Did We Make A Difference?

by DougtheLoremaster

First published

My Little Pony is over. Gen 4. The Show has ended. As they stand together before the gate into what awaits them next, Twilight asks "Did we matter? Did we make a difference?" The answer is not what she expected.

My Little Pony is over. Gen 4. The Show has ended. As they stand together before the gate into what awaits them next, Twilight asks "Did we matter? Did we make a difference?" The answer is not what she expected.

Based on a True story

EDIT: I encourage anyone interested in being interviewed for an anthology branch of this tale to hmu on discord. dougtheloremaster#0390 . Your story matters too! 9/20/19-1/30/21 (paused and extended for hiatus)

Someone did an audio reading of my chapter without asking: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ohzcvjzBi0

Gaia Magusa

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“Girls, is this really the end?”

Twilight stood beside her friends as they dwelled in the void. The show was over, the last episode just faded from every TV as the broadcast came to an end. And like all cartoons, it was time to move on. “Aw Sugarcube, it’s alright, our time has just ended is all. Everypony has to say goodbye sometime, y’know?”

Rainbow Dash gracefully hovered using her treasured wings of the pegasus. Her voice was tinged with the characteristic raspiness she was known for. “We went out in an awesome way Twi, what more could we ask for?”

“Did we make a difference?”

Her words were distressed, her eyes wide with uncertainty. Immediately she found herself grabbed by Starlight and Rarity in a warm hug. “Oh Dah-ling we went out in style!”

Starlight rolled her eyes with a grin. Of course Rarity would be focused on the fashion appeal. “It’s alright Twilight, we just have to hope our message got through.”

Pinkie Pie who was watching somehow, even without a writer, managed to spray confetti out of nowhere making Twilight crack a temporary smile. “C’mon, a new party awaits!”

Twilight’s smile faded. Ponyville was gone, for good this time. “But...did any of what we did matter? All our lessons, all our battles. Did we matter in the end?”

You did.

The words came from everywhere and nowhere at the same time. All seven ponies froze as they heard them. Looking wildly around, trying to locate the sound, Twilight and her friends spoke in excited tones. “Did ya hear that?”

“Sure did, Sugarcube!”

“Dah-ling what was that?”

“Ooh bet it’s the narrator!”

“What narrator, Pinkie? Who's there?”

“Nothing, never mind!”

You asked if you made a difference, Twilight Sparkle?

Twilight stood still for a moment as she lowered her head, her eyes tightly shut. She stayed that way as everypony around her stopped shouting. Raising her head up, her words were filled with an uncertain pain. “I did!”

What would make you think you didn’t?

“Everything we did, everything we fought for, everything we worked to achieve. It’s all gone now! Like it never happened. Will we be forgotten? Just another fad for viewers to watch, enjoy and simply move on?”

You really feel that way don’t you? If only you knew.

“Knew what?”

What you meant, what you always will mean to those observers; those fans who followed you from the moment you opened that book to where you are now.

“If we mean so much, why did it have to end?”

To answer your question, I wish to give you but one of many examples. Please turn your attention to your right and stare into the window of time. The year is 2014 and a 25-year old man had given up on life…


“Hey mom!”


“Mom! I swear I’m trying!”

A man sat at his computer desk, his hair was frayed and his eyes hooded over as if he hadn’t slept for days. He hadn’t. Autistic in nature and slow to learn, he was having a rather hard time finding a job. On the desk lay countless wrappers from a famous fast food restaurant, known for its golden arches. “Mom I-”

He was on a cellphone talking to his birthmom; the lady who had walked away when he was five during a court case involving a divorce with his dad and her only to enter his life many years later.


“Who is that?”

It’s not important.

“Why does this matter?”

Just keep watching; you’ll understand.

“Fine, but I insist we all have some cake while we watch!”

Pinkie...Where did...Nevermind, back to the time window.


The man was distressed. He hated himself; he hated life. Psychiatrists and Psychologists alike gave up on him, he was told he would never walk again; the pain in his body unbearable with arthritis riddling every joint in his body. Still he forced himself to walk everywhere; the pain became nothing more than pleasure as he acclimated to it. Life was hard. He sank deeper and deeper into depression and cared about no one. When he was younger, he had witnessed his best friend decorate her living room with the inside of her skull using a saw-off shotgun. There was no hope.


“Oh how horrible, didn’t his family help him?”

No Applejack. In fact, they had expressly told him to die many times in life.

“That sounds awful...Just...awful.”

It was quite so Fluttershy, that is until one day he noticed a video recommended on his youtube feed...


The man stared in disbelief at the video. “What’s My Little Pony, isn’t that the show for girls? I know I’m girly but wait…”Ponies the anthology 3? What’s this?”

