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Deathbeat - SoulHook

Two musicians, two genres, one scene, mutual hatred. Vinyl Scratch vs Mane Death

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I remembered to forget to remember

Previously: since both Vinyl the DJ and the band Mane Death have the same scene, their arrival to Ponyville has turned out to be a race about who can get there first. And since neither Vinyl or Coal the vocalist know how the other one looks like, the friends of those two finds much fun in the fact that they have met as strangers, unaware they actually despise each other. Right when both teams arrive to the little town, the metal band soon finds out about a gruesome miss they've made...


Part 3: I remembered to forget to remember

Inside a horse-drawn carriage leading into a hotel in the northern part of Ponyville, Coal sat with his muzzle buried deep in his fore hooves. He suffered a fact none in the band wanted to know of, something you couldn't laugh at, nor compensate or even console with seventy-two cans of beer which the band had brought with them in the silent carriage.

“Tell me.... guys...” the steel gray stallion asked without removing his face from the hard hooves. “How... in the bleeding hay... are we going to explain this... to our manager?”.

The other members looked at each other, nervous and actually a bit scared over seeing Coal this frustrated. Everypony aside from Stricken, that was.

“You mean how we forgot Deep Bass on the train?”.

Coal twitched his eye in rage so much he wished he had trained his eye muscles some more.

“Yes!! And it's all because of you!!” he screamed at the unicorn guitarist.

“What?! How's this 'my' fault?” he answered in shock.

“You bet your darned flank it's your fault!! If you just could keep your frigging coltcuddler jokes to yourself and not throw them at Cord all the time, we would have remembered to tell Bass we were supposed to get off!”.

The light blue unicorn sighed and rolled his eyes. “Aw come on, are you seriously going to...” he had time to say until the recently mentioned Cord Screech threw his fore hooves around Stricken's neck.

“It IS your fault, you bucking pervert! And don't you dare think I've forgotten when you compared me with Kate Pear!!” he yelled and squeezed his hooves tighter around Stricken's flesh, strangling him without remorse.

“If we bring a sacrifice to the manager she might spare us! Kill him!!” Coal yelled and pounced Stricken to beat him up. With four hooves violently abusing the poor unicorn, he had no choice but to fall down on the floor while Wide Beat joined just because he thought it looked like fun, punching him senseless in the stomach.

A violent shaking broke out, very much visible to anypony outside passing by. The only thing more noticeable was the screaming.

“Come on, guys, not so hard!”.

“Shut up, you've taken harder things before!!”.

“Yeah, but I can't take all three of you at the same time! It actually hurts!”.

“Doesn't matter, we're just gonna keep pounding you anyway until you faint!”.

“Oh, I like the sound of that!”.

And the carriage went on, screaming and shaking angrier while leaving wide and confused eyes behind it...

- - - -
Inside the local mayor's office, a mare known for her dedication and compassion to this fine little city leaned back on her swivel chair, enjoying the soft creaks it made.

“I don't care if there will be an economic situation with this, or at least not right now. All I want to hear is if we can solve it at all, giving the circumstances...” the beige-brown mare stated from her table to the young stallion standing on the other side.

The male equine adjusted his reading glasses and pushed around the papers on his temporary side of the desk. His coat was of the indigo kind while his unfitting mane stayed within the goldenrod area. However, his competence was way within the necessary area, just like the striped tie around his neck.

“Well, it IS a slightly complicated business... but I'm sure we can pull some strings using our current status as a low-priority target if a war would break out” the stallion explained with a self-confident smile”.

“Can that be done?” Mayor Mare asked which brought a full-fledged grin on the stallion's lips.

“Well, Amareica has a Zebra as president now, so why not? Hehehe....” he chuckled and stacked his papers which he had brought just to enhance the effect of professionalism to this scene. Mayor Mare finally smiled back and leaned forward over her desk.

“As old as your subtle half-jokes about Amareica's fear of Zebras are, there's nothing wrong with your cunning abilities in the business branch...” the earth pony mare said with a clear source of satisfaction. “Your marefriend must be really proud of your success, mister Sum Total....”.

Without discovering the even more subtle way Mayor used to find out personal information, the fine male tilted his head back a little. “Oh no, I don't... have a marefriend. I dedicate all my time to the job. I don't have time for any relationship”.

For some reason, the stallion suddenly heard the theme music from the movie Jaws inside his head...

“Rrrreally?” the mare with a sudden set of bedroom eyes tried to confirm, leaning even more over her small desk to get closer to her company. Sum felt the nervousness arriving to his mind by that prolonged word.

“Uhm... y-yes...?”.

“Spending all that time with those papers must have forced you to repress the... other urges... everypony has. Hmm?”.

In an instant, Mayor Mare used the moment of opportunity when the stallion couldn't focus, snatching his tie like a cobra with her fore hoof and pulling him closer to her face.

“I'd say it must be frustrating to go for so long without the pleasant company of a healthy, fine mare …. to, you know... sate those urges” she whispered seductively, unnerving the poor thing in her grasp further.

