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The Battle of Danger City Part One - A New Dawn - DangerDean

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Chapter 10 - Meeting the 'Countess of Eternal Speed' + The Second Skirmish Part 2

“What are you implying, Tenebrisa.” Anastasia said, much to her ire. “You know that we can’t just like give in to the Legion. They will probably reform us like what happened to Midnight Skies.”

“I know, Anastasia!” Oscura sighed in anger having what. “You don’t have to remind us that, not even to me right now!”

“Yeah, Tenebrisa!” Anastasia agreed. “You can’t just like predict the inevitable just like that. Danger is waiting for our arrvial like the smart bastard he is.”

Tenebrisa was nodding her head in annoyance, thinking that she doesn’t want to be in the conversation any more.

“I’m going to see Adagio. I just can’t be bothered to listen to your moaning, Oscura.” Tenebrisa said after hearing Oscura sighing her heart out eariler.

Oscura sat up on the couch after Tenebrisa left the room, feeling a bit sorry for herself, which to most, is a one-in-a-month opportunity.

“What’s up with her?” Oscura said.

“Don’t know in the slightest. Besides, there’s more to our family than there was before, I just realised that when you were battling Danger in your motorsport career.” Anastasia said after Tenebrisa closed the door.

“Why’s that?”

“If I explain it to you right now, you’ll probably pin me towards a wall. Like you always do!” Anastasia replied to Oscura’s question, knowing the dangers of Oscura’s rage levels.

Two seconds later, a knock came from the door and Anastasia quickly answered, revealing Estrella Dragonheart.

“What news do you bring to us, Estrella?” Anastasia asked her.

“I have news for Oscura.” Estrella replied.

“Uh oh?” Anastasia muttered under her breath, thinking she might hear an rage explosion from her sister, the one who has a decade-long grudge with the British Speedfreak, DangerDean. “What is it?”

“I just recieved word that one of our abandoned factories... has been looted by the Legion of Speedfreaks.” Estrella said, which led to silence.

Then, the silence was broken by Oscura.

“WHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!” Oscura was in her rage form with her eyes turning blood red again.

Seeing this, Anastasia quickly left the room, fearing that Oscura may lash out on her own sister.


Esterlla knew from the beginning that Oscura wouldn’t take it kindly.

Danger City
Arrow Point Club, Central Firespark District, 10:40

While Oscura was literally imploding, Ra-Ra was waiting outside the entrance of Arrow Point where the sound of Danger’s Excelsior X can be heard inside the building. Ra-Ra quickly waved ‘Hello’ to Danger as he parked outside the club’s entrance. After Danger got out, he made his way towards the club where Ra-Ra was waiting.

Danger noticed that Ra-Ra was wearing her stage outfit when she goes by her stage name, Countess Coloratura. But what Danger didn’t know about her, is that she also known as the Countess of Eternal Speed and her vehicle, the RA01 LaColoratura, which was parked behind Danger’s Excelsior, reflected that.

“Danger, I think you know I that called you eariler this morning.” Ra-Ra started. “Now before you speak, I know what you’re going say. Firstly, I will join the Legion of Speedfreaks. Mostly because I don’t want to see Svengallop any more. He’s like not the person you want to dine with.”

“I wasn’t planning to. Svengallop’s the sort of person that any of the Legion wouldn’t want to go in public with.” Danger said, agreeing to what Ra-Ra said about Svengallop.

“I’m glad you agree with me on this.” Ra-Ra complimented Danger before hearing footsteps.

“What’s that?” Danger heard something familiar that was walking around the floor above them.

“It’s Svengallop. He’s coming to chat with me about something. And...” Ra-Ra then went a little sad with herself.

“And what?” Danger asked.

“He doesn’t want to see you.”

Danger then realised and headed back to his Excelsior as a hint to Ra-Ra to go with him. Quickly, Ra-Ra followed suit and got in her LaColoratura and followed Danger as he sped off a few seconds later.

