• Published 31st Aug 2019
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Romantic...Other Worlds? - TheHardie-Boy

After meeting an admittedly attractive unicorn from another world, Jake decides to see this world

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Change of plans

Today was the day. I was finally getting the chance to see the world...of Equestria. Twilight and Spike were helping me pack the rest of the stuff I’d need. I wasn’t sure how long I’d be gone, but I was for damn sure coming back.

We were at my house, and we were also moving some of the stuff I wasn’t taking with me over to Golden Oaks Library. Twilight was still strangely distraught about the whole thing, but I didn’t know why. I knew for a fact she was gonna miss me; I was gonna miss her too; but she had plenty of other friends. Either way, I knew she’d be fine.

Spike finished zipping my pack closed, giving a loud sigh. “All done, Jake. Is there anything else that needs to be moved to the library?”

I looked around at my house. What was once filled with pictures and trinkets and books and furniture was now empty. I couldn’t believe that I was actually leaving, though part of me told me not to go.

“I...think that’s everything, Spike. Thanks for helping out,” I said, scratching the little dragon on the head.

Spike giggled as I knelt down to give him a hug. “Gonna miss you, bro.”

I chuckled a little when Spike called me “bro”. The two of us were extremely close, almost as close as he was to Twilight.

Speaking of which, Twilight walked in the front door with a small, but noticeable frown. “H-Hey, guys.”

“Hey, Twilight. Is all the stuff from Jake’s place secure at the library?” Spike asked, breaking our hug.

“Yeah. Spike, would you mind giving me a minute to say goodbye to Jake?” Twilight requested.

“Of course,” Spike said, walking out the door.

Twilight closed the door behind the dragon and faced me, looking like she was holding back tears.

I knelt down to her and gave her an even tighter hug. “Look, I know you’re gonna miss me, and I’m really gonna miss you too. But this is just the best thing for me right now.”

I could hear as Twilight began to sob as I tightened the embrace. “I could never thank you for everything you’ve done for me. All I can do is say thank you, for being my friend and being there for me.” I could feel tears start to roll down my cheek and saw some fall onto Twilight’s coat.

Twilight pulled apart enough to face me and said, “I-I know there isn’t anything I can say to keep you from going, but I need to tell you something.”

Seeing Twilight like this broke my heart, so I sat back and nodded, signaling for her to continue.

“F-For a long time now, I’ve been feeling something whenever I’m around you. I’ve never felt like this before, and for a while, I had no idea what it meant. But now, I think I know what that feeling is,” Twilight lamented.

“A-And?” I asked.

“Jake...I love you. And I don’t mean like I love my friends. I love you, with all of my heart,” Twilight confessed, her eyes filled to the brim with tears.

I couldn’t find the words to respond. Twilight Sparkle, my best friend, and a princess at that, just confessed that she had feelings for me.

“H-How long?” I managed to ask.

“A few months now,” Twilight said in between sobs.

’A few months?! How did I not notice’

Twilight looked down, making circles with her hoof. “I’m sorry. I’m not trying to keep you from leaving, I just-”

“Why didn’t you tell me this?” I cut her off.

Twilight looked back up at me. The look she gave me just melted my heart. I could see it now. I could see the love she had for me in her eyes.

“I-I was afraid that if I told you, especially now, you’d get mad and not want to be my friend anymore,” Twilight confessed.

Once again, words temporarily failed me. “Twilight...I-”

I was abruptly woken by the obnoxious sound of an alarm clock. I grunted and looked around. Sunset was clinging to my side, a wide smile on her face. She was slowly beginning to wake up as well.

’It was all a dream’ I thought to myself.

It was then that I realized I was wearing...well, nothing. I shuddered as the events of last night came rushing back to me.

Sunset reluctantly got out of bed, and I shuddered as I saw that...neither was she. I swear, my heart skipped at least three beats right then.

“Uh, Sunset?” I said.

Sunset looked at me and turned a deep shade of red. She quickly grab my shirt off the floor and used it to cover herself. “Y-Yeah?”

“D-Did we...do it?” I asked.

“Yes, we did, Jake. Do you not remember?” Sunset responded.

“Not really. My mind kinda stopped working after you took off that robe,” I confessed.

“Umm...why don’t I get ready for school and we’ll talk about this later?” Sunset requested.

I felt my face heat up a little more. “G-Good idea.”

After Sunset left the room, only one question ran through my head.

’What would have happened of Twilight had confessed her love for me before I left?’

I was sitting on the couch as Sunset came out of her room with her backpack. She took a seat across from me and looked at me.

“Now, I know the conversation we’re about to have is bound to be a little awkward, but I’m willing to put up with it if you are,” Sunset stated.

“Of course,” I agreed.

“Good. Now, what exactly is the last thing you remember?”

I thought on this for a moment. “Let’s see, the last thing I remember is being pushed back onto the bed, and you taking off that robe. After that, everything gets a little fuzzy.”

Sunset nodded. “Mhmm, why do you think that is?”

I chuckled a little as I felt myself heat up again. “Well, that one’s obvious. You’re a total babe.”

Sunset blushed a little and smiled. “Aww, you’re sweet. Any other questions?”

“Well, first I should ask the obvious. You aren’t gonna get...pregnant, are you?”

Sunset shook her head. “No, no, no, I’m on the pill; you’re fine.”

“Okay, that’s really my biggest concern. Though, I do have a few more questions.”

Sunset pulled out her phone. “Alright. I have some time before I need to get going. Ask away. And don’t be afraid of things getting awkward; that’s impossible to avoid right now.”

