• Published 4th Sep 2020
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The Battle of Danger City Part One - A New Dawn - DangerDean

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Chapter 2 - Preparing the Next Move (Part 1 - Midnight's Dilemma)

The next day, after the Alliance of Extreme Darkness set off for Oscura City, Sparky Lionfire was having a dilemma on what sort of engine she would put into her new supercar creation, the Lionstorm. The Lionstorm was based on a meld between a Ford GT and a Pagani Huayra BC. the She decided to look at the existing engine templates and used the same engine Danger used for his tenth hypercar project, the DGR10 Hydra, which was a custom-built 10-litre twin turbo V12, producing 1,970 brake horsepower.

Since Danger gave unrestricted access to the underground car manufacturing complex, next door to the Legion’s headquarters, only Danger and Rainbow have created their own cars and the weirdest thing is that Danger is way ahead of Rainbow in vehicle production since Rainbow’s only focus is supercars, hypercars and muscle cars for Applejack and herself to drive. She has made in total 803,786 cars, excluding the Jansen P12 she used in the Battle of Paradise City.

Danger meanwhile, focuses similar to Rainbow preferences but he also produces sport utility vehicles, multi-passenger vehicles and luxury cars as well. The MPVs and the luxury cars are only for Rarity, Diamond Blazer. In total, Danger has made 2,709,687 cars which are all in the underground car park, excluding his Rossolini Tempesta.

While Sparky’s engine was undergoing the build procedure which takes around four hours to build, but since she used an existing template, the time was reduced by half an hour. Sparky headed the elevator for the top-floor balcony and she looked on her watch which read 11:29. Sparky knew that her engine would be finished by about 16:00 as she set a reminder on her phone.

Meanwhile, at the top floor, Blazey was having a conversation with Crimsonia Dragonsfire and Midnight Skies on a couch. Blazey was wearing a leather jacket and a purple shirt consisting of 5 fireballs forming a 5-pointed star, tight-denim jeans and red trainers. Crimsonia’s outfit was similar to what Sunset wore during the Battle of the Bands, which Danger never mentioned to Aria for six years. The colour of her outfit was crimson-red with red and pink chevrons and on her boots had red dragon symbolisms. Midnight was wearing a grey and blue t-shirt with a white of whirlpool and tight-denim jeans and dark blue trainers. Sparky was wearing a similar outfit to Crimsonia but her skirt had a white eagle symbolism on it

“Did you know that Sparky has no, like 3D vision?” Blazey asked the other two girls, which led to a shrug from Midnight.

“Only found that out this morning.” Blazey stated, answering her own question.

“What are you on about, Blazey?” Midnight deadpanned.

“When I woke up this morning, I noticed Sparky was already up and there was a note next to my alarm clock which said she is going to create her own supercar which may take a lot of time to create.”

“She’s a bit like Danger sometimes. I’ve seen a lot of the cars he created and they look awesome.” Crimsonia stated as she straightened her sleeveless jacket. But after she did this, she looked around the room “Speaking of which, where is he?”

“Danger’s with Rainbow and Aria, probably working his sixteenth hypercar project.” Midnight replied in a bored tone of voice.

Blazey became concerned over Midnight. Ever since she withdrawn from the Alliance of Extreme Darkness, she was acting like Aria before she became friends with Danger and was with Adagio Dazzle and Sonata Dusk.

“Are you OK, Midnight?” Blazey asked her.

“Hmm, I don’t know, Blazey.” Midnight sighed. “I’m just having a moral dilemma over a few things.”

“Is being with Oscura messing your brain a bit?” Crimsonia said, putting her hand on Midnight’s right shoulder.

“Something like that. Ever since I joined the Legion of Speedfreak, Oscura’s voice echoes in my head.” Midnight said.

Blazey looked at her watch and raised her eyebrows.

“I better see what Danger’s up to.” Blazey announced.

But has she got up, Sparky entered the room from the elevator.

“Hi, Sparky, can you be a big help for your sister and cheer up Midnight?” Blazey then asked.

“Might as well, I got a few hours to kill.” Sparky replied, patting Blazey’s back as she entered the elevator.

Meanwhile, in the underground manufacturing facilty. DangerDean, Rainbow Dash and Aria Blaze were spending a lot of time with car-related jobs.

Danger was focusing on the underside of his new prototype hypercar, the DGR16 Ghostwrath. Even though the Ghostwrath was similar to the Excelsior X. But on the front were two W-shaped grills. On the rear was a rear wing similar to the one the Zenvo TSR-S uses that tilts left or right depending on the cornering. Powered by the same engine used in the Excelsior X but Danger added two 250 brake horsepower electric motors onto the sides of the 9 litre quad-turbo W16, creating a 2,850 horsepower lightspeed button. Danger will still use the Excelsior X because the Ghostwrath isn’t finished yet.

