• Published 30th Jun 2020
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The rainbow in Tartarus - Void Streak

when Rainbow Dash gets sent to Tartarus for a crime she says she didn't commit

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Confrontation with the royals

The journey to Canterlot was rather uneventful but slow and felt like it took 1000 years to get there. The reason for the slow pace journey was because of Rainbow's missing right wing if she still had her wing then they would've flown which would have reduced the time by a massive amount. When they approached the royal guards on duty they lowered their spears and pointed them at the group mainly at Dash until spitfire said that they were delivering her to the princesses they escorted them to the throne room, spears still trained on her despite her being chained up.

Upon entering the throne room, the two princesses are shocked to see her there Rainbow noticed that Luna was more shocked than her sister she guessed that Luna was not expecting her to be there.

The first one to speak was Princess Celestia asking Spitfire "What is she doing here, I thought I told you to take her back to Tartarus if you found unless she is willing to confess to her crimes and tell us where the Elements are?"

Rainbow then proceeded to reply but was instantly cut of by Luna who had regained her posure "shut up you worthless pile of dung" she half shouted but gave Dash a let me deal with this, kind of look which no pony noticed this made Dash to feel slightly hurt and betrayed.

"Your majesties, can we talk about this" Spitfire asked wile twiddling with her hooves

"Fine, GUARDS TAKE THE PRISONER TO THE ROYAL DUNGEONS" Celestia shouted in her royal Canterlot voice.

But before the guards could do anything the wonderbolt captain then stated "we'd much rather speak with her here" the guards then looked at the two alicorn princesses.

"I'm sorry Spitfire but thats not going to happen" Luna stated simply still looking at Rainbow but now with a please forgive me look, but again like before not noticing because she kept looking at the floor in shame.

"I have to agree with my sister on this we don't want the nosy little witch listening in on our private talk" she agreed before any pony else could respond she gave the guards a nod signalling them to take her away with that the guards dragged the sulking mare out of the throne heading in the direction of the Canterlot Castle royal dungeons.


The Castle dungeons was situated deep underground into the cliffside that the royal city resided on. The cell was a dingy grey cell that went against Rainbows vibrant colours the pegasus in question was chained to the wall via her front hooves which caused her to hang which made her chained hooves ake and hurt adding to the pain were two heavy steel charcoal coloured balls attached too her back hooves which both easily weighed at around 100 pounds and because of the short chain that was attached too her hooves made them dangle this caused her hind legs too stretch and was on the verge of dislocating.

Rainbow Dash then started to hear hoof steps coming her way she was not expecting princess luna to be visiting her from what Dash could hear Luna had started saying to the guards outside her cell "Guards you may go on a break i'll watch over the prisoner"

"Are you sure, your royal majesty" the guards replied.

"I insist, consider it an order" she said with a slight grin.

"Oh well thank you princess" the guards responded already starting to leave and not wanting to disobey an order

Luna then opened the cell door which was a barren, wooden door with only a single small window that has bars Luna then walked up to Dash and said "hello Rainbow Dash, I can't say i'm pleased to see you here I was more expecting you to be in the castle of the two sisters by now and not in some low life dungeon"

"Really well no kidding, Luna I mean you did just betray me and abandoned me in there" Rainbow shouted not caring in the world if any pony found out how she really escaped.

"Rainbow Dash, how dare you shout at me like that when I helped you escape and for the record I can't defend you in there" Luna yelled back so loudly that it could be heard from Ponyville.

"What, can't defend me because your scared that you big sister is going to banish you to the moon again, and you were once the most feared pony in all of Equestria, well believe it or not because I find that hard to believe because all I see now is such a wuss who is scared of her possessive sister so much that she wont even do what she really wants" Dash shot back ending her tirade with a smug grin.

Then the princess shot back with a face that shown so much anger that it could even make the most fearless manticore go running back to his mummy "Yeah says the one who has got the biggest ego in all of Equestria that your friends need to sort you out by dressing up as a hero to upstage you and even steal your number one fan and you forgive them with open hooves, and you say that my sister is controlling well your so called friends are even worse, knocking you back down when you achieve something" this rant made Rainbow to start leaking tears.

"That happened once they didn't do it again" Rainbow cried tears now streaming like a water fall.

"That happened once did it, don't you remember abut the whole zombie prank, when you had the perfect prank lined up for the whole town yet your friends, if you can call them that ruined it by pranking you so severe that it gave you PTSD which caused you not to look or even smell a cookie because if you did you would think it would turn you into a zombie" Luna responded now calming down.

"H h how did you know about that" Rainbow asked stuttering.

Luna sighed finally calmed down she then replied by explaining "Rainbow, PTSD is connected to the dream world"

"I don't understand" she said with a confused expression on her face.

"To put it bluntly I seen it in your dreams." Luna simply stated.

"Oh I forgot that you could look into any ponies dreams" she said feeling slightly embarrassed for forgetting about such a cool power.

"Anyway it doesn't matter now, to put it in simple words the wonderbolts are digging a tunnel that will lead you to the cliffside that Canterlot resides on once i've released you from these chains and when i've gone buck at the wall behind you it will reveal the tunnel follow it to the end there you will find Spitfire waiting for you, follow her oh and before I release you DO NOT GET CAUGHT because I won't be bailing you out again got that" Luna asked by ending her explanation with a serious expression on her face, with that she released dash from her bonds then turned away making her way towards the cell door.

Before she could leave Rainbow then apologized while looking down at her hooves "sorry about before and thank you for helping me"

"Its ok dash and good luck" with that she turned and left.


As soon after the princess had left Rainbow stretched her legs and started to buck at the wall while silently praying to the heavens above that no pony would hear her or discover her trying to escape again. After a while she started to hear the wall crumbling away then with a might buck she heard the wall give way that revealed a dark passage way with a small blob of light in the distance she then started to walk to the end as fast as she could not wanting to get caught in the process. After what seemed like ages she finally reached the end of the tunnel it opened up to the beautiful valley below she could see a winding, sky, blue river at the very bottom at the edges f the river was lush, fresh greenery and in the distance she could see her old home Ponyville tears starting to prick at the corner of her eyes at the memory of her old home.

Then came a voice that made her jump out of her skin "wow i've never seen you act so jumpy before" Spitfire remarked with a slight smile.

"Hi Spits so where are we supposed to be going" Rainbow asked sulkily.

"you'll find out when we get there now get onto my back" Spitfire lied with a commanding tone.

Spitfire flew into the direction of the Everfree forest while holding Rainbow Dash during the brief flight neither pegasus spoken with Rainbow feeling humiliated because of being carried she never liked the feeling what so ever after they had gotten over the forest Spitfire flown near the top of the trees as to not gain unwanted attention after reaching a specific spot Spitfire flew down with Rainbow hanging onto Spitfire's neck they then touched down into a clearing Rainbow instantly recognized the place of being the ruin of the Castle of the two sisters, almost at the same time as they had touched down five figures she recognized emerged from the building then all of a sudden Princess Luna had popped out of no where blocking her view of the figures

"Welcome to the resistance" Luna welcomed.