The rainbow in Tartarus

by Void Streak

First published

when Rainbow Dash gets sent to Tartarus for a crime she says she didn't commit

Rainbow dash has been sent to Tartarus for a crime she says she didn't commit and princess Celestia will only release her if she confesses well she has a better idea which includes three things
2) go on the run
3) prove her innocence
will she escape or will she rot in Tartarus find out in this story

comments on how to improve are always welcome


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In the night of darkness a certain Queen Chrysalis popped out of the branches of the Golden Oak Library where she peered through the window gazing at the most powerful gems in all of Equestria the Elements of Harmony that were sat in a small glass case on a vibrant, red cushion.

"It is time to enact my revenge on those stupid ponies" whispered Chrysalis

With that she changed into a cyan pegasus with a rainbow mane and tail she then smashed the window on purpose, usually when she goes on missions like this she usually goes in stealthily but this occasion was different she wanted to get seen but not caught that was to happen to the real pony. Her plan was to disguise as one of Twilight's friends then steal the Elements and plant the most important element of them all the element of magic in the real pony's house then take the rest with her the pony she's disguised as will get all the blame the most important part of this was to get seen. The loud smashing sound soon awoke Twilight from her slumber she went into the elements room and saw her Rainbow Dash

"Rainbow what are you doing?" shouted an angry looking Twilight clearly not happy that she had been woken up.

"just getting what I deserve" Chrysalis replied in rainbow's voice displaying a creepy smile.

With that she flew out leaving a confused looking Twilight Sparkle she then teleported to rainbow's floating mansion ready to stop her as soon as she went through the door. Chrysalis who was expecting narrowly missed a spell by inches she then pushed past Twilight and grabbed a kitchen knife from the drawer and ran straight at Twilight who was not expecting Rainbow Dash to launch at her with a knife ended up getting stabbed in the flank.

"aaaaaah" Twilight screamed in pain.

Not bothering to take out the knife she punched her in the face knocking her out cold Chrysalis then flew up to Rainbow's room Chrysalis gasped a sigh of relief thankfull that she had not been woken up by noise downstairs she got the golden tiara displaying the element of magic and hid it under her blanket she then flew out of the bedroom into the distance. Meanwhile a groggily Twilight woke up remembering the events that had transpired she used the last of her strengh and teleported to spike her number one assisstant she told him to write a letter to the Princess Celestia the ruler of Equestria explaining that Rainbow Dash had stolen the Elements of Harmony and stabbed her. Enraged the princess flew to The Golden Oak Library she teleported Twilight to Ponyville General Hospital she then lead some of the most elite royal guards who bucked Rainbow's door down Celestia threw the covers of Rainbow showing the element of magic she looked at Rainbow Dash who had woken up in shock and surprise.

She then said "Rainbow Dash you are hereby under arrest on suspicion of breaking and entering, theft of the Elements of Harmony AND THE ATEMPTED MURDER OF MY MOST FAITHULL STUDENT TWILIGHT SPARKLE!" she had yelled that last part in her Canterlot royal voice.

rainbow started stuttering in fear never seeing the princess this mad before "b b but I"

She had been cut of by Celestia who simply stated "oh and you have the right to shut your that large hole in your face before I shut it myself"
But when she started talking again Celestia in a fit of rage slapped her across the face causing Dash's face to sting because of the sheer force the alicorn had used.

One week later

"Rainbow Dash I hereby sentence you to life in Tartarus you can lower you sentence and be transfered to a normal prison when you confess to your crimes, do you understand?" Celestia asked glaring at the pegasus who looked more timid than Fluttershy.

"But but I didn't do it, I swear" Rainbow pleaded

"That is not the right answer, do you understand?"Celestia repeated

"yes" Dash answered in a defeated tone looking at the floor

Rainbow dash was surrounded by guards both on land and in the end her both her front hooves were shackled together with a chain linking from one chain to the other set of shackles on Rainbow's rear hooves this made sure that she couldn't lift her hooves up or buck any pony her wings were bound tightly to her barrel by chains making sure that she didn't fly away.

"Good because I was not going to explain it again" Celestia said

She then added "you are lucky that my student did not want me to go harsh on you because if she did want me or even didn't say anything then I would have sentenced your sorry flank to be executed GUARDS TAKE HER AWAY" Celestia shouted.

The guards came and dragged Rainbow Dash who was now crying out of the court room. After about a week she was being loaded into the back of carriage that was pitch black on the inside and had a thin sheet of hay on the floor before she was bundled into the carriage she glimpsed a sight of her friends who was not present during her trial they were all staring daggers at her that felt like they could cut her heart and soul to ribbons. Twilight had a bandage on around her lower waist that wrapped around her flank where Chrysalis had stabbed her. Applejack looked as if she wanted to buck Rainbow into next week Fluttershy was just looking towards the ground her face hidden behind her long, pink mane Pinkie just stared at her, he pink mane not puffy and vibrant like it used to be instead darker and flat against her head Rarity snorted and looked away from dash when she made eye contact with her then she noticed one of the guards staring at her not blinking just smiling creepily then she notice that his irises flash green which made dash shiver to the bone that was when she was pushed into the black carriage they slammed the doors shut behind making the small room go dark with only a small barred window for each door.

