• Published 31st Jul 2020
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Split Personality - Darravan

A Cozy Glow has made a twin with her conscience trapped inside and now it's all alone in a world that hates it.

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Hidden Monsters

Okay back to the hearings, Twilight thought as she passed the long line of ponies patiently waiting for her return. She glanced over at them but beside the bored expressions on their faces most of them seemed to welcome her return. I wonder how they'll react when they learn I just threatened to turn them to stone if they ever harmed the villains? Twilight thought lowering her head in shame as she trotted towards her throne room. I just need a calm afternoon, then I can figure out what to do about Chrysalis and Cozy Glow.

"Um... Twilight" Spike said getting her attention.

"Hmm?" Twilight hummed as she glanced over to see him pointing at something and followed his pointed claw to the front of the long line of ponies waiting on her. There to her horror were the royal sisters Celestia and Luna who were waiting patiently for her with looks of concern on their faces.

Oh no... can this day get any worse? Twilight thought taking a large gulp. First a riot and now a something that could get the royal sisters back in the castle, she might as well invite Discord to spice things up a little. Twilight trotted up to the two, whatever it was had to be important, otherwise they would've just sent a letter or something, she knew they wouldn't have come all the back to the castle unless they absolutely had too, not after all the plans they made on leaving it.

"Wow umm... hello what brings you two back so soon?" Twilight asked with a forced smile, Please let it be bandits, please let it be bandits.

"I'm sorry we can't be more formal but there is an important matter we must discuss with you in private you're highness." Luna said in a serious tone before turning and leading them through the giant throne room doors and towards Twilight's throne. Twilight mentally screamed before going over all the villains that could be responsible for the situation of theirs in her head, Okay I know the Trio are still frozen in stone, I was just there, Flim and Flam are to insignificant for Celestia and Luna to bother with, hmm... maybe Sombra? if so Discords had enough chances I'm in no mood right now for another of his... motivations.

Twilight trotted in silence as Luna led her, Spike, and Celestia through the back doors behind the throne and onto the palace balcony. Once there Twilight glanced over to see Spike closing the curtains leading back into the throne room, effectively cutting it off. Good nopony probably needs hear this.

"Sooooo... does this have to do with finding a new dream guardian by any chance?" Twilight said hoping for something smaller than another all out war, as she followed the two towards the balcony's edge.

"No Twilight, Luna here has seen something in the dream realm, something that we'd believed didn't still exist." Celestia answered glancing over at her sister before turning towards the cloud dotted horizon.

"Is that bad? It sounds bad?" Twilight asked curiosity mixing in with her fear, as Spike made his way over to stand beside her. Please don't let it be something like the Tantabus.

Luna sighed, "yesterday night a new dreamer appeared in the dream realm."

"A new dreamer... you mean like a baby?" Twilight asked unsure how this could be dangerous, plenty of newborns were born in Equestria every year.

"Usually yes it would be, but this wasn't a baby Twilight it was... Cozy Glow." Luna said sounding just as confused over the situation as she was.

"Wait What?!" Twilight blurted out, shocked at how the situation was rapidly getting more confusing.

"Can Cozy Glow even dream while being turned to stone?" Twilight asked unsure what Cozy's current life was like whilst she was petrified.

"I am unsure if a dream is possible for her while being encased in stone, however that doesn't explain the existence of an entirely new dreamer." Luna said worriedly.

"Wait wait wait, couldn't this just be a pony who's dreaming of being Cozy Glow." Twilight asked, hopeful that this was all just a big misunderstanding and somepony was just having a nightmare.

"I... don't see a pony two days old dreaming of being Cozy Glow, Twilight." Celestia said still facing towards ponyville. She's right that dosen't make any sense, at least not for a foal that young.

"And the dream itself was unlike anything I'd ever seen before in the dream realm, It had so much dark energy that it took about all of my magic just to get into the dream." Luna said shaking her head.

"Wait did you say dark energy, how is that even possible?" Twilight asked bringing a hoof to her temple as a slight headache started to form.

"I don't know, but in the dream itself I saw a creature that my sister and I was certain had been driven to extinction long ago." Luna said.

"Wait, what kind of creature?" Twilight asked as a silence befell the two sisters.

"A Mimic" Celestia said coldly as she turned to meet Twilights worried expression.

A Mimic?, "Wait, what's a Mimic?" Twilight asked, she'd never heard of a creature by that name before in any of her books.

"A Mimic is a soulless shapeshifter, much like a changeling in the way it takes the form of something else and uses it to it's benefit." Celestia answered. Like a changeling... how were we going to find something like that in a dream?

"We thought we'd wiped them all out a thousand years ago but it looks like whoever this new dreamer is... they've seen one." Luna said.

"Um how d.. dangerous is a Mimic exactly?" Spike asked moving slightly closer to Twilight as she put a wing around him.

Both sisters shared a worrying glance before continuing.

"A mimic can be very fatal if encountered, they have a strong affinity for dark magic, and they never revel themselves without being able to snatch their prey." Luna said sending a chill down Twilight's spine, that sounds worse than a changeling actually.

"Wait can't we reason with it? Maybe even convince it to leave?" Twilight asked hopeful to find a safe solution to this without risking anypony getting hurt.

"Their is no way to reason with a Mimic Twilight, they are mindless creatures that react on pure instinct, they only crave one thing... to kill." Celestia said sternly.

This was bad, they had to find this thing and destroy it before it hurt anypony. "What exactly can it turn into?" Twilight asked.

"Usually a Mimic can turn into only one thing, sometimes a chest or a doorway and then it'll lay dormmate until somepony happens upon it... but there are more advanced Mimics that have been known to take the form of... living creatures." Luna said, much to Twilight's horror.

"A living Mimic would want to look alive, it would drink, eat, sleep, anything it had to do to keep itself hidden, until it has a chance to strike. We have to find and destroy it before it has a chance to cause anypony any harm." Celestia said.

Twilight gathered herself, "Okay what do we need to do first?" Twilight asked determined to protect her subjects.

"First we need to find it, Luna and I know a spell that can detect such a creature at a short range, if a Mimic is caught in it it'll glow green and right now the only lead we have is it could somehow be Cozy Glow who's seen it." Celestia said.

"Wait... you don't think it's in the royal garden do you?" Twilight asked, the worry of such a creature in the capital of Equestria nearly overtaking her in fear.

"That's why we're here, we need to see the statue and look for the creature." Luna said trotting toward the balcony's exit.

"Right" Twilight said as she and the rest trotted back into the throne room and down past it's large double doors.

As she glanced at the line of ponies she was meant to hear for the day she could see it had already gotten smaller, some ponies went home, I can't blame them things have been crazy today. Twilight hoped they could take care of the creature before the masses found out about the danger they were in. While she trotted through the streets of Canterlot and eventually into the royal gardens, Twilight saw more than a couple of ponies watching from the distance in curiosity. I was just here... wait could it have been right next to me and I just didn't notice? Twilight wondered in alarm as she entered the garden before telling Spike, "Spike stay in the air and be careful, okay."

