• Published 30th Jun 2020
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The rainbow in Tartarus - Void Streak

when Rainbow Dash gets sent to Tartarus for a crime she says she didn't commit

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In the Canterlot Castle inside a dingy interrogation room a lone, frightened Pegasus mare sat infront of a large wooden desk on the wool was a one way mirror what the Pegasus didn't know was that it was also a window. The ponies looking through the window was Princess Celestia, Twilight and Shining Armour.

"Are you actually going to keep them here" asked Twilight, concerned for the fact that she's never seen her mentor act like this usually she was merciful.

"Depends if Dash shows up if she doesn't for a month then their free to go" stated Celestia coldly. She then entered the interrogation room in a professional manner, Shining Armour followed behind however Twilight decided to stay and look through the window, she didn't fancy the idea of facing the mother of the pony she put in Tartarus.

When Celestia and Shining entered the room Windy Wistles looked up with tears in her eyes she then started to ask sadly "where's my husband? I want to see him" but

Celestia replied with venom "Shut up I'M the one who's asking questions" after she said this Windy burst into tears , sobbing with her face In her shackled hooves.

Windy was about speak but Celestia cut her of. Being intimidating she said "Miss Windy Wistles you are the convict Rainbow Dash's mother, correct"

Windy timidly replied ,while shaking like a leave, with anger or fear Celestia couldn't tell, "don't speak about her like that, my daughter's an innocent little girl who was obviously framed" after this Celestia merely lifted one eyebrow up in a questioning way.

Celestia then started to ask while sneering "OK, say she was framed, please tell me who would frame and please tell me how "

Whistles answered sarcastically with a sneer of her own "Oh I don't know maybe the ponies who she defeated, you know the ponies who force Dashie and her friends to defeat. As for your second question they could've disguised themselves as poor Rainbow, i believe one of them could shapeshift, i think her name was chrysalis"

Celestia immediately wiped that smug grin from of Windy's face when she furiously shouted "DON'T YOU DARE GET COCKY WITH ME, YOU KNOW IT ALL BRAT" she then added "Chrysalis was defeated if you forgot"

"REALLY, because I remember her getting flunged not exactly defeated if you ask me" keeping up with her cokiness despite Celestia's shouting she then added "If I remember she even tricked Shining Armour so how do you know she didn't trick you"

Shining looked furious at this remark "I WAS UNDER A SPELL, IDIOT"

Celestia responded to this by saying "As Shining Armour just explained he was under a spell in pretty sure that people would have noticed if I was under a spell.

" ha, they didn't with Shining Armour " she laughed she then also added with sarcasm "and you call me an idiot" to this both Shining and Celestia was growling in frustration.

"Enough of this, this discussion isn't about the wedding or Chrysalis. It is about you and your daughter" Celestia stated in annoyance she then started to ask "have you been in contact with Rainbow Dash"
Windy just shook her while looking tired "do I look like I've spoken to Rainbow" she replied with a mixture of anger and sadness.

This time it was Shining who answered "I don't know, you tell us, your her mother" he seemed to have struck a nerve as Windy started to shake in irritation.

"NO, for buck sake if I had do you think I would be here, no I would be with my daughter" She shouted angrily.

Just as Shining was about to speak Celestia went on to the second question "where would have Rainbow Dash have gone" she asked irritatingly. She didn't like how the interrogation was going after asking Windy Whistles her question and not gaining any information of use, they then left the room to go next door and start there interrogation with Dash's father, Bow Hothoof. Both Shining Armour and Princess Celestia wondering the same thing, was Bow Hothoof going to be as annoying and unhelpful as Windy.

When Celestia and Shining entered the room, Bow shifted uncomfortable in his rickety wooden. When Celestia and Shining both took their places all Hothoof could do was gaze coldly at his interrogators.

"What am I doing here" asked Hothoof.

"You are here to be questioned about the whereabouts of your daughter rai-" Celestia started saying but was cut of by Bow

"She isn't my daughter"

"But it says here in your personal record that you are her father"

"Not anymore no true daughter of mine would steal and they definitely would harm any pony else"

"So what you're saying is you've disowned her"

"What do you think"

"What about windy she's still acting as if she is"

"Windy's just confused"

"So are you willingly going to help us rind Rainbow Dash"

"Only if you leave my family alone"

"Of course so do you know where Dash would go"

"No the only place I can think of is Cloudsdale or Ponyville"

After Celestia finished the interrogation she left the interrogation room then Shining armour stated "not much help was it "

"Not exactly but maybe we can use the father to try and get to the daughter" replied with a thinking expression.

"What are you thinking"

"I'm thinking a trap" answered Celestia with a devious smile.

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Celestia is so gonna have major karma on her a** when they finally learned that Rainbow Dash is TRULY innocent. Hope that she losses her dumb royal status.

Plus, Windy should sue the princess and also file a divorce!!!! Bow is a coward, and a BAD father!

I can't wait to see chrysalis taken down

I hope Twilight rips into Shining Armor. He wasn't under a spell the entire time and that probably angered her a bit.

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