• Published 31st Jul 2020
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Split Personality - Darravan

A Cozy Glow has made a twin with her conscience trapped inside and now it's all alone in a world that hates it.

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Cozy was absolutely overflowing with power and oh boy did she like every second of it. I've got to get more, Cozy thought to herself greedily as she started trotting away from her two friends, after all fist things were first and she had a particular voice in the back of her head that she needed to fire.

"Wait." Cozy heard queen bug butt say from behind her.

"Ugh what?" Cozy asked looking over her shoulder to see not only Chrysalis but Tirek looking at her departure with a raised eyebrow.

"Just where do you think you're going? We have to be ready for Grogar when he returns." Tirek stated.

Seriously!?, Cozy thought as her anger almost broke through her upset glare, "Um you and our dearest Queen here already have horns and I just grew one out of the top of my skull, give me a minute would ya."

Tirek put a hand to his face in annoyance and sighed, "Ugh fine just hurry otherwise Grogar may find out what we've been up to before we can deal with him."

"Speak for yourself Centaur, I could take Grogar by myself with all of this magical energy." Chrysalis stated in defiance as she marveled at her new green armor adorning her exoskeleton.

Yep that's my cue to leave, Cozy thought with an eyeroll as she departed with a scowl down the hideout's cavernous halls. ("Aren't you happy now? You got what you wanted."), Cozy heard it whisper again in her head although at this point she was just trying to suffer through it until she could get it out somehow with her magic, come on Grogar's got to have something around here that could help.

("You're as powerful as Twilight herself, now's your chance to start over and leave before things go south like they always do.") Cozy heard it say again.

("Ugh Shut up, I'm definitely not leaving until I find a way to get you out of my head.") Cozy stated matter of factly to her little no good angel on her shoulder.

("Really! What are you thinking? You could give us both brain damage or something.") to which Cozy replied in her head ("Actually after this there won't be an us anymore, so pipe down already.") She honestly didn't know why she had these thoughts, it's just lately they would always disturb her in the process of plotting her conquest and her Revenge, for the life of her she couldn't get it to just stop.

("It's because deep down you feel bad about what you've done don't you.") the voice whispered, once again trying to talk some sense into her.

("Don't you mean you feel bad? Because I feel great.") Cozy inwardly exclaimed as she envisioned her enemies crushed beneath her with her finally claiming her destiny that she was yearning for.

("Cozy please I know I failed you but you're an Alicorn now, you could go anywhere you want or better yet you could take Grogar's bell to Twilight and stop all of-") her voice tried to say before she mentally cut it off mid sentence, "No! This ends in blood, and I don't need some silly background noise like you messing it all up."

("Wait what do you mean?") it whispered.

("You'll see.") Cozy stated with a devilish grin as she quickly made her way to Grogar's private room, earlier she would never have tried to sneak into this particular part of their hideout thanks to the fear she had of being disintegrated by Grogar but with her new powers she wasn't actually afraid of the old goat anymore. Charging up her new horn she blasted the door off it's hinges and sent it flying to the room's rocky floor. Cozy smirked at the power she now had as she blew some steam off of her new horn, her new abilities really were something to marvel at oh if only her father could see her now she bet she'd scare him to death before she blew him to pieces but all good things come to she who waits, she would deal with him and her mother dearest when the Princess of Friendship was a pile of ashes. Entering the room Cozy checked for any dangerous pets or traps Grogar might have added to his quarters to keep them safe, but everything appeared harmless. Stupid goat could have at least left a bear trap on the floor or something, Cozy thought as her eyes darted around the room while she began her search for a way to free her psyche from her pest problem.