“Please, miss Mayor... I... I don't...” he resisted and pressed his fore hooves to the desk without any prevail to increase the distance between his lips and hers.

“You've stepped right into my hunting grounds, do you really think the cougar lets her prey go then?”.

The theme music played louder in Sum's head, snapping in tone after tone as the forward mare pulled him in closer and closer, until...

“Auntie Maaaarguerite!!” the young unicorn mare roared with a tune from the office door after slamming it up with wide-open forelegs. The mature mare widened her eyes in fear and let go of her victim, allowing him to fall back and slam his head on the wooden floor in a yelp.

“Oh hi, Vinyl!” Mayor Mare welcomed happily, smiling widely to hide what just happened here. In that moment, the unicorn stood still like her friends did behind her and looked at the downed male.

“Uh... is he alright?” she asked, still standing on her hindlegs.

The elder mare got up from her chair and quickly trotted to her new visitor, grinning nervously. “Why of course he is, dear! He was just surprised like me!”

“But why isn't he moving?”.

“Ugh, the silly thing is just lazy! Don't mi-”.

“Is that blood coming from his...”.

“Let's talk outside, shall we?!” Mayor asked desperately and pushed out the invading ponies right before closing the door after her...

- - - -
“You WHAT?!” the dark brown mare with the hundreds of golden blonde curls exclaimed as she rose from her desk and slammed down her fore hooves to the hard wood. The remaining members of the known band jumped in fright from their chairs surrounding the desk, knowing there was no escape from this small hotel room that was their manager's temporary office.

The stallions glanced at each other, avoiding the angry stare from the even angrier mare. Coal, however, found the courage to repeat what he just said.

“We... forgot... Deep Bass on... the train”.

“How the bloody Discord could you forget one of your friends on the train?! Isn't he worth more than that to you? Let me tell you one thing: he sure is worth more to me!!” she continued her rampage.

“Uuh, if it's of any consolation, we reached him on his cellphone...” the vocalist said, directly getting the attention from his furious manager. Coal looked dreamily in the upper corner of his eyes, wondering how he was doing right now.

“... and that was when the rumors spread I gave #3 Chris a blowjob... of course it's not true, but still...” Deep Bass said to the giggling mare sitting on his lap while he held a cocktail glass in his other fore hoof..

“Wow, that is amazing... and funny at the same time, heeheehee!” she asked in amusement with the voice worthy a teenager.

“Indeed, beautiful. By the way, what's your name?” he asked right before emptying his glass.

“Sex...” she said first, causing Deep Bass to choke on his drink and cough lightly. “... on the beach. My father is a bartender, so he named me after his favorite drink: Sex on the beach!” she stated without forgetting her cute giggle afterward.

The purple male chuckled in delight when his untimely coughing stopped, giving him time to scan the young thing, loving her miniskirt and tight top even more. “Hehehe... but I suppose you're... a little more innocent than your name is, huh?”.

“Yeah... I prefer having sex on trains. Beaches are so public”.

Suddenly, Deep Bass crushed his glass in silence....

“Naughty little thing...” Coal said to himself while dreaming without minding the other ponies looking at him curiously. Soon he glanced at them all, breaking his moment of fantasizing by shaking his head. “Anyways, he said he would take the first train straight back on the next station”.

Golden Brochure sighed even though her eyes still were burning with hatred. “Ugh, he better get back asap, you guys can't perform without a bass player. We can't replace him, and I suppose we're lucky we didn't lose the guitarists or the drummer too...”.

“Or your vocalist” Coal thought he ended to not feel secluded from the necessary-list.

Sadly, the mare connected all sources of hatred inside her body, starting a fire from nowhere in the background as she stomped over to stand in front of the steel gray stallion, screaming out her anger.

“You really think so?! You really think you're worth the tiniest buck to this band, you worthless piece of maggot vomit!! There are thousands, no millions of ponies who can actually sing! All you can do is produce some incoherent, growling noises sounding like a wolf getting castrated with a blunt knife!!!”.

The roaring became like a industrial fan to the exposed male, forcing him to shut up while the others fell off their chairs and ran into the hotel room door to hide from the blazes. The exploding mare pressed her fore hooves to his shoulders and got closer with her muzzle to stare with bloodthirsty eyes into his soul.

“If we can't make this concert, we'll be sued by the contract holder which will be the end of this band!! The others have a future as musicians, but you, you filthy little puppy is nothing but a born loser without any talent aside from making a foal of yourself!! Without me, you would be nothing, nothing I'm telling you! So you just zip your disgusting mouth and do as I say! If I tell you to breath, you will breath! If I tell you to stop, you will hold your breath till you die! Yes, you will dance at my command, DANCE LIKE THE PUPPET YOU ARE, CONNECTED TO MY STRINGS!!!”.

As the raging fires slowly died out in the background, the mare panted while letting her crazed maniacal grimace remain just a few inches from the male's. He didn't move a muscle, keeping the relaxed and indifferent expression on his face.

“Feel any better?”.