"Got it." Spike said with a nod before he took flight and circle above the royal gardens in a circle.

Twilight approached the guard captain she had stationed there, as he and his troops stood at attention on her arrival. "I need to search around the statue, have you and your patrol wait outside the area until we're done." Twilight said pointing to the garden entrance as the captain nodded for his soldiers to leave. Twilight waited until they were gone before finally approaching the defeated villains.

Twilight gazed at the stone statue and in particular the curly haired pegasus at the top of it, Where is she looking? Twilight wondered as she flew up to eye level with the stone child and turned around to survey the area, I just see plants and vases hmm... could it be a vase? Twilight thought before looking down as the royal sisters ignited their horns, then a circle of magic extended from them coating everything in about a thirty foot radius with sparkling blue and gold magical dust.

Twilight watched as the shimmering magic glittered in the sunlight before fading from the objects in the area, did it work? Twilight glanced around for anything glowing green but found nothing but shrubbery as she lowered herself back to the ground.

"It's not here sister." Luna stated with a sigh.

"Twilight has anypony seen anything unusual in Canterlot lately?" Celestia said turning to Twilight.

"No, at least nothing that sounds like the creature you're talking about." Twilight replied felling both relieved and worried that nopony had seen the creature.

"Should we free her sister... to see what she knows?" Luna said eyeing Cozy Glow.

Celestia actually looked to be considering it as she gazed in Cozy's direction before asking, "How do we know she'll tell us anything?"

"You didn't see her sister, she was screaming her head off trying to get away from the Mimic, before it... ate her." Luna said somberly.

Twilight was shocked just imagining the horror of a shapeshifting monster eating a child... even if that child was Cozy Glow. What had she seen? Twilight thought looking up at Cozy with worry. How could Cozy have seen a creature like a changeling at all and nopony else notice it, there were guards and townsfolk trotting past this way at almost all hours of the day here.

"Luna you said it was a different dreamer, by releasing Cozy Glow we could be trading one monster for another." Celestia said before turning back to her, "Twilight do you think Cozy would tell us the truth?"

Twilight had to consider as she rubbed her chin with her forehoof, Cozy had never been honest, even if I wanted to believe her she probably would never willingly help us, not after we turned her to stone.

"No, I don't think she would." Twilight said.

"Luna I think it's best if you try again to enter the dream and find out who's really having it before we consider releasing her." Celestia said as she trotted up to the statue's base. After a moment she asked, "Twilight what happened here?"

Twilight trotted over to stand beside her mentor, and gazed at the small wound on Chrysalis's shoulder. "That happened today... there was a riot over the villains being in Canterlot and one of the rioters..."

Celestia put a hoof to the changeling's shoulder, much as Twilight had done earlier before asking her. "Did you get the pony responsible?"

"No, I decreed that any pony who broke a creature turned to stone would take it's place in the royal gardens." Twilight said unsure how Equestria's former ruler would handle her decision.

"I think that seems fair don't you sister?" Luna said joining them to get a closer look at the changeling queen.

"I do indeed." Celestia said narrowing her eyes slightly while never taking her eyes off the statue before saying to Twilight, "You did the right thing Twilight, I'm surprised the citizens of Canterlot would so readily commit such an act."

"Thank you, do you think Chrysalis is in any pain?" Twilight asked, I have to know.

"Discord was broken to pieces before when he was a statue and we had a mason put him back together, though he's unlike any creature I've ever seen, so he probably just endured the pain." Celestia said and turned toward Twilight. "We should show you the Mimic detection spell before we leave, that way if anything seems off you can tell if the creature is nearby."

"Okay." Twilight answered while nodding in agreement.

"Oh and one more thing Twilight, you should probably ask Discord about Chrysalis later, you may have to see to that wound on her." Luna said.

"Wait you mean release her, I thought you and Celestia would be against that?" Twilight said confused that Luna would openly vouch to free one of Equestria's most hated enemies.

"We don't rule Equestria anymore Twilight, you and you alone get to decide if they are ever released and for whatever reason." Luna said as she started out of the gardens and back towards the castle.

So if I wanted I could free them and nopony would stop me, Twilight thought as possibilities ran through her head. She could check on Chrysalis, interrogate Cozy, and even find out where Tirek came from if she wanted. Twilight now had a lot more options in mind for the Trio, now she just had to plan out what.

Twilight looked up at Spike as he flew in midair before shouting, "It's okay Spike the creature isn't here!"

Spike made his way back down to the soft grass beside her and said, "Whew that's great... right?" as he shrugged.

Twilight started leading him back to the castle with her wing before saying, "I don't know Spike if the creature isn't here... then where is it?"

Cozy watched as the dense forest disappeared behind her. Now lush green hills were in all directions as mountains ranges stood in the distance with snow decorating their frozen tops, Wow I'm so glad to be out of the woods, Cozy thought grinning at her luck. Besides the occasional cluster of trees this area was pretty open, now she could see if something was trying to sneak up on her from afar instead of right behind her.

Cozy turned back to her yellowish friend as she continued their eye spy game, a game which had been going on for a couple of hours now. I wonder if she'll figure out I've been following her eyes to win though...

"hmm... I spy with my little eye something slow." Tender said cheerily as they enjoyed their wagon ride.

"Hey don't make me pull this wagon over." Victor said catching on to her jab at him.

Cozy giggled and put her hooves up to cover her mouth, not willing to continue playing their game in worry of upsetting their driver. I know they're just playing though.

"Oh don't ruin our fun, can't you see I'm trying to cheer up Dizy?" Tender said using Cozy as her excuse as she put her hoof around her, Wow she has no concept of personal space... she's warm though. After a long moment of Victor grinning at Tender instead of watching the road Tender decided to yield.

"Okay I'll stop picking on you... party pooper." Tender said while pouting and removed her hoof from around Cozy. She watched as Tender reclined against her seat with her hooves holding up her head. Cozy followed Tender's pink eyes into the blue sky seeing it dotted with puffy clouds, then looked back down. I need to find a flight spell or something, Cozy thought I could just about kill for a cloud pillow.

"Hey Dizzy wanna cloud watch with me?" Tender said glancing over at her with a smile.

Before Cozy could say no thanks Victor cut in, "Actually that reminds me Dizy, why weren't you sleeping on a cloud or something instead of the road?"

Tender sat up intrigued before examined Cozy's back and saying, "Yeah I didn't realize earlier but you do have those pink little wings." ,then she lifted one of Cozy's wings in her hoof to get a better look at it, "they're not hurt are they?"

Just when I had relaxed from questions too, "No, my...my wings haven't worked since I was born." Cozy said. I wonder how much longer I can keep this charade going before they get suspicious, Cozy thought as she watched Tender pull her into another hug.