He sat there, expecting nothing as he clicked it, believing there was nothing special to happen. Little did he know he would spend the next hour watching the entire thing. For the first time in a long time, he even smiled. “What is this, is there more? What did I just watch?”

He spent the next few hours of his entirely empty life looking into it. And then, he saw it on Netflix; “My Little Pony: FIM Season One.”

His curiosity peaked as he sat there at his computer, entranced by the bright colors, suffering from PTSD Insomnia, he sat up for the next 24 hours, watching magical episode after episode.


Twilight watched the scene and gave a smile. “He looks so happy. That’s wonderful, but how does this show, whether we made a difference or not?"

Just keep watching, I promise you’ll understand.


Time passed, and finally the man got some sleep. The next day, something interesting happened. He was walking down the street, thinking about the show when he randomly said hello to someone. More time passed and the man seemed to have changed. A lot. He began greeting others and even talking to them willingly. At night he would watch MLP and his dreams no longer consisted of the friend from his past. His disposition towards life seemed to change too. He began to offer to help people. Almost like he cared about them.


Twilight’s eyes widened as she observed the man talking to Princess Celestia about his day. “Hey mom, today I learned…”

“I don’t understand.”

To him, it felt like the world wasn’t empty anymore. He watched you write letters to her about what you learned that day. Being alone in the world, he latched on and began doing the same.

“Really? That’s something, but what is he doing there?”


Applejack was on the screen and the man was calling her sister “Hey sis, today I was thinking of baking some potatoes, what are you having?”

The applejack on the screen could be heard replying almost as if to him. “Nothing like a heapin' stack of apple flapjacks.”


You were his only hope, his only family. And then something even more amazing happened.

“What’s that?”

He found the brony community. Others just like him. The Pegasisters and Bronies saw him not as autistic or damaged but a regular person. For once he felt like he belonged. He has been watching your struggles, your hopes, desires and fears for the past 5 years. The good and the bad, he was there learning and even incorporating those lessons into his life. Made friends and memories. Would you like to see, just how much you made a difference in that man’s life?


Observe the time window once more.


The time skipped forward. Attending social functions. Making youtube videos with a face cam. Writing stories on a website dedicated to the fandom. The man did all this as the time passed and soon caught up to present day. And there he was, sitting there with a loving smile on his face, typing out a story on his computer. His place was clean, his appearance was tidy. The wrappers were gone, and he was humming to himself as he typed.

On his calendar were two red circles indicating his shift cycles as a Crisis Hotline Counselor. On his wall hung the proud, printed copy of his graduation certificate indicating he had passed the class to qualify him for it. He calmly finished the story as he wrote the final words of his story. “Because Twilight, you and your friends saved my life and gave me the hope and strength to carry on. Not just for me, but those just like me who had given up; we will always hold your lessons dear, Especially in the darkest times. Thank you.You mattered. You always will.”

Leo Ortega

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As the lights dim on the former tale, A new spotlight shines through the window and the voice surrounding them fades and changes once more.

You mattered to me too!

Fluttershy asked the voice nervously, yet curious in tone. "Who are you?"

I am another brony whom you inspired.

This seemed to make Fluttershy look so happy. "R-really? Share your story with us! I-I mean...if you-you don't mind, that is."

I would be delighted.

The man in the time window was a young adolescent of the age of 19, and the year was 2010. Sitting at his computer, browsing Henshin Justice, when he spotted something peculiar. One of the post makers had a strange cyan blue, rainbow colored mane pony avatar. "what's this?"

He contemplated investigating further but the stigma of the time weighed heavily on his mind so he left it for time being. Time passed and he found himself once more staring at the strange pony, this time on a internet banner as it mocked him. The year was now 2011. Clicking on the banner, the man found himself watching Episode One of FIM on Youtube. As he sat fascinated by the many colors, he was slowly introduced to six ponies who encompassed the many elements of what he would soon learn to be friendship.

"So t-that how y-you came to know us?"

It is, but what comes after is even more interesting. Observe.

The man was writing fan fictions on a site he had encountered. Tales of the various genres including one of the first tales regarding a fan favorite known as Screwball; simply titled "Screwball". The smile on his face indicated the love in his heart as he used the character he wrote about to explore and learn more of the ponies and their lessons.

"Oh h-how wonderful!"

Out of the lovely mane 6, you Fluttershy were most inspirational in your message.

"Really? W-what did I do?"

As the other five heard this they rushed in and gave her a rewarding hug.

"Dah-ling you were fabulous, don't sell yourself so short."

"Way ta go Sugarcube, Ah knew ya had it in ya."

"So mister awesome voice, what'd she do?"

You really want to know, Rainbow Dash? Just watch.

