Feyn Do Fin Dovah; Their Rise And Fall, Our Mistake

by mrheadhopper

First published

The dragons rise up from their slumber and dive into hunting season. Skyrim-MLP Crossover. Kind of.

There's dragons in Equestria, everybody knows that. You know, those kinda peaceful, english speaking four-feeted clumsy dragons that most consider the most menacing thing of Equestria. There's more of them.

In the tallest spots of the Reaches are various deep caverns that very few stumbled upon, and those who did often ended up dead at the hands of the dovah; a strong breed of dragon long marked extinct by Princess Celestia herself.

That was fourty years ago. Nobody in the new generation knows of them.

They're back, and with them they bring the hunting season; a twenty year long cycle where they hunt for the most prized of meals, ponies.

Second person fanfic, uses dragon language of Skyrim. All MLP stuff belongs to Lauren Faust and the show dudes and all that Skyrim stuff belongs to Bethesda and the development team. Gore, maybe swearing. Description is extremely vague and will be updated later.

Prologue - Vahriin Naal Vokul

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Aojun was a somewhat young dragon. He had only lived for 40 years, more than enough to have heard of the first hunt and to live through the second. He was one of those ice dragons, the ones born high in the mountains that flaked the north with below zero temperatures. He was still a standard dragon in most senses; he carried wings for arms and fierce breaths of frost to attack and defend himself with. He stood taller than other dragons and he had two pairs of black horns, one bigger than the other. His skin was a deep white and gray along the edges, mostly where his spinal column laid. He had enough of this wait.

On the other hand, the hunting season had begun. He particularly loved those moments where all dragons stepped out into the wilds, proving themselves and overcoming challenges from the magical unicorns that often tried to defend the villages the dovah attacked. His hunger was always unsatiable, even the other dragons commented that he would get himself killed should he keep on being so reckless in battle. Taking up large sums of air, he turned his head around and analyzed his surroundings one final time before diving in to the hunt.

His home was a snowy cliff, and behind laid a large dark hole; the cave that he slept in. Most of the ground around him was covered in snow and there were bones of various creatures scattered about, mostly goat and wolf. There was a particular clear patch of rock, free of snow near the edges of a cliff; that's where he usually casted the Clear Skies shout; loh vah koor. Other dovah tended to shout with him so that the skies of the Reaches were clear and that way the dovah wouldn't suffer much from the hardships of the blizzards. He shouted onto the airs just once and he felt a wave of relief sink into him as others followed in his start, effectively giving him a very good view of the great circle of mountains he poised himself on.

Letting out a deep breath that steamed in the chilly winds of the highest of mountains he was currently on, he finally unfolded his wings and used his hind legs to walk forwards and do a diving fall. Most of the clouds had been long cleared by his shout and those that weren't were torn away by the force proppeling him. He dove... and dove...


Today was one of the many days where the weather ponies got to clean up the highest clouds. As it was summer, not much but a good pair of googles was required to be up there. Two were sent to do clean up duty after the main team of ten weather pegasi did the main job. Only two dark silhouettes could be seen up above; Fleetwing and Shayna.

"Did you hear that?" whispered Fleetwing to Shayna. He was a brown pegasus of a rough 20 years and he donned a pair of googles to help his eyes against the dust that sometimes stirred in the medium spots of the high mountaints; where the clouds usually gathered up.

Shayna's ear twitched before she nodded. Shayna was also a pegasus, 19 years old with a cheery green mane. Her spiky hair was green with streaks of blue, giving her a rather colorful tone useful to the weather pegasi of this area.

"I think we should get out of here, I.. I hear something coming." Her usually confident tone was spiked with fear, and, were it not deep layers of clouds obscuring her face, she would be sure that Fleetwing would see through her eyes and past her courageous guise.

Fleetwing opened his mouth to speak, but he was cut off by his right ear twitching. He looked up to the skies and let out a loud scream before once again being cut off, this time by a massive ice colored dragon with rows of massive blackened teeth and fierce yellow eyes. Lyva shrieked as the dragon blitzed past her and dove into the grounds near Ponyville. Her wings went stiff and she could only force a small shriek as she ripped through the air...


Author's note:

Cheers to Thundra ( I think I got it right? ) for prereading and helping me fix some mistakes. Next chapter comes up tomorrow. Deploy criticism.

Chapter 1 - Vokul Staadnau

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Rainbow Dash was sitting on her cloud, ears and eyes scanning the air around her. Not long ago she heard a deep, guttural roar, much like the ones you'd expect from a dragon. This one was different somehow, it felt louder and stronger. Rainbow Dash's eyes didn't take her long for her to spot a rather large, menacing shadow heading towards the town below her, and her wings shot up almost instantaneously as she dived into the air below, taking sharp turns as she narrowed her path towards the massive hollowed out tree not long away. She looked behind her for just a second and saw that it still kept on coming, its shadow becoming larger by the second.


Twilight scanned the light black book titled "Guide to your Thu'um" once more. It was a direct guide to something the 'dovah' called Thu'um, some form of shout that if done correctly could encompass varying powers. Some of them allowed her to inhale air and exhale fire, push large objects away and etcetera, things that would be particularly useful to her. Right now she had alot of trouble encompassing the very first word, proving to her that it was more than just one of her simple tests. She was trained in alchemy, a little bit of smithing and magic, yet something as simple as a 'shout' avoided her. Sighing, she took in to the empty library; Spike had left a while ago, saying that she had things to do with Rarity. Her plans of having a simple coffee and break reading were interrupted by the sound of glass shattering as a familiar pony crashed inside, causing shards from a window spread in a wide angle.

"Rainbow!" shouted Twilight with a tingue of irritation.


Aojun released a simple wordless roar as he let the dead and bloodstained body of the colt fall from his mouth and on to the town below. He wanted to make himself noticed, that way he'd have lots of fun crushing their pitiful attempts at defense. The ice dragon flapped his wings and sharply directed his course towards the top of the mayors edifice and landed right of it, wrapping one arm around the tower's base while the other grabbed on to the borders of the roof. The rail, dust and the main towerlike structure atop of it fell off after his brute landing, giving an indication to the ponies below of how much power the dovah held in itself. He exhaled and crooked his head to the right, showing him several ponies of distinct color frozen in terror. Taking in some air, the dragon shouted the words of power that were aligned to his dov;

"Fo kraah din!"

The air he forced out of his mouth froze and steamed against the usually warm air of Ponyville, giving it the traditional steaming white look. The breath steered lineally towards the ponies and chilled their very essence; causing the group of five random ponies to remain frozen in the last posture they took, forcing them into being macabre ice statues that gave eternal witness to the dragon's inmense power.

Aojun turned his head fiercely; seeing no attempt of combat or self defense caused his anger to grow. Almost no dragon liked easy hunts, seeing as the massive reptiles often looked for challenges and combat so that they could refine themselves over the years. Maybe later on they'd grow accostumed to the dragon's attacks and fight back, but for now... He batted his wings up and dove towards the ground; a couple of multicolor ponies were fleeing down a street he could easily fit through. The two equestrians screamed and tried to speed up but it was all in vain, the dragon outlasted them and finally clinged on to a rose colored pony with a blue mane. She screamed as the dragon's teeth pierced into her, and her companion appeared to be frozen in shock, as she had stopped and was screaming various obsenities at the icy dovah. Aojun swooped upwards and sharply turned for his mountain nest; this was a meal to enjoy...