"Wow Dizy, you're alone aaaaaaand you can't fly" Tender said smushing her.

"Yep it's okay though I just need to think like an earth pony." Cozy mumbled out with her cheek pressed into Tender's side. After a while Tender let her go and Victor said, "I'm really sorry to hear about you're wings Dizzy". Wow he's pretty sweet, Cozy thought as she glanced between the two, I wonder how they got together though?

Cozy listened as Tender cleared her throat before saying, "Is there anything else you can't really do?"

Cozy was confused by the question, she's been super nice, she probably just wants to find something out about me.

"Well I can't really... swim." Cozy said as she braced herself and prepared for another crushing hug, but Tender just shook her head sadly and said, "sweet Calestia Dizy you just can't catch a break, huh." Wow now they look sad, I should probably try to cheer them up somehow.

"Well I... ran into both of you." Cozy said as Tender and Victor said "Awwwww" in unison. I hope I don't have to keep answering stressful questions, Cozy thought as she put her hooves between her legs and glanced away, blushing at all the attention she was getting.

Cozy watched as pretty flower bushes passed by their wagon in silence, until she felt a hoof softly begin to rub her back between her wings almost making her jump in surprise. However she relaxed when she realized what was happening, Tender was petting her. Should I say no... I mean it feels nice, Cozy thought as she slowly closed her eyes and reflexively spread her wings to give the circled strokes more room to maneuver. It's just a comforting backrub, mmmph* no need to blow up on her, I'll draw the line at mmmph* rocking me to sleep or something, Cozy thought not sure how to respond to the massage as it sent chills down her spine.

"Tender your going to make her pass out if you keep doing that." Victor said after a while.

"Well I stop before you doze off when I do it to you." Tender answered back as the wagon went over a tiny bump in the road.

"Do you want me to stop Dizy." Tender whispered in her ear as Cozy contemplated whether she liked her space more or the nice feeling of Tender's hoof circling her back. She's like a cat with a ball of yarn, I could just play along... I mean a free massage isn't to bad right.

"Mump-um." Cozy murmured shaking her head no.

"See honey she likes it." Tender said smugly as she celebrated her victory. Cozy could practically see Mr. Taps rolling his eyes back at Tender.

After a while the stroking stopped when Cozy started yawning and feeling lightheaded.

"Okay I think that's enough," Tender said retracting her hoof. Yeah... I need to sleep at night, not now, Cozy thought as she opened her eyes on the lush valley around her.

That was nice, Cozy thought as she kicked her feet over the edge of her seat. It's been so long since I've had something like that without any strings attached.

Suddenly the wagon came to a screeching halt with Cozy having to grab the back of her seat to keep herself steady. "Hey Tender get the camera." Victor said unlatching himself from his harness and inching slowly forward down the dirt road. Cozy peered down the path to see what Victor was so interested in, a squirrel was sitting on top of a tree stump on the side of the road. Cozy watched as the little guy fluffed up his tail and rubbed his brown head with his little claws. Awwwww, Cozy turned to see Tender rummaging through the back of the wagon before pulling out the camera and hopping down to the ground. Then she came over and helped Cozy down of the wagon with an offered hoof.

"Alright Victor but this better be the last critter we stop for, do you hear me." Tender demanded while pacing in front of Cozy as they followed Victor. Wait the squirrel is cute but why are they so interested in it, Cozy thought coming to a halt in the road as she watched them approach the tree stump. She watched as Victor held out his hoof for the squirrel as it sniffed him, then it crawled all the way up to his shoulder and perched it's self.

"You see honey you can't find this in Manehatten." Victor said smugly as he indicated the fluffy creature and smiled for the camera.

Oh so that's why they're so interested they're not used to animals, Cozy realized as she watched Tender snap a few pictures of her husband and the squirrel.

"Hey come over here and pet it." Victor said as motioning Tender over.

Tender got face to face with the living fluff ball, then after another sniff and a giggle from Tender the squirrel crawled over the side of her head to sit on top of Tender's blue bush of hair, claiming it as it's new fluffy throne.

"Hey Dizy wanna come over and hold him while I take a picture." Victor said grinning as he walked over toward the camera.

"Um... sure." Cozy said as she slowly approached, but she didn't make it ten feet from squirrel before out of nowhere the it hissed on top of Tenders hair and leaped to scurry away in the wilderness.

Cozy stood still as Tender recovered from her shock and asked, "Victor did you see that?"

"Yeah I did, he nearly tore you're head off." Victor said putting the camera in his mouth as he went and checked Tender's head with his hoof.

"No more picture's, I've had it with the lions, the tigers, the bears, all of it." Tender whispered.

"Mmm-hmm" Victor mumbled still holding the camera in his teeth.

"What was that dear?" Tender asked as she cocked an eyebrow confused.

Victor took the camera out of his mouth and said, "I said sure thing."

Cozy waited patiently as Victor helped Tender up before they both started back towards the wagon. I hope they're not mad at me, Cozy thought trying to figure out how she had startled the squirrel. Was it something I did?

"Come on Dizy let's get back on the road... where it's safe." Tender said as she put a hoof on Cozy's shoulder leading her back towards the wagon.

Starlight led the way down ponyville's dirt streets in a slow trot as she recovered from her injuries. Occasionally she smiled and waved to a pony gawking at her condition but otherwise she and her two walking companions remained silent. What never seen a pony on the verge of death, she mentally jested as she kept walking towards the brown Dinner ahead of them.

Before they could get to their destination though Rainbow dash flew into view and took of her black shades in shock when she saw them. Then she let out a, "Bwahahahahaha" as she cried tears of laughter and pointed her hoof at their sad condition. Well she stop laughing when Starlight heard a snap from behind her and lightning struck Rainbow Dash out of the sky. you know I'm actually too depressed right now to care, Starlight thought as she sighed and walked up to Rainbow Dash as she lay unconscious on the ground before putting Rainbow's shades back over her eyes and trotting past her. She'll be fine...

Starlight upon finally reaching the home of her comfort food opened the dinner's two doors as she, Discord, and Trixie walked in with black burn marks all over them. How did that go so wrong, I mean I just wanted a cute bunny or an adorable fox, Starlight thought as the carnage of what she had unleashed on Fluttershy's cottage still filled her mind. Starlight took a seat on a stool in the front of the dinner with her two companions sitting at her sides. Then Bulk Biceps trotted up in his Chefs outfit and asked "What'll you three be hav... Wooo you three look horrible" as he widdened his eyes and leaned over the counter to get a better look at them.

"I'll have a large Double-chocolate milkshake." Starlight said ignoring his concern and put her head on the counter as she heard the others give out their own orders.

"The Most Damaged and Hungry Trixie cough* demands Mint Chocolate Chip." Trixie wheezed out.