The man watched as on the screen of his T.V., Fluttershy's motherly manner with the animals filled him with warmth. Her gentle and kind mannerisms gave him inspiration and hope.

He smiled. As time went on, he became just like her, and as she grew within the seasons, he did as well. His shell slowly fell away, and he was able to associate and talk to others without a care or fear. "And for that, I thank you, Fluttershy. You ponies gave me a new appreciation for those around me. You mattered. And to me, you always will."

Blazing Dusk

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For me it was Rainbow Dash.

The cyan blue pegasus, flipped her rainbow colored mane and laughed. "Well of course. I mean, I am awesome...or rather, was."

The voice, laughed. No, you still are, don't worry. Here let me show you.

Rainbow Dash looked curious and so she hovered in front of the time window, her feathery wings effortlessly keeping her aloft. She began watching just what it was this brony saw in her.

The year was 2013. A 13 year old stood talking with a friend who seemed insistent on something. They just kept pestering the young male. "You need to watch this show."

Though he wasn't thoroughly convinced, the young male decided to hear his friend out; if only to understand the fascination with it. Just what was it about this 'My Little Pony' cartoon that had made his friend so excited? A cartoon couldn't really be that magical...right?

Keeping an open mind the teenager stumbled upon an indiscriminate website and sat down to watch episode one of FIM. It was then he saw her; Rainbow Dash. The initial sighting, didn't quite make an impact. In fact, It wasn't until the bridge scene. Where Rainbow has to choose, that it really struck a chord. The rainbow-maned mare with the wings of an angel connected to the young male on a psychological level. Her cockiness, her loyalty to her friends; it hit close to home.

Loyalty and Trust go hand in-

Rainbow Dash look confused as Starlight and Twilight shared a smirk. "Hand? What's a hand?"

Er- slip of the tongue, I meant to say hoof in hoof. Watching you make a dash for loyalty-

Pinkie snorted and whispered."Ha, Dash for loyalty! I see what you did there!"

Rainbow Dash blinked. "Did you just-"

Absolutely, and I have no regrets. Watching you choose your friends over the shadowbolts, was really endearing.

"Huh. Hey, what's that, you're doing there?"

It was two years later and now the teenager seemed to be designing something.

Ah, in our fandom of your world, many created and began to refer to themselves by what we call a 'ponysona'; an OC (original character). This allowed them to be closer to you, or rather, you could say a part of Equestria itself.

"Sounds awesome! Not as awesome as me, mind you, but still pretty awesome!"

"Oh dah-ling that sounds fantastic, do you dress them in fashion as well?"

Oh yes, many OC wear stylish garb and if you watch you can see mine come to life.

Rainbow Dash watched in awe as the young man began to sketch out what looked to be... "Is that me?"

Snorting, Applejack called out. "Not everything is about you Rainbow!"

She is right. It is, or rather the outline of the body is. You six have what many consider the ideal pony forms. Those forms are usually used in about 90% of all OCs as a base to start with. Mine started with yours Rainbow. After all, gotta be 20% cooler than the rest, right?"

Rainbow continued to watch with fascination as the body of the pony was filled in with a rich black. The mane took on the appearance of a roaring fire complete with flecks of red and yellow. It was alive, it was dangerous. "Isn't that a bit edgy?"

At that moment Rarity responded to her. "Dah-ling, that color combo works so well together, it's bold and daring. Plus in our world that would definitely make an impression. After all aside Nightmare Moon that one time, when have we ever seen a black pony? Let alone one with a fiery mane? I think it looks marvelous dah-ling."

Exactly!Finally somepony gets it! It isn't because it's edgelord-based. Red and black are my favorite colors. Like you said Rarity, in Equestria, it would be something special to see.

"A-are those b-bat wings?"

Yes Fluttershy, they are. I love bats and thought a thestral or batpony would be something truly special.

"Dah-ling that purple couture is truly lovely."

The teen had slowly included a purple bandanna wrapped across the neck. The eyes were shaded in an icy blue.

The hovering pegasus grinned. "It is pretty awesome. But what's happening now?"

The Window of Time had sped up, once more to present day. And an eager adolescent was writing the latest in a series of fanfictions while the show played in the background.

I was never able to focus, being diagnosed with ADHD. Though when your show came on, for half an hour my mind could slow down and I could just be in the moment of Equestria that graced my screen. It was truly wonderful.

The last episode faded from the screen as the young man, smiling, started watching another episode, once more continuing to write.

I learned many things from you ponies, but my favorite lesson would be: We are all different. I became more open and willing to discuss my interest with people. The show helped me understand that different people have different interests. The fact they had those opinions shouldn't bother me, I should be glad they have them and celebrate what makes us unique. For opening my eyes, you helped me make new friends and brighten my world. And for that, you will always matter. You definitely made a difference.


