• Published 20th Aug 2012
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The Balance - Path_of_cloud

Two very diffrent groups of beings come together to save the world in its darkest hour.

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The Fall of Wrath

A young Wrath walked down the hall leading to the chambers of his princesses. He laughed as he thought of his position, Personal Guard to the Princesses. It was more like personal friend. He had joined the Guard young and was immediately recognized for his combat prowess. His father had been a scout during the settlement movement; his talent being cartography. During his time in the skies and forest finding food, water, and paths for the settlers, he had been trained in the original Martial Arts. Years later, when he had settled down with a young earth mare, he taught those same skills to his two sons. Wrath had quickly taken to Martial Arts earning his Cutie Mark by defeating his father at the age of six. By the age of seventeen he had been initiated into the Guard, and at twenty, placed as Celestia’s and Luna’s personal guard. In the six months since his promotion he had grown very close to the rulers. He knew things about them no one else would even dare insinuate, Celestia’s love of cake for instance, or Luna’s obsession with socks, and both had recently come to find pranking others of great amusement. They often discussed their lives with Wrath and he would share his with them. He was the only guard allowed to go without regulation armor, as they had found it too serious. The last three months had shown a difference in them both. Something only he himself seemed to have noticed.

Two months ago Wrath had discovered why. They were in love. He was usually off at night, but the princesses had requested his presence and dismissed the night guard. He was instructed to meet them at the entrance to the forest. Conveniently, Wrath lived very close to the forest with his family. He met them at the path, curious as to why they seemed interested in a late night trek. The large white Alicorn with a flowing multi-colored ethereal mane and a Sun on her flank, Celestia, and a dark blue Alicorn with a mane that resembled the night sky blowing in the wind, a crescent moon adorned her flank, Luna. However, they never entered. Instead, a long, Alicorn-sized creature with brown fur and a dark brown mane exited the woods. It had two draconic wings, a long tail, and clawed hands and feet. It seemed almost a mix of a dragon and a pony. Wrath’s instincts and training took over as he positioned himself between the strange thing and his princesses. Celestia and Luna ran right past him and hugged the stranger. Wrath relaxed, it was obvious to him he had been summoned tonight to meet this… individual.

He extended his hoof, “My name is Wrath.”

The figure gave him a cautious look. He carefully grabbed the hoof with his claw. “Seeker.”

“It’s nice to meet you, Seeker. If you don’t mind me asking, what are you? I’ve never seen another creature like you.”

Luna chimed in, “He’s a Kirin!”

Celestia shared her enthusiasm, “A hybrid between Unicorns and Dragons.”

“Wow, that’s pretty interesting. So Seeker, Princesses, what brings us out here tonight?”

“We’re going to pull some pranks!” Seeker announced excitedly, forgetting his caution momentarily.

A look of worry spread across Wrath’s face. “I’m not sure that’s the best idea.”

“Oh, don’t be a killjoy, Wrath.” Celestia put on her best puppy dog face.

Wrath was about to further his objection, until Luna joined her sister in staring into his soul. “Please, Wrath?”

“Fine!” Wrath threw his hooves in the air. Victory would not be his this night.

“Don’t worry, it’ll be fun, harmless fun,” Seeker assured him, suddenly excited at having a new friend.

That was Wrath’s first experience with Seeker’s chaos magic. It had been a night of filling pillows with pudding, painting the local apple orchards, and filling rain clouds with chocolate milk. Since then, the four of them had gone out every few nights to pull small pranks.

Wrath was something of the voice of reason in the group, too serious. Of course they had all found it more exciting that way. The pranks were not hurting anyone, so there was no harm in them. The Princesses seemed to have fun, and with all the pressure on them to run Equestria with the ascension of their parents, Wrath believed unwinding a bit was good for them. Also, while Wrath had never really experienced love himself, he wasn’t blind to the way Seeker look at the Princesses, and the way they looked at him. Seeker was gentle, caring, and loved having fun. His power was also closer to the Princesses then anything he’d ever seen. It was with certainty, that Wrath could claim Seeker was good for them.