“Oh, Celestia, yes....” Golden sighed and relaxed her facial muscles while resting her head over his shoulder. “Thank you for letting me break loose there, Coal. You're a good stallion, so good that I... sometimes wish I wasn't your manager... so I could... date you...” she stated with a growing smile.

“You don't say...” the vocalist said ironically, ignoring the fact that the mare who currently panted into his ear was sitting on his lap with spread hindlegs while her forelegs were wrapped around his waist, all warm and sweaty...

- - - -
“The same scene, you say...?” Mayor Mare said to herself as she and the others walked down the stairs to the main level of Ponyville hall, reaching the big room where everypony gathered for information and events. However, right now it was rather empty.

“Yeah” Vinyl continued. “My friend Sunny...”.

“Sup” he quickly added.

“... booked the scene a week ago, but apparently somepony managed to write a contract for another band to play there at the same date! How's this happening, Marguerite?”.

“Well, first of all: ponies here call me Mayor Mare, not by me real name, so I'd prefer if you did the same...”.

“What, we're related. Can't I call you Marguerite anymore?” Vinyl asked her aunt.

“I just respond better to Mayor Mare” Marguerite told her niece.

The younger mare shook her head in annoyance while the others behind her remained silent, letting her do the talk. Soon they had reached halfway through the main level's floor.

“Okay, whatever... can you just check up if they can do that?” Vinyl finally asked, which caused the beige mare to halt and turn on her honest and straight-forward voice.

“Vinyl, dear. Just because you're my niece doesn't mean I, as a mayor, can automatically give you sole right to anything here in Ponyville. If the one you're talking about has a written contract and also already paid for the scene, I'm afraid you have to talk to them about it. I can't help you...”.

Even though the mayor thought she had ended the discussion, Vinyl smirked at her aunt. She knew how this mare worked...

“Did I mention the band are a bunch of young, handsome stallions?” she said which attracted all attention from the elder pony.


“And then we're talking guys who are used to... “ she paused and inhaled, combing back her mane to add that sexy touch in her voice. “... get all warmed up while tensing their muscles to play. Wild and young, perspiring their suppressed needs while playing. Poor things are all probably single too just to be available for their female audience” she went on casually like she almost got turned on herself by saying all that.

The mare also known as Marguerite staid silent for another few seconds, giving Vinyl's friends a moment to interpret the tactic with wondering faces.

“Very well, take me to them... I mean, the contract holder! And I'll... er, see w-what I can do” she stated with a snort in the end after her light stuttering, and kept walking to the exit. Her whole facade was much to Vinyl's appreciation and not to mention her entertainment. The others just jeered silently when they understood where the mature pony's interest rested.

The ponies walked out the main door, off to the place the mayor knew all touring bands and salesponies rested their legs. Well, you didn't have to be the mayor to know that, there was only one hotel in the entire town...

- - - -
“As long as the band is unable to play, Vinyl Scratch has the upper hoof in this. But no matter what, we have to negotiate a deal with her; we must have that scene or we're done for!”.

Golden Brochure sounded very serious while she locked the door to her hotel room. The band members looked down casually in the hallway filled with doors and soon followed their manager as she started walking down it. While they all got out from the medium-sized hotel and entered the calm streets, the dark green unicorn guitarist furrowed his eyebrows.

“Hey, Golden...” he caught the mare's attention by saying, together with the other from his crew. “... I'm just wondering... who, exactly, did you sign this contract with? Shouldn't we talk to him... or her... about this whole situation?”.

Like lightning just struck before them, Coal, Stricken, Wide and Cord stopped little by little and finally stood still with the mare they followed showing her back to them. The vocalist furrowed his eyebrows while shifting his eyes between the male unicorn and the female earth pony, creating a serious ambiance to block out all ridiculous events from this.

“You know what... that was a really good question he came up with there. I usually don't care who we're playing for or where since that's your job. But for once.... I'm really curious. Who did you sign the contract with, miss manager?”.

When Golden heard him use that specific name, she understood he wasn't in the mood for any bad jokes or even the breath of an excuse for why she shouldn't need to explain. And those serious eyes staring at her from the stallions, making her feel weak and defenseless, were fully ready to stop following her if she didn't come up with the fitting answer to the question. Her powers only reached so far. With little to no resistance, the mare sighed in defeat and glanced back over her shoulder.

“I... don't know...”.

To be continued...

Author's Note:
And that was the third part of my little experiment. As you can see, you've been provided with three samples of it, and the kind of humor and numbers of words are approximately how it's going to be... with a continuous plot-development, of course ^^'

Allow me to remind you that some of the humor in this is inspired by the same kind you can see in your typical manga. My point is you shouldn't take it literally serious if any character for example says “kill him” or anything like that, it's just part of the “fun”.... or... well... look, I'm trying, okay? I'm just pointing it out since people have this tendency to take things WAY too serious....

Now it's going to be very simple, guys. Do you like what you see and want more, or will you slap me in the face and tell me to go back writing erotic stories? One thing is for sure, I'll keep writing. But I need your opinions in order to keep going and without you guys.... well, I'm nothing.

Brohoof on ya all!

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