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You ladies are truly unique and special; a beacon for all, but for me another resonated more in your world.

Six of the mares looked at each other in confusion. It wasn’t one of them? Starlight, however, took a step forward and with a warm smile on her face, spoke up. “How intriguing! Would you mind telling us who it was for you then?”


“Come again, Sugarcube?”

“Wait what?”

“I-I must not have heard correctly.”

Surprisingly, it was Starlight the came to the voice’s defense. “I get it, the allure of the forbidden. Something that shouldn’t be but still is so fascinating.”

Wait, you understand?

Starlight laughed. “I grew up blasting death metal in my parent’s house. I’m sure you’ve seen it, my edgily designed room. I completely get it.”

It wasn’t just the taboo of her evil, but also the desire to fill her thirst for love. Not to mention, at least for me, she was a blank slate. No past, no origin. The temptation of filling it in myself, was so exciting; a mother to her hive, a heroic message to push on, no matter how tough life gets.

Twilight scuffed at the ground with her hoof. “I guess I never saw her in that light. When you put it that way, even I can see the allure of her, especially in literature. Alright so you admire Queen Chrysalis, but what got you into watching our show?”

To be honest, my first encounter with the fandom began with some random pictures; depicting your birth, Twilight.

“You saw my...Birth? That’s uh- Something you don’t hear everyday.”

Rarity’s eyebrows raised. “Surely there was more to it, Dah-ling.”

It was quite strange for me too. Eye-catching to be sure. I don’t remember much of my first foray into the fandom, but one thing does stand out amongst all my memories. You see, I found myself staring at the most immaculate of fan art. It captivated me and upon seeing it, I was hooked, I just had to know more.

Starlight’s voice was filled with curiosity as she asked. “What was it?”

A picture, created by the artist Ziom05. It depicted Chrysalis amongst her Changeling brethren, before the redemption of the Changelings. It was done with such grace and flair; the absolute power in her eyes, her bestial authority over her kind. She knew what she wanted, and it was easy to see how passionate the artist was about the show. Upon seeing that, I just had to know why. What was it about a show featuring pastel colored ponies that could spark such emotion; such creativity? What was it that made My Little Pony so special? I had to know, to see it for myself.

“So that must mean you started watching us in the second season?”

Oh Pinkie, you and your glorious 4th wall-breaking. No, I actually started at the beginning; starting with episode one.

“Wait...Chrysalis, appeared in the finale of season two, so it couldn’t have been just her you liked about the show.”

That’s right.

“Then what was it Sugarcube?”

I desired an escape from the turmoils of life. In your world I found solace; you see, I’ve always enjoyed the realm of fantasy and RPGs. Equestria and you girls, offered the chance to *visit* such a realm and one that lived *mostly* in harmony. It was an escape from the humdrum of everyday life. It made me smile.

With a giggle and now holding a bunch of balloons from goodness knows where, in her hoof, Pinkie piped up. “It was fun.”

It really was. A party for the ages. Like every party however, the music has to stop eventually.

“Is this goodbye then?”

No, Twilight it’s not goodbye. Goodbyes are permanent. This party maybe over, but that does not mean another one is not beginning. So no, I won't say goodbye. Goodbyes are for sad endings and bitter departures. This... Is a new beginning, a new journey, a ride that never ends. Besides... There are always reboots! Until we meet again, my friends!

Chuck Daddy

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As the last words faded away silence blanketed the realm. Pinkie’s expression grew hopeless, as the smile faded from her face. “The party...Is over?”

Her eyes seemed to dull as the strange normally comical sound of a deflating balloon was heard; her tail and mane draped lifelessly. “Is it really the end?”

Her friends stood there in silence as they tried to find the words to cheer up their friend.

Why does the party have to end?

It was a new voice; one of a teasing nature. It seemed reluctant to speak at all, yet making the effort to at the same time. “I suppose you are another of our lovely audience Dah-ling?”

That’s right Rarity. I heard my favorite party pony lamenting and I came to give her a smile, just as she has given me for years. I guess you could say I’m a friend you haven’t met yet.

It was like a magic spell. The instant Pinkie heard those words, she grew excited and her mane went back to poofy almost instantly. “A new friend? I love making new friends! Tell me all about yourself! How did you come to know us?”

It all began seven years ago, in 2012 when Fluttershy was swearing like a sailor. I-

“Hold on a cotton pickin’ minute there. Fluttershy has never swore in her life!”

You’re right Applejack, she hasn’t; in the show itself, that is. On a special media site known as Youtube. It was a different story. A clip from your show had been dubbed with profanity and was rather hilarious, it was Also the first time I ever saw you ponies.

Though I thought nothing of it. Just another cartoon clip. It actually wasn’t until months later when I began to see your faces...Everywhere and grew curious once more.

