• Published 15th Dec 2011
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Feyn Do Fin Dovah; Their Rise And Fall, Our Mistake - mrheadhopper

The dragons rise up from their slumber and dive into hunting season. Skyrim-MLP Crossover. Kind of.

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Chapter 4 - Zindro Zaan

Fluttershy was the first one to wake up, and that had been roughly an hour ago. It took her a little while to will herself out of bed and push worries about her beloved animal friends away, but she eventually did and took a grip on the kitchen while the rest of the mane 6 slept. She sometimes heard clopping from the highest level of the library, but she just dismissed it as the noises outside, probably caused by the dragons or other ponies. While she did not hear dragons anymore, she couldn't shake off a feeling of being watched, and she kept on seeing bright flashes of light in the corner of her eyes. Finally, she finished cooking and took a massive platter with assorted foodstuffs to a nearby counter, putting on a cloth over the food to mantain the quality. The shy pegasus had prepared a simple set of waffles for herself that she ate off a plate while she sat on a chair she had placed by the entrance to tthe kitchen. There she sat, watching the ponies as they slept ever so peacefully, the only audible noise inside being the shuffling of the sleeping bags as the mares moved through their dreams. She saw Spike resting on the border of a window using a blanket to keep himself warm. Light seeped in through it, but she was sure that was no trouble; the dragons probably left. Fluttershy was almost falling asleep when she heard the a set of hooves clatter against the floor again along with quiet whispering. The idea of checking it out slipped into her mind, but her shy side kept telling her that it was probably some sort of demon monster of death, forcing the pegasus into a frightened state.

After a minute only, she managed to muster enough courage to use her wings to levitate her over to the staircase, open a wooden door and fly past it to the upper reaches only to discover a very very dark room, lit only by the light seeping in from one of the unboarded circled windows with the artistic lining into it. In only a second she noticed a particularly large figure sitting there, but because of the dark she couldn't really make out who or what it was. She inhaled deeply and...

"Hello? Who are you?" came from the yellow pegasus in a loud yet unsteady tone. She kept her forelegs folded near her and her wings ready should she need to fly away and alert the others of a monster inhabiting the upper parts of the library.

"Fluttershy, dear? Is that you?" spoke a voice she recognized as Celestia. A sparkle or two later and the room was fully lit by a lampbulb hanging off the wooden ceiling. The upper part of the library was lined with varied shelves lined with books scattered about in boxy patterns, with a large hallway that lead towards the window and the door downstairs. Fluttershy noticed the armor of the princess scattered in a corner of the room; her four shoes, her crown and her gemmed collar. Celestia looked rather.. pretty and unroyal, her mane appeared much more noticeable without the armor on, atleast according to the butter pegasus.

"What are you doing here, Celestia? If I may ask.. that is." Fluttershy replied, ignoring the question that Celestia gave her. It seemed rather uncouth to her, but her mind only wanted answers at the moment.

"I'm here to talk about possible solutions to the dragon problem with Twilight, and I also have something that I want to teach all of you." Celestia responded with her usual stern yet motherly tone.

"What are you going to teach us about, princess? Are we going to have to... take up arms?" Fluttershy's last words had a undertone of fear, causing Celestia to shake her head.

"No, no, dear. You will be taught the way of the voice, a powerful tool used against the dragons that involves no solid weaponry. I promise." Celestia spoke, denying Fluttershy's worries.

"Well, we best wake everypony up. They'll probably feel refreshed if you're here." Fluttershy was already going down the stairs.

"Wait! I'd rather not wake them up!" Fluttershy cocked her head back at Celestia before going over to her side, where the Princess sat.

"What should we do, then?" spoke Fluttershy, sitting on her belly infront of the white pony.

"Well, I actually have another plan, but it's rather risky and would require some explanation and conviction on Twilight's part, so since you're here, I'd love it if you could help me explain it to her later on." Celestia earned a lifted brow from Fluttershy.

"What are you gonna do to Twilight?" asked Fluttershy, trying her best to not make it sound accusative.

"I'm actually planning on casting a metamorphosis spell on Spike..." Celestia spoke, a slight tinge of nervousness clear on her voice. She feared that the animal protector would probably overreact to her words.

"You mean you're gonna make him.. bigger I guess?" The words from Fluttershy were rather serene.

"I actually plan on making him become a magicka dragon, a type of wingless dragon that can cast magical spells and has extremely strong physical capabilities to reckon with."

"...you mean like before? When he grew bigger?"

"No, no. At the moment he was a claw dragon, something brought onto him by his greed. Becoming a magicka dragon can be a natural process aswell, but it just didn't happen on him. Now, if we try to force the evolutive process, we might obtain him with advanced powers, yet he might be a little vulnerable to sicknesses and common ills."

"I really don't know much about dragons, Princess, so if you may..."

"Dragons young of age have a weak immune system that slowly begins to rise up in teenagehood. He will completely go past his teenage years so he'll be only left with the weak immune system he currently carries."

"Princess, if I may ask, is this... necessary? I mean, couldn't we use something else? ...not like I want to oppose your ideas, I'm just sayi-"

"It is absolutely necessary. We had a dragon surge like this not 20 years ago and the only way we're all alive right now is because of the conjoined power of magicka dragons and ponies." Celestia's tone was rather stern, something that caused Fluttershy to shrink away.

"I'm sorry, but you must understand it's.. necessary. More than that, it's what could save all of Ponyville and even Canterlot if Spike can master several magical spells as soon as he's an adult."

Fluttershy nodded as she gave in. She laid her head down as she thought of Spike as a fully grown 'magicka' dragon, whatever that was. It didn't take long for her to hear Celestia moving and for her to feel loving warmth in her neck as Celestia curled up around her.

"Now, let's take a nap. I'm sure it's best to give Spike and the others more preparation time."

Aojun flinched as Salazknyr took out the last lance from his back. They didn't hurt much, they didn't bleed, but by Alduin they caused a massive surge of chills to flow through the dragon's spine, causing the large reptile to shake in a mixture of static pain and relief. Salazknyr waited until Aojun was done seizing and turned her head to the right, revealing various lances stuck on the direct connection between her neck and shoulders. This one was probably going to hurt, but in any case it would make her more resistant to the pain she'd have to endure should she keep on following the assaults Aojun made. Letting out quiet whines everytime Aojun bited onto the spears and withdrew them, she decided to direct her thoughts towards the burning town of Ponyville. There appeared to be a massive tree, largely unscathed. Sure, it had some burn up leaves, etched javelins, several shaved spots from where the dovah landed, but it appeared way too... homey. She figured that she would probably check it out with Aojun later on.

On the other hand, Aojun was a excellent hunting partner. He froze ponies right in their tracks and sometimes he even left their heads up in the air so that Salazknyr could enjoy a treat or two. There were times where he also excelled at air combat; being able to take out a squad of 20 pegasus ponies in such a short time was a remarkable feat. His name left place to wonder. 'Ao' translated directly to lightning, but she hadn't found any feature about him that would indicate that he could cast some form of lightning. Sure, his eyes were white, a particularly strange condition in dragons and his pupil was yellow, an even rarer condition, but that didn't explain much. Maybe she'd ask him about it later. As her thoughts drifted off, she noticed how the sky was getting darker and darker, and, because of the mountain weather, nights up here were basically pitch black. Flying would be extremely hard here, so the female dovah figured Aojun would allow Salaz to sleep in his cave.

Letting out one final whine, she closed her eyes as the pain went away... and then walked towards the dark cave.