• Published 31st Aug 2019
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Romantic...Other Worlds? - TheHardie-Boy

After meeting an admittedly attractive unicorn from another world, Jake decides to see this world

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Mirrored (by Peni Parker)

Author's Note:

Hey guys,
So, just to be safe, I'm gonna add the 'Sex' tag. I'm not entirely sure it's necessary, but better safe than sorry

"I-I...uh, I just...wha-wha...I-um...I......WHAT?!" Jake Taylor babbled as he tried to process what he was experiencing.

When Sunset Shimmer told Jake that her friends would look, sound, and act extremely familiar, she neglected to mention that they would look, sound, and act almost exactly like his friends in Equestria. The similarities were uncanny, so much so that Jake was having trouble wrapping his head around the cosmic-level implications that they might represent.

“You alright there, sugarcube?” the girl in the cowboy hat, who was obviously Applejack, asked him. “You’re lookin paler than a chicken in a fox den.”

Jake quickly turned to Sunset as he struggled to keep his composure.

“Sunset, can I, uh...can I talk to you for a moment?” he asked, sounding like he was about to have a full-blown freak-out.

“Uh, sure,” Sunset calmly replied, sensing Jake’s current state of distress. “Be right back guys.”

As Jake and Sunset walked over to a nearby fountain, the girl in the teal shirt and dark purple skirt, whom Jake had figured was Rarity, spoke up.

“What a strange fellow,” she commented.

“I’ll say,” the girl with the rainbow hair, clearly Rainbow Dash, agreed.

“I don’t know, I think he’s kind of…cute,” the girl with the glasses, who could only be Twilight, commented.

Once Jake and Sunset were alone by the fountain, Jake made all of his thoughts and feeling known.

“Wha-What the hell, Sunset?” He remarked in a muted, yet unsettled, manner.

“What? I told you my friends would seem familiar,” Sunset reminded him, trying to sound as calming as possible.

“Yeah, well, ‘familiar’ isn’t the word I would’ve used,” Jake retorted, his voice growing in volume. “They’re literally my friends from Equestria, just as humans.”

“Jake, calm down,” Sunset tried to tell him before he created a scene.

“I mean, is this whole world is just some kind of spin-off of Equestria?” Jake continued, ignoring Sunset.

“Jake!” Sunset sternly exclaimed as she told hold of both his shoulders. “I need you to calm down.”

Jake stared at Sunset and managed to calm down a little. Once she let go of his shoulders, he took a seat on the edge of the fountain.

“I’m sorry, Sunset,” he apologized. “It’s just, this whole world has been a bit of a shock so far. Twilight told me it wasn’t exactly like the world I came from, but I wasn’t expecting it to be so much like Equestria.”

Sunset sat down next to Jake, feeling a bit responsible for his current state.

“I’m sorry too, Jake,” she said. “I should’ve been more direct and forward about my friends. This may be a world of humans, but yes, it’s very similar to Equestria in a number of ways, including the people. Forgive me?”

“There’s nothing to forgive, Sunset, you didn’t do anything wrong.” Jake explained as he took hold of Sunset’s right hand, causing the girl to blush. “Now come on, I’d like to go meet your friends, for real.”

Sunset didn’t say anything right away as she was too focused on Jake’s hand holding hers. Even though this wasn’t the first time there’d been physical contact between them, there was something different about them holding hands. It made her feel warm…in her heart.

“O-Okay,” she eventually, and bashfully, replied as the two of them stood up and made their way back over to Sunset’s friends, still holding hands.

Sunset’s friends had been discussing various things amongst themselves while Jake and Sunset were off talking by the fountain. The bubbly pink girl, Pinkie Pie, was the first to notice that the two friends were on their way back over to them.

“Oh my gosh, look! They’re holding hands!” she pointed out to the rest of the group.

All of the girls gave an audible gasp upon seeing Jake and Sunset holding hands.

“Oh my, are they dating?” The long, pink haired girl, Fluttershy, asked.

“I bet they are~!” Rarity flamboyantly remarked.