Twilight laughed at Rainbow Dash; she looked pathetically frenzied over some 'dragon'.

"Silly, dragons are bigger! Plus, we all know that dragons like that would never attack Ponyville."

Rainbow sighed.

"Sparkles, c'mon! I thought it was in ya to be smart! I'm telling you I saw a dragon. Yeah, sure, maybe a little smaller, but it was a damn dragon!" Dash followed this angry statement with a hard hoof against the floor of the library.

Twilight twitched her ears as a loud roar passed right by her and Dash's ears.

"See! I heard somethin' like that! It's a buckin' drag'n, I tell ya!"

Twilight let out a embarassed giggle as she turned her head to the side, trying to avoid Rainbow's gaze.

"Actually, now that I think of it, it does sound like a dragon, heh... Let's go!"

Rainbow Dash grinned and walked up to the door, bucking it out of the way and earning a skeptical look from Twilight. As they stepped out, they saw many fleeing ponies, some of which shouted something about a "dragon". Increasing their pace, the two mares set out towards where most of the ponies appeared to be coming from. After roughly a minute of rushing and dodging other runners the two reached the center of town. What they found would surely shatter other ponies, but the two Elements steled themselves; they had found a set of frozen ponies of varying gender and color that caused Rainbow's expression to be wrenched completely. Her fixed look of determination turned into one of sheer confusion, and as realization hit her, it changed into almost pure sorrow. Twilight, on the other hand, looked genuinely interested and confused, yet a tingue of sadness appeared in her face.

"This.. this isn't the work of a dragon. Dragons can't do this to ponies," exclaimed Twilight with serious concern. "Plus, dragons don't just freeze ponies without being taunted..."

Rainbow Dash closed in near Twilight and pointed a hoof towards the sky as she raised her wings.

"There! It's flyin' away, the thing! I'm gonna get it!" Raising her wings, the colorful and determined pegasus pony only managed to jump before being frozen mid-air by Twilight's telekinesis.

"Are you a foal!? You'd get yourself killed! If it can freeze those ponies, then it'd make easy work of you! We need a guard force." stated Twilight.

Rainbow Dash sighed and shrieked as she was suddenly put down, causing her to emitt a quiet 'ow' as she landed.

"Now come on, we've gotta alert Celestia and the others."

Author's Note:

Sorry folks, but this chapter is a little rushed for I wanted it to be out early. Plus, I have this massive headache so I can't really write up anything right now. I promess a big chapter up tomorrow.

Chapter 2 - Alok, Al!

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Celestia's pupils appeared to shrink as her mane began to shake more furiously, taking its steps as witness to Celestia's disturbance. She stared into the letter Twilight delivered not long ago, still unsure of how to word her reaction.

"Guards?" Celestia spoke, her tone unconfident yet loud enough for the guardsmen in the throne room to hear.

A black maned pony with gray eyes, cutie mark and mane obscured by gold plate armor stepped up towards the throne.

"Yes, your Highness?"

"Have I ever told any of you about the dovah?" Celestia voiced out as she stepped forth from her throne, violet eyes scanning the marble room. Glass windows adorned the walls, allowing sunlight to mix with chandeliers above and give the room a classical look.

The guard captain looked confused. He shook his head as he spoke.

"No. You never told us about that." Celestia casted a look at him and then back to two massive bookcases bundled up at the sides of the throne. The air sizzled with magical energy and a book with a plain black cover floated over to Celestia, who then opened it.

"I need you to listen carefully. This knowledge should be passed on to all guards in your division."

The guard captain nodded and listened intently, bent on knowing what secrets the book held.


Twilight walked around the frozen pony statues with a particularly disturbed Fluttershy behind her. The two mares stepped towards the mayor's office; the massive, broken structure adorning the center of Ponyville. The tower structure at it's top was severed, and the building itself seemed crooked downwards; a result of a dragon having landed roughly on it and causing the small wooden pillars to falter. Rainbow Dash had returned here far before Twilight and Fluttershy and she seemed to be sniffing at the frozen grass, something that not even Twilight could explain.

"Twilight, are you sure a dragon did this?" Fluttershy's tone was filled with traces of fright and confusion.

Twilight turned her head towards Fluttershy and nodded.

"From what we and Rainbow Dash heard, it was smaller than the ones we often tend to, it can exhale frozen air and it can also talk. Apparently, it's much much smaller than all dragons and has arms for wings."

Fluttershy nodded and walked around the frozen ponies, sometimes staring into their frozen faces.

"When is the princess coming?" Fluttershy turned her head towards Twilight, who had repositioned herself next to her. Dash walked up to the duo and interjected,

"I think Rare should have sent that note already. I'm expectin' Celestia'll come into town with a buckton a' guards or somthin', that way the dragon gets killed when it comes back here!" Rainbow Dash added to her sentence by bucking at the air behind her.

Twilight was about to nod but she instead heaved when a drop of cold water hit her nose. She followed her surprise with several sneezes, startling the yellow pegasus and earning a chuckle from Dash.

"I thought today wasn't a rain day?" muttered Twilight between her sneezes.

"The other pegasi were supposed to clear the mountain clouds! We ain't supposed to have rain today!" Rainbow Dash's purple eyes scanned the now foggy and dark landscape near them.

"We should really get going to the library. I'll use Spike to send a letter to Rarity and Applejack so they both can get over to the library." Twilight's speech was followed by Fluttershy huddling next to her and whimpering, causing Twilight to raise her eyebrows in confusion and surprise.

"I'll go get Pinkie n' the other two! She's probably bakin' all her cupcakes right now. Meet ya at the library, Twi." Dash took off, her trayectory unclear to the two other mares because of the fog covering the city. Twilight looked around once more, and they both procedeed along the main road towards the library.


Aojun threw the dead blue pony's body towards the cave floor. The blue mare seemed to have two rows of large holes in her sides, separated by a small distance akin to the dragon's jaws. The dovah walked towards a cliff with a lengthy fall ( The same he used to dive to Ponyville ) and held tight onto it, propelling his head upwards as to get the best sound possible. He inhaled...

"Dovah, aav ko ol aan ah! Ag bein Ponyville, evenaar fin pony!"

His voice was soon followed by other shouts from dragons, some being questions, some being affirmations. It didn't take long for the dovah's ears to stop focusing on the chatter from the other dragons and instead stand at attention to the sound of wings flapping. He scanned the area and it didn't take long for him to spot another dovah closing in towards his mountainside cave. It appeared as a black one, having the same dermal plating and horns that Aojun himself had.

"Drem yol lok!" voiced Aojun, obtaining a nod from the black dragon.

Aojun moved backwards, there wasn't much room for two adult dovah in such a small cliff. Aojun backed up against the cave, making half of his body be hidden beneath the shadows. Once the other black dovah landed, it became apparent that she was a female; her red eyes and soft posture gave it away.

"Ful...?" Aojun muttered. The female was unsurprisingly quiet...


Rainbow Dash kicked the door to the Carousel Boutique open, prancing inside without a care in the world. Almost instantly she heard muffled groans and the sound of various things breaking and falling, causing her to wince. She opened a left eye and found Rarity and Applejack sitting on a set of cushions at the end of the room, only that they were remarkably sweaty.