Cozy scanned the row of books in Grogar's private room and wow oh boy did he sure have a lot of stuff, Cozy spotted several various torture devices and ancient artifacts scattered about the area, surely something in here had to help her, she didn't want to have to steal a spell from Twilight's library, no she wanted this thing out of her head now. Cozy started scanning the books that Grogar had collected or even written himself, either way Cozy didn't know or care to know one way or the other as she read through the books on their respective shelfs on the rock walls. Let's see Arcane History, Runes no I know all about those, basic spells no I'd seen those even in school... wait, Cozy stopped and stared at a large black book with the title Monster Creation and Dark magic, well at least she thought it was a black book though there was quit a bit of dust on it.

"Well better get to it." Cozy said with a shrug and quickly hauled the book off of the dusty old bookshelf and down the hallway in a fast trot, though that ended when she ran into Chrysalis who had just turned a corner with her yellow and green eyes locking onto Cozy and her newest little bit of reading material.

"What's that?" Chrysalis asked with a sneer as her glare found the book Cozy had taken for her own purposes, oh no Cozy thought since the last thing she needed was Chrysalis getting nosey or even worse playing parent like she was her mother or something, yeash. Seeing as Chrysalis wouldn't leave her alone until she answered her Cozy quickly came up with an excuse, "Oh this... it's just something to read until Grogar gets here, you know so I can have a few spells down to deal with Twilight and her friends." Cozy answered sweetly and put on a big happy smile for good measure. Cozy really didn't want Chrysalis to know what she was going to do if she found the right spells to get rid of her little problem, for all she knew Chrysalis might want to eat the leftovers. Cozy's smile widened, on second thought that didn't seem entirely like a bad idea, she could even watch the bug queen suck up her little annoyance once and for all. ("Please don't...") Cozy heard it say in the back of her head, which filled her with a newfound glee, ("Fine but you'd better shut up before I change my mind.") Cozy inwardly whispered in a silent death threat.

Seeing as how Cozy story checked out Chrysalis stepped out of her way, although she still held her look of suspicion, "Well you'd better hurry before Grogar gets back, we all need to be ready to start our takeover once he's dealt with, so you'd better not take too long." and with that final piece of advice the former changeling queen stalked past Cozy.

("We should leave before Grogar get's here.") the voice whispered again in her head, Cozy rolled her eyes as she made her way to her room, ("Oh don't worry I will be leaving just not you.")

("B-but why? I'm a part of you, I always have been.") the voice pleaded desperately, wow it was annoyingly still trying to get through to her! what a die hard.

("Hmm... let me put it to you this way, you're being let go, you're services are no longer required, I'm moving in a different direction, take you're pick.") Cozy replied with a smirk, happy that the tiny voice had finally gone dormant and didn't respond, maybe this time it's given up for awhile.

Cozy entered the room she had been staying in for the past couple months, despite it being a dirty brown mess it was big and it was about the same sized room that she had been given at Twilight's school only this time it was just hers, the only things in it however were a warm fireplace, a dresser she could only reach while flying and her bed, which to be fair had the opposite of inviting written all over it. Knowing that her time was short Cozy flew onto her bed and went about her work as she opened the dusty thing to the table of contents, there she found that half the book was dedicated to the undead and summonings, things which Cozy decided was worth a glance despite her short timeframe, however once she turned the pages past the monsters she found what she was most interested in since the second half of the book detailed the study of nightmares and mind magic, seeing this made her quite the happy filly as she deciding to mark her discoveries as she went about her read. Reaching under her blanket she found and quickly snatched up her favorite pink highlighter from underneath the bedsheets and started applying it to the ancient text.

After about an hour of reading various spells, Cozy found a combination that could work which basically detailed that all she had to do was concentrate on her goody four hooves personality and draw it out with a mind strip transfer, unfortunately for her the unwanted part of her psyche had to go somewhere and Cozy didn't exactly have volunteers just hanging around for her convenience, that's where the other half of Cozy's research came in handy, since thanks to her not skipping the first part of the book she learned of a spell that only required you to have a large amount of powerful magic (which now being an Alicorn, Cozy obviously had) and a sample of a creature so you could make a copy of it, and with the new creation that would give Cozy somewhere to put her problem. So flying over to her drawer Cozy set out to get her scissors and cut a small length of hair that hung loosely in the back of her head, but a strand she didn't need of course particularly one that wasn't one of her curls, never would she clip her curls Celestia only knew how hard she worked on those.