“Come on guys, they’re not dating,” Twilight nervously spoke up. “If they were, Sunset probably would’ve told us. They’re just…close…is all.”

The group stopped talking as soon as Jake and Sunset were within earshot.

“Sorry about that, guys,” Sunset apologized to the group.

“Totally my fault,” Jake interjected. “I have, um, social anxiety sometimes. Anyway, it’s nice to meet you all. I’m Jake Taylor.”

Both Jake and Sunset couldn’t help but notice the various suggestive stares they were receiving. That’s when they noticed they were still holding hands. They quickly ceased the gesture and tried to down-play any meaning it held.

"So...what was that?" Pinkie asked in a suggestive tone.

“Uh, I was just holding Jake's hand to, um, help with his anxiety,” Sunset nervously explained, but the blush on her face suggested otherwise.

“Sure you were, Sunset,” Rainbow Dash acerbically remarked before turning towards Jake. “I’m Rainbow Dash, and that’s Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, and Twilight.”

The girls gave various ‘Hello’s and ‘Hi’s to Jake before they proceeded with the inevitable barrage of questions.

“So, Jake, how do you know Sunset?” Rarity asked, in an almost prodding fashion.

Jake was unsure how to answer Rarity’s question. Sunset had mentioned that her friends knew a little about him, but he wasn’t sure if she’d told them about how’d been living in Equestria for the last four years. He looked over to Sunset as if pleading with her to field the question.

“Oh, Jake and I met when I went to visit Princess Twilight. He lives with her,” Sunset brazenly said.

“What?!” the group collectively exclaimed.

Even Jake was a bit surprised. He hadn’t expected Sunset to reveal that he was from Equestria just yet.

“You’re from Equestria like Sunset?” Fluttershy meekly asked.

“Well, not exactly,” Jake replied, feeling like he’d just gone from the frying pan, directly into the fire. “See, I’m actually from a different human world, and I somehow ended up in Equestria four years ago. Twilight...Princess Twilight took me in, and I’ve been staying with her ever since. Well, except for the parts where I traveled Equestria for a while.”

“You’re originally from another human world?!” Twilight stated as she invaded Jake’s personal space.

“Um, yeah,” Jake clarified, feeling a little uncomfortable with how close Twilight was to him at the moment.

“Oh. My. Gosh! I have so many questions!” the glasses-wearing girl excitedly shouted. “What’s your world like? Is it similar to this one? How exactly did you end up in Equestria? Did you become a pony while there? Have you had relations with ponies? What are…”

“Okay, Twi, I think you’re overwhelming Jake a bit,” Sunset interjected as she backed the girl up a few steps.

“S-Sorry,” Twilight embarrassingly apologized.

“It’s fine, Twilight.” Jake assured her. “I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have. How about we all get something to eat and talk?”

The girls all agreed to Jake’s suggestion and headed to the food court. Once they got some food the questions resumed. Much to Jake’s relief, the questions weren’t too personal. They were mostly things like “How do you like living in Equestria?” and “Do you miss your world?”. He was afraid that Twilight or one of the others would ask about his relationships with ponies again, but thankfully no one did. Eventually, Sunset’s friends left one-by-one for various reasons, telling Jake that it was nice meeting him just before leaving. Soon enough, it was just Jake, Sunset, and Twilight.

“I have to go to the bathroom, be right back,” Sunset said as she got up from the table, leaving Jake and Twilight alone for a few minutes.

“Hey, Jake,” Twilight solemnly spoke up once Sunset was gone. “I’m really sorry about earlier. I let my curiosity get the better of me and got carried away with my questions. I shouldn’t have asked you about such personal things.”

“It’s alright, Twilight.” Jake ardently replied. “I understand your curiosity, I was the same way when I first got to Equestria. I was so full of questions that I started rambling and Princess Twilight actually had to put her hooves over my mouth to get me to stop.”

Twilight giggled at the thought of Princess Twilight doing such a thing to Jake.

"Also, I live with Princess Twilight, remember?" Jake added.

Twilight went from giggling to full-on laughing at Jake's comment.

“You’re a really nice guy, Jake,” she sweetly remarked after she had calmed down.