Rainbow was tuning her upgraded duplicate of the RD1 Pulsar GTX2400R, the RD1 Pulsar GTX2800R. The car was an exact copy of the GTX2400R but the engine and the electric were modified to produce 2,809 horsepower, 41 less than Danger’s Ghostwrath. Rainbow thinks that the GTX2800R is 20% faster than the GTX2400R.

Aria meanwhile, was finishing off her new hypercar, the AB1 Furyblaze. The AB1 Furyblaze’s style was a blend of the Porsche 992 Carerra S at the bottom half and the top half of a Boeing 747. Powering the Furyblaze is a 8.75 litre turbocharged V8 punching out 1,488 horsepower. Four months ago, Aria tested the Furyblaze at the DangerStar Proving Ground and achieved a top speed of 265 miles per hour.

“Danger, I’ve finished my creation.” Aria announced to Danger.

“What your AB1 Furyblaze?” Danger said as he got up from the underside of his Ghostwrath and was wiping his face.

“Yeah, I’ve finished the body, engine, transmittion, driveshaft, suspension and everything else, it just the paint job I need to do.” Aria replied “And... I may need to change my shirt.”

“Why?” Danger asked.

“Because I had two gas leaks in the span of about twenty minutes, two hours ago. I replaced the tank about a hour later and I haven’t had any new leaks since.” Aria replied again.

“Do what you have to Aria. I’ll take a quick shower before I insert the gas tank inside the Ghostwrath.”

Danger was wearing a red t-shirt with three white chevrons in the bottom half facing downwards with his cutie mark (or emblem since it’s the human world) in the centre. He was also wearing black and red diagonally striped shorts and red socks with white and black stripes. He we also wearing white trainers with a black chevron in the pattern. He was also sporting a wristwatch on his right arm and a red wristband with a white lightning bolt on his left arm.

“Oh Danger,” Rainbow then announced as she closed the bonnet of her GTX2800R. “Your phone buzzed 20 minutes ago.”

Danger then rushed to his phone and found a picture of Formula-spec car someone sent to him.

“I don’t remember seeing that car. I’ll do a run-down on what’s been sent to me later.” Danger said, putting his phone in his pocket.

Back on the top floor, Midnight was still having a crisis over her own existence.

“I am OK, but I just need some time to get thorough these images in my brain I keep mesmerising over.” Midnight then said with a tear falling down on her lap.

“Go for it, Midnight, no one’s stopping you.” Sparky said with positivity.

“Thanks Sparky, you are the best.” Midnight said while giving Sparky a hug.

After Midnight got up from the couch and headed for the elevator for her room, Crimsonia was not convinced at all.

“I think the effects of being with Oscura since the Battle of Paradise last night is starting to come to her,” she said, moving closer to Sparky. “Ever since Danger reformed her, she’s been acting... well... strange this morning,”

“I wouldn’t be surprised since she recently joined.” Sparky said, putting her arm over the couch. “What you don’t know about I heal really quickly, ever since that crash I had with Oscura, the trauma is still pretty fresh.”

“I thought you were dead, Sparky!” Crimsonia said having a flashback of Blazey being badly injured after the crash.

“That was a worse case scenario, but according to Danger, I’m a fighter. I can survive literally anything,”

Crimsonia was convinced enough that she can trust Sparky as both of them are Speedfreak Legionnares. After about a minute, Crimsonia got up from the couch and headed for a drive around the streets of Danger City.

Meanwhile, in Danger’s room, Danger did a run-down on the car that was sent to him on his phone, before he took a shower. The car appeared to be a DSR 4500X 'Intimidator' Super GP and Danger whistled at how gorgeous the car looked, He also thought it look something he would create. The car was located at the Akula Autodrom 28 miles west of the HQ, just off I144A. After Danger finished putting his clothes back on, Lightning Dust and Spitfire entered.

“Hey Danger, I think I may have found something I didn’t wanna see.” Lightning said.

Danger felt confused as to what to it could be, either new possible members for the Legion of Speedfreaks or worse, an attack from Oscura.

“What’s is it, Lightning?” Danger questioned.

“Come and see for yourself.” Lightning replied.

As Danger, Lightning and Spitfire rushed towards Command Station 3B, Rainbow and Aria noticed that they on red alert and joined them. When they entered the hologramatic model of a convoy consisting of eight carbon-black Mercedes G63 AMG 6x6 with a machine gun mounted on the bed and leading the convoy, was a car which is blend of the Bulgarian hypercar, the Alieno Arcanium and the Dodge SRT Tomahawk in black and red. The car was an OSC1 Nemesis and it was powered by 15-litre twin-supercharged V12 delivering 5742 hp and nearly 10,000 torque. The car is also faster than Danger’s Excelsior X, 318 miles per hour to be precise.

Danger knew that Oscura was probably tracking down Midnight. Finding him would be a bonus.

“Oh, sweet Celestia on a unicycle!” Danger muttered under his breath.

“What is it, Danger?” Rainbow asked Danger what it is.

“It’s Oscura!” Danger announced.

Author's Note:

I left chapter on cliffhanger again!