"My plan has worked perfectly" Chrysalis said under her breath as she watched the sad looking mare get bundled into the back of the carriage she then walked of still in her disguise.

Soon after they arrived the guards shoved her into the small cell unlike her other cell she was staying in Canterlot this cell was a small cage which allowed her to look at the creepy cave they call Tartarus and her new home for the rest of her life. Dash didn't have her cuffs on any more but too her annoyance she still had the chains tightly wrapped around her wings.
She shuddered as she heard growls and loud roars the guards seemed to get freaked out as well as they ran off as soon as the heard the demons of Tartarus the demons made sure no pony ever escaped...

The visit

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12 months later

Twilight was sitting down remembering all the good times she had with Rainbow Dash before she got locked up in Tartarus she was staring out of the window of the speeding train making its way towards Canterlot usually she didn't like going to the magnificent city because of all the snobby nobles who all live there but today was different she was going to ask her mentor a question on something that she wanted to do since Rainbows sentencing she wanted to attend the trial but Celestia didn't let her so she was forced to sneak inside using an invisibility spell the question that she wanted to ask her teacher was about finding answers why Rainbow Dash did what she did then the train jolted signalling the arrival of her destination she immiedetly galloped towards the towering Canterlot Castle where the Princess of Equestria lived.

" My most faithull student what brings you here?" Princess Celestia asked pleasently.

"Well I was wondering if I could er I don't know visit Rainbow Dash?" Twilight asked her teacher with a hopefull smile however the pleasentness soon vanished for the Princess's face as soon as she asked that question.

"well what ever for, do you not remember what she did too you?" Celestia replied with coldness in her voice that sent a shiver down her student's spine who had never heard her mentor speak like that.

"I want to ask her why she did it" Twilight explained nervously shuffling with her hooves.

"Is it just that?" she replied simply.

"I also miss her so can I" Twilight asked again using puppy eyes which made Celestia laugh.

"your not going to let this go aren't you" c
Celestia replied with a slight chuckle

"nope" Twilight simply stated.

"fine then i'll tell the Demons of Tartarus to expect your arrival" she replied with a slight irritation in her voice

"Thank you" Twilight shouted hugging her favourite princess with that she left in a hurry to get to Tartarus to see her long lost friend.

Rainbow Dash was sleeping inside the little cage that she now called home she was dreaming about all the good times she had with her friends before she was arrested she still couldn't believe that her friends would accuse of such nonsense but then again she couldn't remember anything that night and they did the find the most important element in her bed right next to her maybe she did do that no she couldn't have she is the element of loyalty for celestia's sake and she certainly wouldn't hurt Twilight she wouldn't hurt any of her friends for that matter one thing she couldn't believe that they would throw into this hell hole after, everything she did for Equestria they still treat her like a piece of muck on their hooves. She sighed dreaming about the time when they first met defeating nightmare moon and becoming the Elements of Harmony then she felt something hit her body then she realised that it was coming from real life not the dream she then groggily woke up and came face to face with somepony that she certainly didn't expect to see because stood right in front of her was Twilight Sparkle.

"Hi long time no see" Twilight greeted sheepily.

It took Rainbow two attempts to actually get words out of her mouth "Twilight is that really you" Rainbow asked in a sqeeky and raspy voice due to lack of speaking.

"yeah its me" Twilight responded nervously thinking about what she should say.

"What are you doing here" Rainbow asked that sounded almost like a snarl.

"Are you angry with me and if so why?" the lavender alicorn asked worriedly.

"I'll tell you why i'm angry, i'm angry because you accused me of something I didn't do and you didn't even try to defend and then you decide not to show up at my trial when I needed you most" the cyan pegasus responded angrily while glaring daggers at the pony she thought was supposed to be her friend.

"I didn't defend you because one you did steal the elements two you stabbed me and tried to kill me and three you hid the other elements and not telling us where they are, leaving Equestria defenceless and exposed to an attack and I did come to the trial the reason you didn't see is because I had an invisibility spell on me because I wasn't aloud to be there" Twilight shot back at Rainbow Dash.

"why wouldn't you be aloud to come to my trial" Rainbow asked with a snarl.

"Celestia forbidden me from attending" Twilight exclaimed with sadness in her voice.

"I'm sorry Twilight but I really don't believe you considering you are Celestia's student and a princess of Equestria" Dash said with a slight growl.

Twilight sighed "even though I am a princess and everything Celestia's still in charge because she's the ruler of Equestria which still makes her the ruler of every pony in the royal family.