"And I'll have... oh what am I doing, I don't need you muscles." Discord said as he poofed a banana milkshake of his own on the counter beside her with a bendy straw in it. I want a bendy straw... Starlight thought.

"Okay I'll be right back to you two." their giant waiter said before going to the back to make their orders.

Without turning towards him Starlight demanded, "Discord, cough* bendy straw." before hearing a sigh as the chaos lord handed her a pink swirled straw. Yay, my emergency induction port...

Starlight glanced over at her companions to see Trixie's bedwrangled head on one side and Discord which somehow laid his head on the other side of her despite his larger size. "Soooooo... Did you two learn anything?" Starlight asked glaring between the two as they lay their heads on the counter. Please say yes...

"There's no need to learn anything, I fixed everything before we left didn't I." Discord said matching her glare.

"Trixie has learned not to indulge Starlight's ridicules fantasies." Trixie huffed looking away from her.

Ugh what am I going to do with these two? Starlight thought as she stated, "We didn't leave, Fluttershy kicked us out, you two basically turned the whole place upside down." her statement apparently getting both of them to sit up strait on their stools in anger. Ugh... another argument yay, Starlight thought as she sat up as well and looked between the two unamused faces.

"Well it never would have happened if you two could have minded you're own business." Discord said pointing a claw at them but before Trixie could argue they heard a beeping sound coming from Discord as his eyes widened and he pulled his arm fur back to reveal a blue magical wrist band like the one she had used to wear as the schools guidance councilor. Starlight raised an eyebrow wondering why he had a magical bracelet on at all.

"Ugh... It would seem our most esteemed ruler has requested my presents", Discord said rolling his eyes before he teleported away and then teleported back grabbing his milkshake before disappearing for good.

Then their waiter came back and hoofed over their cold milkshakes. Finally something that's worked out, Starlight thought as she picked up her straw and brought the chocolaty goodness to her mouth. After a few more tastes of bliss Starlight glanced over to see Trixie stirring hers. Wow she's depressed, I should probably try to make up with her.

"Trixie Forgive me." Starlight said lightly pawing at her friend's shoulder a few times with her hoof.

"Ugh... Trixie has deduced that it's probably really reckless how we go about our time together." Trixie said before glancing at her as a smirk spread across her lips. I knew she couldn't stay mad at me.

"Yep probably sooooo... wanna do more reckless stuff tomorrow, before we get back out on the road?" Starlight asked holding up her milkshake.

"You got it partner." Trixie said with a wink before clinging her own milkshake with Starlight's.

Twilight sat in her throne and sighed, there was no holding this off. She had to find out if she had to release Chrysalis or not, I'd rather avoid this but it would be cruel to just let her sit in pain forever. Twilight brought up her magic wrist band from under her cushion she was on and activated it. She had made Discord agree to keep it close and to come to her if she ever needed him, after the end of the world thing it seemed necessary to keep a him on a close leash.

As if on cue a round portal appeared and the Draconeques flew out before his eyes widened in surprise before he held up a claw for her to wait went back through another portal to bring out a Banana milkshake. Twilight gave him a double take, she'd never seen him with blast marks before, is... is he hurt.

"Umm... Discord are you alright" Twilight asked in concern for his wellbeing.

"Yeah what happened." Spike said gesturing to Discord's appearance.

Twilight watched as Discord sighed before saying, "Ugh... never you two mind, you can blame you favorite blue flanked magician for being so savage. "

Twilight had to stop herself from laughing, Trixie was a lot of things but savage was a new one, even for her.

"Well I bet the lord of chaos can walk just about anything off." Twilight said shaking her head.

"Don't patronize me princess, why did you summon me here?" Discord inquired as he downed his milkshake and shattered the glass he was holding on the marble floor, sending broken bits of glass everywhere.

"Dude" Spike said annoyed. Twilight mentally sighed, Right there with you Spike.

"I wanted to ask you about being turned to stone." Twilight said hoping this would be a brief conversation so she could get on with her day.

"Oh if you want to know so badly I could give you a solid lesson on the subject." Discord said grinning up at her before summoning a stone statue of her head in midair.

"Ugh... no Discord, I need to know if a statue was damaged would it hurt the creature trapped inside?" Twilight asked unamused at his warped sense of humor.

"Oh let me guess the ponies of Equestria haven't been as peaceful as you'd expected them to be." Discord said avoiding her question. All I want is one strait forward conversation from him.

"Discord... just tell me." Twilight said getting angry. I've got enough on my plate with a terrifyingly lose monster and a country on the verge of rioting to have to deal with you too.

"But where would be the fun in that, after all isn't this revelation just astounding?" Discord said, causing her eye to twitch.

"Dude uh... not now." Spike said shaking his claws.

"Oh fine, yes it hurts. Why did one of the villains get an owwie?" Discord asked as he healed his own body with a snap of his claws.

Twilight sighed, so Chrysalis is in pain, great, "Yes Discord, Chrysalis has a crack on her shoulder."

"Oh my, well you should probably just rub some glue on her and pray she doesn't fissure." Discord answered while bringing a clawed hand under his chin in fake concern.

"No Discord, I'm going to have to release her." Twilight replied getting a wide eyed look from him.

"But-But why... what a waste of a perfect victory trophy, that thing is a living testament to your accomplishments." Discord said angerly as he paced back in forth in front of her.

"Um... Twilight I can't believe I'm saying this but I kind of agree with Discord." Spike said getting her to look over at him in disbelief. I don't care if she's evil, leaving her like that would make me worse.

"Spike, I have to free her. " Twilight stated for both of them.

"Ugh, fine everypony get ready for the bug queens forth rein of terror, just don't call me back here to fix your mess." Discord said opening a portal to leave.

"Wait Discord." Twilight said before he could make his get away.

"What now." he said while pulling his eyelids and stretching them to unnatural proportions.

Twilight had to ask Discord, as much as she wanted to keep the creature Celestia and Luna had warned her about a secret he might have some insight on it. "Discord do you know anything about a creature called a Mimic?"

Discord stopped and looked at her from in between the portal before stepping back into the throne room and snapping his claws, shutting the portal for good.

"Who wants to know?" Discord asked while narrowing his eyes at her and crossing his arms.

Hmm... maybe I can get him to help after all. "Would you believe it's for educational purposes?"

"Hmm, unlikely Mimics are older than I am and The Father of Monsters only made so many." Discord said.

Wait the Father of Monsters Grogar, if he created them then could he be back? Fear gripped Twilight at the thought that the Tyrant could have come back for his revenge.

"Umm... Grogar created the Mimics?" Twilight asked sheepishly.

"That's right, only he and a few others have enough magic for the spell required to create such a creature." Discord answered half asleep and yawning.

