• Published 4th Sep 2020
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The Battle of Danger City Part One - A New Dawn - DangerDean

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Chapter 1 - After the Escape Through the Portal

It was all quiet in Danger City with a full moon illuminating up to welcome anybody to the neon, futuristic sights of Central Firespark District where the Legion of Speedfreaks HQ is located at 160th Street and 26th Avenue. Then, a portal ring appeared 10 feet above 131st Street which DangerDean, Rainbow Dash, Aria Blaze. Lightning Dust, Blazey and Sparky Lionfire and Midnight Skies emerged from the portal and now as their human counterparts. Danger meanwhile, was really relaxed now since his primeval enemy, Oscura Galaxia is on the other side of the portal where Paradise City is. After Midnight’s Jansen X12 landed on the ground and the portal was closed.

“Feels good to be back in Danger City after crusing around Paradise City for about 3 months.” Danger thought to himself as the seven cars went into cruise mode.

Danger was still wearing his Washout-style flight-suit even though his human counterpart couldn’t fly (unless his vehicle was a fighter jet). He hope to get change into his normal attire as soon as he got some rest after a long struggle, courtesy of his eternal nemesis, Oscura Galaxia. He also hoped to switch his red Rossolini Tempesta for a choice of his personal supercars: his Ferrari 812 GTS, his Lamborghini Hurácan Performante or his most favourite custom-built hypercar, the DGR15 Excelsior X.

His DGR15 Excelsior X was what he described as a ‘Bugatti Chiron Supersport 300 killer’ with the front design influenced from a Lamborghini Veneno and a Lockheed Martin F-35 V-Lightning II. Powered by a custom-built 9 liter, twin-supercharged W16, giving a 2,350 brake horsepower sucker-punch to any car he overtakes. When he tested on the DangerStar Proving Ground, 150 miles south of Danger City in the Pearl Crystal Mountains. He achieved a top speed of 308 miles per hour.

Rainbow can’t wait to test her custom-built hypercar: the Rainbow RD1 Pulsar GTX2400R either.

Her hypercar was influenced by the Ford Shelby GT500 Supersnake and Pagani Zonda-R at the front. At the rear however, it was styled to look like a Chengdu J-20 ‘Mighty Dragon’ It has a similar engine to what Danger has on his DGR15 Excelsior X but produces 90 less horsepower but it also has 200 horsepower electric motor as her hypercar is mid-engined like Danger’s hypercar. Unlike Danger’s, Rainbow’s hypercar is a hybrid. It also a top speed of 297 mph.

Lightning, Aria, Blazey, Sparky, Blazey and Midnight have still yet to build their own cars as they didn’t enough time because of the Battle of Paradise City. But luckily for them, Danger can give them a helping hand.

Midnight then found the sign for 160th Street as they were on 25th Avenue. She turned right with her assoicates following her. But she had a question to ask.

“Err... Danger, how do you get in the damn base? What are we supposed to do... Park outside?”

“Well Midnight,” Danger replied as he lead Midnight down the street, “This building as an underground car park, I just hope to Celestia there’s a space.”

“Err... Why’s that, Danger?” Rainbow than asked on the radio.

“The amount of cars that are in this damn car park is astronomically stupid, I keep having to create new spaces for the amount of professional masterpieces I’ve created in the past.” Danger claimed. “Do you know how many vehicles I will have by the next morning.”

Rainbow had no clue in the slightest as to what Danger was on about.

“No, but do go ahead and tell us how many.” She answered thinking that the number is going to be massive.


Rainbow’s jaw dropped as the eight cars were looking for a space on floor -4 before Danger found eight free spaces and they all parked in unison. After they all got out their cars, They all headed for the elevator which would lead them towards the ground floor above the production area for all of the Legion’s vehicles e.g. Supercars, hypercars, military vehicles, aircraft etc. This was on floor -1 and it’s also where Danger’s car manufactuering center

As they headed for the next lift on the ground floor. This would take them to their personal offices and the living quarters. They were met by a girl who was wearing a t-shirt with a symbolism of two blue fireballs in a ‘X’ formation and a lightning bolt in the middle of the formation. She was also wearing light-turquiose leggings and shoes similar to Sunset’s but with turquoise flames.

“There you all are!” The girl gleamed in joy. “You must know somebody by the name of Crimsonia Dragonsfire.”

