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Did We Make A Difference? - DougtheLoremaster

My Little Pony is over. Gen 4. The Show has ended. As they stand together before the gate into what awaits them next, Twilight asks "Did we matter? Did we make a difference?" The answer is not what she expected.

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Falsetto Note

Sitting together in a circle, the seven best friends chatted amongst themselves. In-between them sat a picnic basket.

“Great idea to grab some food, Fluttershy.”

The pale-yellow Pegasus gave a soft smile as she gingerly took a sip from a cup of tea.

“T-Thanks Starlight, Pinkie did all the hard work. Though-”

She set down the tea cup, pausing her words as she did so. She seemed to have something on her mind; confirmed by a worried expression that crossed her face. Her eyes appeared watery as she finished her thoughts.

“Why are we still here? Shouldn’t we be moving on?”

Her friends took pause as they thought about her words. After sharing an exchange of glances with Twilight, Pinkie shook her head, doing her best to hide a smile.

“We can’t go yet, silly filly! We’re still missing someone!”

Fluttershy’s eyes stopped watering and she just stared at Pinkie in confusion.

“B-but isn’t everypony here?”

That’s when the mysterious guest arrived in the form of another voice; everywhere and nowhere at once; in the void. And he seemed to be rather excited to talk to them.

Hey Fluttershy. It's a pleasure to finally be meeting you. I'm Falsetto Note, and I am such a huge fan of yours.

“Oh my, um...Hello, would you like s-some tea?”

Fluttershy’s response was a little timid, having been surprised by the sudden introduction. Though with an encouraging nod from each of her friends, she began to open up.

“We also have sandwiches, I mean, if-if you want.”

While that is a very kind gesture, I came here to talk to you. I thought you might want to hear how you and the show changed my life.

Fluttershy took a small bite of her sandwich as the voice seemed to take in a deep breath. Maybe they’re as nervous as I am. She thought. After a silent moment, Falsetto began speaking to her once more.

We have a lot in common, you and I. We both started off afraid. Afraid of what others would think. Afraid to spend time with our own kind. Shying away from others to keep to ourselves; not introverts of desire, but of our own fears. Why, I remember back when I was twenty-two years old. That’s when I first learned of you girls. The year was 2014 and though the time leading up to me first seeing you was rocky, to say the least, that day I first saw you started a change in me.


He had closed himself off from others. For the past few years, he had been dealing with Schizophrenia and being placed on the spectrum back in 2011. A psychotic break had left his mind traumatized and try as he might, he just couldn’t bring himself to approach others. This didn’t mean he was without family, however. He still had his brothers, and because of them he learned of a brightly-colored world of magical ponies.

It had started off with the smallest thing; snowballing into a much larger impact. His brother had watched up to five episodes on Netflix before stopping. His curiosity piqued as he noticed the colorful animation especially since his brother, of all people, had watched past the pilot. His brother had gotten to the point where he no longer seemed to care about animated ventures; it intrigued him. If that was the case, why then? Why would he bother to watch such an obvious cartoon for the young generation?


Fidgeting with the stetson upon her head, Applejack spoke up; her quaint, yet warm accent coming forth.

“Ta be honest Sugarcube, we’ve been wonderin’ that about you ‘bronies’ fer th’ longest time.”

There are many reasons that many pick from:

‘The animation was pleasant to look at.’ ‘The characters were likable and relatable.’

‘Those songs I thought were of much better quality than I'd previously come across.’and of course, ‘The morals were quite important as well as being unique in several cases.’

Though I suppose for myself, it was something else. You see for me, you all; the Mane Six became an extended family. Witnessing your actions gave me the strength to forge a bridge to the outside world; to socialize with others.

Fluttershy watched in silence as the young man stared intently at the television, he seemed a little stressed; as though the concept of doing so was brand new to him. That was, until Fluttershy met Twilight.

“I-Im Flutter-shee”

Some things can’t be explained in this world, it was almost like a strange magical spell. As he saw her on the screen, he immediately formed a connection; she was just like him. How? He did not know yet, but the gaze in her eyes had him convinced she had a heart of gold.

He was drawn in by her love of animals; having had multiple pets, himself, in the past. His tenseness faded and he relaxed; she was a kindred spirit who knew the harsh tribulations of making friends. In that colorful pony he found something he hadn’t known in a long time. In her eyes was the gaze of a friend. His family had been mostly supportive of him, but outside of them friends were hard to come by.

Fluttershy seemed taken aback by the intensity of the scene, though only for a moment. Then she smiled.

“Having more friends is always a po-positive , isn't it? Without mine, I would never have gotten as far as I have. W-what about you? How far have you come since then? Oh gosh, that was pretty forward w-wasn’t it? How r-rude of me.”