So the caster needed the right spell too if they wanted to create one, that means unless they found a spell over a thousand years old it was impossible. Well at least there wasn't somecreature creating a Mimic army or something out there. This Mimic must be one Celestia and Luna missed, or even better it was all just a bad dream and there was no danger at all. Haha Yeah I wish...

"So you wouldn't know how to get a hold of one of these spells would you?" Twilight asked. please say no, please say no.

Discord suddenly woke up at her question as he rubbed the back of his head, "Oh no I..I wouldn't know about that." he said putting his arms behind his back as he put on a sheepish smile.

Oh he knew alright, Twilight lit up her horn and said "Discord."

"Okay okay yeeesh, one you're adorable when you're angry, two I collected all of Grogar's books and relics at the evil hideout... you know to... get into character." Discord said poking his two index claws together bashfully.

His hideout was full of evil tomes and artifacts and he just left them lying around for somepony to find and I didn't get to study them! Stay calm Twilight stay calm, "Discord I want you to get all those artifacts and bring them to me. Then I want you to destroy that place, understood."

"Oh alright, but I'm telling you your wasting a perfectly good evil lair." Discord said throwing his arms up in the air and snapping a new portal to life.

"Now Discord." Twilight said holding her poker face.

"Fine I'll do it first thing in the morning." Discord said blowing her a rassberry before he disappeared into the portal for good.

As soon as he was gone Twilight jumped up and down on her throne's cushion. A whole evil lair full of books and scrolls and artifacts that she was going to get her hooves on. Ooooo... it's like Hearts Warming.

"Twilight?" Spike asked cocking an eyebrow and grinning up at her as she bounced like Pinkie Pie. After a few more hops she stopped and laid down on her cushion to be at eye level with him.

"Spike we get a whole cave full of ancient artifacts, how are you not excited?" Twilight asked as she scooped him up in a hug.

"Twilight we still have to release Chrysalis, remember." Spike said still trapped in her hooves.

"Suuuuuush, Spike that's a problem for future Twilight" she whispered to him not wanting to ruin her first good mood of the day as Spike chuckled.

Cozy settled on the soft grass around their fireplace as Victor worked about to get a fire going. Watching in awe as the last bit of sunlight vanished off in the distance behind the city of Canterlot Cozy smiled in gratitude as her second day of life was slowly coming to a close. She was so close to starting over, she just had to push a little bit more and then she was home free, no more fighting, no more plotting, and most importantly no more revenge schemes. Turning away from the sunset and back to their camp she relished the peace she would be able to have tonight since she wasn't alone anymore. I can't wait for smores, she thought remembering her last camping trip to Mount Everhoof with Tirek and Chrysalis. At least now there won't be any monsters, Cozy thought as she glanced across their campsite to see Tender who was making sure everything was locked down in the wagon they had parked between some nearby trees. Well it's just a clearing with a few logs but I'll take it compared to the road from last night, Cozy thought remembering how scary it had been for her, under a bridge was fine, even an ally way but she had never felt safe enough to sleep in a forest before even when she was apart of the original Cozy.

"Ugh this worked so much better last night" Victor whispered as he rubbed two sticks together. He sure is trying though, Cozy thought as she pulled her pack over and checked it's contents. Well let me see one evil book check, one Winter outfit that would kill me if I put it on in the summer check, one Duck check, and one set of... oh wait, Cozy thought as she realized how she could actually help her rescuers. Taking out her flints she made her way over to Victor as he glanced in wonder at her approach to the fireplace. Then with Tender approaching from the woods, Cozy smacked her two stones together causing sparks to light their fire, much to Tender's immediate amusement.

"Ha, honey see that, she's a better camper than you." Tender jested while holding out a bag of marshmallows in her hoof.

Hearing this Victor got up and brushed himself off, "Well forget my Colt Scouts Training." He said smiling as he walked back to the wagon and pulled out a large orange bag. Looks heavy, Cozy thought as he set it on the ground on the other side of the clearing and pulled out the parts to a purple tent.

"I'd like to see rocks pitch a tent though." Victor gloated as he started assembling the small purple contraption.

While he worked Tender walked up and put her hoofs around Victor and playfully whispered, "Is my big stwong Stowin jealous of the little girl's magic rocks." into his ear, much to Cozy's amusement as she tried to contain her giggling with her hoof to her mouth.

"Mrs. Sway don't make me kick you out of the tent for the night." Victor said stopping his progress to put his muzzle right up to Tender's, getting face to face with her as she drew a big smile.

"This battle's already over honey, I have the food and we both know you don't like to go to bed hungry." Tender said pecking a kiss on his nose before trotting away with her ransom, leaving him as he shook his head with a smirk on his face.

Cozy closed her pack as Tender sat down beside her, Probably best not to let them see the Demon book. Tender leaned in and whispered over to her, "See I have the high ground." which got her to laugh. So each of them like to have fun huh, Cozy thought as she slipped her chess set out of her bag. Tender noticed the checkered white and black box in her hooves and asked, "Watch'a got there?" as Cozy opened it up to reveal all the pieces inside.

"Oh it's just a chess set, um have you ever played?" Cozy asked putting on a big smile. Please play with me.

"Hehe, I've never played before but I'd definitely play with you if you showed me how it works." Tender answered as she dropped down to lay on her belly so she could be more on Cozy's level.

"Wait honey you've never played chess?" Victor said as he stopped working to look over at them.

"Um no... why?" Tender asked cocking an eyebrow and looking between them both with confusion.

"Shame, Tender shame shame shame." Victor whispered shaking his head.

"Indeed," Cozy agreed much to Tender's surprise as the mare's eyes widened by Cozy's agreement with her husband. Maybe I can get a good game out of him later. Cozy thought as she watched Tender's surprise melt into playfulness as she narrowed her eyes slightly at her.

"Beware Dizy he will lead you astray." Tender said drawing a smile and winking at her. seeing this almost got her to break out into giggles at the situation she had found herself in with Tender actually wanting her allegiance over Victor. Pushing her glee down she decided to ignore the power play and instead focus on showing Tender how to be a player for her chess game, Okay I just have to go easy on her otherwise she won't play me again.

Starting small Cozy drew out the smallest of her chess pieces and explained, "Okay these pieces are the pawns they can only move one spa-" before she could finish how they attacked Tender eyed the pawn and cut her off.

"Hey why do they have names drawn on them?" Tender asked confused.

What? oh no that's right..., The original Cozy was putting her old teacher's names on her pieces to make herself feel more powerful. I am so glad I'm away from her right now, Cozy thought as she started rubbing the names off of all her pieces before saying, "Somepony I know thought it would be funny."

"Oh no, will it come off?" Tender asked with a worried expression.