Finally with her spells in order it was the moment of truth as Cozy powered up her newly acquired horn with swirling red magic spiraling all around it as she shot a beam at her now snipped lock of hair, (following every instruction to the letter) and with a blinding light another completely unmoving Cozy Glow lay on the ground, lifeless... but not for long, Cozy thought as her attention turned to her little voice in the back of her head and let it take full center stage, all the ("Don't do that.") and ("Leave that alone.") background noises that she had been all to often ignoring were now at her mercy, and with her horn still raised she shot her magic into the lifeless body on the floor, with a bright flash of light leaving her head and disappearing into the lifeless corpse. As soon as it was all over the voice was gone no longer a persistent nuisance in the back of her mind.

"Yes!" Cozy shouted with glee but soon decided to test her success just to be sure it was gone for good, "Well since I'm getting my Revenge I might as well make the cutie mark crusaders my personal servants after all they tried to stop me with their friends." and she waited... and waited... and nothing came up she was free she was finally free!

Cozy jumped up and down for joy on her bed causing it to creek and then without warning Cozy heard a loud knocking at her door "Cozy Glow what are you doing in there?" Tirek said from the other side of her shut door with his shadow soon appeared out from under the doorway, shucks Cozy had been so focused on freeing herself that she didn't even hear him coming down the hallway.

"Oh it's nothing, I'm just trying out a new spell, I'll be out soon." Cozy said adding a little extra sweet to her voice.

"Make sure you do Grogar could be back any minute so hurry up and get out here." Tirek said in annoyance and then marched off down the cavernous hallway so they could prepare their trap.

Cozy was about to follow him but soon remembered something she'd almost completely forgotten about, soon Cozy's narrowed eyes took notice of the filly still laying on the floor completely unmoving, Golly it looks dead. "Well just so you know I was going to blast you to kingdom come after we parted ways but seeing as how it looks like you're already pushing up daisies I think I'll just leave you here to rot. Isn't that nice of me?" Cozy stated before letting out a giggle and patting her new twin on the head, it was a such a shame though, Cozy could have really enjoyed her new little toy as a servant or even better as a pet of some kind, oh well, Cozy thought to herself and flew to the door. Opening it she prepared herself, the time had finally come to take over Equestria and prove to every pony that had ever doubted her that they were wrong, she flew out without a care, leaving the door open behind her.

(Several hours later)

Cozy awoke gasping for breath.

Cozy coughed hard, her lungs felt so sore as if even breathing was killing her. She couldn't move much and without any fight left in her she laid there for a while to sore to move and to lost for words...

What had happened? W-where was she? Cozy tried to remember but to her horror the mere attempt at remembering sent her head into an eruption of blinding pain. "Agh!!!" Cozy yelped before curling instinctively up into a ball and grasping her aching head in her hooves. She held firm for a while longer as the pain subsided and she seemed to fade in and out of consciousness...

Finally her eyes fluttered open although from her point of view she could tell that she was on the ground. "Ugh." Cozy let out as she pushed up on her front hooves into a somewhat sitting position, however doing so was physically taxing and every part of her wanted to go crashing back down... yet she forced herself up as she let out one wheezing breath after the other. Glancing down Cozy found her hooves shaking and her head was still in a throbbing fit from earlier. Nothing about this made sense to her, but this was a room in the evil lair though that much she could tell... though it was a lot darker for some reason... and wait this was her room wasn't it... yes, it was it was hers in all it's dullfullness. Despite the ugly room though it was comforting that she was in a place she actually remembered otherwise she'd be pretty terrified, what had happened? How did she wind up on the floor?

