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The filly of the copper mane - Maulet Paya

The story of a creature of a distant world and her new live and body en Equestria

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Chapter II: Revelations

Author's Note:

Second chapter! Sorry if i messed up the time verbs and the posesives, im not a native english speaker .I will improve the ortography and grammar chapter by chapter.Enjoy the chapter and thank you very much!

The nurse sighed boredly, resting her head on one hoof as she turned the pages of a magazine she had already read hundreds of times with the other. Today there wasn't much to do in the pediatric section. It was the time of the year with fewer patients, between the season of fillies and colts with scratches and small breaks for playing carelessly during the summer and gut pains for eating too many sweets in NightmerNight. In addition, almost a year ago the Crusaders had obtained their CutieMarks and no longer needed to do extremely dangerous things every week, which used to end almost always in a visit to his office.

The sound of the door of the office opening pulled her out of her boredom. Octavia, her roommate Vinyl and a small filly entered through the door, screaming pointless things and moving to try to get rid of the unicorn's grip, which carried him in his rump.

"Good morning Octavia and Vinyl, I would ask you what I can do for you, but I think the cause of your visit is that little screechy little thing" said the nurse with a smile while pointing at the little filly with her head. Suddenly she stopped kicking and stared at the nurse with a surprised face. Then she examined the query with her eyes and to the surprise of the three mares, the filly breathed a sigh of relief and stood still on the site. "That's very strange," Vinyl thought.

"Good morning, RedHeart," Octavia said with her particular accent. "You're right, a few minutes ago Vinyl met this little girl wandering the streets. And it seems that she does not speak Equestrian ”

“ Are you sure she is not teasing you? ”RedHeart asked questioningly while raising an eyebrow.

"Yes," Vinyl said as she left the little girl on the floor seeing that now the pegasus was much calmer. RedHeart nodded and approached her, lowering her head to her level. "Hi, I'm Nurse RedHeart, what Is your name? "she asked sweetly. The little girl said nothing, without reacting to what she asked." Do you understand what I am saying?"asked the nurse again, obtaining the same result. Before the nurse will conclude that the little girl was deaf and mute the filly said something in a language she had never heard.

“It seems that this little girl is a traveling foreigner who has separated from her family while they were passing through the city. Have you informed the City Council about this? , her parents will be looking for her. ”asked RedHeart too the two roomates.

"BerryPunch has gone to the City Council to inform, we have come here with her to make sure she is healthy," said Octavia as she looked down at the little girl, who was trying to take a stick of mud from one of her hooves without much success.

“I'm going to make a simple analysis, meanwhile wait outside. And if you see Doctor Bandage coming back from his break, tell him to come see me here.”With a nod, the two artists left the consultation.
-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Seeing the two creatures leave the room I looked at the creature that seems to be some kind of medical staff.They had taken me to a hospital to examine me, or that is what I thought ween i saw the great similarities between this room and a medical consultation of my world. "On second thought I would have done the same as those two if I had met someone with a face of being lost and dwarfing speaking a strange language in the street. Better think they were worried about my health than to think that they sold me to do experiments with me. At least I know that for now the natives do not want to harm me. The key word was for now. ”

The nurse pointed to a stretcher on the other side of the room, gesturing for me to get in. I tried to get on but the stretcher was too high, then I felt something going me up. Turning around, I saw the nurse helping me up using its head."In the absence of hands, good are heads" I thought to myself. Then the creature began to examine my body and take notes on a sheet. To my surprise and disgust, they was writing by putting a pencil in it mouth. To my surprise because with the little time I had observed these beings I had discovered that they could take things with their hooves, as if they had invisible fingers or an adhesive liquid.It did not make sense to use the mouth if you can write in a more efficient and hygienic way .

The nurse stopped taking notes and took a tape measure with her adhesive hooves. I watched as she gestured for me to turn my back to her. As I turned around I looked at the wall that was behind me before. On it there was a cork board full of what looked like children's drawings and pictures of smiling creatures much more similar to me than the rest of those I had seen so far. Then I realized where I really was . This was not a normal consultation, it was a pediatrician, those were drawings and pictures of children, which meant that I had no dwarfism as I thought at the beginning, I was a child! But why?

I could understand in a certain way that by resurrecting in a new world after dying impaled the entity, God or whatever responsible for all this put my soul and mind into a body of the local species, but that I would have rejuvenated made no sense. Well, nothing since I woke up today made sense, so all I could do was accept it and move on. Although having to go through adolescence again when I had barely left it was a fucking annoyance.

