• Published 30th Jun 2020
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The rainbow in Tartarus - Void Streak

when Rainbow Dash gets sent to Tartarus for a crime she says she didn't commit

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Viva La Resistance

Author's Note:

Sorry about the long wait I had laptop troubles hope you enjoy this chapter though

"Welcome to the resistance" Luna welcomed.

Rainbow just stared with a confused expression on her face.

"err why is she looking like at us like that i thought she would be happy especially to see me" whispered one of the ponies whith a tomboyish that reminded dash of her own.

"arent ya goin tah say anything" a second pony asked with a southern accent similar to that of Applejacks.

"a a ah dont know what to say what do you mean by resistance" asked Rainbow while trying to get a better glimpse at the other ponies.

Then another pony came out of the, old decrepit ruins. This pony was a pegasus who dash didn't recognise he had a dark blue coat with a slightly lighter blue mane and tail that had a single white streak that ran through both mane and tail his cutie mark was a white star whith different colours shooting out of the bottom dash guessed it was supposed to be a shooting star he was also wearing flight goggles that perched on his head

"ah you must be Rainbow Dash" the pegasus asked in a boyish and cheery voice. Rainbow dash merely nodded.

"Good my name is Void Streak i I am second in command next too luna of the Equestrian Liberation Front or ELF for short AKA the resistance now I believe you've met my associates here Scootaloo, Applebloom, Sweetiebelle, Fluttershy and finally but not least Pinkie Pie oh and your other friend, Rarity is inside creating our new uniforms" Void Streak introduced the others waved at her.

Rainbow Dash then asked in a questionable tone "why are you guys helping me?"

Despite the qustion being mainly directed at her former friends void stepped in and answered for them "They're helping you because I managed to convince most of them that your innocent" Void explained for them.

"what about applejack and Twilight" asked Rainbow Dash silently thanking the heavens for at least most of her friends still had believed in her.

"well we couldn't risk telling Twilight due too her being too close to the princess" streak answered to the twilight question.

Applebloom then answered the Applejack question with a frustrated tone "and mah sister is too darn stubbon to forgive a traitor as thats now what she calls yah"

"well at least you tried trust me I know how stubborn that earth pony can be sometimes" Rainbow said in a sad voice.

Then Rarity appeared coming out of the castle "does that not remind you of somepony else" she then added in a smile "hi dash long time no see darling" she said in a posh accent.

"well at least you've got us your friends but more importantly your number one fan" Scootaloo exclaimed in a proud voice with a cocky grin while thumping her hoof in the air.

"Now that all the introduce are out of the way I believe I still haven't explained what the ELF is" void started to say. "The Equestrian liberation front is a resistance group founded by my grandparents just after the banishment of princess Luna at the beginning of the movement the resistance was only small so we only resorted to peaceful protests and marches, the princess and the government only deemed us as small time radicals attempting overthrow the government however it was when your arrest happened we started to grow in popularity, by this time I was leader and I soon realised if I could get your friends on board I could influence the princesses, I also knew that the banishment of Luna was similar to your imprisonment I used this to convince Princess Luna to act as my spy until we eventually came up with the plan to slip Twilight the cupcake with the hairpin in and here we are now" Void explained in a dramatic way similar to that of how Rarity would sometimes react.

The group went into the castle which was the resistance main headquarters. Inside the library was the main command centre with a large map of Equestria, on the map was a bunch of blue and red circle Void told Dash these were locations of friendly bases which were the blue circles and red circles for enemy bases. There was also a large notice board which showed posters of different targets and allies as well as miniature strategic maps of different locations through out Equestria.

"Wait a sec now doesn't Twilight know about this I thought she came head a!l the time" Rainbow asked in a confused tone.

After Dash had said this both Void Streak and Princess Luna both have a mischievous smirk "we moved it " Void stated simply when Dash still had a confused look on her face, more confused now Void then said "Luna explain".

"Basically because I'm an alicorn I can levitate and use a lot more energy than a normal unicorn so I levitate the castle an d placed it somewhere else in the everfree store hand however we had to empty it all of the furniture after it moved the castle somewhere I placed a force field I've the castle so it couldn't be seen to those who aren't part of the resistance and it could also make the castle unplottable on a map" Luna explained in as much detail as possible.

"You should have seen the look on Twilights face when she couldn't find the castle, priceless" said Scootaloo laughing. Rainbow Dash tried to image the look on her former friends face when realising she couldn't find the castle of the two sisters which she ready loved visiting Rainbow imagined it so it would be very funny, indeed.

Void Streak then led the group to a corridor with a series of doors they then stopped at a door which had Scootaloos name written on it Streak then started to say "I'm afraid we don't have enough rooms for everyone but I was it as fitting to put you in the same room as Scootaloo considering your practically sisters" he then added "if you need me I'll be in my office on and I recommend going to sleep we've got a long day tomorrow" with that he and the rest of the group left leaving Dash and Scootaloo alone together.

" YAY, were roomies" Scootaloo shouted joyfully skipping into the room.

"I guess we are Scoots" said Rainbow with a hint of happiness from seeing most of her friends she's never changed she's still the same hyper Tom - boyish filly since Rainbow had last seen her she thought she then trotted into the room and went straight to sleep.