"Yo... you two need to get to the library. Twilight and I found som' sort of big dragon attacking the city, and she told me to get you two so we could... talk or somthin'?" Dash lifted a foreleg and pointed backwards, towards the open door.

It took half a minute for Rarity to bring herself up from the cushions and walk up to Rainbow Dash.

"Oh, yes! Talk! Good idea, darling! We need to plan our move on... this whole... dragon business! Yes!" Rarity nodded curtly and walked past her, tail somehow stuck between her legs. As she spoke, she tried to avoid Rainbow's gaze on her face, something that the cyan pegasus found remarkably weird.

"...whasswrong with her, anyways?" Dash said as she tilted her head towards Applejack.

Applejack jumped up and got to her feet, hat somehow still on her head. She walked up to Dash, a barely visible blush on her face.

"'Ey, don't tell anypony I said this, but y'should've knocked," Applejack's tone was somewhat stern and she only earned a confused look from Rainbow Dash "Y'know what I'm sayin'? Privacy n' all?" Rainbow Dash nodded.

"Yeh, yeh, privacy! That's... yeah, privacy. Anyways, I'll meet you at the library, then." Dash said, tone holding certain tingues of awkwardness. Applejack only nodded and walked past her, but Dash swore she heard her gallop as soon as she was out the door.


Rainbow Dash walked out and took off towards the library.

Chapter 3 - Meyz, Mu Win Kein

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Aojun stared at Salazknyr intently. She seemed to be darker than most dragons and she had red eyes, a rare quality in female dragons and basically nonexistant in males. Salazknyr huffed and turned her head towards the town below them, Ponyville. The two dovah were right above a large mountain that towered over the small city next to eachother, bodies hugging the rock to remain unspotted.

"Nu, Salaz. Nu." spoke Aojun as he got on his feet.

And with that said, both dovah took off into the air, wings propelling them upwards and then downwards as they flew towards the edges of Ponyville, determined to make another attempt against the city. When they were only a few meters above the tallest structures of Ponyville, they saw the familiar bodies of guardsmen; bold stallions plated in gold with automatic javelin launchers mounted on each of their shoulders. Some of them were pegasi but most of them were regular earth ponies, but they all appeared to have equal blue tails, white fur and teal eyes.

"Diir volaan!" shouted Salazknyr, catching the attention of all of the guard. She then boldly flew over them before landing at a nearby hay home, forcing temblors upon the house that ultimately released dust that blinded the guards. Aojun flew over the guards and hovered directly above them.

"Fo krah diin!" Much like before, Aojun sent out a wave of frozen death towards a part of the guard group, causing most of them to suffer extreme amounts of pain before their bodies were completely frozen in place. Some that weren't caught in the direct blast suffered basically harmless yet harming injuries; ice that pelted onto their armor or fur, severely incapacitating the movement capabilities of some guards. He didn't go out unscathed; some of the guards managed to launch their dual javelins at parts of Aojun, eliciting groans of pain from the ice dragon.

"Yol toor shul!" shouted Salazknyr, sending out a lenghty spurt of fire towards the guardsmen before her, burning past their armor. The ones caught directly in the blast had their flesh charred away from their very bones, creating smoking piles of bones with gold fused onto them, and the ones not caught directly had their armor fused with their flesh, causing loud screams of pain to refreshen the dovah's ears. The remaining guards all aimed towards her and launched roughly twelve javelins, all of them accurately piercing the female dragon. She emitted a shriek of pain as she took off, determined to touch ground infront of them and burn them once more.

Aojun flew up and landed directly above two of the pegasi guardsmen, crushing them under the weight of his clawed feet. Aojun let out a wordless roar before snapping his jaws several times towards a armored pegasus, who he then managed to trap in his mouth. He fiercely crushed his own jaws together, causing severe lacerations on his neck and shoulder area before throwing him towards the nearest hard surface he could find; a home. The walls crumbled under the pony's weight and it didn't take long for the whole structure to fall down under the pony, effectively assuring it's demise. The remaining guardsmen crumbled under the weight of Salazknyr's thu'um; all of them were pushed backwards into a large home using the 'fus ro dah' shout. The guardsmen were only regaining their footing when the whole of the house shook and decided to crash over them, crushing their sorry bodies.

Salazknyr let out a satisfied growl as she walked over to the only live earth pony while Aojun took care of the live pegasi up above. This guardspony suffered from third grade burns on it's right hindleg, leaving it collapsed over a small batch of unscathed grass. The dovah used it's right wing to put weight on the guardspony and effectively rip his head off with her powerful jaws, leaving a massive trail of blood and a visible part of the spinal cord as the dragon devoured his head. Aojun on the other hand forced a pegasus out of the air with a simple 'fus'; forcing the unlucky pegasus to fall right above a random rock stuck in the road, breaking his back and killing him instantaneously. It didn't take long for Aojun to effectively terminate all the pegasus ponies, using both thu'um and jaws to rip the frail bodies of the ponies.

The female dovah paid attention to her surroundings; she appeared to be at a crossroad of the sorts. There were two main lanes covered with clean, cut glass that lead to several different homes, many of them burning from several assaults involving other dragons. A large cloud of smoke raised over the city and if one looked closely enough in the distance, Canterlot could also be seen burning. Aojun landed directly infront of Salaz. His body was pierced with several javelins, most of them landing on the dermal plating on his back. They weren't stuck in deep, but she imagined they hurted anyways. Salaz herself had piercings mostly over her head, some of them landing in the direct connection between wing and shoulder.

Aojun let out a satisfied growl. This had been the first time the two dovah had ever had this much fun.

Twilight sighed in relief as she saw the cyan pegasus and the orange mare step inside, causing most of Twilight's stress to fade away effectively. Long ago, Rainbow Dash and Applejack had effectively taken away all things that made the library look like a library; the sign, the telescopes in the balconies, the hanging lanterns. They had also boarded the windows from the inside so that they just looked like decorative glasses and so far all of it worked. Twilight took a deep look inside, admiring how the books were still organized. As she settled her view onto the library floor she saw five sleeping bag, three of which were occupied and on a corner was over a hundred cans of various vegetables, all neatly stacked in a pyramid shape by her handy assistant Spike. Twilight still slept upstairs with Spike, who was reading the same book Twilight had been reading previous to the draconic attack. Rainbow Dash and Applejack had long since thrown themselves into their own sleeping bags while Twi was thinking, causing the mare to yawn. It wasn't even nighttime, but the mare had been tired of running all day. Rarity and Fluttershy were already fast asleep.

A few hours ago, Twilight and Rarity had to convince Fluttershy into falling asleep; she was extremely worried about her pets, constantly saying that she had to go back there to take care of the sickly ones and feed the other live ones, but somehow Rarity managed to get a tight grip on the frenzied mare and it didn't take long for Twilight to use a bit of magic to place the mare in a disturbed sleep. Of course, Pinkie Pie thought that the method Twilight used was rather uncivilized yet necessary, causing Twilight to let out a frustated sigh; she wasn't about to let Fluttershy storm out of the tree safehouse into a burning town filled with sadistic dragons.

