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The filly of the copper mane - Maulet Paya

The story of a creature of a distant world and her new live and body en Equestria

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Chapter V : Music , words and fillies

Vinyl was not a morning mare. The only reason she didn't wake up at noon every day was that her roommate Octavia made sure to wake her up with the sound of her cello practice. But today that was not what woke her. From the ground floor came the sound of a wind instrument that Vinyl had never heard, a loud, sweet and vibrant sound. After a few seconds of confusion Vinyl jumped out of her bed and headed for the stairs, not knowing who or what is playing that instrument "Octavia has already returned from her meeting with Pinkie?, because if it is not she can only be..." Vinyl could not continue with his thought because when she reached the end of the stairs she saw something that just totally woke her up, as if a bucket of ice water had been thrown at her.

Who was playing was the small pegasus with blue hair and tangled reddish mane that the day before Octavia had insisted on caring until they found their parents. Vinyl was silent, watching the little filly play her song with an instrument that Vinyl had never seen at home. It was a wooden flute with an oboe's mouthpiece, with which the filly played a sad and melancholic, but somehow hopeful song. Her eyes were closed and his face was calm, with some lonely tears sliding down his cheeks. Her body moved from side to side following the rhythm of the melody, as if she were in some kind of trance.

After a few minutes, the blue pegasus finished her song and fell silent looking at nothing. The pegasus had a sad smile that reminded Vinyl of his mother's face when she talked about his dead father.The face of somepony who is remembering something bittersweet but who decides to keep the happy part of the memory, although it also hurts.In this situation, Vinyl knew what to do. Slowly she approached the sofa where the pegasus was sitting and sat next to her. This made her finally realize the presence of the DJ but before she could do or say anything Vinyl hugged her tightly. After a few seconds of surprise, she hugged him back and they held each other for what seemed like hours.

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- --------------------
I knew that I shouldn't have done it, that I shouldn't have rebuilt the instrument of my land, the dolsain, with pieces of other instruments that covered the room, and I shouldn't have just played that song. I knew that the emotional charge of the song would make me cry with the memory of my land, my friends, my family, ma mare... . The people I loved most and that I would never see again. Something I knew from the moment I realized that i had died and reincarnated but had decided to ignore until now. But I was happy because everything had finished well.

"I would like to know your language so I can thank you," I thought as I hugged Blue Hair. "This is just what I needed."Blue Hair was the first to break the hug, heading to the kitchen for breakfast but not before giving me two pats on the head.
Or so I thought, because in addition to returning with a couple of apples she also brought a small blackboard and some chalk. Seeing my face of confusion when seeing these last two objects, Blue Hair giggled and sat next to me putting the board on the table in front of the sofa using her telekinesis while using one of his hooves to bring an apple to his mouth and eat it with two bites. Then Blue Hair began to repeat a word as she pointed to herself. That was when I realized what she wanted to do. She wanted to teach me words in her language, starting with her name. Listening carefully and with a little effort, i pronounce the true name of Blue Hair “Vi ... nyl? Vinyl! ”At that moment I didn't know who was more excited about my achievement, if I or Vinyl. Then Vinyl started to raise and lower her head while repeating a word. I quickly understood that it was the word to say yes and repeated it a couple of times. Seeing that i understand the meaning of the word, she shook her head from side to side repeating a new word that clearly meant no.

We continue like this for hours and at noon I already knew the most basic words of her language, such as colors, how to say yes, no, thanks and please and some other things. The board proved to be very useful for Vinyl to give me a visual reference to the words. Although it was a totally different language than the ones I knew, with a extrange vocabulary and pronunciation, it had grammatical structures similar to Cerctean. And finally I knew what our species was called. We were ponies, i specifically was the winged subspecies called pegasus. Ponies with a horn like Vinyl were called unicorns and could do magic. Finally there were earth ponies like Octavia.

After a really difficult word for me (friendship), Vinyl suddenly looked surprised and hit her face with a hoof, as if she had just realized that she had forgotten something very stupid. Before I could ask what was wrong with my little vocabulary she asked me.
"What's your name?"
Only then did I realize that no one had asked me my name at any time since I was here and that I had not tried to tell anyone either. When I was about to tell her my name I stopped.”Why I want to use my old name now that I am practically someone else? Besides, I've always hated the foreign name that the imbecil of my father gave me. ”I needed a new name, and I honestly had no idea what to call me.
"I have no name" Before Vinyl could say anything I added "I think new name"
Suddenly, the door of the house opened and after a few seconds a shout shook the house "WHO HAS BROKEN MY OBOE AND MY SWEET FLUTE!"