Rainbow didn,t say anything straight away, she was trying to find the right sentence to respond with instead she got nothing she sighed "fine I believe you but it still doesn't make me forgive you for accusing me of something I didn't do" she responded with a stare that would give Fluttershy a run for her money.

"Rainbow I know for a fact that you did take them and I got this to prove it" Twilight explained showing the scar that Chrysalis did to her which ran over her cutie mark "I'm sure if you just tell us where the elements are then the princess will make your sentence more lenient" she added with a hopeful face.

"Only my friends call me Rainbow" Rainbow responded with a growl and a look of anger across her face.

"But I am your friend" Twilight said with a hint of sadness.

"Oh yeah well I recall that in the dictionary friends don't go and accuse their friends of stealing then go and leave them in a cage to rot, and your supposed to be the princess of friendship" Rainbow snorted with sarcasm in her voice.

"well fine then stay in here all alone oh yeah I forgot to give you this not that you deserve it" she said loudly clearly annoyed with a hint of anger and sadness knowing that she had lost a friend she then thrust a large cupcake through the bars getting squished then flattened on the floor with that she turned and left not even giving the chance for the cyan pegasus to thank her.

As soon as Twilight left Rainbow Dash the most strong hearted, bravest and well talented started to cry in fact crying was and understatement she bawled her eyes out. Crying herself to sleep Rainbow dreamed of all the adventures she had with her friends however the wonderful dream she was having soon changed to a horrible nightmare in which she was getting tortured by all her friends demanding where the elements were and when she couldn't tell them or said that she didn't have them they just cause her a great deal of pain Celestia's was worser she felt like she was being skinned alive but then there was another pony she realised it was her but then it changed to that of Queen Chrysalis if she had had the strengh to speak she would have said what are you doing here but then she realised that the queen of the changelings was holding a case after further inspection she realised that inside the chest was the five Elements of Harmony but then the pony changed to a pony she thought like Twilight she would never meet again...

The princess of the night

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The pony changed to a pony she thought like Twilight she would never meet again. There standing right before her was the princess of the night herself Princess Luna. Rainbow Dash remembered that she could enter dreams but there was one question on her mind why now. Hello Rainbow Dash she greeted with a friendly face however Rainbow didn't have a smile or the looks of a friendly face in fact she had quite the opposite of a friendly face but that of a diamond dog who had all his gems stolen she had the most angriest face that Luna had ever seen.

Before Rainbow could speak Luna explained "Rainbow dash I don't have much time here so don't interrupt me and let me get to the point I believe you when you say that you are innocent and i'm not the only one either some of your friends also believe in your innocence after I explained to them so let me say that the pink one may have hidden something in the treat when Twilight was not looking I don't know what it is in it myself just something that can help you escape when you do escape you should find yourself in the frozen north there should be a map outside the gates once you are out follow the map to the castle of the two sisters but be warned my sister will know straight away that you have escaped so try and avoid attention I have to go now once I am gone you will wake up escape when you want to but make it quick there is a storm coming and I think that we should be prepared for it".

With that she disappeared before rainbow could ask any questions and soon after she found herself waking up.


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So I need to eat this cupcake to escape how does that work Rainbow Dash thought to herself I guess I have to just wing it then with that she took a bite which caused her to nearly choke on something couphing and spluttering she spat out a hairpin

"How is that supposed to help me" Rainbow burst out loud then she remembered that she once read in a Daring Do book that Daring used a hairpin as a pick lock

"but how did she do it" Dash wispered to herself

"Oh yeah now I remember she straightened it out like this" she explained quietly as she started to straight it out then she walked over to the cage door

., putting her hooves through the bars she thrust the makeshift pick lock into the keyhole after a bit of jiggling it around she heard the lock click then she watched in amazement as the door swung open squeaking on its hinges but then all of a sudden she heard an almighty roar thats when she saw it, a massive creature with hooves on its hing legs and claws on its fore legs with both a muzzle and wings that belong to a dragon and two gigantic horns the size of an alicorn and it was heading straight for her she gulped she had completely forgot about the demons in fact now she thought about it she had never seen a demon before they never go near the cells but that was not important right now just as the demon started to breath fire she quickly started to fly but instead of even floating she fell to the floor thats another thing she forgot about the chains around her wings she had to run she weaved in and out of the fire and other demons but then one caught up with her and grabbed her hoof in quick succession the monster bent it into an unnatural position following that was a sickening crunch

"AAAAAAH!" Dash screamed in pain as the demon pryed the chains of this however gave her a chance to buck him square in the nose

then she got up and ran away but then she felt something coming loose from her body she then realised that her wings had came had been freed from their bindings but she felt that as if one of her wings had disapeard looking behind her she saw something that made her sick her left wing was gone "not my wing" she whimpered but then she seen the demons catching up she ran roar her life not looking where she was going she ran head first into a wall but upon further inspection she realised that it was some sort of giant door she started pounding on it praying to celestia that it would open her prayers must have been answered as the door started opening making a loud rumble revealing a bright light which she ran straight into but because she hadn't seen light in a long time she had to cover her eyes to protect them from going blind.