Wrath’s dream world dissipated as a small brown Unicorn colt with a star embroidered cape and bells around the edges ran into him. “Allonsy, you need to be careful.” Wrath helped him off the floor. “So, how’s the magic training going?”

“I learned a new spell! Watch.” His horn glowed a light gray and within seconds he was sporting a full grown beard.

“Not bad. You look just like Starswirl now. Have you shown Celestia yet?”

“Nope. I can only make it last a few minutes. I want to perfect it, before I show her.”

Wrath nodded his approval. “Run along then; don’t want to keep your parents waiting.”

Allonsy did just that, his bells ringing as he ran down the majestic tapestry covered walls.

Wrath smiled. Recently, Celestia had taken an interest in teaching the upcoming Unicorns magic. This was a good sign. It meant that she had begun taking an active role in shaping the future of Equestria.

Wrath reached his destination, an ornate large door, and heard fighting from behind it.

“Celestia you can’t do this!” Luna shouted.

“I have to. A self-proclaimed Prince has requested an audience with us. There’s no reason we both need to go, though.” Celestia explained quietly.

“Then let me go instead. I have a bad feeling about this.”

“As do I, and that’s why I’m going. I’m your older sister, and I won’t put you in danger.”

“By a whole two minutes.”

An irritated growl followed. “Enough, Luna. I need you to stay here and take care of the kingdom. Please?”

A defeated sigh was next. “Very well sister. But I still don’t like it.”

“Wrath, could you come in now?”

Wrath pushed the door open, entering the majestically adorned room with a blush on his face. Bookcases covered the walls, a large red carpet lay along the floor, two desks sat on the edges facing each other, and a giant bed, with a day and night designed blanket covering it, shared by the Alicorn Princesses, lay in the middle.

Wraths cheeks flushed red as he rubbed the back of his head with his hoof. “Busted, huh?”

Celestia gave him a small glare, before bursting into laughter. “Oh, most definitely.” Calming herself down, she continued, “I need you watch over Luna while I deal with this pompous Prince.”

Wrath snapped to attention and saluted. “As you command, Princess!”

Luna still wasn’t happy about the arrangement, but decided against arguing further with her sister. They spent the day together before Celestia left that night.

Wrath had been instructed to inform Seeker of Celestia’s leave. He took it well, albeit with some disappointment. He was less than pleased at the idea of Celestia meeting some prince, but he understood that she was merely dealing with him.

The next day Wrath had watched over Luna during the royal duties. He took his leave for a moment to gather them food from the kitchen. He proceeded to once again walk the hallway to meet Luna in her bedroom, balancing two dishes on his back. However, when he got close, he could hear frantic movement and Luna’s voice, “This is not good. This can’t be happening. Calm down Luna. You can fix this. It’s all going to be okay.”

Wrath burst through the door, worried about Luna’s safety. He found the Princess of the Night packing her things quickly and muttering to herself. She had not even noticed his rather loud entrance. Thankfully, none of the food had spilled from his back, his balance training saving the meals. “Luna what’s wrong?” Wrath asked calmly, knowing panic wouldn’t help, a lesson from his training.

Luna’s response was to point to a letter laying on the bed and a simple, frustrated, “I don’t know.”

Placing the food down on Luna’s desk, he reached for the note.

Dear Sister,

I am so deeply in love with my Cutie-Wootie Smoochakins. I shall marry him at once!

Love you,


The note fell to the floor. This couldn’t be right. Celestia loved Seeker, he was certain of it. Even if she wasn’t, she clearly disdained the false prince and nothing was going to change that into love in a day. Luna was right, something was very, very wrong.

Luna looked at Wrath with a mix of regret and fear. “I knew I should have gone. It just didn’t feel right. But, I’m going now, and whatever they’ve done to my sister, I will fix it.”

