they'll be doing this for a while." Twilight answered, as she watched Spike take her advice and curl up into a ball on his cushion.

The operation went on for a few more hours, much to Twilight's surprise as the Doctors ran more tests and reset Chrysalis hardened skin. Afterwards they sealed Chrysalis's shoulder in a white cast that wrapped around her midsection and concealed one of her hooves down to the elbow. Well their goes another two months of peaceful sleep, Twilight thought as she watched them run a few last minute checks on Chrysalis before they approached her.

"So what's the diagnosis?" Twilight asked, hopefully not to bad I hope.

"The crack fractured her shoulder in six places your grace." Dr. Graymare said somberly as he removed his face mask.

Six places... wow that's probably been torturing her every second she was sealed away after that riot. Twilight looked over at Chrysalis with new remorse, I thought it just grazed her.

"Also as for my now newest patient, I would suggest never turning her back to stone, otherwise the next time this happens you might as well leave her there and stop wasting my time." Dr. Graymare said with a hint of disdain in his voice. I know where he's coming from, if this is just going to keep happening then we might as well just smash her into a million pieces.

"I'll take you're suggestion under great advisement but for now I have to insist on getting Chrysalis squared away, this situation has put me behind on my royal duties and I can't delay if I can help it." Twilight said softly before getting up and nudging Spike awake.

"Huh wha'd I miss." He said yawning before he stared up at her.

"Game time, let's go." Twilight answered, and with that the four of them headed over to Chrysalis and wheeled her out of the throne room.

"You know I've never gotten this close to her without her trying to rip my wings off." Spike said as he watched Chrysalis breathing slowly while they walked.

"Yeah well I doubt she's going to be dangerous for a while." Twilight said leaning slightly over Chrysalis while they walked. She looks so peaceful when she sleeps.

Twilight snapped back out of her train of thought and opened the metal door to the Castle dungens, then she used her magic to levitate Chrysalis in the air as she led the way down into the dark hallway. The cells were on one side of the simple prison and each one had a barred window to let light shine through. Chrysalis's cell however was especially made for her, Twilight had placed a reclineable pink hospital bed in the cells right corner. On the other side was a toilet and a stocked bookshelf, even evildoers deserve to read when their recovering.

Twilight put a hoof up to stop her group before she entered the small cell's room and picked Chrysalis up in a cradle of purple magic, then she slowly lowered her foe onto the bed she'd prepared and drew a pink blanket over her. There all done.Twilight ushered the waiting Doctors and Spike in so they could give any last suggestions.

"You need to make sure she doesn't strain herself while recovering you're highness, she can't use her left fore hoof for any reason understood." Nurse Redheart said as she put a hoof on Chrysalis's forehead.

"Yes, umm... what about using the bathroom, do you think she can manage?" Twilight asked unsure if Chrysalis would need help or not.

"Without magic and with only three hooves, she better be slow and she better be careful, otherwise I'll be seeing her for another surgery." Dr. Graymare answered shaking his head.

"Right." Twilight said, I really don't want her near anypony I hope she can manage.

Twilight waited as the good Doctors left before saying, "Spike could you bring me a guard?"

"You got it Twilight." Spike answered before he disappeared into the dark hallway.

After he left Twilight approached the sleeping changeling and pulled some stray hairs out of her eyes. You better be glad I'm doing this, she thought as she looked about the room. She glanced at the books she'd placed in the cell for her prisoner, I hope she likes them, I'm pretty sure she's into the wars and conquests of Equestria. After another minute Twilight heard hoof steps and exited the cell to see Spike with a determined looking guard.

"I want you to watch the prisoner, If she wakes up tell her to stay still and come get me at once, understood." Twilight told the armored guard as Spike started heading back up the stairs.

"Yes your highness." the guard answered with a salute as Twilight made her way back up the corridor and back above ground level.

Now if I've planned this right I should have a few hours before bed to start my plan for the other two, Twilight thought as she entered her throne room.