Turning around she noticed that Demons stopped short of the light as if it would kill them with normally she would have shot them funny faces and egging them on to come and chase but she was in too much pain for that right now

Instead the lead demon boomed in a loud and frightening voice that even shook Rainbow to the core "congratulations on your escape, Rainbow Dash you don't need to worry about us anymore you just need to worry about the royal guards who heading towards here and the wonderbolts who are watching us at this very minute oh and the fact that the most powerful pony in all of Equestria but fear not I reckon we will be seeing each other very soon my little pony" with that he walked backwards in the the darkness of Tartarus

Once the demon finished speaking she quickly looked around more specifically the sky but not seeing anything she figured she then seen the map that Luna had mentioned it lead to the castle of the two sister which was smacked ban in the middle of the everfree forest then out of the corner of her eye she seen it, movement on top of of the small cave that held the gates to every living creatures worst fear when she looked closely she seen a wift of a blazing, orange mane creep behind the edge Rainbow gulped knowing which of the bolts had that specific styled and coloured mane, Spitfire.

Rainbow Dash being Rainbow Dash decided to confront Spitfire she sighed"I know your up there Spitfire i'm not an idiot"

Spitfire glared annoyingly knowing that those stupid demons revealed her position away as she and her squad showed themselves in the squad was Spitfire, Fleetfoot, Thunderlane and Soarin Spitfire then announced in her most authoritarian voice "Rainbow Dash as captain of the Wonderbolts I hereby place you under arrest for unlawful escape from prison, you have the right to remain silent!"

"I'm not coming with you for these simple reasons one its not a prison its a living hell that no pony should stay in and secondly i'm innocent you've got to believe me" Rainbow responded with a pleading tone

"Rainbow please just make it easier for both of us and accompany us" Spitfire pleaded who didn't want to arrest the ex wonderbolt she then added "look Dash we all believe that you are innocent thats why we're going to take you to the princess to try and get you out of this mess just come with us please."

"Fine but you have to do something first" Dash said who didn't believe a word they said no matter how convincing it sounds.

"And what would that be?" she asked clearly irritated something that Dash liked to see.

"Catch me" she replied with a cocky grin with that she tried to fly only to fall over completly forgetting that she had lost one of her wings during the scuffle with the Demon

She tried to get up only to get pinned down by Spitfire Soarin then placed Rainbow's front hooves in shackles then he put a metal coller around her neck that had a chain leash attached to it clearly not taking any chances.

"I I I thought that you said that you believed me" Rainbow asked.

Spitfire sighed before replying "we do its just that if we take you to Celestia free of chains then ponies are going to start asking questions which we might feel uncomfatable asking" she then grabbed hoof of the metal leash and started walking which caused Dash to follow into the direction of the capital city of Equestria, Canterlot.

Confrontation with the royals

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The journey to Canterlot was rather uneventful but slow and felt like it took 1000 years to get there. The reason for the slow pace journey was because of Rainbow's missing right wing if she still had her wing then they would've flown which would have reduced the time by a massive amount. When they approached the royal guards on duty they lowered their spears and pointed them at the group mainly at Dash until spitfire said that they were delivering her to the princesses they escorted them to the throne room, spears still trained on her despite her being chained up.

Upon entering the throne room, the two princesses are shocked to see her there Rainbow noticed that Luna was more shocked than her sister she guessed that Luna was not expecting her to be there.

The first one to speak was Princess Celestia asking Spitfire "What is she doing here, I thought I told you to take her back to Tartarus if you found unless she is willing to confess to her crimes and tell us where the Elements are?"

Rainbow then proceeded to reply but was instantly cut of by Luna who had regained her posure "shut up you worthless pile of dung" she half shouted but gave Dash a let me deal with this, kind of look which no pony noticed this made Dash to feel slightly hurt and betrayed.

"Your majesties, can we talk about this" Spitfire asked wile twiddling with her hooves

"Fine, GUARDS TAKE THE PRISONER TO THE ROYAL DUNGEONS" Celestia shouted in her royal Canterlot voice.

But before the guards could do anything the wonderbolt captain then stated "we'd much rather speak with her here" the guards then looked at the two alicorn princesses.

"I'm sorry Spitfire but thats not going to happen" Luna stated simply still looking at Rainbow but now with a please forgive me look, but again like before not noticing because she kept looking at the floor in shame.

"I have to agree with my sister on this we don't want the nosy little witch listening in on our private talk" she agreed before any pony else could respond she gave the guards a nod signalling them to take her away with that the guards dragged the sulking mare out of the throne heading in the direction of the Canterlot Castle royal dungeons.