“I’m going too.” Wrath had started heading towards the door to prepare. A blue aura slammed it in his face.

Luna quickly took a commanding stance. “No, you’re not. I need you to stay here. I don’t trust the royal advisors. They were too quick to send Celestia to meet this prince. In my absence, you are to protect our home.” Luna’s voice softened, “I know it may seem unfair, the same thing Celestia told me ironically now passes my own lips, but you and Seeker are the only real friends we sisters have. Seeker is… afraid. I don’t know why, he never told us. It’s why he doesn’t come out of the woods usually though. Even meeting you for the first time was something he dreaded deeply. I can’t ask him to do this while you come with me.”

“I understand.” Wrath bowed before the Princess of the Night. “I will protect our home and its citizens in you absence.”

Luna let out a sigh of relief. “You’re a good friend, Wrath. Thank you for being so understanding. I have to go now, before anyone realizes I’m gone. If anyone asks, tell them attending to the raising of the Sun and the Moon as exhausted me, and I am to be left alone at all cost. Goodbye Wrath, may the stars watch over you.”

“Goodbye Luna, may your journey be fruitful and safe."

The Princess of the Moon opened her window and slipped away quietly into the twilight.

Wrath locked the doors behind him and proceeded to the advisors room. Six of the twelve advisors sat at their semi-circular raised stands. Wrath entered the middle of their court, thus allowing his words to reach the entire room. In a strong, but somewhat monotone voice he announced, “Princess Luna is exhausted from fulfilling the cycle by herself. She has decreed that no one is to bother her while she rest for the night and day. All higher issues are to be brought to me in her heed.”

“Wrath, you are their guard, not their confidant,” announced a dark gray Unicorn wearing rimmed glass.

“It is Luna’s direct command. Would you ignore the wishes of your ruler, Faded” Wrath shot back.

A royal blue Pegasus spoke this time, “Luna’s order is understood. Go home Wrath. If something comes up we will notify you immediately.”

“Very well, Blue Sky”

Wrath headed for the door. That had gone better than expected… It had gone too well, in fact. Luna had not trusted council, and neither should he. As he reached the door he shut it behind him, leaving it cracked. He listened quietly with his ear to the crack.

“Was that wise, Blue Sky?”

“It’s fine. I had hoped to have Wrath join us, but it seems the creature has influenced him as well. Our scouts have reported Luna leaving the castle to discover the source of her sister’s infatuation. With both of them gone, we can finally rid ourselves of that abomination. Our Princesses will be kept safe, uninfluenced by the monstrosity. Wrath will never be the wiser. And if he does anything, we’ll eliminate him too. Pampered will be made king, and our race will remain pure. Get the militia ready, it’s about time we end this, Seeker,” the last word was spat out with disgust.

Wrath backed away quietly, before sprinting out of the castle as fast as he could. He burst through the Castle doors running as fast as he could towards the forest. He had to get Seeker to safety. The council had conspired against the Princesses to bring this Pampered to power. Those bastards! He’d see to it that each of them was punished for their treason personally, but right now he had to protect Seeker. He reached the forest, sweat pouring from his body as he pushed himself further than he ever had. The trees had never looked so ominous and dark before.

“SEEKER! It’s an emergency; get your flank out here now!” Wrath screamed out, knowing he was running short on time. He had to get Seeker and hide him until the Princesses came back.

The Kirin appeared before him, materializing from the shadows. “Wrath, what’s wrong? Are the Princesses all right?”

Seeker was panicking; he didn’t have time for this. “They’re fine, but we need to get out of here now. Come on!”

Wrath took off with Seeker in tow. They quickly rushed through the forest dodging trees as they ran. Wrath could see an opening in the tree line and beyond that his families cottage.

“What’s happening?” Seeker shouted.

“They found out about you. I don’t know how, but they did. A group of extremist led by the council is hunting you down. They knew I was your friend. I have to warn my family to get to safety before they realize I found out what was happening and helped you escape. My dad knows this area better than anyone. We can hideout until the Princesses get back and fix this mess. Hide in the shed; you’re on lookout duty.”