“And that’s when you started watching us?”

Erm no, I was just getting to that. You see-

“Yeah, Twilight stop interrupting! This is about to get good I can feel it!”

Right you are, Pinkie. So anyways, I was intrigued by this, so I told my best friend. He then confided in me that he was a brony; and proceeded to annoyingly pester me to watch the show for the next few weeks on end afterwards.
I admit, at first I was stubborn about my refusal to watch your show. I was a man, not some young girl; what could your show possibly have that appealed to me?

Starlight nodded in agreement as Twilight told the others. “To be fair, our show was originally meant to appeal to young girls.”

“Oh, Twilight, even you cannot deny we made awesome toys.-”

“SHHHHHH, I’m trying to hear the story!”

Thanks Pinkie, where was I, oh right. Heh. Like the mighty Colorado River against the rocks; a Grand Canyon was eventually worn into my stubbornness. I sat down to watch an episode. It was about the time of Bridal Gossip that I became truly enthralled by the magic your world.

“Dah-ling, Season One barely showed much of who we are, though.”

“Shush Rar!”

I disagree. In Season One we got to see the core of whom you were; everything from qualities to quirks. It is true that you grew and matured far greater over time, but the purity of which you were allowed us to notice that growth later on. Hey wait a minute...You seem very well informed of your own show. Have-Have you girls always been aware of us watching you?

There was a scuffling of hooves as Twilight stepped forward and spoke up. “No, not at first. In fact it wasn’t until right before “The Ending Of The End- Part 2”, that Pinkie told us the secret she had been keeping.”

Turning to look at Pinkie for a moment she shook her head as the party pony waved back. “It was all so surreal, a few years for us was a decade for you. We thought she was crazy...At first. As we thought about it, however, it began to make sense.”

Fluttershy chimed in. “Yeah...E-Especially after she showed us all her visits to that Bronycon-”

Bronycon? I thought that cosplay was way too realistic. Wait a minute...Pinkie knows about Bronycon? I mean I understand she can break the fourth wall but Bronycon is almost 100% fan based. How in the name of friendship did she attend Bronycon?

Pinkie gave a small giggle. “What in Equestria makes you think I would ever miss such a large party?”

She proudly pulled a lanyard with an id attached to it out of her mane. “I’ve been to all of them; each crazier and more exciting than the last. The music videos were fun to dance to. Who doesn’t love a fun singalong? Though to be honest, my absolute favorite thing to see, was how amazing all the attendees got along with each other. It was everything we hold dear, the elements alive and connecting powerfully with you all-”

Pausing to pull a cupcake from her mane, Pinkie paused to take a bite, chewing it thoughtfully and swallowing before continuing. “Mmmm frosting...Oh right, anyway that’s why we gave you all a heartfelt farewell, before the broadcast from our world was severed.”

Wait...You sent us a message? When?

Starlight stepped forward and spoke up, explaining what it was the pink earthpony had been alluding to. “We found out from Pinkie that “The Ending of the End Part 2” was meant to be...Well the finale; the official end of our show. After seeing everything your fandom did in our honor we wanted to show our appreciation.”

But I thought the Epilogue was the last episode.

“It was Dah-ling, but it wasn’t from the studio. We made that for all of you. Quite fabulous if I do say so myself.”

Rarity brushed her mane with her hoof as she spoke, a dramatic flair in her voice. Applejack gave a slight laugh. “Honestly, it was probly th’ best idea we’ve had yet.”

Rainbow Dash chimed in with a smug grin. “Definitely 20% cooler, at the very least.”

Amidst the laughter that ensued, Starlight explained. “We couldn’t leave it with such an offputting episode. After everything you humans did, but we weren’t sure how to say thank you. We ended up showing everypony in Ponyville. Got to say it was quite a celebrated sight and Lyra lost her sh-”

An angry glare from Fluttershy caused Starlight to backpedal quickly. “I mean, lost her mind-”

Fluttershy’s glare changed to a happy smile as Starlight continued. “Seeing that actual humans do exist. Everypony agreed, we had to do something for such a creative fandom. Mixing magic with live action, we...Hijacked...The network and created the Epilogue episode. We wanted you to see where we ended up as a result, how far our lives had gone. We wanted-

To give us closure. Wow. Not going to lie, I’m a bit surprised. So that is what you meant by did we make a difference; if we got your message or not. That is truly amazing. Oh, would you look at the time...I have to go now, but I do have my own message of hope for you all and particularly you, Pinkie.

When a game at a party ends, the party still goes on. As long as the patrons are still able, new games are brought out. New food graces the table. It may be true your show has ended in our world, but your messages still live. The game may have ended, Pinkie, but isn’t life the biggest party of all?