The Castle dungeons was situated deep underground into the cliffside that the royal city resided on. The cell was a dingy grey cell that went against Rainbows vibrant colours the pegasus in question was chained to the wall via her front hooves which caused her to hang which made her chained hooves ake and hurt adding to the pain were two heavy steel charcoal coloured balls attached too her back hooves which both easily weighed at around 100 pounds and because of the short chain that was attached too her hooves made them dangle this caused her hind legs too stretch and was on the verge of dislocating.

Rainbow Dash then started to hear hoof steps coming her way she was not expecting princess luna to be visiting her from what Dash could hear Luna had started saying to the guards outside her cell "Guards you may go on a break i'll watch over the prisoner"

"Are you sure, your royal majesty" the guards replied.

"I insist, consider it an order" she said with a slight grin.

"Oh well thank you princess" the guards responded already starting to leave and not wanting to disobey an order

Luna then opened the cell door which was a barren, wooden door with only a single small window that has bars Luna then walked up to Dash and said "hello Rainbow Dash, I can't say i'm pleased to see you here I was more expecting you to be in the castle of the two sisters by now and not in some low life dungeon"

"Really well no kidding, Luna I mean you did just betray me and abandoned me in there" Rainbow shouted not caring in the world if any pony found out how she really escaped.

"Rainbow Dash, how dare you shout at me like that when I helped you escape and for the record I can't defend you in there" Luna yelled back so loudly that it could be heard from Ponyville.

"What, can't defend me because your scared that you big sister is going to banish you to the moon again, and you were once the most feared pony in all of Equestria, well believe it or not because I find that hard to believe because all I see now is such a wuss who is scared of her possessive sister so much that she wont even do what she really wants" Dash shot back ending her tirade with a smug grin.

Then the princess shot back with a face that shown so much anger that it could even make the most fearless manticore go running back to his mummy "Yeah says the one who has got the biggest ego in all of Equestria that your friends need to sort you out by dressing up as a hero to upstage you and even steal your number one fan and you forgive them with open hooves, and you say that my sister is controlling well your so called friends are even worse, knocking you back down when you achieve something" this rant made Rainbow to start leaking tears.

"That happened once they didn't do it again" Rainbow cried tears now streaming like a water fall.

"That happened once did it, don't you remember abut the whole zombie prank, when you had the perfect prank lined up for the whole town yet your friends, if you can call them that ruined it by pranking you so severe that it gave you PTSD which caused you not to look or even smell a cookie because if you did you would think it would turn you into a zombie" Luna responded now calming down.

"H h how did you know about that" Rainbow asked stuttering.

Luna sighed finally calmed down she then replied by explaining "Rainbow, PTSD is connected to the dream world"

"I don't understand" she said with a confused expression on her face.

"To put it bluntly I seen it in your dreams." Luna simply stated.

"Oh I forgot that you could look into any ponies dreams" she said feeling slightly embarrassed for forgetting about such a cool power.

"Anyway it doesn't matter now, to put it in simple words the wonderbolts are digging a tunnel that will lead you to the cliffside that Canterlot resides on once i've released you from these chains and when i've gone buck at the wall behind you it will reveal the tunnel follow it to the end there you will find Spitfire waiting for you, follow her oh and before I release you DO NOT GET CAUGHT because I won't be bailing you out again got that" Luna asked by ending her explanation with a serious expression on her face, with that she released dash from her bonds then turned away making her way towards the cell door.

Before she could leave Rainbow then apologized while looking down at her hooves "sorry about before and thank you for helping me"

"Its ok dash and good luck" with that she turned and left.


As soon after the princess had left Rainbow stretched her legs and started to buck at the wall while silently praying to the heavens above that no pony would hear her or discover her trying to escape again. After a while she started to hear the wall crumbling away then with a might buck she heard the wall give way that revealed a dark passage way with a small blob of light in the distance she then started to walk to the end as fast as she could not wanting to get caught in the process. After what seemed like ages she finally reached the end of the tunnel it opened up to the beautiful valley below she could see a winding, sky, blue river at the very bottom at the edges f the river was lush, fresh greenery and in the distance she could see her old home Ponyville tears starting to prick at the corner of her eyes at the memory of her old home.

Then came a voice that made her jump out of her skin "wow i've never seen you act so jumpy before" Spitfire remarked with a slight smile.

"Hi Spits so where are we supposed to be going" Rainbow asked sulkily.

"you'll find out when we get there now get onto my back" Spitfire lied with a commanding tone.

Spitfire flew into the direction of the Everfree forest while holding Rainbow Dash during the brief flight neither pegasus spoken with Rainbow feeling humiliated because of being carried she never liked the feeling what so ever after they had gotten over the forest Spitfire flown near the top of the trees as to not gain unwanted attention after reaching a specific spot Spitfire flew down with Rainbow hanging onto Spitfire's neck they then touched down into a clearing Rainbow instantly recognized the place of being the ruin of the Castle of the two sisters, almost at the same time as they had touched down five figures she recognized emerged from the building then all of a sudden Princess Luna had popped out of no where blocking her view of the figures

"Welcome to the resistance" Luna welcomed.