Wrath entered his yard charging for his door, while Seeker entered the shed. As he reached the wooden door a shiver ran down his spine and his senses screamed at him of danger. All of the lights were out; it was way too early for his family to be asleep. He steeled himself and entered his home, a black veil enveloping everything. Suddenly, the door slammed and hooves grabbed onto him from the darkness. He had managed to strike some of his assailants, but was quickly overwhelmed by the sheer number. His chances diminished further as the exhaustion from his chase through the forest and his lack of breath fought against him. He quickly found himself enveloped in a beige aura and held against a wall.

A magenta aura flashed momentarily and lit the candles placed throughout the small living room. The table and couch had been thrown on their sides. A Unicorn in guard armor lay dead on the floor, two Earth Ponies, one in armor, one not, had fallen to the same fate, and two un-armored and unrecognized Pegasi joined the body count. In the middle of floor lay his father, a black Pegasi with a green mane, light purple eyes, and a map and quill on his flank, covered in blood, and slightly beaten being held down by two Earth Pony guards. His mother lay next to him seeming to have escaped harm but gaged, an off white Earth Pony bearing a red mane, teal eyes, and a brick stove Cutie Mark. A Pegasus and Unicorn held her down. Finally, his older brother a pure white Pegasus with a brown mane, azure eyes, and a ray of sunlight adorning his hide, lay badly beaten, bleeding, and unconscious, blood staining his white coat as it leaked out of him. He was detained by a Pegasus in a guard uniform and an Earth Pony. The Earth Pony kicked his brother as his eyes fell upon him, a pained groan escaping his lips.

Pinning Wrath to the wall was none other than Advisor Faded. Next to him stood another council member, Timber, a green Unicorn with a blue mane. Behind both of them stood two more of the traitorous guards, a Unicorn and Pegasus.

Faded smirked. “Hello Wrath. I’m so glad our scout saw you running out of the castle towards the forest. You’ve gotten too close to our majesties for my taste. Blue Sky always liked you, but me; well, I’ve been waiting for this day for so long.” He interrupted his tirade to levitate a knife from the kitchen over. “Still, you have a lot of talent, and it would such a waste. Tell me where that, thing is, and I’ll let you and your family go.”

The magic weakened around Wrath’s head. “Buck you!” Wrath spit at Faded nailing him in the face. The magic instantly snapped back on his head.

The Unicorn wiped the spit from his face. “So, it’s going to be like that is it Wrath. Very well. I’m going to enjoy this.”

The knife floated next to Wrath’s face above his right eye. Faded let his face warp into a malicious smile of pure elation. The cold steel touched his brow. He tried to close his eye, but the magic forced it open against his will. A searing pain ripped through his body as the blade was slowly dragged forcefully over his face. He tried to scream as it entered his eye, but magic sealed the vibrations in his throat. Half of his world’s light faded into darkness as the improvised torture device finished its depraved path with a flourish down his cheek.

Faded just smiled, admiring his hoof work. Blood dripped down the insubordinate face of the innocent whelp. The color faded from the now useless crimson eye. “Would you like to reconsider my offer?”

Wrath had barely maintained his consciousness. The unbelievably intense pain had drained most of his energy. It had been the longest night of his life, and he could already tell it was far from over. The magic once again weakened around his muzzle. “When the Princesses get back, you’ll pay for this,” he managed to cough out, blood mixed with sweat dripping into his mouth. The warm, strangely metallic, and salty fluid dripped onto his tongue.

Faded sighed. “If you won’t save yourself,” he smiled showing off those disgustingly white teeth, “maybe, you’ll talk to save them.”

The knife flew away from Wrath’s face and sunk right into the center of his father’s skull. The Pegasus never knew what hit him, the life seeping from his body instantly. His eye’s still focused on his son, determination and concern shining through them. His mother thrashed against her captors, screaming into the gag.

