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The Battle of Danger City Part One - A New Dawn - DangerDean

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Chapter 8 - The Calm Before the Storm (Part 2c - Retrieval Mission)

Danger City
Legion of Speedfreaks HQ, Corridor towards Main Control Room, 21:48

Black Flame was heading towards the main control room where she was planning to meet Rainbow Dash in order to discuss something with her. Primarily about plans to create a new hypercar since having heard from Azura Dragonsfire that Oscura was planning to release OSC2 Valkyria into Oscura City, but if the Legion is not careful, it could be seen in Danger City.

Before she could open the door, her phone rang and as she reached for it, she noticed is was coming from DangerDean.

“Hi, Danger.” She said as she pressed the recieve button.

“Hi, Black Flame.” Danger began. “I think I found something that might be benefical to the Legion.”

Black Flame was getting intrigued by what Danger found.

“What’s that, Danger.”

“I may have found a big stash of the Alliance of Extreme Darkness memory sticks and hard drives. In total, I found a total of 55 boxes full of memory. I also realised that my car can’t carry all but one of the boxes.” Danger continued.

“So, what are you suggesting, Danger?” Black Flame asked.

“I think I may need your assistance. Is that alright?” Danger offered.

“Danger, you don’t need to ask. Of course I’ll help you with what you need.” Black Flame said, agreeing to Danger’s offer. “So what vehicle do I need?”

“Head over to the level -2 in the car park and the tenth vehicle to your right is a red Hennessey Velociraptor 6x6 and I wouldn’t recommend driving like 80 miles.” Danger said.

“Why, Danger?”

“Before I went to the Akula Autodrom, I installed a vehicle teleportation device for all of the cars in the car park. So that means when choose any vehicle, you select your destination and the teleporter would do all of the work for you.” Danger replied.

“Do think it’s safe for humans though?” Black Flame became concerned.

“Of course.” Danger said. “It’s not like Oscura’s as her’s in not callibrated for human tissue, there is also a twenty percent chance that the user would turn inside out when they re-materialise. That is also for Oscura’s teleporter though. What I’m doing right now, is that getting the boxes out of the main sector of the factory and put them next to my Excelsior and Akula’s Intimidator.”

“OK, then. I shall see you in about a couple of minutes.” Black Flame announced as within seconds, she opened the door to the main control room where Rainbow was waiting for her arrival.

Rainbow herself was typing on a keyboard as she found out that the Alliance of Extreme Darkness, thinking that the first round was a fluke, was planning a second wave of vehicles in order to capture Danger. Rainbow knew this would be another test of the Alliance’s capability to wield a vehicular army. The Vehicle War was beginning to become a test of two purposes: For Oscura and the Alliance, it was a matter of numbers. For Danger and the Legion of Speedfreaks however, it was a matter of cunning and evasion. Black Flame grabbed a chair and sat down next to Rainbow and grabbed a keyboard and began typing.

“Err... Rainbow. I just had a weird feeling about Oscura, you know.” Black Flame sighed as she had two things on her mind. One being Oscura and the second was Midnight Skies as things got worse for her over the past couple of hours.

Danger noticed that when he got up in the morning that Midnight was worried and scared that Oscura may find her and she will kill her for treachery.

“What’s that, Black Flame?”

“I don’t know, Rainbow. It’s just that the amount that Oscura despises Danger is starting to affect us all. She’s trying to put as much blood, sweat, tears, rage to eradicate Danger and convert the entire population of Danger City, which is 253.267 million, to join the Alliance. And those who fail to accept the terms of Oscura... is extremely punished. So punished in fact that some... would never see the next sunrise on the horizon.” Black Flame replied to Rainbow’s eariler question.

“Geez, Black Flame.” Rainbow became shocked by what came out of Black Flame’s mouth. “How do you know this?”

“12 years ago, I met a girl who had a similar personality as you, Dashie, but only a bit younger than you. She was called Tenerbrisa Galaxia, I used to go to Danger’s favourite ice-cream parlour with her and she loved also Danger City from every square mile of the City.” Black Flame began.

“What happened afterwards?”

“2 months later, after she told me that she got her dream job at Sparkopolis and loved every second of it, I looked into the database and noticed something on her surname. Her surname was Galaxia, which means one thing... she may have been one of Oscura’s relatives.” Black Flame continued. “I didn’t know that at first, but a few hours later, I heard that she was kidnapped by the former leader of the Alliance of Extreme Darkness, Chandra Cinderblade, where they took her to the Alliance of Extreme Darkness HQ at Maledicta City. She was interrogated for about three hours by four AED soldiers until they left because Oscura’s mother, Rosa Estrella Galaxia, who was supposed to be the new leader of the Alliance. But Lolestra Cassiopoeia Maledicta who was Oscura’s youngest cousin, nominated Oscura as the new Queen of Darkness if anything happens to Chandra Cinderblade.”

She sighed.

“What did happen to Chandra Cinderblade was displaying a unusual behaviour towards Oscura, similar to how she ended up becoming Danger’s primeval nemesis. She started attacking Oscura and she said she is not able to become the title that Lolestra told her previously. Then Chandra noticed something that, inevitably, brought her to her demise. She accidently opened up a portal to lead to Tartarus. Seeing this as the potential moment, Oscura pushed her into the portal and Chandra rolled down the stairway to the bottom of Tartarus, she was still alive but was heavily injured and the Tartarus guard took her to the medication area.”

Rainbow was amazed by the amount of knowledge Black Flame possessed.

