• Published 30th Jun 2020
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The rainbow in Tartarus - Void Streak

when Rainbow Dash gets sent to Tartarus for a crime she says she didn't commit

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The princess of the night

Author's Note:

This chapter is going to be a short one

The pony changed to a pony she thought like Twilight she would never meet again. There standing right before her was the princess of the night herself Princess Luna. Rainbow Dash remembered that she could enter dreams but there was one question on her mind why now. Hello Rainbow Dash she greeted with a friendly face however Rainbow didn't have a smile or the looks of a friendly face in fact she had quite the opposite of a friendly face but that of a diamond dog who had all his gems stolen she had the most angriest face that Luna had ever seen.

Before Rainbow could speak Luna explained "Rainbow dash I don't have much time here so don't interrupt me and let me get to the point I believe you when you say that you are innocent and i'm not the only one either some of your friends also believe in your innocence after I explained to them so let me say that the pink one may have hidden something in the treat when Twilight was not looking I don't know what it is in it myself just something that can help you escape when you do escape you should find yourself in the frozen north there should be a map outside the gates once you are out follow the map to the castle of the two sisters but be warned my sister will know straight away that you have escaped so try and avoid attention I have to go now once I am gone you will wake up escape when you want to but make it quick there is a storm coming and I think that we should be prepared for it".

With that she disappeared before rainbow could ask any questions and soon after she found herself waking up.