“Why?” Danger wondered as he knew that it must be a relative of Crimsonia.

“I’m her sister, Azura Dragonsfire.” Azura then announced as she shook hands with Danger. At first, Danger didn’t know that Crimsonia has a sister to begin with. He also hadn’t seen her in the Battle of Paradise City, just Crimsonia. He wondered what the hell was going on as he pressed the button on the elevator to take him to the second floor where his room is while Azura was shaking hands with the rest of Group Nomad. Rainbow then rushed towards Danger and was looking confused with herself and was having the same dilemma that Danger was having 10 seconds eariler, but she didn’t want to talk with him about the dilemma because it may add to the confusion. Also because the Legion of Speedfreak has had enough action for one day, espically Danger, who had been victimized and held at gunpoint by Oscura all in one go. What was worse though it that the traumas were still fresh. He was also shaking off any possible injuries he had when Oscura T-boned his Tempesta back at Paradise.

After Danger and Rainbow got out of the elevator. Danger yawned and was ready to doze off because of the action over the last three months. Rainbow saw this and wished Danger a good night sleep. After this, both Danger and Rainbow entered into the quarters and prepared themselves for a long rest.

Meanwhile, in Paradise City...

“Ugh, my head.” Oscura muttered under her breath as she got up after being shocked by electricity by her former cohort, Midnight Skies after being reformed by DangerDean himself.

After about 20 seconds, the remaining members of the Alliance of Extreme Darkness saw Oscura with her leather outfit full of marks from the electric surge and her eyes blood-red with rage.

WHAT HAPPENED!” Oscura demanded as Estrella Dragonheart approached her.

“We were outsmarted, they used every single trick they had and what’s worse, is that they knew all along why the 15,000 army...” Estrella explained before being interrupted by a 100psi slap in the face, courtesy of Oscura.

THE ARMY IS GONE, IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE GUARDING PARADISE AS WE HAVE CLAIMED IT AFTER DANGER AND HIS PATHETIC TEAMMATES... It doesn’t matter, Danger may have won this round, but I will return the destruction he caused to you all a thousandfold! INCLUDING ME!” Oscura snapped as Estrella wanted to slap her back after she rubbed her face with her armoured hoof. But she didn’t but if she did, she would get a bullet from Oscura’s Desert Eagle .50AE into her body. Oscura’s angry eyes spoke a thousand words to Estrella.

But before Estrella could speak another word, Shadow Wings then realised something.

“Err, Oscura?” She said in her normal voice instead of her Fluttershy’s voice and she is Fluttershy’s enemy.

“I do believe that I’m above you now and will from now on... Refer to me as your mistress,” Oscura then annnounced as a interruption. “The same goes Rotten Apple and Anti-Pinks. The exceptions to this new policy are Estrella and Inferno. But what is it you have to say, Shadow Wings?”

“Oh, I’m sorry, my mistress,” Shadow Wings apologised, “where’s Midnight Skies?”

But before Oscura could reply, Inferno was waiting to tell Shadow Wings why Midnight isn’t not here.

“Shadow Wings, I think that Midnight Skies... Had betrayed the Alliance and she had been reformed by DangerDean. The reason I know this is that I saw Danger’s convoy go through a portal to the human world. More specifically, Danger City.”

Shadow Wings was surprised but this totally infuriated Oscura and her horn fried a red beam to the sky causing a huge explosion and a cloud with thunder bolts emitting out.


“Er... A word please, Inferno?” Estrella announced to Inferno as Oscura was crying her eyes out. “Is there any way of getting Danger now, since he’s in another world to us, I’m sure Danger City is in the human world but... Why?”

“Probably because he wanted safety from us.” Inferno suggested.

“Well... We need more than just 7 of us if we’re gonna take on a force of 20 and possibly more. But I know two ponies... Or people if we’re going to the human world.” Estrella then announced.

“Who are they, Estrella?” Inferno then asked.

“I’ll tell when we get to Oscura City, 100 miles north east of Danger City.” Estrella replied.

Estrella then turned her attention to the large tear pool created by Oscura.

“We are off to Oscura City now, Oscura!” Estrella called out.

“I hope I can plan my revenge on him.” Oscura said, venommously.

“You have all the time you’ll need.” Inferno replied.

“All right, Oscura City... HERE WE COME!” Oscura then announced as the seven ponies rushed to their cars and headed to a portal that Estrella created and headed for Oscura City.