Unsure Cozy looked at the pieces and sure enough if she rubbed the red ink it eventually came off, Whew. "Yeah I think they'll be okay." Cozy said giving Tender a slight smile to show her it was all fine. After a while longer of explaining all the pieces, their game finally began, with Tender making some obviously bad moves while Cozy danced her pieces into the line of fire to help Tender get the hang of playing. Don't worry, Cozy thought as she intentionally threw the game in Tender's favor, It's best not to beat a new beginner, that way they'll get invested and wanna play even more and more, well at least that's what Professor Dash always said. Just playing was enticing to Cozy somehow and she very easily decided to make the game last until Victor was done with the tent, before letting the game wind down with her losing to Tender.

Seeing her victory Tender sat up surprised and said down to her "Wow that was pretty fun, I'm sorry I beat you though, I was sure you would win, what with that cutie mark of yours and all." Wait that got Cozy thinking. That's right I still have my cutie mark, thank Celestia for small favors, Cozy mentally cheered as she marveled at the miracle of still having her gift for strategy despite hopping bodies. Kissing my flank wouldn't be normal would it?

Returning her attention back to the two ponies she was with instead of her flank she saw Victor surprise Tender by wrapping his arms under her forehooves and whispering in her ear, "Honey guess what you won for beating a little filly like a big bad meanie."

Tender blushed and said "Oh no, what-what do I win.", while looking a little afraid.

Victor pulled her hooves up in the air as he told her, "Tickles, come on Dizy get her!"

Wait should I get my revenge... it would be really funny, Cozy thought as she smiled and inched her way forward past the board game, much to Tender's horror as Cozy placed herself between Tender's back hooves so she couldn't try and lock them out from tickling her.

"Wait no Dizy don't listen I-I have... Bwahahaha Giggle* hahahahaha!!!" Tender didn't get to finish as Cozy turned around from between Tender's back hooves and propped her wings out as she used her feathers to tickle Tender under her hooves and across her belly, getting her all over. Unable to break free Tender let out laugh after laugh and before long her tears started to fall down onto Cozy's shoulder by the ticklish onslaught, all the while she kicked her hooves in desperation to get away but with Cozy placed between them escape was impossible.

"Hahaha Wait-wait Bwahahaha Giggle* I'm- I'm gonna pee Hahahaha!!!" Tender shouted which prompted Victor to finally let her go as she snapped her hooves down and inched away from both of them. Wow she's still laughing, Cozy thought as Tender's whole body twitched while she tried collected herself.

"Hahaha... you two...hahaha giggle* I'll get you for that!" Tender said adopting a gleeful smile and getting to all four hooves so she could leap at them.

Oh no what do we do? Cozy thought in slight fear as she gazed up at the now vengeful Tender. "Golly... um Mrs. Sway I'm young and impressionable surely you wouldn't blame me for any of this." Cozy said cheerfully as she got to her hooves with Victor, only to see Tender's smile get bigger.

Then without warning Tender shouted "Traitor!" and charged them both as Cozy and Victor split up and headed into the brush around the camp. Cozy only stopped running away when she heard Tender chase down Victor first. Cozy had to started devising a plan of retreat, okay gotta let her calm down first before she finds me, that way she'll be more likely to let me off the hook. Cozy's heart beat with anticipation as she ducked in between two bushes, then she heard some commotion as a chorus of Victor's laughter rang out across the campsite.

"Bwahahahahahahah okay okay honey you win, Hahahahahaha" Victor shouted off in the distance as he was attacked with Tender's tickle rage. I'm so glad that's not me. Cozy thought as the grown stallion's laughter continued for a good whole minute before finally ending with the camp falling into a still silence. Okay hopefully she got it out of her system and she's calm now, Cozy thought before gingerly peeked her head out of her hiding place to see the Camp site completely barren, Where'd she go? Cozy wondered before she suddenly heard the bushes behind her rustle and much to her shock when she turned around she could see Tender grinning down at her. Oh no...

"Hey there Silly Filly." Tender said before pouncing on top of her and pinning her down to the forest floor. Oh she tried to squirm out of the larger pony's grip of course but try as she might she quickly found herself at Tender's mercy as she was gently picked up around her midsection by one of Tender's much larger hooves. You know I really didn't think this through, Cozy thought to herself as she dangled in Tender's grip until she was taken back into the clearing and softly laid down on her back with her hooves up in the air all exposed. I'm prey...Cozy thought and even smiled up from the ground as Tender's gleefully triumphant face stared down at her.

"So is there any way I can talk you out of this?" Cozy chuckled out.

"Nope." Tender replied matter of factly as she started furiously tickling Cozy with her hooves, getting her all over.

"Bwahahahahaha this wasn't Giggle* Hahahahaha Giggle Worth it haha Bwahahaha." Cozy shouted as her body squirmed under Tender's turning hooves as they sent several signals to her brain at an alarming rate, I can't last like this... oh Celestia I'm dying.

"Hahahahaha Giggle* haha p-please Bwahahaha I yield! hahahaha Giggle*" Cozy shouted as the onslaught faded with Tender holding her down with one hoof on her tiny pink chest. Cozy tried to gather herself back together as her breathing steadied, causing Tender's hoof to rise and fall in a steady beat while it held her down.

"Giggle* you okay Dizy?" Tender asked in a sweet tone having finally gotten even.

"Uh-hu." Cozy said glad it was finally over.

"That's good... because I'm about to start round two." Thank Celestia... Wait What!!! Cozy thought as she looked up into Tender's now grinning eyes before Tender turned her over on her belly and tickled her backhooves.

"Hahahahaha Giggle* Mercy-Mer Bwahahaha" Cozy pleaded as her torment continued with her trying desperately to pull her hooves away from the mare to no avail.

"Tender that's enough don't you think?" Cozy heard Victor say as he made his way back into their camp.

Then to Cozy's gratitude Tender stopped her attack and pulled her to her hooves. Wow I can't stop shaking, Cozy thought as she backed away slightly from Tender and tried to steady her now twitching body.

"Ha, looks like I'm the Tickle Master." Tender said as she raised a hoof to the air in victory. Okay yep I'm not going to argue with that, Cozy thought as she made her way back to her spot by the fire and carefully lowered herself back into her previous spot so she could rest after her defeat. It didn't take to long though before she was quickly joined by Tender as the victorious pony made her way over to her with three sticks in one of her hooves before she inched down beside her.

"Okay everypony want a nice humble marshmallow to celebrate their defeat?" Tender said patting the ground next to her as Victor joined them on the soft grass.

"Yeah." both Cozy and Victor said at the same time. Seeing them now all at ease Tender placed marshmallows on each stick before giving one to both her and Victor as they rested their marshmallows over the fire.

"Honey do you think you went a little overboard?" Victor asked as they were gazing into the orange flames.