On the other hand, Applejack had been somewhat worried about her brother, repeating once in a while several remarks about how her brother would probably outlast the attack by hiding in the cellar or the barn, things that elicited several replies from Rainbow Dash stating that 'it would be all okay' and that his brother would 'surely buck those dragons to hell'. Those sincere words refreshened Applejacks confidence on the whole 'brother is stuck in a farm with dragons on the loose' deal, but she still looked extremely worried in the eyes of the other mares.

Twilight had chosen to explain the situation as soon as everyone was inside which, as she saw it, melted everyone's confusion away yet left the worry intact. She didn't mind it; they needed to be worried anyways, everyone in town was being slaughtered or had been slaughtered already and the whole guard that was supposed to be here hadn't even arrived, thing that only managed to raise Twilight's preoccupation on the whole deal. Of course, she didn't tell anyone because if they knew that the guard was KIA or MIA they'd probably freak out and do something stupid, which at the moment wasn't really convenient for any of the ponies. Sighing, she went back to her study table to send another letter to the Princess.

Pinkie Pie on the other hoof had a surprisingly positive outlook on the whole situation. She imagined that once the guard was here she'd probably be saved and cook up a nice party for everybody to relax in, turning this whole dragon thing into just another accident that is easily fixed with a nice pair of hooves and building tools. Her mind thought differently, it kept ringing at her telling her that she'd probably be melted away by dragons often causing her face to shift from outright happiness to a frown, sometimes a straight face. This only managed to reassure Rarity's lack of confidence on the conflict that was spreading over Ponyville.

She was mostly carried away by the fact that the Carousel Boutique was at incredible danger. Its towerlike structure would surely attract dragons and the building itself was quite fragile. Over the years she had learned to reinforce it as she observed that it once shook when a gust of wind hit it, giving the white unicorn quite a scare. For now, all she had to do was hope and maybe earn some well deserved rest, something that appeared quite much impossible with the little pegasus shaking in her arms. Noone of her worries managed to extend themselves over to the whole 'there are dragons I'm gonna die' thing that was going on. She still did care about her surrounding friends and that is why she was hugging Fluttershy so closely. Poor girl had lost most of her sanity with her animal troubles.

Rainbow Dash, instead of disturbing her mind with the dragons and the entire outlook of the thing was instead lying down above all the other mares, in a chandelier to be specific. She blowed it out to avoid any dragon's attention and took off the candles just to make a spot to lie on. She took Twilight's pillow and placed it right between the two metal beams that composed the sides of this squared lightsource and supported the pillow by placing her upper back and flank on the pillow's edges, giving Rainbow a nice spot to rest on. Instead of lying on her back, she chose to lie on her sides so that her head would have a nice spot to rest in; between her forelegs. Luckily for her there was no noise other than sheets shuffling, so she fell asleep rather quickly, loving how her new 'cloud' felt.

It didn't take long for the others to touch down aswell. While they were still disturbed by the noises outside they had somehow adapted to them, finding less and less disturbing as time passed. Rarity succumbed to sleep with Fluttershy in her arms, ending up in some sort of jumbled position that looked like the two had been wrestling; Fluttershy's was being held in a neckhug while Rarity's right hoof rested atop Fluttershy's head. Applejack looked around for Rainbow Dash for a minute only before going to the sleeping bag placed next to Rarity, making sure it was very very close to Rarity so that she could hug her once Twilight went to bed. Twilight gave up on waiting for the letter that Spike had sent only moments ago. She felt extremely woozy and had only managed to stay up this long out of sheer luck, so she decided to call it a dragon filled day and head on to bed. She didn't care that it was pillowless, so she just stuffed her face against the sheets and fell asleep in a matter of seconds. Spike stood up, the whole dragon thing seemed energizing to him and he instead decided to climb over to a window and watch the city; activity that he just had added in to the various things he could do throughout the days he'd spend locked up in here.

Princess Celestia stared at the scroll in a combination of shock and fear. The more she tried to take her mind off of it, the more realization sank inside her disturbed mind. Sighing, she put the scroll away in the many boxes she originally put them. They were probably killed while trying to get there, adverting Celestia on the gravity of the situation. Originally, she wouldn't want to use the thu'um against the dragons, hoping for a simple attack and then a backaway, but this wasn't gonna happen. She underestimated the dov and overestimated her guardsmen's powers. Sure, they were able to fight a manticore and kill it in under a minute, sure, they were able to overpower most ponies but dragons? Oh, she should've thought ahead. Maybe if she taught Twilight and her friends about the thu'um then maybe they could overpower the dragons, she thought. And so it began. Before she left she put her unicorn magic to work by making it scribble a note on the back of a random report that Twilight gave her not long ago, and then she focused her leftover energy and teleported towards the library.

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rushed as fuck, very short, sigh. I'll do better next time.
Shit chapter

Chapter 4 - Zindro Zaan

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Fluttershy was the first one to wake up, and that had been roughly an hour ago. It took her a little while to will herself out of bed and push worries about her beloved animal friends away, but she eventually did and took a grip on the kitchen while the rest of the mane 6 slept. She sometimes heard clopping from the highest level of the library, but she just dismissed it as the noises outside, probably caused by the dragons or other ponies. While she did not hear dragons anymore, she couldn't shake off a feeling of being watched, and she kept on seeing bright flashes of light in the corner of her eyes. Finally, she finished cooking and took a massive platter with assorted foodstuffs to a nearby counter, putting on a cloth over the food to mantain the quality. The shy pegasus had prepared a simple set of waffles for herself that she ate off a plate while she sat on a chair she had placed by the entrance to tthe kitchen. There she sat, watching the ponies as they slept ever so peacefully, the only audible noise inside being the shuffling of the sleeping bags as the mares moved through their dreams. She saw Spike resting on the border of a window using a blanket to keep himself warm. Light seeped in through it, but she was sure that was no trouble; the dragons probably left. Fluttershy was almost falling asleep when she heard the a set of hooves clatter against the floor again along with quiet whispering. The idea of checking it out slipped into her mind, but her shy side kept telling her that it was probably some sort of demon monster of death, forcing the pegasus into a frightened state.

After a minute only, she managed to muster enough courage to use her wings to levitate her over to the staircase, open a wooden door and fly past it to the upper reaches only to discover a very very dark room, lit only by the light seeping in from one of the unboarded circled windows with the artistic lining into it. In only a second she noticed a particularly large figure sitting there, but because of the dark she couldn't really make out who or what it was. She inhaled deeply and...

"Hello? Who are you?" came from the yellow pegasus in a loud yet unsteady tone. She kept her forelegs folded near her and her wings ready should she need to fly away and alert the others of a monster inhabiting the upper parts of the library.

"Fluttershy, dear? Is that you?" spoke a voice she recognized as Celestia. A sparkle or two later and the room was fully lit by a lampbulb hanging off the wooden ceiling. The upper part of the library was lined with varied shelves lined with books scattered about in boxy patterns, with a large hallway that lead towards the window and the door downstairs. Fluttershy noticed the armor of the princess scattered in a corner of the room; her four shoes, her crown and her gemmed collar. Celestia looked rather.. pretty and unroyal, her mane appeared much more noticeable without the armor on, atleast according to the butter pegasus.

"What are you doing here, Celestia? If I may ask.. that is." Fluttershy replied, ignoring the question that Celestia gave her. It seemed rather uncouth to her, but her mind only wanted answers at the moment.