Cozy rested on her usual seat beside Tender and could just make out Ponyville on the otherside of Twilight's castle. Home sweet home, she thought as she took in the sight of green rolling hills beyond the school of friendship. she gazed around for anypony in the vicinity but nopony was around the area, good if she could slip in and out then she may just get to keep her freedom. If I'm right schools out for the summer.

"Wait please" she said as Victor slowed the wagon down to a halt. Then Cozy hopped down from the wagon with both of them staring at her.

"I guess you're off then?" Tender asked while raising an eyebrow in her direction.

"Umm-hmm." Cozy hummed as she trotted around Victor towards the school of friendship.

"Dizy where are we going to meet you afterwards, Ponyville's little but I'd rather not search it all day looking for you." Victor asked with Tender nodding her head in agreement.

"I'll meet you on the road leading south out of Ponyville okay." Cozy said while giving them a thankful smile,At least we'll know where to find each other now.

"Okay be careful sweetie." Tender said behind her as Cozy started trotting towards the school. Cozy turned and waved goodbye to her rescuers, "I will, see you soon."

Okay just have to get in and get out, I hope none of the teachers are still hanging about... Wait that rhymed I guess I'm a poet and I don't even know it, Cozy giggled she suddenly felt happy for some reason, like it was just another day of school and she was going to see Headmare Twilight. At least the castle was still here that meant that whatever the real Cozy had been up to had apparently failed. Cozy glanced around cautiously, despite her happy demeaner she still had to watch for anypony, if she was spotted that was it, game over.

After concluding Nopony was in eyesight Cozy relaxed and started adding a slight bounce to her trot as she came to the school's steeping stones. That water looks a lot more terrifying now , she thought as she gazed into the blue depths and lowered her mouth into the cool water with her nose stopping just above it's still threshold. Then she closed her eyes and took a few large gulps until she was certain she'd had enough. Cozy pulled her head back and wiped her face with a hoof, Okay second verse same as the first, Cozy mentally cheered as she leapt from rock to rock until she ended up at the schools large double doors.

Upon reaching the front she noticed the large magical lock on the front of the doors handles. Can't get in this way, if she did try to open the doors it would immediately tip off whichever pony had placed the lock in the first place. Hmmm... it's blue magic so it's either Counselor Starlight's or Professor Rarity's, Cozy bet on the former, after all magic wasn't exactly Rarity's forte. Cozy glanced around in search for another way in, There's got to be some way... there, Cozy came to the edge of the large stone she was on and stared up at the waterfall around the front of the schools doors, beyond it was a stairway that would hopefully lead her inside.

Okay I think I can jump this, she thought as she looked over the white spray of foam from the waterfall to the grass beyond. Cozy backed up and galloped towards the waterfall, then with a strong leap she crossed the distance and narrowly grasped the ground with her forehooves while her backhooves dangled over the spraying water just below her, tiny droplets of water landed on her flank sending tingling jolts up her spine. Wow cold!, With a quick heave she pulled herself onto the patch of grass and started climbing the stairs up around the school.

I'm getting good at hooping rocks, Cozy supposed as she climbed her way up the stairs before her until she came to a tiny blue door. I hope this leads somewhere, Cozy thought as she turned the gold handle with both hooves but the door wouldn't budge, Why can't I catch a break, she wondered as she turned left towards another stairway. After another flight of stairs she ended up at the base of Professor Fluttershy's classroom, though she had to jump and do another pullup to get to one of the pink windows, thankfully it slid open for her.

Before she entered she took one last look around at the beautiful countryside to make sure her progress had gone unnoticed, which to her relief was the case despite a few moving dots around the edge of Ponyville. Cozy gazed back at the slid open pink window and thought, well I guess I can add breaking and entering to my long list of crimes, before she entered and closed the window shut behind her.

When she turned around she found Fluttershy's classroom in exactly the same way she'd remembered it, all the chairs were at their desks and calming artwork of animals decorated the walls in various spots. Cozy glanced from picture to picture with some having elephants and birds while others had serpents and gargoyles, mine's not up there, Cozy concluded as she looked for her drawing of her green bear, I guess leaving it up wouldn't have been in good taste, not after everything that happened.