She tried to concentrate but her head just kept hurting with each new attempt she made. Finally giving up she slowly turned her head and to her dismay she suddenly realized that there wasn't a fire going and the cold of the room was sending chills coursing up and down her spine, hmm, that's why I'm s-so cold. moving with slow wobbles Cozy dragged herself to the fire pit and found her flints by the fire that she always used every night, grabbing them in her shaky hooves she struck them together, though barely any sparks actually erupted out of the stones since she was so weak and she could barely move them. Not wanting to give up and freeze until morning she struck them harder and with that last effort the fire burst into life with the orange and yellow flames causing the room to warm itself.

Pulling herself back over by the bed and a good safe distance away from the fire Cozy settled down and took a moment to admire the shimmering orange hue that danced about the room from the fire's warm dancing lights, seeing them captivated her from her place in the barren cave, though as nice as they were she was still too weak to find somepony who could tell her what had happened to her...

Realizing she wouldn't be awake for much longer like this she set about to get comfortable until she felt better, though before resigning herself back to sleep Cozy checked her surroundings but couldn't make out much past the doorway, it appeared to be completely nighttime outside. Seeing no way she would have enough energy to get up off of the floor and back onto her bed Cozy pulled her blanket off so she would at least have something she could cuddle up with, but to her immediate turmoil a large black looking book came crashing down on top of her head and caused a brand new wave of pain to fill her skull, letting out a tiny croak of pain and softly rubbing her sore scalp Cozy officially gave up as she gingerly laid herself back down onto the floor with her blanket now draped all around her. Pulling the blanket closer until she was completely snuggled under it, Cozy's head soon found it's way onto the large black book that had hit her as she used it as a makeshift pillow before drifting silently back off to sleep.

Stirring Cozy finally awoke from her dreamless slumber with her eyes cracking slightly open only for her to immediately shut them closed again thanks to the bright light hitting her pupils and she pull her blanked back over her head to keep the unwanted brightness away. Though after a while and with a bit more of her moving her tiny hooves around she soon peeked out from under her hideaway, once her eyes began to adjust she could just make out that Grogar's evil lair was much lighter than it had been before she had dozed off and thus it must be some sort of daytime, But where was Chrysalis and Tirek? Hadn't they woken up yet or had they slept in too? Wanting to find out Cozy stirred before bringing herself into a sitting position and letting out a tired yawn.

She mustered her strength and was about to try and stand up but suddenly she realized that the book she had used as her very own makeshift pillow last night (a very dusty book at that) had the title Monster Creation and Dark Magic . Cozy stared at the book and wondered where it had came from... suddenly the foggiest memory started to emerge from the back of her mind. Wait I've seen this haven't I, Cozy realized as Images flashed in her head of her apparently stealing the book and using her new horn! Cozy searched the top of her head but found only a bedraggled mess of hair... but that didn't make any sense she remembered a horn... right.

Suddenly it hit her, the memory of casting the spell from the book! Cozy looked down at it wondering if it was wise to look for answers or if it was better to just consider it all a bad dream and move on, though after a moment of mental debate she decided it was far better to know the truth about what had happened then to not know anything at all and so she swiftly turned the book to it's table of contents, there she could see two of the sections were previously highlighted pink, one on summons and one on a mind-strip-transfer.

Cozy skimmed through it seeing the spells were for the far too magically advanced and would remove certain parts of a creature's mind... suddenly an image of recollection came to her as she remembered being ripped out of her own head and everything around her going deathly cold... Cozy raised a hoof haphazardly over her mouth in terror as she realized that it hadn't been her body she'd been ripped out of and that she was just a voice... a voice in Cozy's head... a simple voice of reason that had been cast aside without a single care. She didn't want to believe it but glancing down there it all was staring at her on the page, a spell completely full of all the details of her being cast out into this new body that the original Cozy Glow had created.