"I'm here to talk about possible solutions to the dragon problem with Twilight, and I also have something that I want to teach all of you." Celestia responded with her usual stern yet motherly tone.

"What are you going to teach us about, princess? Are we going to have to... take up arms?" Fluttershy's last words had a undertone of fear, causing Celestia to shake her head.

"No, no, dear. You will be taught the way of the voice, a powerful tool used against the dragons that involves no solid weaponry. I promise." Celestia spoke, denying Fluttershy's worries.

"Well, we best wake everypony up. They'll probably feel refreshed if you're here." Fluttershy was already going down the stairs.

"Wait! I'd rather not wake them up!" Fluttershy cocked her head back at Celestia before going over to her side, where the Princess sat.

"What should we do, then?" spoke Fluttershy, sitting on her belly infront of the white pony.

"Well, I actually have another plan, but it's rather risky and would require some explanation and conviction on Twilight's part, so since you're here, I'd love it if you could help me explain it to her later on." Celestia earned a lifted brow from Fluttershy.

"What are you gonna do to Twilight?" asked Fluttershy, trying her best to not make it sound accusative.

"I'm actually planning on casting a metamorphosis spell on Spike..." Celestia spoke, a slight tinge of nervousness clear on her voice. She feared that the animal protector would probably overreact to her words.

"You mean you're gonna make him.. bigger I guess?" The words from Fluttershy were rather serene.

"I actually plan on making him become a magicka dragon, a type of wingless dragon that can cast magical spells and has extremely strong physical capabilities to reckon with."

"...you mean like before? When he grew bigger?"

"No, no. At the moment he was a claw dragon, something brought onto him by his greed. Becoming a magicka dragon can be a natural process aswell, but it just didn't happen on him. Now, if we try to force the evolutive process, we might obtain him with advanced powers, yet he might be a little vulnerable to sicknesses and common ills."

"I really don't know much about dragons, Princess, so if you may..."

"Dragons young of age have a weak immune system that slowly begins to rise up in teenagehood. He will completely go past his teenage years so he'll be only left with the weak immune system he currently carries."

"Princess, if I may ask, is this... necessary? I mean, couldn't we use something else? ...not like I want to oppose your ideas, I'm just sayi-"

"It is absolutely necessary. We had a dragon surge like this not 20 years ago and the only way we're all alive right now is because of the conjoined power of magicka dragons and ponies." Celestia's tone was rather stern, something that caused Fluttershy to shrink away.

"I'm sorry, but you must understand it's.. necessary. More than that, it's what could save all of Ponyville and even Canterlot if Spike can master several magical spells as soon as he's an adult."

Fluttershy nodded as she gave in. She laid her head down as she thought of Spike as a fully grown 'magicka' dragon, whatever that was. It didn't take long for her to hear Celestia moving and for her to feel loving warmth in her neck as Celestia curled up around her.

"Now, let's take a nap. I'm sure it's best to give Spike and the others more preparation time."

Aojun flinched as Salazknyr took out the last lance from his back. They didn't hurt much, they didn't bleed, but by Alduin they caused a massive surge of chills to flow through the dragon's spine, causing the large reptile to shake in a mixture of static pain and relief. Salazknyr waited until Aojun was done seizing and turned her head to the right, revealing various lances stuck on the direct connection between her neck and shoulders. This one was probably going to hurt, but in any case it would make her more resistant to the pain she'd have to endure should she keep on following the assaults Aojun made. Letting out quiet whines everytime Aojun bited onto the spears and withdrew them, she decided to direct her thoughts towards the burning town of Ponyville. There appeared to be a massive tree, largely unscathed. Sure, it had some burn up leaves, etched javelins, several shaved spots from where the dovah landed, but it appeared way too... homey. She figured that she would probably check it out with Aojun later on.

On the other hand, Aojun was a excellent hunting partner. He froze ponies right in their tracks and sometimes he even left their heads up in the air so that Salazknyr could enjoy a treat or two. There were times where he also excelled at air combat; being able to take out a squad of 20 pegasus ponies in such a short time was a remarkable feat. His name left place to wonder. 'Ao' translated directly to lightning, but she hadn't found any feature about him that would indicate that he could cast some form of lightning. Sure, his eyes were white, a particularly strange condition in dragons and his pupil was yellow, an even rarer condition, but that didn't explain much. Maybe she'd ask him about it later. As her thoughts drifted off, she noticed how the sky was getting darker and darker, and, because of the mountain weather, nights up here were basically pitch black. Flying would be extremely hard here, so the female dovah figured Aojun would allow Salaz to sleep in his cave.

Letting out one final whine, she closed her eyes as the pain went away... and then walked towards the dark cave.

Chapter 5 - Fin Bruniik Kroniid!

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A fierce roar erupted from the library as a massive wingless lizard crashed through the wall that made up most of the door, letting out another loud roar that would reach up to the other half of Ponyville. The dragon's tail swished fiercely as purple smoke oozed out of massive purple dermal plates that surrounded the creature's back. Standing higher than Celestia herself, the enormous reptile forced it's full body out of the building once known as the library, letting out steam from two nostrills placed at the end of his mouth. His jaws were lined with four rows of teeth, and it had massive fangs that escaped from the main jaw and gave the creature a even more fearsome look. Massive neon green spikes crawled up the creature's spine, starting from it's lenghty tail and ending where the cranium started. The parts that weren't covered in bone plate were a dark purple, and the creature's eyes seemed to be a dark, barely noticeable purple, with the pupils being a bright green much like the one on it's spines. Three black claws adorned the end each leg, and said black claws had spikes protuding from where the toes united with the rest of the bone structure. Just out of sheer demonstration, the dragon let out a loud roar that was shortly followed by a massive wave of fire eviscerating the grass infront of the gargantuan reptile. Spike's skull was also covered with bone plating for extra protection, surrounding the entirety of his head except for his nostrils and his lips. The plating, much like the color scheme of the original Spike, was still a purple, altho much darker.

"Well, it worked..." spoke Celestia, coming from behind the magicka dragon. She was proud of Twilight's powers; the purple pony gave the lizard his magical powers, and it was all very apparent because of the purple smoke that oozed out of the dragon's figure.

"..well, let's hope this works." Twilight's voice was tired and somewhat faint.

"I'll be damn'd if I done say that is a... buckin' badass thing." spoke Applejack as she walked forwards, taking her place to the left of the dragon.

"Spike sure does look... fashionable now!" voiced Rarity, complimenting the dragon's extremely visceral looks.

"...it sure does look alot more evil." spoke a obvious member of the group. Behind the shadows that settled beyond the library's hole sprouted a now courageous pegasus, cheering as she flew around the dragon, finally landing on it's back.

"Yo! I think he needs a new name now. I mean, look at the size of this.. thing!" Rainbow Dash added to her sentence by pointing at the now turned head of 'Spike', who was now facing the ponies behind him. "We should call him... Odahviing!" shouted Rainbow, earning confused looks from most of the ponies except from Twilight and Celestia.

"Did you snoop around in my dragon book, Rainbow?" Twilight looked almost concerned.

"Yeah, yeah, I read it over a couple times. Fus ro dah, and all that stuff." voiced Rainbow Dash in a usual lazy tone as she stretched her wings. Spike gave a soft nod and a snort, indicating that he liked his new name and form.