Danger City
Legion of Speedfreaks HQ, Main Vehicle Production Base, 10:45

While Danger and Ra-Ra headed back to the headquarters as time is not on their side, Black Flame was talking to Starlight who was still pissed off with Danger after what he did with Oscura’s vehicle files.

“Starlight, listen to me. We’re not going to win this battle if just our own files get used. Because Danger told me last night that we need a bit of more of a... how should I put this? Variety.”

“I see where you’re getting at, Black Flame.” Starlight sighed. “And I understand that we have bigger matters at hand, but Danger needs to tell you in advance. Because... I’m no computer expert, but it could be a one-way ticket to a virus.”

Black Flame turned her attention to Rainbow.

“Rainbow, were there any viruses when you transfered the files to the main drive.” Black Flame then asked.

“Err... no. Because I did a virus-check to inspect and see if there is a virus code in each of the memory sticks.” Rainbow replied.

“Did it work?”

“Yes.” Rainbow concluded. “All of the memory sticks didn’t have any viruses. I think Danger deleted the virus activation code. I don’t know how he managed it. But... it’s impressive.”

Meanwhile, Applejack was talking to Twilight, probably over Danger meeting Ra-Ra which Twilight was shocked about.

“Danger has Ra-Ra on his contacts?”

“Yeah, why?” Applejack.

“Wait till the others here about this.” Twilight announced.

Few seconds later, Twilight changed her mind.

“Actually, I’m not gonna tell him.”

Applejack was surprised.

“I have to do right thing here, Applejack. Which is keep is secret for now, then blackmail him later when I need something.” Twilight said.

“All right, Twi.” Applejack said and returned to her muscle car which resembles a Chevrolet Camaro and Dodge Viper. The car was called AJ2000GT.

Rainbow meanwhile, was wondering on what vehicle to use for the upcoming storm, the upcoming skirmish with Oscura. Her choices were the Pulsar GT2400X or the GT2800X. After about two minutes of pondering, she decided on the GT2800X and she didn’t regret her decision afterwards.

Oscura City
Alliance of Extreme Darkness HQ, Main Hall, 10:58

While the Legion of Speedfreaks prepared their forces to withstand the brunt of whatever the Alliance of Extreme Darkness may throw at them, Adagio was finishing off cleaning her DZLE1 Adorer which she decided to use for the skirmish. A few seconds later, she noticed Oscura was walking towards her OSC2 Valkyria, looking extremely rough. Probably having heard of their abandoned properity being looted by Danger and Black Flame. Adagio doesn’t want to say anything. Basically, she wanted to avoid being on the recieving end of a punch from Oscura. She also noticed that Anastasia, who left the room where Oscura was because, knowing that she and Danger are fierce enemies and the fact Adagio heard Oscura’s voice eariler.

Inferno Tempest knew from the start that Oscura wants Danger to be gone from this planet, but everytime she does this, it fails miserably for Oscura.


Then Adagio had a thought which involved Danger City and something that rest of the Alliance didn’t think of using.

The portal.

After Estrella entered the vehicle hangar, Adagio rushed towards with the idea in her mind.

“Hey, Estrella. I have an idea.” She said trying to convince her.

“What is it.”

“Why don’t... we use the teleporter. It would take us nano-seconds to reach Danger City.”

“That’s not a bad idea.” She said as she turned her attention towards Anastasia and Oscura. “Activate the portal, please.”

Oscura didn’t think of using teleporter beforehand, she understood that it would take no time at all to reach the Legion of Speedfreaks.

In the span of two minutes, the 12 F-850 Venators and four OAV6 Impalers, Oscura’s OSC2 Valkyria, Anastasia’s ASC1 NightReaper, Tenebrisa’s THC1 Valhalla X, Estrella’s EST1 Dragonhunter X and Inferno’s INF207 Flamethrower were at the outskirts of Danger City, heading towards the heart of the city, The Legion of Speedfreaks HQ.