So if that is the case, why does the party ever have to end?

Something to think about. Take care, friends.

Tank Drill

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That’s pretty cool you mares use Youtube. I love technology myself. My name is Tank, Tank Drill- I mean. And I am a huge fan of the show as well.

Twilight Sparkle cocked her head, having heard the new voice, a curious expression on her face. “What is ‘technology’?

I have always loved that curious nature of yours, Twilight. Technology is what the people of my realm use as a blanket term to describe electronics, such as the computer you used to search Youtube, vehicles to move around and ways to communicate. Advances in society for things to become more convenient are also included in this blanket terminology.

Twilight spoke her thoughts as she pieced together the information she had been given. “Electronics...Computer...Oh! You mean the magically infused devices we use. Like the camera or Vinyl’s DJ Setup?”

Yes. Yes just like that. In our realm, those devices don’t use magic but harness electricity. Oh will you listen to me; time is short, and I’m getting off track? I came here to tell you how I became a fan of yours. That is if you want to hear it.

A slight blush appeared on the face of the lavender Alicorn. “Oh my, I- mean, of course, I just- Do continue. Tell us all about it!

I was 17 years of age at the time; a hopelessly confused teen. The world was a mystery. I had been given everything by my parents, having grown up a military brat. My full head of red hair was thinning, and my weight continuously fluctuated with my metabolism. My shoe size was 17.

“Pardon me, Dah-ling, but what an odd detail to mention. Why specify your shoe size?”

I’m not sure, Rarity, I guess it’s because I was always given compliments or 'wowed' and surprised expressions about my shoe size. I was the family member with the biggest feet.

The alabaster-furred Unicorn placed a hoof under her chin in thought for a moment before speaking. “Are your sure it was the size and not the shoes themselves, Dah-ling. Fashion is after all eye-catching.”

“Ahem- This discussion of your shoe size is fascinating mine is an 4, but perhaps we can get back on topic. I believe you were telling us about your first experience with the fandom?”

Oh yes, sorry Starlight, it was 2012 and thinking about it, I was watching a Youtube Channel known as Death Battle when I saw a Smiling pink pony thumbnail on my YouTube Recommendations sidebar. The thumbnail led to a video that was named Smile HD; featuring Pinkie Pie. So I gave it a click and man it was a doozy.

Twilight seemed to understand and nodded her head to the explanation. AppleJack however wasn’t as tech savvy as Pinkie or Twilight and asked. “What’s a channel? Like what Ah use ta water mah crops?”

Pinkie whispered back. “No. The usernames located under the video go to the users channel page by clicking it. Those are the channel names.”

Starlight’s voice echoed within the subspace as she called out to the others. “Everypony shush! This is exciting. So what happened next Tank?”

Much to my horrid surprise of the video, it opened up the YouTube 'Vault' to other fan made videos. More videos of My Little Pony fans began to appear within my recommendations. I was captivated by them. I even dragged my brother, who's no longer active within the fandom; to become a brony with the same video. We both are goofy individuals and give certain things a 'shot' in the dark. A good example was Cinderella III... It was a good movie and we had time to waste. So, we gave Season One a shot… Then Season Two... Then, together, we caught up to Season three... We couldn’t stop and were drawn in. We loved your world and the lives you led.

Rarity chimed in this time with. “What’s this ‘Cinderella III’ you mentioned, Dahling?”

Well actually it’s-


Pinkie Pie was suddenly wearing a traffic cops uniform and holding up a shiny red STOP sign. “That isn’t something we need to discuss.”

Alright, fair enough.

Pinkie casually removed her sash and tossed away the STOP sign; both disappearing without a trace. None of the other ponies seemed to question it and after a moment of awkward silence, Tank began speaking once more.

Where was I? Oh, that’s right, how you changed my life.

There was a pause as though the speaker was thinking. Twilight found herself wondering what it was that was going through Tank Drill’s mind. What memories or events could she have, amongst the others, possibly influenced in this curious individual’s lifetime? She didn’t have to wait for too long before Tank shared his memories with her, with them.

In many ways, you opened up my shell, like Twilight to make more friends weather physically or digitally. It brought me into a writing hobby that was shut off due to how... Cringe as it was. I refined it and posted my first story after a few years of watching the show. My brother and I went to Conventions together and found several Brony's dotted around. I was brave enough to go to the Brony Convention in St. Louis called the Crystal Fair. It was a small convention, but it had heart... Pun intended.

Pinkie Pie gave a snort of appreciation at the bad pun, while her friends gave a loud groan. Twilight however, smiled; her eyes glowing with the light of joy that such a recollection brings. “These conventions seem like truly magical places for your kind, Tank.”