Cozy trotted around the empty desks and opened the classroom door, this feels like a dream, she thought as she descended down the empty crystalline corridors. After a few hoofsteps she closed her eyes and ran one forehoof on the school's walls as she let her memory lead her down the turns and passageways, that was until her hoof hit something that hadn't been there before.

Cozy opened her eyes and stared up at a board with gold plaques of all the first year students on it and even to her shock her name rested just bellow Common Crest's on the listing, Golly... they'd put it up there after everything that happened. She smiled as she momentarily considered going to Twilight's castle to ask for forgiveness, would she listen to me... would she understand that I'm not the same as the other me or would she blame me for the other Cozy's actions? No she couldn't go, it was too risky if Twilight didn't listen then Cozy could expect nothing less than an eternity with her creator down in Tartarus. And after last night I know I don't want to go back.

Cozy sighed and trotted past probably the only reminder of her existence in the entire school, heck maybe even the entire world. Cozy proceeded into the library of Twilight's school and took in all the books she used to adamantly read her days away, it's so peaceful here, you'd hardly think three villains just tried to take over the world. The only thing out of place was a fallen pencil and paper under one of the the library's reading desks, Cozy picked both the objects up and turned the paper over. It was one of Silverstream's crossword puzzles, one she must have dropped before she left to go home. Cozy smiled down at it before filling out all the empty answers then she laid it neatly on the table for her old classmate to find once she returned for the next semester.

Then she turned her attention back towards her destination and trotted to the back of the library where she found a very familiar grate. After pulling it off she glanced down into the chasm bellow to see multi rainbow crystals imbedded in the walls, good it's not too damaged after the cave collapsed from last time. Cozy put her hooves around the winding stone slide and slid her way carefully down it.

Once her hooves meet the cold cave floor she walked over to a collection of small rocks and pulled her hideaway apart. Then she grabbed the bag she'd left in case things went south and she needed a disguise and bits to flee with, Well I guess I'm using these now at least. Cozy emptied the small brown sack and pulled out her green wig and tail attachment, then she counted her bits. Fifty three bits, just as I thought, Cozy pulled twenty six back into her bag with her disguise before she tucked the rest of the bits back into her hiding place and returned the small stones to cover them up. There I only took half, maybe if the other me gets out she can use the rest.

Cozy picked the small sack of jingling bits and fake hair up in her mouth and was about to turn and leave back the way she'd come when she heard Twilight's voice. "You finally made it here." Cozy's bag dropped from her open mouth before she slowly turned to see Twilight staring at her from between her and the slide back into the school. Cozy turned towards her in shock and started shaking as her fear spiked to an unimaginable level.

"I... I'm sorry, I'm so sorry." Cozy whimpered, trying to find the will to say her words clearly as she drooped to her knee's and put her hooves together in a sign of mercy. "I-I never s-should have lied to you... please I'm sorry." Cozy said while stuttering to find her words. She watched as Twilight closed the distance between them and put a hoof lightly on her shoulder.

"Be at ease, I am not the one you think I am." Twilight said much to Cozy's confusion. Cozy took a double take and focused on the tiny sparks dotting Twilight in an illuminating glow, while there also seemed to be a shinning crack that leaked light out of the pony's chest. What does she mean...

The creature took her hoof of Cozy and placed it over the wound on her chest, "I am the one you and your teachers call Harmony, I've taken this form in order to speak with you." Harmony, like the tree of harmony?, realization started to dawn on Cozy as the shimmering pony smiled down at her.

"You're n-not Headmare Twilight?" Cozy asked, which got the being before her to shake her head no.

"I'm sure you have a lot of questions and I'll answer them as best as I can, but keep in mind that the answers I have aren't always the answers you want." Harmony warned as she backed up two hoof steps and sat down in front of Cozy.