Viva La Resistance

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"Welcome to the resistance" Luna welcomed.

Rainbow just stared with a confused expression on her face.

"err why is she looking like at us like that i thought she would be happy especially to see me" whispered one of the ponies whith a tomboyish that reminded dash of her own.

"arent ya goin tah say anything" a second pony asked with a southern accent similar to that of Applejacks.

"a a ah dont know what to say what do you mean by resistance" asked Rainbow while trying to get a better glimpse at the other ponies.

Then another pony came out of the, old decrepit ruins. This pony was a pegasus who dash didn't recognise he had a dark blue coat with a slightly lighter blue mane and tail that had a single white streak that ran through both mane and tail his cutie mark was a white star whith different colours shooting out of the bottom dash guessed it was supposed to be a shooting star he was also wearing flight goggles that perched on his head

"ah you must be Rainbow Dash" the pegasus asked in a boyish and cheery voice. Rainbow dash merely nodded.

"Good my name is Void Streak i I am second in command next too luna of the Equestrian Liberation Front or ELF for short AKA the resistance now I believe you've met my associates here Scootaloo, Applebloom, Sweetiebelle, Fluttershy and finally but not least Pinkie Pie oh and your other friend, Rarity is inside creating our new uniforms" Void Streak introduced the others waved at her.

Rainbow Dash then asked in a questionable tone "why are you guys helping me?"

Despite the qustion being mainly directed at her former friends void stepped in and answered for them "They're helping you because I managed to convince most of them that your innocent" Void explained for them.

"what about applejack and Twilight" asked Rainbow Dash silently thanking the heavens for at least most of her friends still had believed in her.

"well we couldn't risk telling Twilight due too her being too close to the princess" streak answered to the twilight question.

Applebloom then answered the Applejack question with a frustrated tone "and mah sister is too darn stubbon to forgive a traitor as thats now what she calls yah"

"well at least you tried trust me I know how stubborn that earth pony can be sometimes" Rainbow said in a sad voice.

Then Rarity appeared coming out of the castle "does that not remind you of somepony else" she then added in a smile "hi dash long time no see darling" she said in a posh accent.

"well at least you've got us your friends but more importantly your number one fan" Scootaloo exclaimed in a proud voice with a cocky grin while thumping her hoof in the air.

"Now that all the introduce are out of the way I believe I still haven't explained what the ELF is" void started to say. "The Equestrian liberation front is a resistance group founded by my grandparents just after the banishment of princess Luna at the beginning of the movement the resistance was only small so we only resorted to peaceful protests and marches, the princess and the government only deemed us as small time radicals attempting overthrow the government however it was when your arrest happened we started to grow in popularity, by this time I was leader and I soon realised if I could get your friends on board I could influence the princesses, I also knew that the banishment of Luna was similar to your imprisonment I used this to convince Princess Luna to act as my spy until we eventually came up with the plan to slip Twilight the cupcake with the hairpin in and here we are now" Void explained in a dramatic way similar to that of how Rarity would sometimes react.

The group went into the castle which was the resistance main headquarters. Inside the library was the main command centre with a large map of Equestria, on the map was a bunch of blue and red circle Void told Dash these were locations of friendly bases which were the blue circles and red circles for enemy bases. There was also a large notice board which showed posters of different targets and allies as well as miniature strategic maps of different locations through out Equestria.

"Wait a sec now doesn't Twilight know about this I thought she came head a!l the time" Rainbow asked in a confused tone.

After Dash had said this both Void Streak and Princess Luna both have a mischievous smirk "we moved it " Void stated simply when Dash still had a confused look on her face, more confused now Void then said "Luna explain".

"Basically because I'm an alicorn I can levitate and use a lot more energy than a normal unicorn so I levitate the castle an d placed it somewhere else in the everfree store hand however we had to empty it all of the furniture after it moved the castle somewhere I placed a force field I've the castle so it couldn't be seen to those who aren't part of the resistance and it could also make the castle unplottable on a map" Luna explained in as much detail as possible.

"You should have seen the look on Twilights face when she couldn't find the castle, priceless" said Scootaloo laughing. Rainbow Dash tried to image the look on her former friends face when realising she couldn't find the castle of the two sisters which she ready loved visiting Rainbow imagined it so it would be very funny, indeed.

Void Streak then led the group to a corridor with a series of doors they then stopped at a door which had Scootaloos name written on it Streak then started to say "I'm afraid we don't have enough rooms for everyone but I was it as fitting to put you in the same room as Scootaloo considering your practically sisters" he then added "if you need me I'll be in my office on and I recommend going to sleep we've got a long day tomorrow" with that he and the rest of the group left leaving Dash and Scootaloo alone together.