Faded shook his head in mock disappointment. “You should have talked. He’d still be alive if you had. He was quite a formidable stallion. Your brother and him managed to kill five of my men during the ambush. Had you come to warn them instead of trying to save that freak maybe you all could have gotten away.” Faded looked at the Earth Pony straining against the floor. Her eyes filled with tears, but at the same time trying to kill him with a mere look. “Timber, kill her.”

The green Unicorn laughed, a sickening disturbed laugh. “With pleasure, Faded.” A magenta aura surrounded his mother’s head. She screamed in defiance, the cloth forced into her mouth preventing her voice from ever being heard. A gut wrenching, vomit inducing snap rang out through the cottage. His mother’s head now lay at an unnatural angle on the floor. Anger and hate reflecting in her dead eyes.

Wrath felt his body numb as the death of his parents weighed on his shoulders. Was this to be the cost of doing what was right? These bastards! It was all his fault. NO! They never would have let him and his family go; they had known too much. They would pay for what they had done though.

“Not bad Timber. So Wrath, ready to talk now? Or will your brother pay for your sacrilege too? Were your parents not enough for you?” Faded smiled, he was genuinely enjoying his little game. “Tell us foal? Where are you hiding him?”

For the third time the restraints on his mouth weakened. “I’ll kill every last one of you,” he growled.

“You never learn do you?” Faded shook his head disappointedly.” Beat his brother. Make him see what his foolish beliefs get him.”

The four who had held his father and mother joined the two near his brother. Hooves fell as he was kicked, punched, stomped on, and even bucked. Blood poured from his body forming a dark red puddle on the floor beneath him.

Wrath’s hearing stopped. The world moved slowly and without noise as he watched his brother get beaten to death. Years of anger repressed by his training broke from their restraints. Rage and fury mixed together inside him, relentless against the storm of his emotions. And suddenly, it all just stopped. Only one thought remained, 'I’LL KILL EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM!'

Faded’s mouth had been moving, but his face quickly changed from smug to a look of horror. A scarlet blood red aura unlike any formed by Unicorn magic poured out of Wrath. It quickly consumed the beige aura restraining him. He fell to the floor on all four, muscles bulging, and one good eye filled with rage. His malice rang from his mouth as an unearthly roar shattered the night.

Faded’s face drained of color. “Get him! Stop him! Now!”

Four of the assailants acted instantly, attempting to pile onto Wrath to restrain him again. As their bodies touched the dark red aura the flesh began to burn and sear, muscle ripped and tore, and their bones cracked and snapped. They lay dead around him, and his face formed the things of nightmares as he unleashed himself on the other six ponies. Two had been grabbed by the throat and were screaming in agony as their necks corroded and air failed to reach their lungs. The next had been lucky, a quick buck to the chest and ripped the whole cavity from his body, killing him instantly. The last nameless bastard’s brains covered the wall as a black hoof punched through his head. The two advisors stood against the wall shaking. Wrath’s hoof pierced Timber’s chest. His hoof rested on his mother’s murderer’s heart. Timber screamed in agony, tears of pain rolling down his face, as his blood leaked from his mouth. The heart finally reduced to nothingness, and Timber’s body fell through Wrath’s arm, cutting through its shoulder. Wrath faced Faded, the memories of his family’s murders playing through his head. The knife used to kill his father had been flung at him by Faded’s magic, but in the red cloak covering him it ceased to exist. Wrath’s hoof pinned Faded’s arm to the wall, the aura working its horrific power over the Unicorn’s limb as blood sprayed from the now gaping hole. His other front hoof pushed against the gray fur on the other arm. Faded’s screams filled the night as his flesh and bone was destroyed. The Unicorn fell to the floor, part of his arms ripped off. Wrath gently placed his blood covered hoof against the horn of Celestia and Luna’s advisor. His horn began to crack and melt away from the contact of Wrath’s hatred, anger and rage. It shattered in a beige explosion of magic.

