• Published 15th Dec 2011
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Feyn Do Fin Dovah; Their Rise And Fall, Our Mistake - mrheadhopper

The dragons rise up from their slumber and dive into hunting season. Skyrim-MLP Crossover. Kind of.

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Chapter 1 - Vokul Staadnau

Rainbow Dash was sitting on her cloud, ears and eyes scanning the air around her. Not long ago she heard a deep, guttural roar, much like the ones you'd expect from a dragon. This one was different somehow, it felt louder and stronger. Rainbow Dash's eyes didn't take her long for her to spot a rather large, menacing shadow heading towards the town below her, and her wings shot up almost instantaneously as she dived into the air below, taking sharp turns as she narrowed her path towards the massive hollowed out tree not long away. She looked behind her for just a second and saw that it still kept on coming, its shadow becoming larger by the second.


Twilight scanned the light black book titled "Guide to your Thu'um" once more. It was a direct guide to something the 'dovah' called Thu'um, some form of shout that if done correctly could encompass varying powers. Some of them allowed her to inhale air and exhale fire, push large objects away and etcetera, things that would be particularly useful to her. Right now she had alot of trouble encompassing the very first word, proving to her that it was more than just one of her simple tests. She was trained in alchemy, a little bit of smithing and magic, yet something as simple as a 'shout' avoided her. Sighing, she took in to the empty library; Spike had left a while ago, saying that she had things to do with Rarity. Her plans of having a simple coffee and break reading were interrupted by the sound of glass shattering as a familiar pony crashed inside, causing shards from a window spread in a wide angle.

"Rainbow!" shouted Twilight with a tingue of irritation.


Aojun released a simple wordless roar as he let the dead and bloodstained body of the colt fall from his mouth and on to the town below. He wanted to make himself noticed, that way he'd have lots of fun crushing their pitiful attempts at defense. The ice dragon flapped his wings and sharply directed his course towards the top of the mayors edifice and landed right of it, wrapping one arm around the tower's base while the other grabbed on to the borders of the roof. The rail, dust and the main towerlike structure atop of it fell off after his brute landing, giving an indication to the ponies below of how much power the dovah held in itself. He exhaled and crooked his head to the right, showing him several ponies of distinct color frozen in terror. Taking in some air, the dragon shouted the words of power that were aligned to his dov;

"Fo kraah din!"

The air he forced out of his mouth froze and steamed against the usually warm air of Ponyville, giving it the traditional steaming white look. The breath steered lineally towards the ponies and chilled their very essence; causing the group of five random ponies to remain frozen in the last posture they took, forcing them into being macabre ice statues that gave eternal witness to the dragon's inmense power.

Aojun turned his head fiercely; seeing no attempt of combat or self defense caused his anger to grow. Almost no dragon liked easy hunts, seeing as the massive reptiles often looked for challenges and combat so that they could refine themselves over the years. Maybe later on they'd grow accostumed to the dragon's attacks and fight back, but for now... He batted his wings up and dove towards the ground; a couple of multicolor ponies were fleeing down a street he could easily fit through. The two equestrians screamed and tried to speed up but it was all in vain, the dragon outlasted them and finally clinged on to a rose colored pony with a blue mane. She screamed as the dragon's teeth pierced into her, and her companion appeared to be frozen in shock, as she had stopped and was screaming various obsenities at the icy dovah. Aojun swooped upwards and sharply turned for his mountain nest; this was a meal to enjoy...


Twilight laughed at Rainbow Dash; she looked pathetically frenzied over some 'dragon'.

"Silly, dragons are bigger! Plus, we all know that dragons like that would never attack Ponyville."

Rainbow sighed.

"Sparkles, c'mon! I thought it was in ya to be smart! I'm telling you I saw a dragon. Yeah, sure, maybe a little smaller, but it was a damn dragon!" Dash followed this angry statement with a hard hoof against the floor of the library.

Twilight twitched her ears as a loud roar passed right by her and Dash's ears.

"See! I heard somethin' like that! It's a buckin' drag'n, I tell ya!"

Twilight let out a embarassed giggle as she turned her head to the side, trying to avoid Rainbow's gaze.

"Actually, now that I think of it, it does sound like a dragon, heh... Let's go!"

Rainbow Dash grinned and walked up to the door, bucking it out of the way and earning a skeptical look from Twilight. As they stepped out, they saw many fleeing ponies, some of which shouted something about a "dragon". Increasing their pace, the two mares set out towards where most of the ponies appeared to be coming from. After roughly a minute of rushing and dodging other runners the two reached the center of town. What they found would surely shatter other ponies, but the two Elements steled themselves; they had found a set of frozen ponies of varying gender and color that caused Rainbow's expression to be wrenched completely. Her fixed look of determination turned into one of sheer confusion, and as realization hit her, it changed into almost pure sorrow. Twilight, on the other hand, looked genuinely interested and confused, yet a tingue of sadness appeared in her face.

"This.. this isn't the work of a dragon. Dragons can't do this to ponies," exclaimed Twilight with serious concern. "Plus, dragons don't just freeze ponies without being taunted..."

Rainbow Dash closed in near Twilight and pointed a hoof towards the sky as she raised her wings.

"There! It's flyin' away, the thing! I'm gonna get it!" Raising her wings, the colorful and determined pegasus pony only managed to jump before being frozen mid-air by Twilight's telekinesis.

"Are you a foal!? You'd get yourself killed! If it can freeze those ponies, then it'd make easy work of you! We need a guard force." stated Twilight.

Rainbow Dash sighed and shrieked as she was suddenly put down, causing her to emitt a quiet 'ow' as she landed.

"Now come on, we've gotta alert Celestia and the others."

Author's Note:

Sorry folks, but this chapter is a little rushed for I wanted it to be out early. Plus, I have this massive headache so I can't really write up anything right now. I promess a big chapter up tomorrow.