" YAY, were roomies" Scootaloo shouted joyfully skipping into the room.

"I guess we are Scoots" said Rainbow with a hint of happiness from seeing most of her friends she's never changed she's still the same hyper Tom - boyish filly since Rainbow had last seen her she thought she then trotted into the room and went straight to sleep.


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In the Canterlot Castle throne room Princess Celestia was shouting at several guards, she was shouting so loud in her royal Canterlot voice that it made the world shake. "HOW COULD YOU HAVE LET HER ESCAPE" Celestia shouted her voice filled with range.

the cowarding guards were shaking like leaves stammered "w w we got told by L Luna to have a break y y your majesties"

"Is this true, Luna" Celestia spat looking towards her sister.

Faust forgive me for what I'm about to do Luna thought, she then said in a cold tone "No they are clearly lying" Luna closed her eyes not wanting to look at the innocent guards whose faces were astounded that one of their rulers had just lied.


All of a sudden Shining Armour entered the throne room with a confused look he the asked "what was that all about"

Luna replied quickly "never mind that, let's get to the business at hoof"

"Aah yes well found that she escaped via a tunnel the led to the side of the mountain , I've currently got guards scouring the valley, the Everfree Forest, Canterlot, Ponyville and Cloudsdale I have also got guards interrogating her family and friends as well as littering the nation with wanted posters" Shining Armour explained in an authority voice.

"Good now I want you tell every newspaper that Rainbow Dash is highly armed and and extremely dangerous, also tell them that there is 10, 000 bit reward to those who have information about Rainbow Dash and 1, 000, 000 bit reward to those who information that will lead to her capture I also want to question her family in person so bring them to me" Celestia ordered

"Yes your highness" Shining Saluted and then exited the throne room.

The next day

Rainbow woke from her slumber she looked over at the next bed where she could see the sleeping form of Scootaloo she smiled at her she never knew how adorable Scootaloo was. She then looked around the room to see multiple posters of herself everywhere and even action figures she noticed a rainbow wig set atop a mannequin despite being imprisoned, Scootaloo had continued collect different Rainbow Dash merchandise. Rainbow laid there taking in all the memorabilia however she didn't lay for long though when a bell rung signalling for everyone to wake up.

Scootaloo woke up grumbling "already, why can they not let us sleep in" however her grumbling was cut of when a unicorn filly burst into he room Scootaloo then asked "what's up Sweetiebell" but then she seen sweeties face, it was full of worry.

"No time to explain Void wants everyone in the main hall" Sweetiebelle said in a hurry. She led to the way which turned out to be the former library which had the large map and notice board Void was standing on a balcony .

He then started to announce "as you may or may not know Rainbow Dash has escaped and is staying with us, now I want you all to treat her like a guest, now that brings me onto my second point Celestia knows that Rainbow Dash has escaped now they don't that were helping her so I want it to keep it that way but I must warn the guards are interrogating those with a connection with dash or who sympathise, in some cases they are even searching people's houses now I want you all to remain vigilant when you are outside these walls as well as I also want you all to pretend that you are dash and are willing to help the guards but push them in the wrong direction now Dash I want a word with you in private" after his announcement Void went to Rainbow and whispered "you're not going to like this" under his breath after he said this he lead her to his office which was a secret room behind a fireplace in what looked like private study

"What's the problem" she asked with a hint of nervousness in her voice. Instead of saying anything however he showed her an article from the Equestrian Daily the headline read:

A Rainbow Escape

Today we have received urgent need from our royal correspondents that the convict known as Rainbow Dash has escaped from Tarturas the royal guards have not issued how she escaped but all we know is that she is on the run. The royal guard are also warning the public that Rainbow Dash is highly armed and extremely dangerous and is not to be approached. They have are also issuing a 10, 000 bit reward to those who have information as well as a 1, 000, 000 bit reward to those who have information that could lead to her arrest. The royal guard have also told that she was initially put in Tartarus for attempted murder, breaking and entering and theft. Rainbow Dash is a Pegasus who may be missing a wing, she has a rainbow mane and tail with a cyan coat and a cutie Mark that depicts a rainbow lightning bolt protruding from a cloud, she was last seen in the Canterlot area. Further reports also indicate that Rainbow Dash's parents have been arrested for unknown reasons following this report Princess Celestia herself has warned Rainbow Dash that if she doesn't hand herself in then her parents shall take her place. We are now coming to an end in this article and we are urging the public to keep their eyes open for Rainbow Dash.

Rainbow Dash stated at the article, not believing what she had just read. After what felt like hours Rainbow whispered more to herself in an upset tone"they've got my parents I've got to help them in got to hand myself in"

"You can't, if you do that then everyone will lose hope" Void for Dash in a smooth tone. He then added in a reassuring way "If we defeat Celestia then we'll be able to rescue your parents and prove your innocence"

"B but how, They're my parents I can leave them there" Dash said weakly when Void started to speak Dash cut him of saying "I've got to go get some air" she then left the room.