Suddenly the door to the cottage was broken down as Seeker smashed through it. He almost puked from the sight. Dead bodies and blood covered the floor, but worst of all, one of his only friends stood shrouded by a horrible red aura that seemed to ooze malice and covered in blood. In front of him was a horribly disfigured pony yelling for mercy.


Wrath dropped the mess that had once been the proud Advisor Faded and turned towards his friend. He lunged forward ready to strike him down, his anger and rage blinding him to his target. Seeker didn’t even flinch. Images of the two of them and the Princesses talking together, pulling pranks, and laughing forced the way to the surface over his hate. His hoof stopped millimeters from Seeker’s head and his body returned to normal.

Seeker grabbed onto his friend, helping him get his balance. “Wrath what was that?”

“I don’t know,” he whispered.

Seeker placed his hand on his friends chin and forced him to stare into his eyes. His dead eye and the horrible scar down his face stared back. “Don’t move.” He placed his other claw over the eye and brought his magic to the surface. Visibly tired from the excretion he moved his hand away.

Wrath saw light as the Seeker’s touch faded. His once dead eye deemed to never see again, defied logic. The scar remained, but it was a small price to pay. No, a much larger price had been paid. The bodies of his family lay before him. His parents were dead, and his brother was barely breathing. “Can you help them Seeker?”

Seeker’s eyes met the floor. “I’m sorry. Bringing back the dead is impossible.”

“I understand. What about my brother? He’s not dead yet.”

Seeker placed is hands on the white Pegasus covering it in blood. His voice took on sympathy, “He’s lost too much blood, and he’s too far gone. I’m sorry, but I’m not powerful enough to save him.”

Wrath placed his hoof on his brother’s cheek. He was asleep and hopefully free of his pain. Soon he’d be free of all pain.

Wrath walked over to the shell known as Faded. He looked down into the terrified eyes, the eyes of a coward. A black hoof smashed through the skull.

Seeker watched in horror, but he understood.

Wrath looked at him. “I need to know something.”

Seeker gulped. “What?”

“You told me once that you had transmuted a bird’s wings and a butterfly’s. Was that true?”

“Yes. It caused them immense pain. It only worked on living creatures, and so I swore to never do it again.” Seeker shuddered at the memory.

Wrath faced his brother and away from Seeker. “I need you to transmute my brother’s wings on to me. He only has moment’s left,” he said regretfully.

“NO! Are you crazy? I’m not even sure you’d survive after whatever the hell that was! It’s not right!” Seeker screamed in outrage, “How could he even consider this?”

“If I have his wings I can carry him with me. The burden of their deaths will never leave me, but I can bring justice to those who would flee to the skies to escape me.”

Seeker sighed. His voice was understanding but clear, “You don’t want that kind of curse, Wrath. This wasn’t your fault. I know it’s hard, but let them go.”

Wrath turned around and glared at Seeker. “They died because I chose to save you first. I won’t let their deaths be in vain! You’re alive because of their sacrifice. You owe them and me this. NOW DO IT!” His hoof meet the floor splintering the wood.

Seeker stepped back as guilt filled his heart. Defeated he let the word slip out of his mouth, “Fine.”

Wrath stood next to his brother. He was fading fast and time was short. Seeker placed his hands on Wrath’s back and his brother’s wings. The wings broke down creating a white essence the wrapped around seekers arm. As the breakdown process finished Wrath’s brother passed. His pain had ended, but Wrath’s was just about to begin. The white and red essence shot around Seeker’s arm and up his body and then straight down his arm and into Wrath’s back. The black stallion screamed as the sensation of his shoulder breaking apart and transforming to accommodate wings. The wings slowly formed. The horrible sensation of having them ripped to pieces again and again coursed through him as the new additions took form. In a grand flourish two wings stained red with blood now graced Wrath. The transfer complete, his vision clouded, and he fell into unconsciousness.