“Well, I try,” Jake humbly jested, causing the two of them to share another laugh just as Sunset returned.

“Wow, you two seem to have become friends quickly,” Sunset commented as she sat back down at the table, wondering what it was that Jake and Twilight were laughing about.

“Well, Jake’s just a really sweet guy,” Twilight said as she slyly placed her left hand over Jake’s right hand, causing Jake to involuntarily shiver.

Twilight’s actions didn’t go unnoticed by Sunset.

“Okay, well, we really have get going now, right Jake?” She anxiously said as she once again got up from the table, this time grabbing Jake’s left arm and dragging him behind her.

“Um, yeah, I guess so,” Jake confusedly replied. “See ya', Twilight.”

“Goodbye, Jake,” Twilight called out back to him.

As Sunset dragged Jake through the mall, he got the strangest feeling of déjà vu.

Sunset took Jake back to her apartment, where she proceeded to vent her frustrations about what had just happened at the mall.

“Ugh, I can’t believe Twilight got that fresh with you!” she shouted, pacing back and forth in front of the couch Jake was sitting on, wearing purple pajamas with her Cutie Mark on her chest. “This is supposed to be our time to get to know each other better, our date!”

“Well, you never actually told her that, Sunset,” Jake calmly pointed out.

“Yeah, well…” Sunset tried to come up with a retort but couldn’t. Jake was right; Twilight had no way of she and Jake were dating. “Okay, fair point. But I’m still not happy about it. You’re only here for a week, and I want to spend as much of that time with you as possible.”

“I know you do, Sunset.” Jake replied as he got up from the couch and pulled Sunset into a hug. “I want to spend as much of this week with you too. But I also want to get to know you’re friends. If we’re going to be dating, I have to make sure you’re not running around with any psychos or serial killers.”

Sunset was initially confused by Jake’s words, but quickly figured out he was joking about that last part.

“Haha, very funny,” she sarcastically stated as she returned the hug.

Jake and Sunset hugged in silence for a good minute before Sunset broke the hug.

“It’s getting kind of late, how about we turn in for the night?” she craftily suggested.

Jake looked over to a nearby clock and saw that it was getting late. Plus, it had been a rather eventful day, and he was feeling a bit tired.

“Sounds good to me.” He agreed. “So, should I just take the couch then?”

“Oh, I don’t think so,” Sunset seductively answered as she once again grabbed hold of him, this time dragging him up to the loft, where the bed was. “You’re bunking with me," she added with a wink.

“W-What?!” Jake apprehensively remarked as he felt his heart skip a beat.

“What’s the big deal?” Sunset playfully asked as they reached the top of the loft. “I know you’ve shared a bed with Princess Twilight and Starlight in Equestria.”

This was true, Jake often slept with either Twilight or Starlight on any given night back in Equestria. But they were...well ponies.

“Y-Yeah, I have,” Jake nervously stated. “But honestly, I’ve never shared a bed with a human girl before.”

And just like that, Sunset realized just what kind of uncomfortable position she’d put Jake in. She quickly dropped the seductive girlfriend act.

“Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry Jake, I didn’t even think about that,” she apologized. “Please, don’t feel that you have to share a bed with me if you don’t want to.”

“No, no, I do want to, Sunset. Trust me, I...do” Jake profusely assured her as he took hold of her shoulders. “I’m just nervous is all.”

Sunset could feel Jake’s sincerity at wanting to share a bed with her.

“I understand,” she told him a she placed her hand on Jake’s cheek. “We’ll take things slow tonight and figure things out as we go along, okay?”

“Alright,” Jake said as he smiled and let go of Sunset’s shoulders.

The two of them got into the bed, Sunset on the left and Jake on the right. They faced each other as the wrapped their arms around their partner in a warm and loving embrace, Jake caressing Sunset's cheek, and Sunset wrapping one of her legs around Jake's.

“Hmmm, this is nice.” Jake happily commented.

“Yeah it is.” Sunset agreed as she nuzzled her head into Jake’s chest.

Soon enough, both Jake and Sunset drifted off into a peaceful and happy sleep.