After seeing Rainbows sad look on her face Scootaloo asked "What's up" Rainbow ignored her leaving Scootaloo in a disappointed heap she then went outside where she started to cry.

Mum, Dad im sorry this happened to you i I'll do anything to get you free she thought she then started to ask in her head why me, why does this happen to me.


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In the Canterlot Castle inside a dingy interrogation room a lone, frightened Pegasus mare sat infront of a large wooden desk on the wool was a one way mirror what the Pegasus didn't know was that it was also a window. The ponies looking through the window was Princess Celestia, Twilight and Shining Armour.

"Are you actually going to keep them here" asked Twilight, concerned for the fact that she's never seen her mentor act like this usually she was merciful.

"Depends if Dash shows up if she doesn't for a month then their free to go" stated Celestia coldly. She then entered the interrogation room in a professional manner, Shining Armour followed behind however Twilight decided to stay and look through the window, she didn't fancy the idea of facing the mother of the pony she put in Tartarus.

When Celestia and Shining entered the room Windy Wistles looked up with tears in her eyes she then started to ask sadly "where's my husband? I want to see him" but

Celestia replied with venom "Shut up I'M the one who's asking questions" after she said this Windy burst into tears , sobbing with her face In her shackled hooves.

Windy was about speak but Celestia cut her of. Being intimidating she said "Miss Windy Wistles you are the convict Rainbow Dash's mother, correct"

Windy timidly replied ,while shaking like a leave, with anger or fear Celestia couldn't tell, "don't speak about her like that, my daughter's an innocent little girl who was obviously framed" after this Celestia merely lifted one eyebrow up in a questioning way.

Celestia then started to ask while sneering "OK, say she was framed, please tell me who would frame and please tell me how "

Whistles answered sarcastically with a sneer of her own "Oh I don't know maybe the ponies who she defeated, you know the ponies who force Dashie and her friends to defeat. As for your second question they could've disguised themselves as poor Rainbow, i believe one of them could shapeshift, i think her name was chrysalis"

Celestia immediately wiped that smug grin from of Windy's face when she furiously shouted "DON'T YOU DARE GET COCKY WITH ME, YOU KNOW IT ALL BRAT" she then added "Chrysalis was defeated if you forgot"

"REALLY, because I remember her getting flunged not exactly defeated if you ask me" keeping up with her cokiness despite Celestia's shouting she then added "If I remember she even tricked Shining Armour so how do you know she didn't trick you"

Shining looked furious at this remark "I WAS UNDER A SPELL, IDIOT"

Celestia responded to this by saying "As Shining Armour just explained he was under a spell in pretty sure that people would have noticed if I was under a spell.

" ha, they didn't with Shining Armour " she laughed she then also added with sarcasm "and you call me an idiot" to this both Shining and Celestia was growling in frustration.

"Enough of this, this discussion isn't about the wedding or Chrysalis. It is about you and your daughter" Celestia stated in annoyance she then started to ask "have you been in contact with Rainbow Dash"
Windy just shook her while looking tired "do I look like I've spoken to Rainbow" she replied with a mixture of anger and sadness.

This time it was Shining who answered "I don't know, you tell us, your her mother" he seemed to have struck a nerve as Windy started to shake in irritation.

"NO, for buck sake if I had do you think I would be here, no I would be with my daughter" She shouted angrily.

Just as Shining was about to speak Celestia went on to the second question "where would have Rainbow Dash have gone" she asked irritatingly. She didn't like how the interrogation was going after asking Windy Whistles her question and not gaining any information of use, they then left the room to go next door and start there interrogation with Dash's father, Bow Hothoof. Both Shining Armour and Princess Celestia wondering the same thing, was Bow Hothoof going to be as annoying and unhelpful as Windy.

When Celestia and Shining entered the room, Bow shifted uncomfortable in his rickety wooden. When Celestia and Shining both took their places all Hothoof could do was gaze coldly at his interrogators.

"What am I doing here" asked Hothoof.

"You are here to be questioned about the whereabouts of your daughter rai-" Celestia started saying but was cut of by Bow

"She isn't my daughter"

"But it says here in your personal record that you are her father"

"Not anymore no true daughter of mine would steal and they definitely would harm any pony else"

"So what you're saying is you've disowned her"

"What do you think"

"What about windy she's still acting as if she is"

"Windy's just confused"

"So are you willingly going to help us rind Rainbow Dash"

"Only if you leave my family alone"

"Of course so do you know where Dash would go"

"No the only place I can think of is Cloudsdale or Ponyville"

After Celestia finished the interrogation she left the interrogation room then Shining armour stated "not much help was it "

"Not exactly but maybe we can use the father to try and get to the daughter" replied with a thinking expression.

"What are you thinking"

"I'm thinking a trap" answered Celestia with a devious smile.