Due to financial issues, I could only go to places that were nearby. I didn't really mind that at the time, I only wanted to go to conventions and the Crystal Fair was a great place for me to start. Meeting other people who have the same interests as you is amazing and makes the convention or any Pony convention comfortable. Not all of them are comfortable for being there, but the majority are. One of the things I love to do is collect art from small vendors in the Artist's section. If they offer it, I'll commission them on the spot. A good example is that I commission a comic artist to make a front cover of Sunburst giving Starlight some crystal chocolates for Heart's and Hooves day. Anyway, I'm rambling again. I love speaking on tangents here and there; I hope you don't mind.

As Starlight’s face took on a purely Berry Red tone, Fluttershy gave a slight giggle and responded in her gentle way. “Not at all, I’m enjoying this hehe *Ahem* immensely.”

Twilight grinned. “I would love to hear more about how Starlight-”


Starlight’s face was shrouded in her hooves from embarrassment. “Please stop.”

I would love to tell you more but work is calling. I do however have one final message for you all. Rainbow Dash never give up on your dreams whether it would be the Wonderbolts or in flying in general. Applejack, love your family with all your heart...bzzzt…zzzhsph

Looking over at Pinkie, Twilight asked anxiously. “Pinkie what’s going on? Why all the static?”

Fluttershy, don't stop being cute with Discord and Angel bunny...zzzpt bzzt…

Fluttershy was smiling at the compliment as the strange static noise persisted. Pinkie shouted back. “I think the connection’s becoming unstable!”

Rarity, keep on loving fashion, but know what your customer wants in advance before giving them...shhhzbt zzzpt…

Rarity’s eyes went wide as she practically screamed. “Before giving them what, Dah-ling?”

Placing a hoof on her forehead Rarity passed out into Twilight’s hooves. She moaned dramatically. “Oh, of all the worst possible things!”

Pinkie... Just never stop being you; you're a light that gives everyone happiness...ssszt bzzzpt…

Pinkie Pie took a moment to stop fiddling with a strange device in her hooves. “Will do Tank, I’ll let Cheese know you said Hi!”

Immediately after saying this, Pinkie went back to fiddling with what looked like a TV remote. “I’m on it Twilight!”

Starlight, your a wonderful Principal of the School of Friendship and I'm sure...spzzt...Trixie and Sunburst...bzzzt...you can lead a generation in the right direction.

“Pinkie! The static’s getting louder!”

“Working on it!”

Starlight raised a hoof to the sky as Twilight and Pinkie argued about the collapsing connection to the real world. “Here, here!”

Finally Twilight, the whole reason why I'm here in the first place. Seeing you grow into who you are today gives me courage to move forward. I'll never stop reading, writing, making art, talking, working, driving, anything thanks to you...bzzt...szzt.

Twilight stopped trying to take the remote from Pinkie and grinned. “Aw thanks, I could never have gotten this far without my friends. I’m sure you’ll achieve great works with yours as well, one day...Pinkie stop pressing buttons!”

“Got it!”

With a cry of triumph, Twilight pressed a purple button on the remote and suddenly the static faded as Tank gave them a final, final thought. One they would never forget.

With how I was introduced to the show, you all helped me through life with its ups and downs. Without this show I would've been a super introverted guy who barely interacts with the outside world. Today, I'm still introverted, but with mixtures of an extrovert within. I'd say you all made a difference in my life as a whole. Never stop being who you are, and I'm sure you'll lead Equestria to greatness. Most of all, I love you all from the bottom of my heart.

Falsetto Note

View Online

Sitting together in a circle, the seven best friends chatted amongst themselves. In-between them sat a picnic basket.

“Great idea to grab some food, Fluttershy.”

The pale-yellow Pegasus gave a soft smile as she gingerly took a sip from a cup of tea.

“T-Thanks Starlight, Pinkie did all the hard work. Though-”

She set down the tea cup, pausing her words as she did so. She seemed to have something on her mind; confirmed by a worried expression that crossed her face. Her eyes appeared watery as she finished her thoughts.

“Why are we still here? Shouldn’t we be moving on?”

Her friends took pause as they thought about her words. After sharing an exchange of glances with Twilight, Pinkie shook her head, doing her best to hide a smile.

“We can’t go yet, silly filly! We’re still missing someone!”

Fluttershy’s eyes stopped watering and she just stared at Pinkie in confusion.

“B-but isn’t everypony here?”

That’s when the mysterious guest arrived in the form of another voice; everywhere and nowhere at once; in the void. And he seemed to be rather excited to talk to them.

Hey Fluttershy. It's a pleasure to finally be meeting you. I'm Falsetto Note, and I am such a huge fan of yours.

“Oh my, um...Hello, would you like s-some tea?”