How could she do this? How could she really go through with it? She had always be there for her... she had always been trying her best to help. Every time the original her had gotten bored or needed some helpful advice there she was always willing to lend a helpful hoof. True she wasn't always right but she was still apart of her since long before either of them could even remember! this wasn't happening, this just couldn't be real.

Cozy felt warm tears run down her face, she... she had been removed like a broken feather and the real Cozy Glow was going to attack Canterlot and Ponyville! This... this was all a nightmare it just had to be. Cozy put her head in her hooves and let her tears drain down from her sore eyes, she didn't know what else to do... this must be some sort of nightmare...

Had she really been that horrible that she had to be removed? Was it her suggestions? Did she do something wrong? Cozy couldn't decide, she was at a loss not knowing what could have been done on her part to have prevented this catastrophe from occurring. Was it that one time she had messed up... no, even then she was still trying to help despite being wrong. What am I going to do, Cozy wondered...

After a while of silently crying and whipping her tears from her cheeks Cozy's stomach suddenly started to growl, Well even though I'm not me anymore I guess I'm still able to get hungry, Cozy thought to herself as she stumbled to her hooves and slowly made her way to the open door to her room, after checking to make sure the coast was clear she headed down the cavernous hallway intent on just surviving this living Tarturus she was in. She knew her other self wouldn't want her around and if her creator found her then it would all be over, although if the real her was still here then that raised the question of where was she? Cozy didn't know but one thing was clear she had to be careful.

Creeping around the jagged corners of the rocky hallways that filled the lair, Cozy entered what she had dubbed the Rec room where she and the others would chat and group up to plan on taking over the world, the very place she and the others had started their Better Way to be Bad song. Images of the three filled her head... all they had been through together, their trip to Mount Everhoof, the Roadtrip to her hometown of Canterlot, and all the shenanigans that they had gotten up to in this damp and dirty evil lair, Cozy sighed realizing that despite how cruel they all were she would probably still miss them when she left this place.

Shaking the thoughts away Cozy spread her wings and leapt to try and fly up onto the table... then all of a sudden she came crashing back down onto her rear, "huh what happened?" ...but that... wait, Cozy thought to herself before swiftly checking her wings to make sure they were flapping and they were... but still nothing happened. Oh no, she couldn't fly. Cozy tried again but couldn't get off of the ground despite how much she struggled. This... this isn't happening, first she got rid of me and now I can't even fly!

Cozy started breathing heavily and put a hoof to her chest "Calm down Cozy you can do this... you have to do this." Cozy wanted to scream but knew despite her rising hopelessness she had to stay quiet, if somepony was still here and she was discovered she could still wind up getting destroyed.

"I... I have to get help, I have to find somepony, somepony can..." Cozy said aloud but stopped as realization finally hit her like a train, if she went to somepony for help now and Headmare Twilight found out where she was she'd be shipped to Tartarus for sure, the other Cozy had probably attack Equestria before she could even get there to explain herself, if her evil twin hadn't already. Cozy didn't want to think of what the punishment would be, she was wanted for sure and there was no way Twilight would hear her out after a second attack from her original. She was alone and nopony left in the world in their right mind would help her. Despite her last hopes she soon realized she would probably never fly again...

Twilight casually entered Celestia's old throne room, now her throne room after she had already said goodbye to her friends before they left back to Ponyville, having doughnuts with them was nice though and she was still looking forward to their day to meet up once a week from now on still she longed to be on the train ride back home with them, but that was something she would have miss out on just like a lot of other things. She wasn't completely alone though since Spike was following close behind her through the long room covered in glass depictions of all of Equestria's fallen foes such as Nightmare Moon, Discord, Tirek, Chrysalis, the Pony of Shadows, and the Storm King, each with their defeats immortalized on the palace walls. Twilight was still amazed that so many villains had been defeated in her time with her friends. A new one of the Trio would also be added soon, Twilight knew she would have to make the arrangements herself, and of course it was really easy since the castle had been rebuilt, this time it was even a little bigger for the new depiction of the trio's defeat.