No, no that’s quite alright. Actually there was something major that happened in the Fall of 2017. You see, thanks to your show; I explored other avenues of MLP. I found myself on a Brony Community website, and ended up talking to a Pegasister. We talked for hours and then days, getting to know each other better. That’s when the Fall of ‘17 came about, and we decided to attend a showing of the My Little Pony movie together. It was our first date. She has a few of your treasured characteristics, actually; both Kindness and a gentle heart. Though, it wasn’t only her who was excited but I was as well. Me! Thanks to your wonderful lessons about confidence, I proudly rose to the occasion and together we had an outing to remember.

Fluttershy jumped up and down, squealing in excitement. This was just the kind of boost she needed.

“Squee~ Oh, my. That’s wonderful! And you’re still together?”

We can’t always be together, but we are still dating and very much in lo- Pinkie what are you doing?

Pinkie Pie sat off to the edge, fiddling with her strange remote and upon hearing her name glanced up.

“Hm? Oh, I just thought it would be neat for her to meet Fluttershy as well.”

Without waiting for a reply, Pinkie pressed the button on her device, and it wasn’t long until a new voice joined. The voice was full of vigor, yet soft as silk as it happily finished the Brony’s sentence.

We’re still in love, Fluttershy! Who would’ve thought a children’s television show could bring us this close together?

Fluttershy now had on a bright smile as both of the voices; Falsetto and his girlfriend, slowly faded away with one last comment from both.

Thanks for everything, you really did make a difference and we’ll always be grateful!

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not necessarily. An object that is run by magic is a magical object or magical item, full stop. A magical artifact would be a magical item/object of cultural or historical interest, since by definition that is what an artifact is. Categorically, an artifact is a TYPE of object, so really it'd just be a type of magical item/object. Usually a magical artifact is something that cannot be reproduced using known means when it comes to various fantasy settings.

So, let me make sure I understand this.
You responded to a comment I made three months afterwards,
and then, said I was wrong, just to say exactly what I did and add technicalities?
I genuinely don't get it, but okay, you win. I lose.

Quick question. Why does Rainbow Dash look ecstatic in the cover picture whereas everypony else looks sad or shocked?

Because Dash lives for the thrills and what's to come next. And what could be more thrilling than the next big adventure?
Real talk, I have no idea but I believe it's taken from a scene where the mane six got bad news and some animator thought it was hilarious. I'm afraid I did not design this cover, so I genuinely don't know.

I figured. I just thought the image was hilarious when combined with the title. Everypony else is worried and afraid while Rainbow is just like: "Alright! Let's do this!"

I know right? It's a very Dash thing to do; I feel.

Okay first off, I didn't end up saying exactly what you said with technicalities. Secondly, if you really didn't get it you wouldn't respond in such a passive aggressive manner, which frankly is childish. You said you based it off of your train of thought and that you had no evidence to the contrary. I provided that evidence for you since you didn't find any but I did. Not only that, but I even prefaced my response with "not necessarily". Another way to word that is "you're mostly right, but..." In no way did I explicitly state that you were wrong. I just stated an alternate viewpoint of a train of thought that would lead to a different conclusion, and backed it up with evidence found within pop culture AND with some basic logic.

If you can't take criticism on your reasons for worldbuilding, you'll never grow as a writer. You as the author have the final say in what goes into your stories, but that doesn't prevent what you put into your stories from being sub par in terms of the quality you're able to produce.

Hun, I'm stating you win I lose
in other words, I don't care to debate it.
Now about my aggressiveness before you write another essay: I'm sorry about that. I was up for almost 24hrs yesterday due to my PTSD Insomnia. I was indeed irritated that you responded to a 3 month old post for no other reason than to seemingly cause conflict. You provided explanations not proof to the contrary. I do not desire to debate it, that time has passed.
Just to be clear, I am not a social person. I do not talk to others well. The only reason I bother responding is I am attempting to break my anti social shell and overcome my own autistic nature. Calm down.

I can understand irritability from insomnia. I have chronic bouts of insomnia that last for days on end sometimes thanks to my own disabilities. I hope it wasn't too bad for you, I know it can get to be like your own personal hell at times.

So, did you make that comment just to have something to complain about? Or did you actually have a point? I'm kind of confused here.

If you can't find the point in my comment, you shouldn't ask that question. Plus, the entire exchange is over. Don't continue it.

That's wonderful to hear. They were pretty nervous in the interview and I'm sure showing them your comment will boost their morale. <3

That’s interesting, but that’s not what I was confused about.

alright, what's confusing?

1. Twilight asked why did it have to end and he said that he would answer with a flashback, but it didn’t.

like i told you...he is me. The answer was given. This is a meta-based story.

But, how does it explain why it ended?

This was so sweet.

Don't worry, it happens sometimes. Thanks though. Means a lot!

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