• Published 27th Aug 2019
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The filly of the copper mane - Maulet Paya

The story of a creature of a distant world and her new live and body en Equestria

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Chapter VI :The potion and the name

In the central hours of the day, when the heat of the sun of Celestia punished the country of Saddle Arabia more strongly, a hooded figure entered an old and poorly lit canteen.In the living room there were only 2 ponies, a unicorn from those lands that served the bar and another hooded figure at the bottom of the bar, barely visible in the dark.

The newcomer approached and told the bartender "2 jugs of cold cider" and put a few bits on the table. The unicorn nodded and entered the back room.

The pony hidden in the darkness continued to look at the newcomer as she approached her table. When she sat in front of her, the hostess said:

"When the sun don't shine and the moon sleeps ..."

The other pony answers , sitting in a chair "... the shadows work"

"Glad to see you again, agent SD"

The visitor said as she took off her hood and turned her gray hair to the side to reveal a friendly smile.

"Me too DD" answered the other pony without taking off her hood "but I wish it wasn't in these circumstances" her voice sounded tired and annoyed.

The waiter brought two jugs of cold cider to the table and after a gesture of SD, disappeared into the back room, leaving the two hooded ponies alone.

"Tell me SD, what is being cooked in the ECII?" Asked DD while hitting a small sip to her cider "Nothing good if you had to get out of retirement I guess"

SD sigh, approaching a beige hoof to her cider "Today I was supposed to go buy my wedding ring, but duty calls.”

SD paused a second, examining the jar

“I'm sure you've heard the legend of Aurora and the lost kingdom of the north. ”

“ Of course, what archaeologist would it be if I didn't know the legend of the precursor city of Pegasopolis? DD replied with a half smile.

"A day ago Agent D come to the HQ with bad news"

DD's smile disappeared instantly replaced by worry

"Broman Hasto is back, agent DD, we have a big problem"


“STOP!” The three hyperactive fillies look at me “I not like loud”

Octavia, why she talks weird?”asked Scootaloo

I told you why, she is not from around here . She dont speaks Equish very well ”contested AppleBloom” That's why we come here with the potion Zecora and i make yesterday

“What is that thing?” I asked seeing the weird green bottle in the yellow pony hoof

“Drink it” say Octavia with a reassuring smile behind me

“No” I don't gonna drink something a weird filly from a alien world offers me in a backyard

TO LATE!” The orange pegasus take the potion and jump on me

“NO QUE FAS FILLA DE PUGHJHJHJ” Scottaloo take the potion and forced me to drink.

The green abomination taste like shit and make my head hurt a loot, like being in a condensed Static area after drinking so much aigua. I coughed a few times, trying to banish that horripilant savour or my tongue with poor success

“It works?” asked Apple Bloom

“ If your intentions were poison me I'm sorry to said no, you fail. Whats is your…..problem….” I'm speaking the pony language!

“Yeup`, of course the potion works, I make it maself...with the help of Zecora and Twilight of course”

And i understand what they are saying! Is this…. Of course is magic. I don't know if I love o hate this place. Why all is so...stupid and random?

“Thanks for that, but the next time don't throw it in my mouth at force” My voice sounds funny, a loot different from my original voice.

Octavia chuckled “ Sorry for the impulsivity of Scootaloo , but if you still angry, the idea of the Language Potion was mine” she said and smirk a littel more seeing me pouting a littel.

“I was running out of chalk for teaching words and this is more fast” said Vinyl munging the last apple of her breakfast “And you need to hang out with fillies of your age”

“Later you , Vinyl and I we´re going a have a more serious talk now we can communicate.Have fun!” Vinyl and Octavia entered in the house in a sprint, letting me alone with the three expectant fillies , looking at me like I was some type of alien , what is exactly what i am , but they don't know .

“Well….em…. Thanks for the potion, i suppose. You made it ?” I ask AppleBloom.

“Yea, im very good at that, Zecora says in a year or two i going to master the beginners level!” She says proudly.

“Yes yes, very interesting , but we are here for playing with….what is your name again?” Asked Scootaloo

“I… don't have a pony name” The moment the words exit my mouth i regretted it

“Wait you're not a pony?” Shit shit shit

“Yes, of course I'm a pony,the thing is , I don't really like my name in my home language and if I'm here now I need a new name” good save

“Ooooooo” say the tree fillies “ Letts help you! CUTIE MARK CRUSADER NAME FINDING YEEEEEAH!!”” My ears hurt!