She's just going to tell me things? Cozy closed her eyes and took a few deep breaths, I thought I was done for. If this was the tree of harmony then why would she willingly help her, it just kind of seemed so... unreal. Cozy met Harmony's kind eyes as they seemed to melt away her misgivings over the shinning spirit. Cozy sat down on her flank and pulled her fallen bag towards her before she asked her first question.

"You're... You're not mad at me? I thought eveypony wanted to punished me for well... you know." Cozy asked unsure of why Harmony hadn't attacked her on sight like any of her teachers probably would have. Again Harmony shook her head no. Harmony... if that's true then she's the one who helped my classmates save all the magic... right?, Cozy decided that was a decent enough second question.

"Were you the one who stopped the spell from draining all Equestria's magic?" Cozy inquired which elicited a nod yes from Harmony.

"Thank you." Cozy said, glad that the real Cozy hadn't been able to go through with the evil action. That hadn't been the plan...

"You're welcome." Harmony said cheerily as she kept her smile. Wow no shock at all she must be-

"All knowing?" Harmony said much to Cozy's shock. Is she reading my mind?! Cozy wondered as she tried to focus, she had to think on what information she needed the most, if she had enough information on what was happening currently in Equestria she may be able to plan a better strategy to get somewhere safe.

"Are ponies looking for me?" Cozy asked.

"Celestia and Luna are, they are worried you will cause harm to others." Harmony answered. I can't blame them I basically look like a Cozy Glow 2.0

Cozy paused as she considered the next question quite selfish and not so much helpful for her trip, But I need to know, "Um... is Luster okay."

"Luster Dawn is fine but she morns your loss dearly." Harmony said. My loss, no she must mean the other me...

"Did... did the villains lose?" Cozy asked wanting to know if she could expect the original Cozy to be running around or not. That would be the worst case scenario if she were to find out I was alive.

Harmony's smile vanished and she closed her eyes, then a magical sphere appeared out of her horn in front of Cozy. Afterwards it came to life with a view of the villains fighting her teachers in the plains of Ponyville, "I'm sorry but the Villains you're referring to lost in their fight against your former allies." Harmony said as Cozy watched as the trio were blasted by a combination of three rainbow lasers. Then to Cozy's horror she watched as the princesses and Discord turned Tirek, Chrysalis, and the original Cozy to stone as everypony in the background cheered.

"What?!" Cozy shrieked as she leapt to her hooves and gasped to catch her breath.

Harmony dissipated the glowing white sphere and stood up then approached her, "Do not get upset, what transpired was not you're fault."

"Yes... Yes it was." Cozy wheezed as her eyes blurred and tears started rolling down her cheeks. "I... I convinced her to Sob* to drain the magic..." Cozy lamented as she recalled her inside conversations with her former self. She had failed, she'd led Cozy astray and now she had been turned to stone because of her poor insistence on her ridicules plan. I shouldn't have said anything... Cozy felt Harmony put a glowing hoof under her chin and tilt her head high to look into her shining purple eyes.

"Cozy is the one who took you're good intentions too far and she rightly bears the blame... even if the rulers of Equestria were far to harsh with her in the end." Harmony said as her glow slightly dimmed.

"But... but it's my fault sob* it's my fault." Cozy said as she tried to beat a weary hoof on Harmony's cracked chest but instead her hoof fazed right through Harmony instead. "Why didn't you do anything to stop them?" Cozy asked as she stopped to wipe her eyes, her face on the other hoof was drenched with her steady stream of tears.

Harmony sighed and backed away with her head tilted down toward the floor in shame, then she put a hoof on her cracked chest, "I gave them what magic I had left... but by the time I regained enough to do anything about the situation it was too late."

"Sob* So you don't agree with what happened." Cozy said as she tried to work out how the situation had gotten this bad and hopefully how it could get better.

"No I was not pleased, I gave them my magic, made their friendships take wing... and now how they've repaid me... denied me and betrayed me." Harmony whispered as Cozy detected anger enter the serine creature's voice.

