• Published 15th Dec 2011
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Feyn Do Fin Dovah; Their Rise And Fall, Our Mistake - mrheadhopper

The dragons rise up from their slumber and dive into hunting season. Skyrim-MLP Crossover. Kind of.

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Chapter 3 - Meyz, Mu Win Kein

Aojun stared at Salazknyr intently. She seemed to be darker than most dragons and she had red eyes, a rare quality in female dragons and basically nonexistant in males. Salazknyr huffed and turned her head towards the town below them, Ponyville. The two dovah were right above a large mountain that towered over the small city next to eachother, bodies hugging the rock to remain unspotted.

"Nu, Salaz. Nu." spoke Aojun as he got on his feet.

And with that said, both dovah took off into the air, wings propelling them upwards and then downwards as they flew towards the edges of Ponyville, determined to make another attempt against the city. When they were only a few meters above the tallest structures of Ponyville, they saw the familiar bodies of guardsmen; bold stallions plated in gold with automatic javelin launchers mounted on each of their shoulders. Some of them were pegasi but most of them were regular earth ponies, but they all appeared to have equal blue tails, white fur and teal eyes.

"Diir volaan!" shouted Salazknyr, catching the attention of all of the guard. She then boldly flew over them before landing at a nearby hay home, forcing temblors upon the house that ultimately released dust that blinded the guards. Aojun flew over the guards and hovered directly above them.

"Fo krah diin!" Much like before, Aojun sent out a wave of frozen death towards a part of the guard group, causing most of them to suffer extreme amounts of pain before their bodies were completely frozen in place. Some that weren't caught in the direct blast suffered basically harmless yet harming injuries; ice that pelted onto their armor or fur, severely incapacitating the movement capabilities of some guards. He didn't go out unscathed; some of the guards managed to launch their dual javelins at parts of Aojun, eliciting groans of pain from the ice dragon.

"Yol toor shul!" shouted Salazknyr, sending out a lenghty spurt of fire towards the guardsmen before her, burning past their armor. The ones caught directly in the blast had their flesh charred away from their very bones, creating smoking piles of bones with gold fused onto them, and the ones not caught directly had their armor fused with their flesh, causing loud screams of pain to refreshen the dovah's ears. The remaining guards all aimed towards her and launched roughly twelve javelins, all of them accurately piercing the female dragon. She emitted a shriek of pain as she took off, determined to touch ground infront of them and burn them once more.

Aojun flew up and landed directly above two of the pegasi guardsmen, crushing them under the weight of his clawed feet. Aojun let out a wordless roar before snapping his jaws several times towards a armored pegasus, who he then managed to trap in his mouth. He fiercely crushed his own jaws together, causing severe lacerations on his neck and shoulder area before throwing him towards the nearest hard surface he could find; a home. The walls crumbled under the pony's weight and it didn't take long for the whole structure to fall down under the pony, effectively assuring it's demise. The remaining guardsmen crumbled under the weight of Salazknyr's thu'um; all of them were pushed backwards into a large home using the 'fus ro dah' shout. The guardsmen were only regaining their footing when the whole of the house shook and decided to crash over them, crushing their sorry bodies.

Salazknyr let out a satisfied growl as she walked over to the only live earth pony while Aojun took care of the live pegasi up above. This guardspony suffered from third grade burns on it's right hindleg, leaving it collapsed over a small batch of unscathed grass. The dovah used it's right wing to put weight on the guardspony and effectively rip his head off with her powerful jaws, leaving a massive trail of blood and a visible part of the spinal cord as the dragon devoured his head. Aojun on the other hand forced a pegasus out of the air with a simple 'fus'; forcing the unlucky pegasus to fall right above a random rock stuck in the road, breaking his back and killing him instantaneously. It didn't take long for Aojun to effectively terminate all the pegasus ponies, using both thu'um and jaws to rip the frail bodies of the ponies.

The female dovah paid attention to her surroundings; she appeared to be at a crossroad of the sorts. There were two main lanes covered with clean, cut glass that lead to several different homes, many of them burning from several assaults involving other dragons. A large cloud of smoke raised over the city and if one looked closely enough in the distance, Canterlot could also be seen burning. Aojun landed directly infront of Salaz. His body was pierced with several javelins, most of them landing on the dermal plating on his back. They weren't stuck in deep, but she imagined they hurted anyways. Salaz herself had piercings mostly over her head, some of them landing in the direct connection between wing and shoulder.

Aojun let out a satisfied growl. This had been the first time the two dovah had ever had this much fun.

Twilight sighed in relief as she saw the cyan pegasus and the orange mare step inside, causing most of Twilight's stress to fade away effectively. Long ago, Rainbow Dash and Applejack had effectively taken away all things that made the library look like a library; the sign, the telescopes in the balconies, the hanging lanterns. They had also boarded the windows from the inside so that they just looked like decorative glasses and so far all of it worked. Twilight took a deep look inside, admiring how the books were still organized. As she settled her view onto the library floor she saw five sleeping bag, three of which were occupied and on a corner was over a hundred cans of various vegetables, all neatly stacked in a pyramid shape by her handy assistant Spike. Twilight still slept upstairs with Spike, who was reading the same book Twilight had been reading previous to the draconic attack. Rainbow Dash and Applejack had long since thrown themselves into their own sleeping bags while Twi was thinking, causing the mare to yawn. It wasn't even nighttime, but the mare had been tired of running all day. Rarity and Fluttershy were already fast asleep.