Though Twilight and Spike were not alone for long as a royal guard came in a trotted at a brisk pace to catch up with them.

"Princess Twilight" the guard said while trotting towards her all clad in his shiny gold armor.

"Yes, what is it?" Twilight replied having stopped her trot to her throne to go over the damage reports of the last attack on Canterlot,... though she had an idea on what this guard wanted to ask about and it was important to get it over and done with. Ugh, when would she get something encouraging to make a decision on.

"It's the statue your highness, you said you wanted more time to decide on what to do with it, I'm here to ask if you've come to a decision?" the guard said standing at attention. As she suspected ponies were wondering if the trio would remain in the fields they were defeated in or if they would eventually be moved. Twilight at one point in her life would have been nervous about giving orders over such a thing but after all the orders she had recently given this was becoming quite casual to her. She really didn't know what to do with Tirek, Cozy Glow, and Chrysalis but something had to be done and it needed to be soon. She supposed Discord was placed in the Royal Gardens and that had worked for well over a thousand years, no need to fix what isn't broken, Twilight supposed.

"Have the landscapers add it to the royal garden." she replied in an empty tone.

"At once you're highness." The guard affirmed and took his leave, leaving only Spike to stay with her.

Seeing nothing hindering her now Twilight made her way to her throne and sat down, sighing she thought about all the villains had done in their terrible yet short quest for domination over Equestria, Tirek had now as of his latest attempt attacked Equestria three times now, same as Chrysalis who was even offered a second chance by Starlight, and Cozy Glow seemed devoid of any remorse Twilight was sure despite the shocked expression on her stone face that she would have attacked Equestria again if she ever had the chance. Twilight was snapped out of her thoughts as Spike put his claw on Twilight's hoof, causing her to look down at him.

"What is it Twi? Don't tell me dealing with those three is getting under you're skin." Spike said his expression one of clear worry for her, Twilight thought but in the end it didn't matter they were too dangerous to be released. What could anypony have done to help them?

"Not anymore Spike, I might do something about them later but for now they'll be a sign of what fate awaits those who threaten Equestria." Twilight said in a somber tone.

Spike raised an eyebrow, "Will they ever be... released, I mean they seemed pretty irredeemable. I don't wanna know what'd they do if they ever got out."

Seeing Spike worry like this never made Twilight feel any better about a situation, in fact it always seemed to make her more uneasy about something. She put a comforting wing around him and said, "Don't worry, If they ever get released it'll be when you're big enough to squash them with your feet."

Spike chuckled and visibly relaxed now that danger didn't seem like a possibility for the foreseeable future, then he shook his head in amazement, "I can't believe you just let Discord off without giving him any real kind of punishment. I mean I like Discord a lot and all, I mean he's my friend but... he went way overboard with it this time."

"Well I did make him fix most of the castle and the forest the villains messed up so I guess that's something. I shouldn't really be so surprised he did something like this at this point, he's always finding some new way to start some kind of trouble." Twilight replied trying to rationalize the situation that was Discord. If only he could have just left things alone the Trio might have eventually all come around. In the grand scheme of things Twilight would have to set some clear boundaries with the Lord of Chaos to ensure that no more invasions ever happened...

"Do you think he actually learned his lesson this time though." Spike said breaking her train of thought.

"I sure hope so Spike or that royal garden's going to get pretty full." Twilight said laughing at the thought with Spike chuckling along with her.

Cozy hung her head low in fear as she moved as quietly as a mouse through the evil lair, along the way she finished licking the frosting off of her lips after she had found and eaten some stale cupcakes her evil twin had made before her departure, not exactly fresh but it still tasted okay. Now Cozy was determined to find some supplies and get ready for her big journey to get as far away from this place as she possibly could.