“Back in Equestria, about seven months before the Battle of Paradise City, Twilight Sparkle noticed on her bookshelf that was written by Oscura.” Black Flame became a little bit emotinonal in the tone of her voice. “As she read through the pages, she noticed that Oscura was a evil doppelganger of herself and warned Celestia that she may come in the future. Celestia didn’t believe her first, but a few minutes later, Oscura appeared and criticised her in a hostile tone, saying that she’s unfit to rule and that there needs to be a dramatic change in Equestria. Thinking that she had gone insane, Celestia sent Twilight to Ponyville to warn her freinds that Oscura is on Equestrian soil and will do anything in her power to spark her downfall.”

Rainbow became a bit suprised as to how Oscura turned up into Equestria in the first place and in her pony form. A few seconds later, Black Flame’s phone rang.

“That might be Danger, Black Flame.” Rainbow guessed.

And it was.

“Danger, what is it?” Black Flame asked Danger.

“Black Flame, I managed to get all of the boxes out of the abandoned factory without the superstructure of the building disintergrating. Me and Akula are awaiting your arrival.” Danger replied on his phone.

“No problems, Danger. I’ll be there.” Black Flame announced and ended the call.

Rainbow knew that Danger was waiting for Black Flame any second.

“You can tell me tomorrow can’t you?” Rainbow asked.

“I suppose so.” Black Flame sighed. “But I will tell you this, Oscura is more than an enemy to the Legion of Speedfreaks... she is an enemy to Canterlot City as well.”

“OK. I’ll be aware of this.” Rainbow understood Black Flame’s warning thoroughly. “In the meantime, I’ll tell Danger that I’ve picked up another possible squad of vehicles to hunt us.”

An abandoned Alliance of Extreme Darkness Car Factory
12 miles from the Akula Autodrom, 22:05

While Black Flame was en-route to the underground car park, Danger was having another look at the multitude of memory sticks and was as indisicive as ever. Akula on the other hand, was a bit puzzled as to why Oscura and the Alliance of Extreme Darkness was planning something major, or something that could lead to anything that the Legion of Speedfreak couldn’t handle. He could tell Danger but he was too occupied with the current matter on his hand.

Two seconds later, Danger heard his phone go off and put one of the memory sticks he was holding back into the box and reached for his phone which Rainbow found some more of Oscura’s warriors.

“Rainbow, how it’s going.” Danger greeted, but was not aware that Rainbow might throw something Oscura related.

“Pretty fine, Danger. But I think Oscura is planning another skirmish tomorrow.” Rainbow replied.

Something was not right. Oscura failed the first time because of the amount of cunning he and Aria had.

“Err... vehicles specificatons?”

“12 F-850 Venators and four Oscura Assualt Vehicles OAV6 Impalers.” Rainbow gave out the information she found when she was talking to Black Flame. “Also, just to let you know, Black Flame is on her way.”

“Thanks, Dashie. See you later then, Bye.” Danger ended the call.

Akula then faced Danger as he heard the words ‘Oscura’ and ‘skirmish’.

“Is your nemesis planning what I think she is?” Akula asked.

Danger nodded.

“Exactly, the vehicles the Alliance are using are F-850 Venators and OAV6 Impalers.” Danger said, looking on his phone for more details on Oscura’s invasion force.

“What are OAV6 Impalers, Danger?”

“They look like a mix between a F-150 Raptor, Lamborghini Urus and a Rolls-Royce Phantom with two 8.4 liter V10 engines producing 2570 horsepower and do 335 mph, more than my Excelsior. They also have custom 60-calibre machine guns mounted on the roof of them.” Danger explained.

“Remember, Danger, they will lunching on Demon Lord fumes from my Intimidator, you know.” Akula said, confidently but Danger wasn’t convinced.

“Akula, I don’t think your Intimidator is strong enough to withstand the sheer number of Oscura’s forces.” Danger said.


“Because... as the Intimidator is a Formula-spec car, there will be a lot of weak points and the chances are that the car might not see another mile if the Alliance has anything do with. But I got an idea.” Danger replied. He noticed beforehand that all the non-millitary vehicles were in the memory sticks and the hard-drives contained the rest.

Akula was interested in what Danger had in mind.

“Do you want me to create a vehicle that is stronger than the OAV6 Impalers and faster... and more powerful.” He offered.

“Sure, why not. But make sure that it has the words ‘Demon Lord Assault Vehicle’ on it.” Akula replied with Danger completely forgetting the fact that Akula is called the ‘Demon Lord’.

With the echo of an approaching Velociraptor, Akula then looked at the time, being 22:07.

“Danger, I think Chrysalis might be wanting my presence soon. Is it OK if I depart? Normally because I think you’ll need some rest before the next stage of the Battle of Danger City.” Akula asked Danger.

“Sure, go ahead, my friend.” Danger replied and Akula went back into the Intimidator, turned on the engine and drove into an eastly direction with Black Flame parking the Velociraptor right next to his Excelsior.

Black Flame got out of the Velociraptor and faced Danger.

“Hey, Danger. I see you’ve been busy with all these boxes. What’s in them?” Black Flame asked him.

“The shorter boxes contains memory sticks and the longer boxes contains the hard drives.” Danger replied.

“Let’s get these bad boys back to the HQ and tomorrow...” Black Flame announced while rubbing her hands. “we will be ready for whatever Oscura throws at us.”

After about 3 minutes of loading the boxes into the bed of the Velociraptor, Black Flame and Danger went back into their cars and headed back to Danger City where they need to prepare for the next stage of the Battle of Danger City.