"Th... Then you can fix it. Sob* you can-" Cozy pleaded but didn't finish as Harmony cut her off.

"No! I have left their fates up to the Princess of Friendship. Hopefully she will learn her from her mistakes before she's betrayed me completely." Harmony said as her eyes grew cold with anger. Then the crack on her chest got slightly bigger.

Cozy glanced at the crack on Harmony as she put two and two together, "You're dying."

"Not if Princess Twilight can fix what she broke." Harmony said as she glanced down at the twinkling wound she had suffered from Equestria's betrayal.

Cozy's head started to spin as she sat down and cried into her hooves for a few minutes. Twilight's last lesson? Tirek, Chrysalis, and her former self didn't deserve this, it was cruel... it was... Cozy felt a hoof slightly rest on her head.

"I've been watching you for a while now... I was curious to see what you'd do with you're freedom." Harmony said softly down to her.

"I don't even know who I am anymore." Cozy lamented as a white glow encircled her and brought her to her hooves, then she met the spirits eyes.

"You're you, and you're Cozy Glow. You don't have to chose one or the other... her memories are yours, you were there with her since the beginning and eventually you'll get to see how it all ends." Harmony said.

"What do you mean I'll get to see how it ends?" Cozy asked in confusion as she picked up her bag and tucked it under her wing.

Harmony chuckled and said "You'll see.", then she ushered Cozy with a wing as she led her down a dark tunnel. Cozy hesitated at first but followed her guide anyway as she focused on what Harmony had told her, I'm me. That actually makes me feel better somehow.

Cozy glanced at Harmony's wing as a question raced into her mind, "Umm... Do you know why I can't fly?"

"You have no natural Pegasus magic." Harmony answered as she glanced back down at her with a sad look in her eyes.

"What do you mean I don't have Pegasus magic, is there something wrong with me?" Cozy asked as her inability to fly started scaring her.

"You have magic, just not the kind you're used too." Harmony said to Cozy's shock. What is she talking about? Cozy wondered as the crystals on the cave seemed to fade with each step down the dark passageway.

"Wait I want to share something with you." Harmony said as she came to a halt and lit her horn. Then she sent glowing dots of light all around the dark cavern around them. When it was done Cozy saw a tiny version of Equestria with the sun on one side and the moon on the other. Wooooo.... Cozy thought as she marveled at the spectacle before her and watched as other stars appeared off in the distance. Cozy glanced down to see twinkling white stars beneath her, which created the illusion of her floating seamlessly in space.

"I believe everything happens for a reason don't you?" Harmony asked as Celestia's sun illuminated the spirit's left side.

"I don't know. I spent so much time trying to fix my life, I never really stopped to consider if what happened was meant to be." Cozy answered as she gazed into the skies of Equestria and smiled. I've never felt this big before...

"Why are you showing this to me?" Cozy asked.

"To make you feel better and well... you're unique from the other creatures I've met." Harmony answered as her purple gaze stayed glued on Cozy. All these stars and she can't take her eyes off me?

"Really? How am I any different?" Cozy asked, unsure where she was any better than a student of Twilight's who didn't betray their teachers and try to take over the world.

"You don't have a bad side anymore. Your jealousy and your ambitions to prove yourself have been stripped away from you... I'd say for the better." Harmony said as she came up to Cozy and put a hoof on her cheek.

"I've never meet a creature so adamant on saving somepony that wanted to destroy them." Harmony whispered before she pulled Cozy into a hug. "It wasn't some great noble deed but your compassion for those around you has touched my heart Dizy... Thank you." Cozy was shocked at the sudden emotional outburst but returned the hug as a comet encircled the two before all the lights from the spell faded. Cozy could almost swear she saw the crack on Harmony slightly get smaller. Afterwards her guide continued down the cave with Cozy following close behind her.

While they walked Cozy pictured the planet of Equestria and the stars in her head, Did she know I liked stars? After a while she glanced down the dark passage and asked, "Where are you leading me?"