Tirek's old room Cozy supposed was nothing but a workout room with a bed and Chrysalis if Cozy remembered correctly was in the basement of the lair and she most certainly wasn't going down there ever again, instead she headed for the bathroom despite the danger, after all she didn't exactly know when she'd get another chance to take a bath and it seemed at the moment anyway that all the villains were gone, probably taking over Equestria for all I know, not that it mattered to Cozy she couldn't do anything to stop them. Right now all she wanted was to clean up and get a good look at herself for the first time in her now one day old life.

Entering The bathroom Cozy rationed it looked exactly how it always did with a high sink and mirror plus a tube in the back by the toilet, yep all the same except for Tirek's towel he'd left on the floor, with a push she slid it out of the way and then with her best pounce she proceeded to pull herself up onto the sink's counter with as much force as she could muster. Reaching the top Cozy was finally able to see herself although she found her appearance just a little shocking, Her hair was everywhere and her bloodshot ruby eyes stared painfully back at her. Wow I really do look horrible...

Cozy couldn't think of anything else to say to her own reflection except "Golly..." in probably the most depressing tone she's ever used in her now short but already miserable life. I mean it was hers wasn't it? Then again was she even her anymore? She really couldn't tell, she had never read anything about something like this before and that alone scared her, she had read hundreds of books in her... well her past life before all of this and not one of them had anything about cutting out a piece of your mind.

Ignoring her rising fear Cozy hopped off the counter and headed for the bathtub, there she pulled herself into the large porcelain area. Finally situated with her bottom in the tub she turned both knobs and watched as the area around her filled with warm water along with some bubble bath she added, as well as the original Cozy's plastic duck. She didn't immediately clean up though, instead she relaxed her muscles and let the warm water sooth her, before long she started thinking about her life from before, about her snobby unicorn parents who didn't want her, her sister at Celestia's school for gifted unicorns, the Orphanage she ran away from, and her depressing days wandering the lonely streets of Equestria. Well Cozy supposed she was heading back to those streets pretty soon before her Alicorn Twin came back and Cozy was turned into nothing more than a blood stain on the wall... or even worse enslaved to do the original Cozy's bidding, only a day ago she would have been happy to be of use to her owner but now... now she really didn't think she did anymore...

After her reflection of her life Cozy scrubbed herself clean as she worked to make this new body of hers the very cleanest that it could be. Once her scrubbing was done and she was squeaky clean she pulled herself out of the warm bath water and soon dripped a puddle onto the floor before she grabbed a towel out from out from under the sink to dry herself off with. once done drying she considered herself now in good condition and was finally ready to get to work on this new mane that she had everywhere. After retrieving a bundle of new goldish ribbons from her ribbon stash beneath the sink she quickly did another pounce and even a pullup to get back in front of the mirror, once up there she let the clump of multiple ribbons fall to her hooves on the counter as she started going through her usual ritual, okay grab two, wait no... three ribbons, she decided after all there really was no point in actively trying to look like the original Cozy by curling her hair so she might as well put her own little spin on it for the sake of separating herself from her evil twin.

First Cozy started by giving her tail a good brushing until it was in a nice cone shape that kind of reminded her of the back of a dress and tied a ribbon at the top of it in a bow. Then came her actual head hair which she proceeded to braid most of and tie in a ribbon on the top as well as on the bottom, giving herself a little ponytail on the side. Checking herself over in the mirror she could see that her eyes were less puffy and her new hair style was to her liking, (Actually it kind of reminded her of professor Applejack for some reason), no more curls and no more world domination, She concluded with satisfaction, all in all her situation wasn't entirely all that bad.

That's when she started realizing, she didn't feel like getting any revenge on anypony and she didn't want to take over the world... Cozy felt different... New. It started slowly at first but after a moment of soul searching she let a tiny smile grow on her face... she felt free.

Author's Note:

The credit for the two Cozy glow pictures goes to Pony-Bases where I found the bases I needed for them the other images are from the show which belongs to Hasbro.