“Don't scream! For the love of EnJaume shut up!” I try to cover my ears with hooves, with poor success

“Sorry sorry, i forgot you don't like strong sounds” Say Sweetie Belle with remorse in her familiar voice

They seem good fillies, I need to calm down and play along

“Don't worry , it's okey” If I want a new and happy life i need to be more flexible

“If you want to help me to find a name I want to stipulate a few norms for your suggestions”

“You talk like my sister when she wants to be extra fancy” says the white unicorn

I ignored the comment and continue my speech

“No fruits , no instruments, no fancy names, no food names , no..”

“Why not food names?”

“I don't want to be hungry all the times someon....somepony call me by my name”

“That's a good point”

“Well, shoot me with your ideas”

Applebloom examine me with her eyes , thinking in a name

“ You fur is very pretty and you´re a pegasus … Blue Bird?”


“Sapphire?”Scootaloo says with a little jump


“Lapis Lazuli?” try Sweetie Belle

“Like the protagonist of that romance movie with the egghead green alien ?” Say Scoots

“No thanks”


“I'm not a bid”

“Copper Mane?”


“Blue Skies?”

“Mmmm , Ms Blue Skies.. Nope”

“Tell us something about yourself, give us some more material to work”

“Something about myself…...” I don't know how much i want to tell , I need to act like a lost filly and not like the young scholar I am.. or I was” I like...books and music and exploring and learning new things and..…. I love playing hide and seek with my sisters and brothers” i finish with a chuckle

“What are their names?” asked Scoots

“In old to young order : Gallipoli , me, Jordi ,Paschendale, Nankín ,Catalaunica , Teutoburg and Some “ Thinking in my family is painful, but i know they are fine now, living in a safe and peaceful place , far away from Xateas army and the war

The three fillies noticed my sad face and enhance a look of worry between them

“You miss them ?”asked AppleBloom with worried face

“Yes , but is alright, they are fine and safe”I hope, no I KNOW they are safe. I literally died for that.

“With your parents?” Ouch , bad subject

“No...my mother… died one year ago “ And i hope my father is dead too.Bastard

In an instant , Applebloom approach and gave me a strong hug

“ I understand...ma parents died when i was a foal”says the earth pony in her embrace

Surprised by the word and actions of the earth pony, i return the hug with the shadow of a tear in my eyes.One year has passed since my mother died and i had to be strong for my family in the middle of the war, but here… here i can break a little.

A long minute passed and i break the hug.

“Thanks for that. I… “

“Don't worry, let's continue with the name hunting”

“Yea” I rise my head with a sad smile “ Let's continue” I needed that little reassuring, later I can cry when i'm alone in my room.

Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle break the spell of incommodity in the face of the heart to heart situation in front of them and began again shooting names.


“Falco! No no Captain Falcon!”



“Blue Explorer”

“I think this method isn't working “ I said interrupting the fillies raising one of my hoofs

“Well , you have some ideas? It's your name after all” say SwettieBelle

I don't understand, but the voice of the white unicorn still sounds familiar to me and that make no sense! Probably her voice reminds me of someone in Xativa , in my old life . But who….

“Mmm... Sputnik?”

“That is a name? Sounds like a Stalliongrad cereal” Scootaloo say with a smirk

“That's not funny Scoots” say AppleBloom

“All the names of her family are weird , it's not my fault. But youre right” Scootaloo turn to look at me “ Sorry for laughing at you”

“No problem, to me all the names in Equestria sounds weird”

“You're from beyond Equestria? That's explains a lot” Sweetie bell put a hoof in her chin, thinking” You're from the gryph continent colonies? The ponies from there talk funny”

I dont have the minimum idea of the geography of Equus. If that magic potion also works with books i gonna pass the next month in a library learning all about this world. The possibility of learning so much new knowledge make my mouth water…. and i need to create a plausible origin story of course, that is important too

“No.. I don't know exactly where i come from” lie “ I don't remember” liiieeees

“Don't worry Laika, you are here now and Ponyville is the best place in the world!” Whait

“Sweetie, how you call me ?” How she knew that name?

“Laika” She blink a few times” I don´t know why but the name come to my mind”

Laika...was the nickname a good friend of mine used to call me.. Was..She disappear so many time ago….Another person to miss in my new life .

“Laika….I think the name fits you” Says Applebloom

“Yea , sounds exotic , i like it!” Exclaims Scootaloo, bouncing around me

Yes, i think i make my decision

“I like it too . My name is Laika” I let the words sink in my mind

“Well Laika, want to play hide and seek?” say Scootaloo with a smirk

“Yes, let's play!”


“Poor little thing”

“Yes, she need us”

“Let's make she happy”

Author's Note:

IM BACK ! This chapter was a pain in my ass but now is done and I can enjoy the holidays at last.
6 chapters in knowing the nome of the prottagonist, this is a record? XD Seriullly, i suck naming characters and you can see the discarted names in the mouth of the CMC.

Happy holidays!

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