Harmony glanced back at her, "There is a cave exit that leads into the outskirts of Ponyville, I think you'll find it helpful on you're trip to find out who you are in this world."

Find out who I am in this world... what does that even mean? Cozy wondered as she trotted close to her guide in the dark cave. I'd get lost in here for sure on my own.

"Stay close to me and you won't." Harmony said as she answered Cozy's thoughts again before they continued their march down the dark cave in silence. After a while of trotting through the dark tunnel they came to a large opening with light shinning in to aluminate a cave entrance. Cozy started forward thinking this was where they would depart but Harmony stopped her with an open wing.

"I cannot allow you to go to Canterlot to help the Villains understood." Harmony demanded.

"I... Yes Ma'am" Cozy conceded as she was powerless to do much to help the other Cozy anyway.

Harmony folded her wing and gave her a smile, "I bid you farewell Dizy, I can see many adventures and trials in your future." Many tests and adventures? Cozy wondered if that meant things wouldn't go smoothly for her while she searched for a simple place to live. Ultimately though she decided it was probably best if she hurried along before she was late to meet up with Tender and Victor.

"And one more thing it would be best if you didn't reveal to Luna where you are, she may have good intentions but even she has been known to act irrationally." Harmony warned as Cozy nodded her head in agreement. That makes sense until Luna can prove she won't hurt me.

"Will I ever see you again?" Cozy asked before she started her long trek around Ponyville to get to the other side.

"I have a feeling we'll meet again and I hope that wherever you go on your journey that friendship follows you." Harmony said to her before she shooed Cozy away with an open wing. After about thirty hoofsteps Cozy looked back and saw the spirit sitting by the entrance of the cave, Thank you, Cozy thought with a slight smile before the spirit waved at her. Cozy looked back towards her destination and trotted away, finally feeling whole about herself.

Starlight dropped the last chest of props in Trixie's wagon and shut the door. There just as cramped as ever but at least we're ready, She thought as she trotted around the wagon and yelled up to Trixie on the roof of her wagon, "Okay I'm all done what now?"

"Now you better go get you're farmer friend before we leave her." Trixie said as she tightened the pipe on her humble abode.

"Right." Starlight said as she trotted away from Trixie's camp and toward Ponyville. While she was walking she looked over her shoulder and mentally whispered to her school, Bye see you when I get back.

Starlight passed Sugarcube Corner as she made it into Ponyville's marketplace and trotted up to Applejacks apple stand. Then she waited as a couple asked apple jack.

"Can we gat a bushel of apples for the road?" a Light gray stallion asked.

"A whole bushel, sure thing that'll be 20 pits." Applejack hummed with Applebloom sitting right next to her. After getting the couple their apples they moved on their way and Starlight approached her orange friend.

"Let me guess your not here for any apples." Applejack asked with a smirk as she pulled up a hoofpack and tightened it around her waist.

"Nope me and Trixie are ready though if you wanna hit the road." Starlight suggested.

Applejack leaned over her apple stand and said, "I don't know if it's safe, last I heard you and Trixie destroyed Fluttershy's house and Rainbow dash got struck by lightning."

"What!?" Applebloom shouted with her eyes going wide.

Starlight shook her hooves, "Wait it's not like that it... okay you're right Trixie and Discord went to far but I can promise you nothing will happen to you while you're on the road with me." Starlight said while smiling as wide as she could.

"Ugh... fine but I'ma hold you tha that." Applejack said before giving Applebloom a kiss on the head, "Remember ta get home once yer done alright sugercube."

"You got it sis." Applebloom said as she took Applejacks place at the apple stand.

Applejack started heading toward the castle as she nodded for Starlight to follow. While they were walking together Applejack asked, "So how's yer magician friend doin?"

"She's a lot happier now that we're ready to go." Starlight answered, and after I gave her a hoof message because she wouldn't leave me alone.

"Well good I can't wait to get to Appaloosa." Applejack stated.

"You and me both" Starlight said with a smile as she looked out over Ponyville's countryside.

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