"Rainbow Dash," spoke Celestia as she walked closer to the pegasus, "..you do realize those words can hold inmense power if you pronounce them correctly, right?" She earned a nod from Rainbow Dash as she finished stretching her limbs.

"Yeah, you shout 'em and then all this weird magic stuff can happen dependin' on the words. Yol toor shul gives you a shockwave of fire, iiz slen nus freezes things, wuud nah kest makes you go fast forwards," Rainbow Dash added to her chatter by lazily waving her hoof around everytime she pronounced the words of power.

"Dash, do you know all of the thu'um?" voiced Celestia, her tone ranging from confusion to faint glimmers of hope.

"I know 'em all, and if you give me a min'r two, I can list all of them. All of them." Rainbow Dash spoke proudly as she flexed her wings.


"Joor zah fruul."

"Clear skies?"

"Lok vah koor."

"Strun bah qo?" spoke Celestia, winking at Rainbow Dash.

"Storm, wrath, lightning."

"Truly amazing, Rainbow Dash!" Celestia tuned, joined shortly by the cheering of her friends, including Odahviing, who snarled.

"Now," Celestia's voice was serious now. "I want you to shout. If you can't do it, I'll help you. I've mastered the thu'um myself long ago." added Celestia.

Puffing her chest and stiffening her wings, Rainbow Dash took in some air...

"Any shout will do."

The mare 5 stared at Rainbow Dash as she took off of Spike- Odahviing's back, flying.

"Fo.." Rainbow Dash let out, knowing that the second and third words had a pause after the first.

"Krah diin!" shouted Rainbow at the same time she exhaled. And it worked. A medium sized gust of wind emanated from Rainbow Dash's mouth, steaming against the air, before turning into a frozen bolt and aiming towards a random house wall, breaking into chunks and freezing the surface of said wall as it hit. Celestia and the others, including Sp- Odahviing stared at Rainbow Dash, surprised that she managed.

"Hey, I did it! My.. my mouth is cold..." Rainbow's last words were somewhat shrieky as she quickly brought a hoof to her mouth.

"By myself, you did it! With proper training, you can master the thu'um! You even know the pauses!" Celestia cheered and then, once again, was quickly joined by the other ponies. Including Fluttershy.

"Princess, can all of us learn this thu-" Twilight was cut off by a loud roar emanating from the sky, and the Mane 6 ( Including Celestia ) looked up to see one massive dragon. Fear began to convulse amongst the ponies as everypony ( Save for Rainbow Dash, Odahviing and Celestia ) waltzed inside.

"Rainbow Dash, you.. you have to help! There's two of them!" Celestia pointed a hoof towards a somewhat smaller figure that lurked behind the larger one.

"Just stay behind me, and.. everything will be alright. Our voices combined are true matches against those dovah."

Rainbow Dash hurriedly nodded and instantly zapped towards Celestia's side, somewhat scared.

"...what if they kill us!?" Rainbow Dash spoke, worry apparent in her voice.

"Do not worry; I have my horn. With it I will shield us both should they use their thu'um against us. Renember, use your fire breath against the white one and your ice breath against the dark one." Celestia added by pointing at the respective dragons.

Spike snarled at the two dragons coming and let out a deep roar as the dragons took in to hover mode, circling the two ponies and the magicka dragon, his head pointing upwards towards the two dovah.

Atuhors nose:

Chapter was rushed as fuck. I want to make a bridge to the other ones. DW, I won't rush the other ones!

Chapter 6 - Kotin Fin Krah

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Aojun landed on a nearby hay mansion close to the library building, causing the whole building to stir under his weight and finally give him appropiate sitting, apt for the watch he was about to perform. Before the two had flown to their location, Salazknyr told him that he wanted to prove herself, to who he wasn't sure. All he knew is that she wanted to kill all those ponies, and that the large lizard acting as their companion was just an extra challenge. Aojun knew that, should the female end up in a bad situation, he was to come in her aid and finish off the juvenile equestrians or just give her some breathing room so that she could ease her recovery. It took the male dovah a little while, but he finally noticed that the purple magicka dragon was missing, and so was his confidence. Something snapped behind him, and he turned just to see it staring right back at him, fierce determination in it's eyes. Aojun took off into the air but not before being struck by a lightning bolt emanating from the reptile's mouth, and so he began to lure him away from Salazknyr.

Salazknyr on the other hand had landed right infront of Celestia and Rainbow Dash, causing the two ponies to shake as the ground around Salaz stirred and let out heaps of dust. She snapped her jaws at the two sub-horses, narrowly missing but earning a flinch from both of them as the two took into cover. The ponies backed up and, as soon as Salazknyr reared her lower body backwards and started inhaling sharply, Celestia conjured a shining, blue transparent wall over herself and Rainbow Dash, protecting them from the fire that Salazknyr had released in the interval between Celestia's conjured shield. In the meanwhile, Spike ( alias Odahviing ) valiantly battled the ice dragon in an attempt to keep them away from Celestia and Rainbow Dash; the two had enough trouble as it was. As soon as Celestia released the ward wall she managed to release a conjured firebolt towards the dragon's face, aiming for the dragon's left side. Rainbow Dash was attempting to distract the dragon, adrenaline taking over her and sending her around the dragon at great speeds, giving it confusion. Salazknyr grew angry and she began to throw her jaws at the insolent equestrian, achknowledging the burns on her left side with a pained groan. Once again, Celestia took the opportunity to propel yet another fireball towards the dovah, this time against it's right side, causing it to steer it's head to a side as it winced in pain.

Spike fell from the hay building, not wasting a moment to propel himself up with ethereal wings and breath fire against the dragon. Unluckily for him, he didn't really know that the dovah had already whispered the words of power, causing it to breath frost back at the purple drake, causing a strange blueish effect to appear where the two first crossed breaths. Celestia, on the other hand, was already conjuring a massive shockwave of fire. She planned on telling Rainbow Dash to skyrocket and allow the fire to wrap itself around the dragon, killing it or maybe atleast wounding it enough so that it would retreat and finally leave the group alone. Celestia's ears jumped into attention nigh instantly as a unholy scream of pain efficiently lapped all noise as the red-eyed dragon sunk its front row of massive teeth inside Rainbow Dash's hindleg. Instead of biting where she was, the female dov decided to bite where she was going to be; the movements of the pony were way too fixed and planned. She would've aimed for the wing or the torso, but grabbing onto a leg was good enough for the dovah. Fiercely shaking her head around with the juvenile equestrian's leg still stuck in her mouth, she finally let go and tossed her towards the same hay home that Aojun was resting on. The word 'was' resounded in the dragon's ear, she didn't quite see him adjusted over the now burning hay mansion and watch her gore the sub-horses with relative ease. Her distraction gave room for Celestia to finally release a massive fire wave towards the dragon, emitting one of the loudest growls of pain she had heard in a while; one of those that she missed from her days of dovah killing.

"I really don't understand what's up with this silly spell thing. When are you all gonna take us to 'Ewqoostrea'?" muttered a armored nord in his usual thick accent as he stepped around the borders of a massive blue circle etched with pretty glowing runes, arms crossed as symbol of his impatience.

"Oh, excuse me. Let me adjust my eyes so I can just blink you all the way to Equestria." spoke a dark elf sarcastically as he continued on reading the spell thrice over. Two other imperial mages were holding the circle down and casting a massive translucent blue orb over two nords and a redguard.

