• Published 17th Sep 2019
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Did We Make A Difference? - DougtheLoremaster

My Little Pony is over. Gen 4. The Show has ended. As they stand together before the gate into what awaits them next, Twilight asks "Did we matter? Did we make a difference?" The answer is not what she expected.

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Chuck Daddy

As the last words faded away silence blanketed the realm. Pinkie’s expression grew hopeless, as the smile faded from her face. “The party...Is over?”

Her eyes seemed to dull as the strange normally comical sound of a deflating balloon was heard; her tail and mane draped lifelessly. “Is it really the end?”

Her friends stood there in silence as they tried to find the words to cheer up their friend.

Why does the party have to end?

It was a new voice; one of a teasing nature. It seemed reluctant to speak at all, yet making the effort to at the same time. “I suppose you are another of our lovely audience Dah-ling?”

That’s right Rarity. I heard my favorite party pony lamenting and I came to give her a smile, just as she has given me for years. I guess you could say I’m a friend you haven’t met yet.

It was like a magic spell. The instant Pinkie heard those words, she grew excited and her mane went back to poofy almost instantly. “A new friend? I love making new friends! Tell me all about yourself! How did you come to know us?”

It all began seven years ago, in 2012 when Fluttershy was swearing like a sailor. I-

“Hold on a cotton pickin’ minute there. Fluttershy has never swore in her life!”

You’re right Applejack, she hasn’t; in the show itself, that is. On a special media site known as Youtube. It was a different story. A clip from your show had been dubbed with profanity and was rather hilarious, it was Also the first time I ever saw you ponies.

Though I thought nothing of it. Just another cartoon clip. It actually wasn’t until months later when I began to see your faces...Everywhere and grew curious once more.

“And that’s when you started watching us?”

Erm no, I was just getting to that. You see-

“Yeah, Twilight stop interrupting! This is about to get good I can feel it!”

Right you are, Pinkie. So anyways, I was intrigued by this, so I told my best friend. He then confided in me that he was a brony; and proceeded to annoyingly pester me to watch the show for the next few weeks on end afterwards.
I admit, at first I was stubborn about my refusal to watch your show. I was a man, not some young girl; what could your show possibly have that appealed to me?

Starlight nodded in agreement as Twilight told the others. “To be fair, our show was originally meant to appeal to young girls.”

“Oh, Twilight, even you cannot deny we made awesome toys.-”

“SHHHHHH, I’m trying to hear the story!”

Thanks Pinkie, where was I, oh right. Heh. Like the mighty Colorado River against the rocks; a Grand Canyon was eventually worn into my stubbornness. I sat down to watch an episode. It was about the time of Bridal Gossip that I became truly enthralled by the magic your world.

“Dah-ling, Season One barely showed much of who we are, though.”

“Shush Rar!”

I disagree. In Season One we got to see the core of whom you were; everything from qualities to quirks. It is true that you grew and matured far greater over time, but the purity of which you were allowed us to notice that growth later on. Hey wait a minute...You seem very well informed of your own show. Have-Have you girls always been aware of us watching you?

There was a scuffling of hooves as Twilight stepped forward and spoke up. “No, not at first. In fact it wasn’t until right before “The Ending Of The End- Part 2”, that Pinkie told us the secret she had been keeping.”

Turning to look at Pinkie for a moment she shook her head as the party pony waved back. “It was all so surreal, a few years for us was a decade for you. We thought she was crazy...At first. As we thought about it, however, it began to make sense.”

Fluttershy chimed in. “Yeah...E-Especially after she showed us all her visits to that Bronycon-”

Bronycon? I thought that cosplay was way too realistic. Wait a minute...Pinkie knows about Bronycon? I mean I understand she can break the fourth wall but Bronycon is almost 100% fan based. How in the name of friendship did she attend Bronycon?

Pinkie gave a small giggle. “What in Equestria makes you think I would ever miss such a large party?”

She proudly pulled a lanyard with an id attached to it out of her mane. “I’ve been to all of them; each crazier and more exciting than the last. The music videos were fun to dance to. Who doesn’t love a fun singalong? Though to be honest, my absolute favorite thing to see, was how amazing all the attendees got along with each other. It was everything we hold dear, the elements alive and connecting powerfully with you all-”

Pausing to pull a cupcake from her mane, Pinkie paused to take a bite, chewing it thoughtfully and swallowing before continuing. “Mmmm frosting...Oh right, anyway that’s why we gave you all a heartfelt farewell, before the broadcast from our world was severed.”

Wait...You sent us a message? When?

Starlight stepped forward and spoke up, explaining what it was the pink earthpony had been alluding to. “We found out from Pinkie that “The Ending of the End Part 2” was meant to be...Well the finale; the official end of our show. After seeing everything your fandom did in our honor we wanted to show our appreciation.”

But I thought the Epilogue was the last episode.

“It was Dah-ling, but it wasn’t from the studio. We made that for all of you. Quite fabulous if I do say so myself.”

Rarity brushed her mane with her hoof as she spoke, a dramatic flair in her voice. Applejack gave a slight laugh. “Honestly, it was probly th’ best idea we’ve had yet.”

Rainbow Dash chimed in with a smug grin. “Definitely 20% cooler, at the very least.”

Amidst the laughter that ensued, Starlight explained. “We couldn’t leave it with such an offputting episode. After everything you humans did, but we weren’t sure how to say thank you. We ended up showing everypony in Ponyville. Got to say it was quite a celebrated sight and Lyra lost her sh-”

An angry glare from Fluttershy caused Starlight to backpedal quickly. “I mean, lost her mind-”

Fluttershy’s glare changed to a happy smile as Starlight continued. “Seeing that actual humans do exist. Everypony agreed, we had to do something for such a creative fandom. Mixing magic with live action, we...Hijacked...The network and created the Epilogue episode. We wanted you to see where we ended up as a result, how far our lives had gone. We wanted-

To give us closure. Wow. Not going to lie, I’m a bit surprised. So that is what you meant by did we make a difference; if we got your message or not. That is truly amazing. Oh, would you look at the time...I have to go now, but I do have my own message of hope for you all and particularly you, Pinkie.

When a game at a party ends, the party still goes on. As long as the patrons are still able, new games are brought out. New food graces the table. It may be true your show has ended in our world, but your messages still live. The game may have ended, Pinkie, but isn’t life the biggest party of all?

So if that is the case, why does the party ever have to end?

Something to think about. Take care, friends.