• Published 30th Jun 2020
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The rainbow in Tartarus - Void Streak

when Rainbow Dash gets sent to Tartarus for a crime she says she didn't commit

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In the Canterlot Castle throne room Princess Celestia was shouting at several guards, she was shouting so loud in her royal Canterlot voice that it made the world shake. "HOW COULD YOU HAVE LET HER ESCAPE" Celestia shouted her voice filled with range.

the cowarding guards were shaking like leaves stammered "w w we got told by L Luna to have a break y y your majesties"

"Is this true, Luna" Celestia spat looking towards her sister.

Faust forgive me for what I'm about to do Luna thought, she then said in a cold tone "No they are clearly lying" Luna closed her eyes not wanting to look at the innocent guards whose faces were astounded that one of their rulers had just lied.


All of a sudden Shining Armour entered the throne room with a confused look he the asked "what was that all about"

Luna replied quickly "never mind that, let's get to the business at hoof"

"Aah yes well found that she escaped via a tunnel the led to the side of the mountain , I've currently got guards scouring the valley, the Everfree Forest, Canterlot, Ponyville and Cloudsdale I have also got guards interrogating her family and friends as well as littering the nation with wanted posters" Shining Armour explained in an authority voice.

"Good now I want you tell every newspaper that Rainbow Dash is highly armed and and extremely dangerous, also tell them that there is 10, 000 bit reward to those who have information about Rainbow Dash and 1, 000, 000 bit reward to those who information that will lead to her capture I also want to question her family in person so bring them to me" Celestia ordered

"Yes your highness" Shining Saluted and then exited the throne room.

The next day

Rainbow woke from her slumber she looked over at the next bed where she could see the sleeping form of Scootaloo she smiled at her she never knew how adorable Scootaloo was. She then looked around the room to see multiple posters of herself everywhere and even action figures she noticed a rainbow wig set atop a mannequin despite being imprisoned, Scootaloo had continued collect different Rainbow Dash merchandise. Rainbow laid there taking in all the memorabilia however she didn't lay for long though when a bell rung signalling for everyone to wake up.

Scootaloo woke up grumbling "already, why can they not let us sleep in" however her grumbling was cut of when a unicorn filly burst into he room Scootaloo then asked "what's up Sweetiebell" but then she seen sweeties face, it was full of worry.

"No time to explain Void wants everyone in the main hall" Sweetiebelle said in a hurry. She led to the way which turned out to be the former library which had the large map and notice board Void was standing on a balcony .

He then started to announce "as you may or may not know Rainbow Dash has escaped and is staying with us, now I want you all to treat her like a guest, now that brings me onto my second point Celestia knows that Rainbow Dash has escaped now they don't that were helping her so I want it to keep it that way but I must warn the guards are interrogating those with a connection with dash or who sympathise, in some cases they are even searching people's houses now I want you all to remain vigilant when you are outside these walls as well as I also want you all to pretend that you are dash and are willing to help the guards but push them in the wrong direction now Dash I want a word with you in private" after his announcement Void went to Rainbow and whispered "you're not going to like this" under his breath after he said this he lead her to his office which was a secret room behind a fireplace in what looked like private study

"What's the problem" she asked with a hint of nervousness in her voice. Instead of saying anything however he showed her an article from the Equestrian Daily the headline read:

A Rainbow Escape

Today we have received urgent need from our royal correspondents that the convict known as Rainbow Dash has escaped from Tarturas the royal guards have not issued how she escaped but all we know is that she is on the run. The royal guard are also warning the public that Rainbow Dash is highly armed and extremely dangerous and is not to be approached. They have are also issuing a 10, 000 bit reward to those who have information as well as a 1, 000, 000 bit reward to those who have information that could lead to her arrest. The royal guard have also told that she was initially put in Tartarus for attempted murder, breaking and entering and theft. Rainbow Dash is a Pegasus who may be missing a wing, she has a rainbow mane and tail with a cyan coat and a cutie Mark that depicts a rainbow lightning bolt protruding from a cloud, she was last seen in the Canterlot area. Further reports also indicate that Rainbow Dash's parents have been arrested for unknown reasons following this report Princess Celestia herself has warned Rainbow Dash that if she doesn't hand herself in then her parents shall take her place. We are now coming to an end in this article and we are urging the public to keep their eyes open for Rainbow Dash.

Rainbow Dash stated at the article, not believing what she had just read. After what felt like hours Rainbow whispered more to herself in an upset tone"they've got my parents I've got to help them in got to hand myself in"

"You can't, if you do that then everyone will lose hope" Void for Dash in a smooth tone. He then added in a reassuring way "If we defeat Celestia then we'll be able to rescue your parents and prove your innocence"

"B but how, They're my parents I can leave them there" Dash said weakly when Void started to speak Dash cut him of saying "I've got to go get some air" she then left the room.

After seeing Rainbows sad look on her face Scootaloo asked "What's up" Rainbow ignored her leaving Scootaloo in a disappointed heap she then went outside where she started to cry.

Mum, Dad im sorry this happened to you i I'll do anything to get you free she thought she then started to ask in her head why me, why does this happen to me.