• Published 15th Dec 2011
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Feyn Do Fin Dovah; Their Rise And Fall, Our Mistake - mrheadhopper

The dragons rise up from their slumber and dive into hunting season. Skyrim-MLP Crossover. Kind of.

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Chapter 2 - Alok, Al!

Celestia's pupils appeared to shrink as her mane began to shake more furiously, taking its steps as witness to Celestia's disturbance. She stared into the letter Twilight delivered not long ago, still unsure of how to word her reaction.

"Guards?" Celestia spoke, her tone unconfident yet loud enough for the guardsmen in the throne room to hear.

A black maned pony with gray eyes, cutie mark and mane obscured by gold plate armor stepped up towards the throne.

"Yes, your Highness?"

"Have I ever told any of you about the dovah?" Celestia voiced out as she stepped forth from her throne, violet eyes scanning the marble room. Glass windows adorned the walls, allowing sunlight to mix with chandeliers above and give the room a classical look.

The guard captain looked confused. He shook his head as he spoke.

"No. You never told us about that." Celestia casted a look at him and then back to two massive bookcases bundled up at the sides of the throne. The air sizzled with magical energy and a book with a plain black cover floated over to Celestia, who then opened it.

"I need you to listen carefully. This knowledge should be passed on to all guards in your division."

The guard captain nodded and listened intently, bent on knowing what secrets the book held.


Twilight walked around the frozen pony statues with a particularly disturbed Fluttershy behind her. The two mares stepped towards the mayor's office; the massive, broken structure adorning the center of Ponyville. The tower structure at it's top was severed, and the building itself seemed crooked downwards; a result of a dragon having landed roughly on it and causing the small wooden pillars to falter. Rainbow Dash had returned here far before Twilight and Fluttershy and she seemed to be sniffing at the frozen grass, something that not even Twilight could explain.

"Twilight, are you sure a dragon did this?" Fluttershy's tone was filled with traces of fright and confusion.

Twilight turned her head towards Fluttershy and nodded.

"From what we and Rainbow Dash heard, it was smaller than the ones we often tend to, it can exhale frozen air and it can also talk. Apparently, it's much much smaller than all dragons and has arms for wings."

Fluttershy nodded and walked around the frozen ponies, sometimes staring into their frozen faces.

"When is the princess coming?" Fluttershy turned her head towards Twilight, who had repositioned herself next to her. Dash walked up to the duo and interjected,

"I think Rare should have sent that note already. I'm expectin' Celestia'll come into town with a buckton a' guards or somthin', that way the dragon gets killed when it comes back here!" Rainbow Dash added to her sentence by bucking at the air behind her.

Twilight was about to nod but she instead heaved when a drop of cold water hit her nose. She followed her surprise with several sneezes, startling the yellow pegasus and earning a chuckle from Dash.

"I thought today wasn't a rain day?" muttered Twilight between her sneezes.

"The other pegasi were supposed to clear the mountain clouds! We ain't supposed to have rain today!" Rainbow Dash's purple eyes scanned the now foggy and dark landscape near them.

"We should really get going to the library. I'll use Spike to send a letter to Rarity and Applejack so they both can get over to the library." Twilight's speech was followed by Fluttershy huddling next to her and whimpering, causing Twilight to raise her eyebrows in confusion and surprise.

"I'll go get Pinkie n' the other two! She's probably bakin' all her cupcakes right now. Meet ya at the library, Twi." Dash took off, her trayectory unclear to the two other mares because of the fog covering the city. Twilight looked around once more, and they both procedeed along the main road towards the library.


Aojun threw the dead blue pony's body towards the cave floor. The blue mare seemed to have two rows of large holes in her sides, separated by a small distance akin to the dragon's jaws. The dovah walked towards a cliff with a lengthy fall ( The same he used to dive to Ponyville ) and held tight onto it, propelling his head upwards as to get the best sound possible. He inhaled...

"Dovah, aav ko ol aan ah! Ag bein Ponyville, evenaar fin pony!"

His voice was soon followed by other shouts from dragons, some being questions, some being affirmations. It didn't take long for the dovah's ears to stop focusing on the chatter from the other dragons and instead stand at attention to the sound of wings flapping. He scanned the area and it didn't take long for him to spot another dovah closing in towards his mountainside cave. It appeared as a black one, having the same dermal plating and horns that Aojun himself had.

"Drem yol lok!" voiced Aojun, obtaining a nod from the black dragon.

Aojun moved backwards, there wasn't much room for two adult dovah in such a small cliff. Aojun backed up against the cave, making half of his body be hidden beneath the shadows. Once the other black dovah landed, it became apparent that she was a female; her red eyes and soft posture gave it away.

"Ful...?" Aojun muttered. The female was unsurprisingly quiet...


Rainbow Dash kicked the door to the Carousel Boutique open, prancing inside without a care in the world. Almost instantly she heard muffled groans and the sound of various things breaking and falling, causing her to wince. She opened a left eye and found Rarity and Applejack sitting on a set of cushions at the end of the room, only that they were remarkably sweaty.

"Yo... you two need to get to the library. Twilight and I found som' sort of big dragon attacking the city, and she told me to get you two so we could... talk or somthin'?" Dash lifted a foreleg and pointed backwards, towards the open door.

It took half a minute for Rarity to bring herself up from the cushions and walk up to Rainbow Dash.

"Oh, yes! Talk! Good idea, darling! We need to plan our move on... this whole... dragon business! Yes!" Rarity nodded curtly and walked past her, tail somehow stuck between her legs. As she spoke, she tried to avoid Rainbow's gaze on her face, something that the cyan pegasus found remarkably weird.

"...whasswrong with her, anyways?" Dash said as she tilted her head towards Applejack.

Applejack jumped up and got to her feet, hat somehow still on her head. She walked up to Dash, a barely visible blush on her face.

"'Ey, don't tell anypony I said this, but y'should've knocked," Applejack's tone was somewhat stern and she only earned a confused look from Rainbow Dash "Y'know what I'm sayin'? Privacy n' all?" Rainbow Dash nodded.

"Yeh, yeh, privacy! That's... yeah, privacy. Anyways, I'll meet you at the library, then." Dash said, tone holding certain tingues of awkwardness. Applejack only nodded and walked past her, but Dash swore she heard her gallop as soon as she was out the door.


Rainbow Dash walked out and took off towards the library.