Fluttershy’s response was a little timid, having been surprised by the sudden introduction. Though with an encouraging nod from each of her friends, she began to open up.

“We also have sandwiches, I mean, if-if you want.”

While that is a very kind gesture, I came here to talk to you. I thought you might want to hear how you and the show changed my life.

Fluttershy took a small bite of her sandwich as the voice seemed to take in a deep breath. Maybe they’re as nervous as I am. She thought. After a silent moment, Falsetto began speaking to her once more.

We have a lot in common, you and I. We both started off afraid. Afraid of what others would think. Afraid to spend time with our own kind. Shying away from others to keep to ourselves; not introverts of desire, but of our own fears. Why, I remember back when I was twenty-two years old. That’s when I first learned of you girls. The year was 2014 and though the time leading up to me first seeing you was rocky, to say the least, that day I first saw you started a change in me.


He had closed himself off from others. For the past few years, he had been dealing with Schizophrenia and being placed on the spectrum back in 2011. A psychotic break had left his mind traumatized and try as he might, he just couldn’t bring himself to approach others. This didn’t mean he was without family, however. He still had his brothers, and because of them he learned of a brightly-colored world of magical ponies.

It had started off with the smallest thing; snowballing into a much larger impact. His brother had watched up to five episodes on Netflix before stopping. His curiosity piqued as he noticed the colorful animation especially since his brother, of all people, had watched past the pilot. His brother had gotten to the point where he no longer seemed to care about animated ventures; it intrigued him. If that was the case, why then? Why would he bother to watch such an obvious cartoon for the young generation?


Fidgeting with the stetson upon her head, Applejack spoke up; her quaint, yet warm accent coming forth.

“Ta be honest Sugarcube, we’ve been wonderin’ that about you ‘bronies’ fer th’ longest time.”

There are many reasons that many pick from:

‘The animation was pleasant to look at.’ ‘The characters were likable and relatable.’

‘Those songs I thought were of much better quality than I'd previously come across.’and of course, ‘The morals were quite important as well as being unique in several cases.’

Though I suppose for myself, it was something else. You see for me, you all; the Mane Six became an extended family. Witnessing your actions gave me the strength to forge a bridge to the outside world; to socialize with others.

Fluttershy watched in silence as the young man stared intently at the television, he seemed a little stressed; as though the concept of doing so was brand new to him. That was, until Fluttershy met Twilight.

“I-Im Flutter-shee”

Some things can’t be explained in this world, it was almost like a strange magical spell. As he saw her on the screen, he immediately formed a connection; she was just like him. How? He did not know yet, but the gaze in her eyes had him convinced she had a heart of gold.

He was drawn in by her love of animals; having had multiple pets, himself, in the past. His tenseness faded and he relaxed; she was a kindred spirit who knew the harsh tribulations of making friends. In that colorful pony he found something he hadn’t known in a long time. In her eyes was the gaze of a friend. His family had been mostly supportive of him, but outside of them friends were hard to come by.

Fluttershy seemed taken aback by the intensity of the scene, though only for a moment. Then she smiled.

“Having more friends is always a po-positive , isn't it? Without mine, I would never have gotten as far as I have. W-what about you? How far have you come since then? Oh gosh, that was pretty forward w-wasn’t it? How r-rude of me.”

No, no that’s quite alright. Actually there was something major that happened in the Fall of 2017. You see, thanks to your show; I explored other avenues of MLP. I found myself on a Brony Community website, and ended up talking to a Pegasister. We talked for hours and then days, getting to know each other better. That’s when the Fall of ‘17 came about, and we decided to attend a showing of the My Little Pony movie together. It was our first date. She has a few of your treasured characteristics, actually; both Kindness and a gentle heart. Though, it wasn’t only her who was excited but I was as well. Me! Thanks to your wonderful lessons about confidence, I proudly rose to the occasion and together we had an outing to remember.

Fluttershy jumped up and down, squealing in excitement. This was just the kind of boost she needed.

“Squee~ Oh, my. That’s wonderful! And you’re still together?”

We can’t always be together, but we are still dating and very much in lo- Pinkie what are you doing?

Pinkie Pie sat off to the edge, fiddling with her strange remote and upon hearing her name glanced up.

“Hm? Oh, I just thought it would be neat for her to meet Fluttershy as well.”

Without waiting for a reply, Pinkie pressed the button on her device, and it wasn’t long until a new voice joined. The voice was full of vigor, yet soft as silk as it happily finished the Brony’s sentence.

We’re still in love, Fluttershy! Who would’ve thought a children’s television show could bring us this close together?

Fluttershy now had on a bright smile as both of the voices; Falsetto and his girlfriend, slowly faded away with one last comment from both.

Thanks for everything, you really did make a difference and we’ll always be grateful!