"Well when it comes to fun tickle games, just know if you tickle me, I will have my revenge." Tender said as Cozy slightly gasped at her words with an image of Chrysalis around the campfire quickly appearing in Cozy's mind before she shook the memory away. Just gotta move on... they're probably fine... I mean they're probably in Tarturus by now but they should be fine, Cozy thought before she pulled her stick back from the fire and grabbed the finished smore off of it. Seem's finished, Cozy concluded before eagerly shoving the warm treat into her mouth. Mmm... so good, Cozy thought as the flavor claimed her thoughts. Then to Cozy's surprise Tender grabbed her now barren stick and speared another new marshmallow on it before handing it back, Wow I wonder how long this'll be going on? Apparently longer tan expected as they ate fore at least an hour or more which while full of tasty treats also got everypony full... well mostly.

"I think I'm done ladies." Victor said as he leaned his head back against the tree trunk behind them, followed soon by her and Tender.

"I'm so full." Tender said as she patting her now slightly bulged belly, before she glanced over at Cozy's much small and still slender form.

"Wait Dizy you ate all of yours right?" Tender asked as she put a hoof on Cozy's pink belly and gave it a little poke, It doesn't look to full to me either but I ate just as much as they did.

"Must be her metabolism." Victor said with a shrug, as Tender retracted her hoof and stared up at the stars.

"Soooo... anypony want a Scary story?" Victor said after a calm moment of them all stargazing at the twinkling dots spread out across the sky.

"I'm good." Cozy said unable to hide her terror at a late night campfire story, I don't need one of those before bed.

"Giggle* Victor no scary stories." Tender said as she detected Cozy's distress and put a hoof around her, thanks Tender.

"Okay fine... I guess we should probably get some sleep before we head through Ponyville anyway." Victor said befor opening his mouth and letting out a large yawn. Yep that's my cue to leave...

"Um, Victor what's the plan with Dizy?" Tender asked getting Cozy's attention as Victor reached behind the log they were resting their heads on and pulled out a map of of what appeared to be all of Equestria, then he held it out over them towards the stars.

"Well we could probably find an Orphanage in Ponyville that could keep her, if they have one." Victor answered. No you can't, Cozy thought already knowing what the ponies of Ponyville would do with her if she was found there. Still though these two had been good traveling companions and now that she thought about it just because they were going by Ponyville that didn't mean she had to announce herself to the whole town maybe she could slip by if she was careful hmm... maybe it was at least worth a try to see if they would help her further then she could work things out from there. I still have the bits the old me hid beneath the school anyway, I could really use those.

"Um there aren't actually any Orphanages in Ponyville, believe me I've looked... but i-if you let me I could pay you to take me some where south, I mean if you're headed that way anyway I mean." Cozy asked wanting to cross her hooves and just hoped that her luck would hold out until she could get out of harms way, It's so much safer if I'm not on my own.

"Wait you have bits I thought you said earlier..." Tender asked confused.

"No I mean I left them in Ponyville, I had a place I hid them in case of emergencies." Cozy said, please don't think I'm lying.

"What do you think honey, you're the one who wanted to get away from everypony?" Victor asked Tender as Cozy held her breath with Tender turning towards her before pulling her a little closer to the larger mares side.

"Oh why not I think we should take her, especially if she has her own bits for the trip... besides leaving her to fend for herself without somepony to watch her defenetly wouldn't sit right with me." Tender said as Cozy let out the breath she was holding and smiled over at the two larger ponies. Take that cruel world.

"Okay, Dizy you get what you left in Ponyville and we'll take you to a town with a home for you, deal." Victor said as he pointed towards Ponyville on the map then down south to three locations that were labeled Applelossa, Daleswood, and Heartsgrove. One of those has to work...

"Deal." Cozy stated thankfully, amazed that the two would actually take her across the better half of the country, she'd probably have to give them what bits she could spare but it was worth it if they could get her somewhere far away from all the ponies that wanted to locked her up. all I have to do is get through Ponyville.

"Well that settles it, Victor why don't you put away the food before we check in for the night." Tender asked as they all sat up, with Victor getting up off the ground and trotting off to the far side of their camp with the last of the marshmallows.

"Yeah I got it yawn* just put out the fire will you." Victor said as he grabbed a blue bag from the wagon and started putting all of their food into it. Then with Cozy watching he tied a rope around one end of the now full bag and threw the rope over a tree limb before pulling the bag up into the tree, smart that'll probably keep it away from any wandering animals.

Pulling her eyes back towards Tender as the earth pony rose to her hooves Cozy spotted Tender's cutie mark on her yellow flank with two pink ballet looking slippers staring back at her, huh her cutie mark are two little pink slippers... What does that mean?

"Um... Tender what's your cutie mark stand for?" Cozy asked, probably best to be direct I don't wanna come off as too nosey.

"Oh it's dancing, me and Victor are stage performers." Tender said as she stood up on one hoof and did a little twirl in the camp, much to Cozy's amusement. So they perform on stage, huh... that's actually pretty cool.

Finishing her twirl Tender got back down on all fours before pointing a hoof at Cozy's bag, "Better put you're stuff in the wagon dear, you don't want an animal to get into it." Yeah that's probably a good idea, Cozy thought as she glanced over at her bag that was still sitting on the ground where she'd left it.

"Okay," Cozy said as she went to her pack and gathered up her chess set and despite herself she started smiling. Now all I have to do is get through tomorrow unseen, She thought as she picked her bag up in her teeth and trotted over passed Victor as she carried her bag over to the large wagon. And Hmp*... there, Cozy thought as she tossed her bag in with the rest of the camping supplies in the wagon before starting back over to the camp to end her day, wait where am I going to sleep? Cozy thought as she suddenly realized she hadn't unpacked her blanket before throwing it into the wagon.

"Psst... Dizy." Cozy heard Tender whisper, with Cozy turning to the tent Victor had set up for him and his misses to see Tender motioning her over with a hoof. Wait... she wants me to sleep in their tiny tent, Cozy thought as she stood still in place for a moment as she wondered if she was up for bunking with a the pair of them. However all her hesitation quickly vanished as she heard the wind begin to rustle the leaves on the trees above her. Not wanting another night alone in the woods she quickly trotted over to the tents open entrance, call me a coward but yes I'll absolutely bunk with the strangers tonight.

Approaching she with her head peaking into the tent Cozy spotted Victor at the back of the fabric shelter with his back turned away from them as he clearly separated from them for some reason. Well I guess I can find a place at a corner or... Cozy stopped searching for a place to rest as she saw Tender pull up their blanket to let Cozy in. Well here I go, She decided as she slid her way under the covers and snuggled her head into the pillow that she was apparently sharing with Tender. Then much to her surprise Tender tucked her into the blanket and put a hoof around her, almost as if she'd disappear by morning if Tender didn't keep a firm hold of her.

"Goodnight Honey." Tender said back to her husband as she settled herself into a comforting position in their bed.

"Goodnight to you too Lovebear." Victor said sounding much more tired than earlier, he probably was about to fall asleep if she had to guess.