I knew the first thing I wanted to ask, but I for some reason couldn’t get the words out. “Was I...good?”

Sunset’s gaze turned somewhat dreamy, like she was having a daydream right there. “Ohhoho, Jake, you were amazing. Once we got going, you really took charge. I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoyed that.”

“Well, now I wish I remembered it,” I mumbled to myself. “Now, don’t take this the wrong way, but did I...shout any of the wrong names?”

Sunset snorted before completely breaking down in front of me, falling to her side on the couch. “N-No, Jake, you didn’t shout any of the wrong names.”

I let Sunset calm down a little, joining in myself for a bit, before I asked my next question. “Why?”

“Well, don’t take this the wrong way, but I kinda told Princess Twilight that I’d see if it were possible for you two to get intimate like that,” Sunset explained.

“Oh? And is it?” I asked.

“Yes it is, and considering how much you two love each other, she’s gonna like it just as much as I did, if not more,” Sunset smirked.

I looked down. How could I never notice Twilight might want to be more intimate with me?

“I have one more question, but I’m looking for advice more than anything with this one,” I said, rubbing my neck.


I took a breath and said, “Last night, after we...finished, I had a dream. It was about something that happened two years ago, before I went on my journey across Equestria. Twilight confessed her feelings for me, but that’s not how it happened in real life. What do you think that means?”

Sunset tilted her head and thought for a moment. “That’s an easy one. You love Princess Twilight the most.”

I shook my head furiously. “No, no, that can’t be it. I make it a point not to hold favorites.”

“I get it, Jake, but hear me out. From what you and Twilight told me, she was your best friend for years, long before she met me and my friends. And, I think, subconsciously, you’ve loved Princess Twilight long before you think. And it makes sense, I have no hard feelings. And I doubt Starlight would either,” Sunset explained.

I looked away on thought. What Sunset said made sense; knowing Twilight loved me for all those years, I love her that much more. She means more to me than the world itself. Of course, that’s not to say I don’t love Starlight and Sunset too.

I pulled Sunset into a hug. “T-Thanks, Sunset. You really put things into perspective for me. I don’t know how to thank you.”

“I know the perfect way you can thank me,” Sunset replied, pulling apart to see me. “Today, while I’m at school, talk to Princess Twilight, using my journal. Then, when you go back to Equestria, I want you to show Princess Twilight the best time of her life.”

My heart skipped a beat when Sunset finished.

Sunset stood up and pulled her backpack over her shoulder. “I’ve gotta get going. Since I have school the rest of the week, I wouldn’t mind if you decided to go back early, so long as you say goodbye.”

With one final blown kiss, Sunset walked out the door.

I sat on the couch, Sunset’s journal next to me. I was trying to figure out what to say to Twilight to tell her how much I love her.

Twilight? Are you there?

I took a moment to read the conversation Twilight and Sunset had the day before. Yep, Twilight has been wanting to get closer to me.

Yeah, I’m here, Sunset

I raised the pen to the page and prepared to write.

Actually, it’s Jake

Oh, hey, Jake. I thought you didn’t want me to use this to talk to you

I know, but I wanted to talk to you

Umm, okay. How’ve you been?

Great. You?


I paused to think of something to keep the conversation going.

I miss you

You have no idea how much I miss you too. It’s been lonely here without you

How are Starlight and Spike?

Fine. Speaking of Spike, though, have you met my counterpart’s dog?

No, why do you ask?

One, it’s Spike’s counterpart; and two, get this, he can talk

I looked up from the journal. Did she just say the Twilight here had a talking dog? I shook it off and kept writing.

Can I tell you something?

Of course!

I’m sorry I left you

Jake, I’m the one who tried to hide the portal from you

It’s not that. I meant, I’m sorry I left two years ago

Oh, well you have nothing to apologize for. You said it was the best thing for you at the time

Well, I was wrong. You were the best thing for me. You still are the best thing for me

Is it not going well at Sunset’s?

I chuckled a little as a tear fell onto the page.

’Same old Twilight’

Things are great over here, but what I mean is, I could never possibly tell you how much I love you, or how sorry I am that I left you before you could tell me how you felt, and even more sorry that you didn’t get to tell me yourself

Jake, I don’t know what to say

I’m gonna come back tomorrow, at the end of the day. When I get back, I promise to never leave you again

What about Sunset?

It was her idea

I tried to imagine Twilight’s reaction to reading this in Equestria.

Oh Jake, you have no idea how much it means to me for you to see that. I love you, and I can’t wait until you get back

I closed the journal and hugged it like it were Twilight herself.

Back in Equestria, Twilight wrapped her hooves and wings around her journal as if it were Jake, with tears rolling down her face. She could in no way contain her excitement.

Suddenly, the doors to the library opened, revealing Starlight Glimmer.

“Hey, Twilight. Is something wrong?” Starlight asked.

Twilight shook her head. “No, things couldn’t be better right now.”

Starlight walked up to the couch and took a seat next to her mentor. “What’s going on?”

“Jake said he’s coming back tomorrow instead of the end of the week,” Twilight said through her tears.

Starlight’s face lit up like a lightbulb. “That’s great! But, are things not going well with Sunset?”

“Jake said they were fine. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if Jake considered her part of the herd. I’m just so Happy Jake’s coming back early.”

Starlight and Twilight hugged on the couch until they left for their bedrooms.

Author's Note:

Surprisingly, the next chapter will be the last, so look forward to that