A few hours ago, Twilight and Rarity had to convince Fluttershy into falling asleep; she was extremely worried about her pets, constantly saying that she had to go back there to take care of the sickly ones and feed the other live ones, but somehow Rarity managed to get a tight grip on the frenzied mare and it didn't take long for Twilight to use a bit of magic to place the mare in a disturbed sleep. Of course, Pinkie Pie thought that the method Twilight used was rather uncivilized yet necessary, causing Twilight to let out a frustated sigh; she wasn't about to let Fluttershy storm out of the tree safehouse into a burning town filled with sadistic dragons.

On the other hand, Applejack had been somewhat worried about her brother, repeating once in a while several remarks about how her brother would probably outlast the attack by hiding in the cellar or the barn, things that elicited several replies from Rainbow Dash stating that 'it would be all okay' and that his brother would 'surely buck those dragons to hell'. Those sincere words refreshened Applejacks confidence on the whole 'brother is stuck in a farm with dragons on the loose' deal, but she still looked extremely worried in the eyes of the other mares.

Twilight had chosen to explain the situation as soon as everyone was inside which, as she saw it, melted everyone's confusion away yet left the worry intact. She didn't mind it; they needed to be worried anyways, everyone in town was being slaughtered or had been slaughtered already and the whole guard that was supposed to be here hadn't even arrived, thing that only managed to raise Twilight's preoccupation on the whole deal. Of course, she didn't tell anyone because if they knew that the guard was KIA or MIA they'd probably freak out and do something stupid, which at the moment wasn't really convenient for any of the ponies. Sighing, she went back to her study table to send another letter to the Princess.

Pinkie Pie on the other hoof had a surprisingly positive outlook on the whole situation. She imagined that once the guard was here she'd probably be saved and cook up a nice party for everybody to relax in, turning this whole dragon thing into just another accident that is easily fixed with a nice pair of hooves and building tools. Her mind thought differently, it kept ringing at her telling her that she'd probably be melted away by dragons often causing her face to shift from outright happiness to a frown, sometimes a straight face. This only managed to reassure Rarity's lack of confidence on the conflict that was spreading over Ponyville.

She was mostly carried away by the fact that the Carousel Boutique was at incredible danger. Its towerlike structure would surely attract dragons and the building itself was quite fragile. Over the years she had learned to reinforce it as she observed that it once shook when a gust of wind hit it, giving the white unicorn quite a scare. For now, all she had to do was hope and maybe earn some well deserved rest, something that appeared quite much impossible with the little pegasus shaking in her arms. Noone of her worries managed to extend themselves over to the whole 'there are dragons I'm gonna die' thing that was going on. She still did care about her surrounding friends and that is why she was hugging Fluttershy so closely. Poor girl had lost most of her sanity with her animal troubles.

Rainbow Dash, instead of disturbing her mind with the dragons and the entire outlook of the thing was instead lying down above all the other mares, in a chandelier to be specific. She blowed it out to avoid any dragon's attention and took off the candles just to make a spot to lie on. She took Twilight's pillow and placed it right between the two metal beams that composed the sides of this squared lightsource and supported the pillow by placing her upper back and flank on the pillow's edges, giving Rainbow a nice spot to rest on. Instead of lying on her back, she chose to lie on her sides so that her head would have a nice spot to rest in; between her forelegs. Luckily for her there was no noise other than sheets shuffling, so she fell asleep rather quickly, loving how her new 'cloud' felt.

It didn't take long for the others to touch down aswell. While they were still disturbed by the noises outside they had somehow adapted to them, finding less and less disturbing as time passed. Rarity succumbed to sleep with Fluttershy in her arms, ending up in some sort of jumbled position that looked like the two had been wrestling; Fluttershy's was being held in a neckhug while Rarity's right hoof rested atop Fluttershy's head. Applejack looked around for Rainbow Dash for a minute only before going to the sleeping bag placed next to Rarity, making sure it was very very close to Rarity so that she could hug her once Twilight went to bed. Twilight gave up on waiting for the letter that Spike had sent only moments ago. She felt extremely woozy and had only managed to stay up this long out of sheer luck, so she decided to call it a dragon filled day and head on to bed. She didn't care that it was pillowless, so she just stuffed her face against the sheets and fell asleep in a matter of seconds. Spike stood up, the whole dragon thing seemed energizing to him and he instead decided to climb over to a window and watch the city; activity that he just had added in to the various things he could do throughout the days he'd spend locked up in here.

Princess Celestia stared at the scroll in a combination of shock and fear. The more she tried to take her mind off of it, the more realization sank inside her disturbed mind. Sighing, she put the scroll away in the many boxes she originally put them. They were probably killed while trying to get there, adverting Celestia on the gravity of the situation. Originally, she wouldn't want to use the thu'um against the dragons, hoping for a simple attack and then a backaway, but this wasn't gonna happen. She underestimated the dov and overestimated her guardsmen's powers. Sure, they were able to fight a manticore and kill it in under a minute, sure, they were able to overpower most ponies but dragons? Oh, she should've thought ahead. Maybe if she taught Twilight and her friends about the thu'um then maybe they could overpower the dragons, she thought. And so it began. Before she left she put her unicorn magic to work by making it scribble a note on the back of a random report that Twilight gave her not long ago, and then she focused her leftover energy and teleported towards the library.

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