While I was immersed in my existential thoughts, the nurse finished the check by putting a pink band in a small wound on my right front leg that I hadn't realized I had until now."Surely I made it while climbing the hill. Why is the band aid pink? Before I could continue with that thought, the consultation door opened.
I looked a few seconds at the new creature, then at the nurse, and again at the other creature. Looking back at the sky I exclaimed loudly to the universe “ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? MY GENITALS TOO? THAT WAS NECESSARY?". At the door was a creature with a brown horn in a white doctor's gown, but unlike the rest of the creatures i had seen so far they was a little bigger and more robust, with more muscle, a larger jaw and a cut of shorter and sober hair. He was a male, which meant that the rest of the creatures i had seen so far were females, and so were I. "Now I am going to have to suffer the period, machism and the unattainable standards of beauty imposed on women," I thought for myself more annoyed than anything else. I was not angry at the fact of being a woman or changing biological sex, I would really lie if I said that I had never questioned my gender identity. Like everything that had happened to me so far, I could only do one thing, accept it and move on.

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------

After finishing the analysis with the help of Doctor Bandage, RedHeart gave the filly a lollipop, which she gladly accept. While she had just written the medical report RedHeart was still wondering why the little girl had reacted that way when she saw the Doctor and then let the unicorn do a magical analysis without protesting. Soon after, Octavia entered the consultation, ”How is the little one? ”she asked.

"Perfectly, only a few scratches. Where is Vinyl?" asked the nurse seeing Octavia alone.

"She has sent a letter to a friend of his who works at the CloudsDale orphanage, in case they know anything about the little filly"

"I hope not, because that means that the little girl is ... ... alone "RedHeart said looking at the pegasus, who was examining the drawings on the wall while licking her lollipop. After a few seconds of silence, Octavia said" What are we going to do with her now? She can't stay in the hospital , right? ”

Shaking his head RedHeart replied“ No, she can't. The procedure in these cases is to look for someone who can take care of the lost foal until his parents appear, but I don't know if nobody will wan "

" I can take him to my house "interrupted Octavia excited about the idea of ​​taking the filly to her home. RedHeart blinked a couple of times surprised at the words of Octavia.

"Are you sure? Caring for a foal is a great responsibility. In addition, the little girl does not speak our language making everything even more difficult for you and Vinyl ”

“Completely sure. It is not the first time that I take care of a child and if I do not do it, who will?All the pegasus that might be interested in taking care of her have gone to Fillydelfia to help with the hail storm "

SweetHeart sigh" You're right. I'm going for the documents to do the custody process.” A smile crossed Octavia's face "Thank you very much" she said

"Take it as a token of my gratitude for coming so often to play music to patients. I'll be right back ”

Octavia was left alone with the little blue pegasus, who was watching curiously the photo of a group of small flying pegasus. Octavia feels tender watching the scene and after approaching the stretcher said "It seems that you and I are going to be very good friends"
Upon realizing that she was talking to she, the little girl turned to see Octavia's smiling face ,returning the smile. "My name is Octavia and I'm going to take care of you until your parents come back." She pointed to herself and repeated her name several times, to make the little girl understand what her name was. Then the little girl raised one of her hooves pointing to the pony in front of him and said with difficulty "Oc..tav ... ia"

--------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------

The creature named Octavia smiled even more if possible upon hearing me say her name. I was determined to learn their language as soon as possible, no matter how strange his phonetic is. If I learned to pronounce a dead language correctly in my second year of Guardian's apprentice this will be no problem.Octavia kept trying to teach me basic words but before I could learn anything the nurse came back loaded with papers.Octavia told me something before heading to the nurse's table and starting to fill out the papers, using her mouth to my disgust.

Just when Octavia had finished filling out the document with what looked like a signature the creature that had collided with me and had taken me here against my will entered the room. She began to say something but shut up when she saw Octavia with the documents. Her face went from surprise to disbelief and then to anger. Seeing the spectacle of emotions, Octavia tried to say something but the white creature began to scream angrily , to the surprise of the nurse and myself. Octavia, on the other hand, remained calm-faced and put one of his hooves on the angry creature and said something quietly, as if she wanted to reassure her. That calmed the white-fur creature, at least enough to stop screaming. The two continued exchanging words directing their gaze towards me occasionally until White let out a sigh of defeat and a small smile formed on her face saying a few more words. Octavia jumped to hug the creature of the glasses and she hugged her back, while her cheeks acquired a pink color. Seeing this, my mind added two plus two and an excited smile appeared on my face "This is going to be fun"

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