One of the nords, the same that was complaining earlier, was dressed head to toe in Stormcloak attire, helm and all. He had two axes strapped to his thighs that shook as he edged around the circle. The redguard, on the other hand, sported a bald head, thick muscles and a even thicker beard that suited his scaled armor and ancient nord boots just perfectly. He was sporting fur gloves that held together a steel & orcish dagger, both held in their respective hands. On his back also rested a bow and a quiver full of arrows along with a large backpack, holding together 10 healing potions and many lockpicks, along with rations for the small party to eat. In the center of the circle sat a woman sporting plated steel armor, her body held on a relaxed position as a steel shield and sword laid in the lady's hands. One would guess she was an imperial from the way she tended to play around with a lone septim that sat on the dirt.

"Hey Sarah, what's the plan once we get to the other world?" asked the nord, stopping in his tracks only to redirect himself towards the center, where the imperial sat. Rorik soon followed to listen to her answers, sitting next to her.

"We should probably walk carefully to the nearest town..." Sarah began,

"If there is one." added the nord.

"Oh, shush, Eolgrund." Rorin, the redguard, chuckled slightly. "We also need to avoid any trouble. Who knows, maybe the creatures there are extremely powerful daedric demons that hide under the guise of pretty sparkly horses." Sarah laughed heartily.

"Hey, you three! The spell is almost ready. As far as I know, you're gonna be teleported directly in the center of the new world, so.." A unidentified mage in black robes said, his face hidden by a massive black hood. He approached the orb and pointed at the group. "Make sure Alduin is dead. We will erect an statue in your honor should the greybeards sense his presence vanish. There aren't any chances of you returning, so... goodbye." The group only nodded, knowing that they already bowed their knee to several jarls, indicating their acceptance in the quest of killing the destroyer. They knew that they would be stuck in this other world, and they had already parted with the ones that needed parting. Eolgrund got up and quickly gripped his axes, unholstering them. They may be iron, but they were enchanted and they'd already saved his life over a hundred times by now. Sarah also got up and raised her shield as she kept her sword tucked next to it, pointing towards her front. The Redguard unholstered his bow and slowly readied a arrow as the energies around them began to accumulate before sending out a massive blue beam towards the sky, granting a blue glow to a large portion of the sky. Finally, the grass around them began shaking before several elements from the ground, mages not included, gathered up in a massive whirlwind that slowly rose up and aligned with the beam.

"Heh. I wonder if they have meat there."

Just then did the energies collapse upon themselves before imploding in a massive blue shockwave that swooped the area clean, leaving only clean dirt as the massive ball rose to the sky with a massive chunk of ground floating along.

Chapter 7 - Wah Win Kein

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Author’s Note: You don’t know how sorry I am about this whole not-updating-for-a-million-years thing. My attention went from this to Skyrim, and I went from a shitty level 1 light armored warrior to a level 26 that can easily beat any and all dragons in roughly a minute. I’m also shit at descriptions, so if you’re confused about Alduin’s looks, then go find a picture in google or something.

Be sure to have safe-search filter on. There’s dragon porn.

Alduin held the basic structure of an ancient dragon; two large pairs of backwards circling black horns adorned the back of his skull, a single row of spikes of varying size & length ran all across his back, the middle one being the tallest & thickest. The dovah’s chin seemed to have sharp black protrusions that fit along nicely with his burning red eyes. His wing structure was adorned with several jagged protrusions, the same that plagued the shoulder bones and filled the general structure of the otherwise brown dragon, much like thorns on a rose. A rose of pure hatred.

Said large black dragon swooped over the now burning city of Canterlot. Several smaller dovah flew alongside him, and some even landed on buildings to start incinerating the terrified ponies that ran or attempted to escape their deaths in the streets below. He let out a loud, fierce roar as he landed on a nearby ancient stone tower, causing the whole of it to dissipate dust and shake furiously. All along, Alduin hugged the sides of the structure with his wings as he posed himself on the flat stone stand, the perfect spot for the call of the storm. Roars surrounded the air near him, and screams plagued the streets below him. He stopped staring at the destruction around him and instead looked down, his red eyes now looking at several ponies of varying genders that were frozen in terror from the onslaught that raged around them. Inhaling, Alduin shouted ‘yol’, his voice channeling into a massive wave of fire that brutally and quickly incinerated the ponies below him, leaving only a massive heap of ashes and charred bones, mostly skulls. The Destroyer let out another wordless roar as he lifted off into the airs. Smiling proudly as his head scanned the chaos that surrounded the whole of Canterlot, he finally looked above and flapped his wings another time, giving him even more height. There he hovered, inhaling twice over before...

“Strun bah qo!” The sheer force emanating from his shout was powerful enough to bring some structures down upon unsuspecting roamers below. He felt as the sky darkened, the clouds twisted and the lightning rearranged itself in order to rain fiercely upon the unlucky citizens below. He canceled his hover as soon as he stopped swooping his wings, allowing him to drop down head first, wings tucked neatly at his sides.

“I am Alduin, first born of Akatosh!” He shouted, forcing the whole of Canterlot to shake furiously, causing cracks to appear in the floor of the mountain city because of the mighty force that enveloped the dragons form.

“Tremble and despair in my voice!”

There was a massive flash of light up in the Altreach mountains, one of the spots that housed a dragon wall; those massive structures shaped like a half-circle that had ancient texts embedded into them, some being about memorials to certain heroes, some being about tales of glory or simple texts regarding the uncanny creatures that plagued Equestria’s landscape. Nonetheless, the flash soon diminished and revealed the three dragonslayers; the sanctified ones that were here to finally put an end to Alduin, the destroyer.

Olaf was the first one to get up. After making sure he wasn't in Sovngarde or some other weird realm by patting his chest several times, he slowly got onto his feet and looked around. His friends were scattered haphazardly around him, their sleeping bodies dug lightly into the snow that plagued the place. Instead of scanning the things that were below the mountain they were standing upon, he turned around to face a word wall unlike any other. While it still held the classical symbol and the large walls surrounding it, there were no words where one would usually find them. Walking up to it, he extracted a paper and a dragons talon claw from a satchel tied to his waist. The nord stared at the yellowish paper for a few seconds before beginning to mark both the snow and the rock.

As soon as he was done safekeeping his dragon talon and paper, he heard the sounds of something shuffling behind him. Not to his surprise, it was his companions, waking up from the sleep that had also affected the nord not a few minutes ago. Rorik was the second one to get up, but he only managed to cast a sideways glance to the nord before his attention flew over to the edge of the standing platform they were resting upon.

“Olaf! Look!” yelled the redguard, earning the nord’s attention. “There’s a town in flames there... and I think I can make out a dragon!” The nord, who was now next to Rorolf, looked behind and saw Sarah already up on her feet, shield and sword held tightly.

“Go! Go!” Sarah had already began her descent, already gaining quite a bit of distance. Despite her steel plate armor, she was quite agile.

No other words needed to be spoken. The group climbed down the ascent and slowly made their way to town...