Lovebear... that was funny Cozy had never heard of a nickname like that before. Must be a love thing, Cozy thought as Tender's warm pink eyes glanced over at her before she pulled her closer and whispered, "Dizy you don't have any... accidents at night do you?"

"Um... no." Cozy answered, she hadn't had an accident with bedwetting since she was three. At least I hope I don't, that would be super bad since we're all in the same bed together. Wait... what if I did though, would she try and find a way to diaper me or something? Cozy wondered before she sighed with realization. Actually that would be quite ironic since I'm only two days old.

"Oh okay then, Goodnight Dizy." Tender said as she closed her eyes. Weird she actually reminds me of Miss Rosie for some reason, Cozy thought as she enjoyed the warmth emanating from Tender's body for a while beneath the blanket she was snuggled in before she finally closed her eyes...

(Three and Half Years Earlier)

"Rosie before I go for the evening, I've decided it's about time to get rid of all the twin's old toys."

Oh no... Rosie thought as she waited patiently by the family manor's large front door. The twins were already acting like little adults as they were now, it was almost creepy even. She supposed it did make some sense though, they never seemed to play with their old stuffed toys anymore... well besides Cozy's green bear she still slept with. That's going to break her heart... if it isn't broken already.

"Are... are you sure, my Lord" Rosie asked as her employer readied himself for a night in Canterlot.

"Yes I am, when I was their age I never fancied such a myriad of distractions, what they need to focus on is their studies and getting their cutie marks." he said while adjusting his white bowtie with his magic.

Age? Distractions? they're not even seven yet!, Rosie's thought with furry bubbling in the back of her mind, especially since her parents had let her keep whatever she wanted to from her childhood and she turned out just fine, heck she even still had some old mementoes from her own youth lying around her house.

"In any event unless you have some objections you'd like to make I'll take my leave, I won't be back until later this evening after Blueblood's Soiree so I'd like all of this to be dealt with by then... oh and if you go anywhere by any chance just be sure to have the girls in bed before their curfew." He said as his red eyes meet hers. Well arguing won't change his mind, I guess it's best to just get on with it.

Rosie shook her head "No objections my Lord, I hope you have a pleasant evening." Rosie answered not wanting to make her day any worse for herself as she saw him nod in approval and leave through the front door with Rosie closing the door behind him, then with a rising sadness she trotted her way up the manor's winding staircase before reaching the second floor where the twin's room was.

While trotting Rosie passed some of the manor's guards who were clamored in a silver armor specifically designed for them by their employer. Making her way past the silent brutes Rosie made her way down the large pristine hallways of the family manor until she spotted the bathroom, yeah I probably need a minute, she thought as she went in to collect herself. Trotting into the solid white room and taking a deep breath Rosie took a look in the large mirror on the bathrooms wall and surveyed her reflection.

Why can't ponies just be normal? Rosie thought as she sighed at herself in the mirror before straitening her black and white maid outfit, leave it to the nanny to be the bad guy.

Seeing everything about her apparel in order Rosie exited the tiny closed off bathroom and made her way towards the girl's bedroom. Along the way she stopped to get a small cardboard box for the trash she'd have to take out and fixed a tilted photo of the manor's family that was on the wall with her magic. Fixing the photo to a perfect angel Rosie glanced at the two curly haired fillies seated at their parents hooves. I'd kill for twins like that, they should be playing ring around the rosy not learning how to speak Old Ponish, she thought as she glanced up at the the family portrait before continuing her trot with the box being carried along with her in her blue magic as she made the way to her destination.

Approaching the girl's door Rosie cleared her throat before going in, "Cozy, Luster?" Rosie said aloud as she called for the two twins so she could give them the bad news.

Entering Rosie looked around the room which itself had two small beds against the left wall with one being blue and they other being red, both had a pink canopy draped over them and two windows that were situated beside each one with a nice view of the manor's garden from down below them on the ground floor. On the backwall stood a bark wooden dresser with a mirror at the top, while to the right wall was the closet, which held their quite large collection of tiny dresses and other accessories that they'd been given.

Lowering Her eyes she found the two curly haired fillies on the ground with both of them turning to lock their eyes onto her. Cozy sitting firmly on her round pink pillow with Luster who was apparently finishing the last touches as she put Cozy's bow around her curls for her with her magic.

"Yes?" they both asked in unison while Luster finished tying Cozy's bow before finishing ang backing slightly away to give her sister a clear exit from her seat, which Cozy immediately took advantage off as she hopped off of her pillow to land right beside her twin.

"I don't suppose you two can find all of your old toys you used to play with and bring them here? " Rosie asked wanting to get it all over with.

"Why?" Luster asked while pacing away from Cozy and coming up in front of Rosie's front hooves.

I hate doing this, Rosie thought as she put a hoof on Luster's shoulder "Well you see princess It's... It's just to make room for some more things, you know like music boxes and things like that." Rosie said giving both girls a hopeful warm smile.

After a moment of silence Cozy spoke up out of the two as she took the lead by saying "Okay, come on Lusty". Afterwards Cozy took flight and started collecting what little stuffed toys she had laying around while Luster also made her way to the dresser and the other areas of the room as she levitated her soft plushy possessions into the air before depositing them into the cardboard box Rosie had delivered to them.

Finishing her work Luster sat next to Rosie as they both watched as Cozy flew back and forth carrying a different stuffed toy on each trip before Luster cut her quest short by levitating all of her plushies into the box with a simple levitation spell. Afterwards Cozy's face suddenly snapped with realization as she flew into her bed and retrieved her little green teddy bear before coming up in front of Rosie with the stuffed bear tucked firmly in her hooves.

"What about Emerald?" Cozy asked as she looked up at Rosie and held her possession close to her chest. I can't do it, Rosie thought as she bent down to whisper in her ear, "Keep it under you're bed, okay angel." After all if their father found out about the bear Rosie could always say she hadn't noticed it and had simply forgotten about it. I hope she's happy she gets to keep him... Rosie thought before looking over at Luster who was smiling at the tiny leeway her sister had been given. Smilling Rosie watched as Cozy stuffed her bear underneath her bed's bedskirt and safely out of harms way. I'm glad Luster's just happy and didn't feel left out... I should try and cheer them both up somehow, Rosie thought as she started brainstorming with Cozy quickly making her way back over join her sister. Seeing no need to scare them by throwing the stuffed toys away in front of them Rosie slid the box over to the wall intent on throwing it away later while the twins weren't looking.

"Say how about we go through a quick piano lesson and then I'll take you both out in the Gardens to play, okay." Rosie said finally getting Cozy and Luster to draw a smile together.

Author's Note:

Okay credit for the bases goes too Bases-4-Bronies, xBubble-Bases, Chanour-bases, and Amelia-Bases.

So will Cozy get through the school and Ponyville, will Chrysalis be okay, and will Starlight and Trixie get more screen time? 🤔

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