------------------------------------------------ -------------------------------------------------- --------------------
After Vinyl reassured Octavia by teaching her that I had not broken her valuable instruments, only disassembled them, Octavia was very happy to see that i was learning to speak her language and much more when she saw that i knew how to play an instrument. Covering the holes of a wind instrument without fingers is not exactly easy so I could not play anything very complicated, but the sparkle in Octavia's eyes assured me that she would try teach me to play better. At that time I had already deduced that these two were musicians, something quite evident seeing that the two had musical notes tattooed on the back. The next three days a small routine was established. In the morning Vinyl taught me new words while Octavia practiced with the cello by our side. In the afternoon Octavia taught me to play the oboe, although I would have liked to continue with the dolsain. During those days neither of the two ponies asked me a personal question and they always talked to me with a smile on my face, although I had seen them several times talk about me with concern when they thought I didn't hear them.

The morning of the fourth day was different. We were eating our breakfast , omelettes with sweet herbs and apple juice, when Vinyl said "Today Octavia and I have a surprise for you" That caught me surprised and i almost choked me with apple juice. After recovering with a few coughs I said.
"What surprise?" I honestly had no idea what it could be.
"If we told you, it wouldn't be a surprise," Octavia replied while cleaning the remains of her breakfast. "You wait here with Vinyl. When I called you, go out into the backyard” With those words Octavia left the kitchen jogging happily. I understood enough to know what Octavia wanted me to wait for in the kitchen while she prepared whatever they had prepared for me. Looking at what was left of my breakfast and I sighed. At this point it was already quite evident that I was not going to eat meat in this house. In the last days the only thing we had eaten were vegetables, fruits and cereals, with the eggs used to make the tortilla the only novelty.

After finishing his last piece of omelette Vinyl asked me:
“Have you decided on your name?” Although she tried to sound unconcerned, Vinyl's voice showed nervousness and concern.
"No" I answered sincerely. The biggest problem when choosing my new name was that it seems that in Equestria (that was the name of the country where I currently lived) it is tradition to call children with names of objects, natural phenomena or abstract concepts such as Time or Sunrise .Very different from the names of Edetania, usually geographical sites or one of the names of the legendary 20 sailors who came to the coast of what would be Edetania with the demigoddess Kassandra in the Age of Obsidian as the legend said.But my old name it wasn't even edetane. I didn't even know what my name meant. The only explanation my father gave my mother when i was born is that Verdun was "the place where young people die." Then the bastard of my father got angry when I told him that my name was horrible when he came to see me for the first time 7 years later.

Before I got angry thinking about my father Octavia called us to go outside. I jumped out of the chair and headed slowly toward the backyard door. As soon as I opened the door with my head I was greeted with a childish laugh.


“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” I jumped against the top frame of the door with my head and then fell face down."I have to explain to everyone that I don't like surprises?" I thought with my face still on the floor.

"Oh sorry partner are you ok?" Said a voice i didn't recognize. She had a strange accent, different from Octavia.

“Wow, that jump has been impressive! You haven't even used the wings!” Said a second voice very excited, as if seeing me bang my head against the doorframe and the floor was something impressive.

"Don't say that Scootaloo, she probably has hurt herself." A third voice that sounded familiar to me added.

With a growl I looked up and saw the three ponies that had caused me the headache I now had from the blow. They were three fillies a little bigger than me who watched me closely with their big eyes.
“Hi, I'm AppleBloom. Sorry to scare you like that” The earth pony said as she approached a hoof to help me up with an apologetic smile on my face. She had yellow fur and a long scarlet mane just like her tail. Above her head was an extremely large pink bow. After standing up another fillie approached me enthusiastically. ”I am Scootaloo. You have to teach me how to jump so high without using the wings! ”She was a pegasus with a short, purple mane. Her fur was orange and her wings were smaller than mine.
"And I'm Sweetie Belle, nice to meet you at last" From behind Scootaloo appeared a unicorn with pearl white fur and a long, curly mane of two colors, purple and light pink. But what surprised me most was her voice. Something in the back of my mind told me that I had heard that voice before, but that was impossible. It was the first time I saw her.

Before I could continue to investigate in my memory the three fillies shouted as they gathered their hooves.
“And together we are the CUTIE MARK CRUSADERS !!!!” I stared at them without knowing what they had meant.

"This day is gonna be tiring”

Author's Note:

Introduccing the CMC! Littel a littel im going to write more and more information about Sepharad and the past of our nameless protagonist. Next chapter this sunday ! Plis like, coment and thanks for reading1

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