Spike, adorned with several bleeding scars and cuts into his unprotected flesh, finally slammed the dovah’s head with his tail spike, causing it to groan loudly as it tried to zone in on Spike. Aojun had sustained major wounds, his left wing muscle was torn up and there were massive burns along his head and across his upper back. His head appeared to have many gashes, cuts and lacerations that dug deep into the dovah’s flesh. Once again, the purple lizard effortlessly dodged another ‘force balance push’ shout that the dragon had chose to cast more often than his fire breath. Odahviing, after ruthlessly dodging more and more shouts finally let out a unheavenly roar as he dashed towards the dovah and placed both of his talons on the dragons upper and lower jaw, so that he could begin separating it. The dovah’s jaws snapped open and then Spike bended the upper part of it unnaturally as he began to exhale flame inside the dragon’s throat, completely charring the flesh that hid beneath the dovah’s thick scales. Aojun coughed up flames as Spike suddenly released his jaws, low growls being the only thing able to escape from the dovah’s charred throat before the dragon eventually slipped off the mansion, causing the foundations of many buildings to shake violently as he hit the burnt ground below. The dovah let out a pained growl as he tried to lift his one good wing only to have it fall limply on his chest, proving that the dovah had been finally slain.

Olaf rushed up to the black dragon and slammed his right iron axe into the dragon’s snout. After several attempts of trying to split the axe from the dragon, he noticed that the jagged iron blade had somehow pierced almost all of the dragon’s thick scale armor, the thick muscle being only inches from the now jammed iron axe. Smiling, he nord propelled himself upwards using the axe as leverage and landed on the dovah’s head, where he began slamming his left axe several times into the insides of the overgrown lizard’s mouth, a task that only proved itself possible because of the nord lifting the upper end of the dragon’s jaw, revealing the soft tongue and flesh inside. After striking three times, the dragon finally hissed loudly before brutally swooping his head & body upwards, flinging the nord behind the dovah and onto the charred ground in the clearing behind. The redguard in thick scale armor, Rorolf, finally released the bows string and sent an ebony arrow that had been narrowly aimed towards the dragon’s eye. Upon impact, the black dragon let out a fierce roar as his eye unleashed a thick stream of red blood before it took off in blind flight. Sarah raised her shield high above her as the dragon let out a stream of flames mid-air before heaving sharply and losing control. Somehow, it managed to do a barrel roll before hitting the ground with immense force; a large trail of unorganized as the now lifeless body of the dragon dragged on. It finally stopped after covering about twelve paces of now-charred ground. Somehow, the trees that circled the massive clearing had turned up unscathed, visibly showing that not an arrow or the fire reached them.


Rorolf rushed towards the small blueish mound at the far edge of the clearing. He found that the nord’s helmet had fallen off to reveal a man in his early thirties with lengthy blond hair and a knotted beard of the same color. He had a white eye with a large scar running down the middle, but his right eye was fine and actually sported a gray iris.

“Are you a-” Rorolf began, but was promptly cut off by a gloved finger over his lips. Sighing, the redguard backed off and gave the nord some breathing room. When Olaf got up, he began a search for his helmet and the axe he was holding not a minute ago.

“Is he alright?” voiced Sarah as she reached the group.

“I suppose. He can walk...” Rorolf sheathed his ebony bow as he walked towards the dragon.

Celestia snorted sharply as she looked towards the massive black figure that was quickly speeding away;; she had basically rendered the dragon blind when she jammed a spear into its right eye, but it had somehow managed to fly away perfectly anyway. Her grimace turned into something more of combined shock, disgust, and horror as she looked over to her right. Rainbow Dash was lying over a heap of rubble covered in her own blood, the flesh on her lower right hindleg was completely torn off, exposing the bone. Rushing over to the wounded pegasus, Celestia managed to gather just about enough mental strength to pick up the pony with telekinesis and carry her over to the insides of the library, a task completed only because of the massive, gaping hole where the doorway should have been. As soon as she stepped in, she did her best to ignore all the gasps and gently leave Rainbow Dash on the floor. The white-red pony held her ground for only a few more seconds before sighing and collapsing to the ground, allowing the most welcome unconsciousness to take over her mind.

Gasps, more gasps. Consciousness held its ground steady. “Celestia! Ce- There’s bloo- THERE’S BLOOD EVERYWHERE!” She guessed that was Applejack. Her body shook a little as her eyes squinted open.

Shock. Only shock on those green eyes. Consciousness failed and withdrew its armies, giving the land of Celestia to Unconsciousness.

Humans, he thought. His rotten lungs lay in shock for a little bit before finally accepting the magic taking over them. Slowly enough, he opened his eyes only a little bit, allowing a eerie blue smoke to pass out and into the warm air of the obsidian coffin he was inside of. The smoke lighted up just about enough to tell the draugr to finally open his eyes, and so he did. Now the whole of the coffin, at least what he could see, was painted a grayish blue. He let out a soft sigh as the magic slowly reached all the way down to his fingertips... then his toes... and when he felt a small sensory overload as he finally felt all of the soft leather that was covering his body. After harnessing enough strength, the cold and lifeless hands of the draugr now known as Krah pushed the lid of the coffin away, bathing the him in merciless white light. His eyes closed almost instantly; a draugr held almost all of the sentiments and physical afflictions that the old jul had. Krah lifted the upper half of his body and opened his eyes, revealing several other coffins, most already empty. The sarcophagi were scattered about, some half dug into the deep snow or some half buried. Luckily, Krah’s coffin only had a light layer of snow above it. After slowly making his way out of the sarcophagus, he stretched his limbs to his sides before gripping the two ebony war axes that had been tied to his thighs.

An ancient helmet with two horns sprouting from the sides covered the draugr’s head, giving way only to the thick black beard and shining blue eyes of the undead. A plate of thick iron fitted with leather and then a smaller pad fitted both of his shoulders while runed leather bands were tied to the spot where the elbow connects to the forearm. His upper chest was covered in a thick furry dressing that rested below a massive iron plate that fit diagonally of his ribs, with a larger and thicker mass of iron marked with nordic runes above it. Down to his knee reached a thick dress made out of a combination of fur & leather, and from that point was a leather boot circled with ancient iron. The draugr finally stepped forwards, eyes leaving a trail as he slowly walked down a lengthy flight of stairs...

Authors Note (2): I’m sorry for the terrible grammar and bad descriptions. Give me yer goddern criticism n shit

Update On Story Status

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I thought I might aswell send out a notice before heading back into vydio games again.
I was also hoping to release a actual story update with -this- update but... eh.

To be fairly honest, I've been writing in my mind for about two days now, and I have plenty of ideas I'm comfortable with YET I can't seem to build up enough will to force myself out of my games ( and my orphaned cousin ) to write up something. If you would go and sniff around my desktop, you'd find about 6 incomplete documents with 2 chapters worth of fiction.

This might look like a shame to some of you, but I promise that I will update sometime later. Maybe in a month, maybe in a week. Maybe I just finish Starcraft II and end up writing again, who knows?

In the meanwhile, I'm also looking for a proofreader. You can throw me a invite on Steam, ( since I don't have any other methods of communication ) my profile name will be draugr and my real account name is mrheadhopper, or you can just hand over a PM on fimfiction. I'm also gonna start writing on Google Docs now, so expect less spelling mistakes and stuff.

Sky above, voice within.

( by the way, is fimfiction.net fucking up for anyone else? My watch button says 'no' and there's some sort of scripting error next to the last chapter in every fanfic. )