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Deathbeat - SoulHook

Two musicians, two genres, one scene, mutual hatred. Vinyl Scratch vs Mane Death

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Better laid than never

Previously: wait, are we back doing this? What has it been, half a year or so since the last chapter? Uh-oh, better get the script! Where is it, somewhere around here, uhm... maybe beneath my coffee plate... nope. The drawer... uuh, no. Then where the he- oh here it is! Just gonna blow of the dust, and here we are! Ahem! Coal and Vinyl has recently learned that they are to cooperate for the coming show, and they have finally found out who the contract holder was: Twilight Sparkle. She introduced the musicians to her friends, and they are now about to find out what this is all about...

Part 10: better laid than never

“I swear to Celestia it feels like we've been standing here for months...” Vinyl said before she glanced at the camera and widened her eyes. “Uh, I mean... so what's this all about, Twilight Sparkle?”.

The lavender unicorn giggled as she trotted over to her friends. “I understand this must have been a very confusing for the both of you, but it all began a few months back...”.

Coal and Vinyl were introduced to the truth. It was when Fluttershy came out with her interest for the death metal band Mane Death. After weeks of therapy that was heavily insisted by all of her friends after that announcement, everypony settled down when Rainbow Dash announced that she enjoyed dubstep. The reaction to that was considerably much easier to deal with, many sunglasses were applied to many ponies faces that moment, and even less gave half a crap about it. After a few weeks of constant begging, nagging, bribing and threatening, Twilight had agreed to use her influence with Celestia in getting both the artists to come to Ponyville. The deal was easier done than said, ironically. All Twilight had to sacrifice was her signature on a restraining order that prohibited her from being any closer than one hundred hooves from the royal castle. Twilight found it interesting, this sick game her mentor played with her. She just giggled and promised she'd be back for more studies next week, a promise that allowed the royal guards to openly use brutal force on any intruder in Canterlot...

“And then it was easy as pie! You were both coming to Ponyville and are now going to play your concerts for our entertainment!” Twilight finished with a glee. Vinyl and Coal leaned away from her, feeling more uncomfortable than ever in the presence of this nerd.

“Yeah... he he, an' there's just one thing ah'd like ta ask of ya'll...” Applejack said as he walked past Twilight. “Ah heard ya'll both are these... loud musicians and such. Could ya jus'... make sure ya'll don't play too loud? The apple orchard of this town ain't that far away, an' is it true that ya sometimes cause earthquakes when playing?”.

“Well, you could say we are musicians of a 'high magnitude'” Coal answered and was instantly rewarded with a slap over the head from Vinyl.

“We can assure you that it won't happen this time, Applejack” she said in a comforting tone, resisting the urge to hit Coal again but this time even harder. Bu the singer ha already regretted his decision and was as a matter of fact already focusing on something else. He had realized that the yellow pegasus in the corner of the room hadn't dropped her eyes from him even once since he first noticed her. It was a little bit creepy, but still manageable. This hadn't been the first time somepony was watching him with big, scared eyes.

“Fluttershy! Come on, say hi to your idol!” Rainbow Dash said and dragged the shy thing from its corner and pushed it up to Coal. She looked like she was about to explode due to her bashfulness and bleed to death through the blushes on her cheeks. For some reason, she seemed to be able handling it. After a few, shaky seconds, she got up on her hindlegs and looked into Coal's eyes.

“H-hi...” she whispered with half her muzzle hiding behind her pink mane. Coal chuckled, understanding this was most likely one of those fans who hadn't developed a blood thirst for her idol, thus unable to try cause serious damage to him. “Hello, girl” he responded, experiencing in the next second how it felt to see a big fan slide straight into a wall due to nervousness.

“Ooh! She's so nervouxited!”.

“Pinkie, I swear to Discord I will promptly slap you Canterlot style if you ever use that word again...” Rarity said sternly with merely a look at the pink pony.

The talking went on with Vinyl getting to know Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie and the others a little better. In the meantime, Coal was frozen out from the group. Clearly he wasn't the main attraction here, minding that Vinyl had an easier time bonding with the mares. Little did he know that many of the things they talked about in the midst of the blabber was him and Vinyl's relationship. In the middle of the talking, nopony noticed when Coal suddenly had a bag over his head and disappeared through the door...

- - - -
It had been a wonderful dream where everypony was listening to death metal. Dubstep had literally become a crime and everypony was allowed to hate and kill any who dared practice it. Coal's smile was side and lovely, not afraid of anything and so strong that you could feel tight ropes around your body.

It was at that moment Coal woke up to find out he was tied down in a bed with thick ropes around all four of his legs.

“Huh. Haven't been this 'roped up' in trouble before...” he said and looked around in the dark room. “Why isn't anypony slapping me?”.

A door opened right before a switch was turned on, illuminating the entire room in an instant. Coal found out equally fast that he was actually in a bedroom on the second floor of a cozy house. And the pony who turned on the light was nopony else than Fluttershy. “He-hey, you again! Fluttershy, right?” he asked the pegasus mare. She nodded and walked carefully up to the bed where her tied victim rested. “Okay, cool. You know what, if this is for a ransom, I can tell you that my manager hates me and would actually demand that YOU pay HER and...”.

“Oh! Uhm, this is not what it looks like” Fluttershy interrupted and loosened the ropes around Cola's limbs with her wings and mouth. Once he was freed, she got up in the bed and sat right in front of her idol. “I just... kind of freaked out, I guess. I-it happens whenever I am alone for too long or... w-when somepony asks me out” she explained and hung her head, smiling discreetly.

Coal raised an eyebrow at the pegasus, not feeling very enlightened. He was still unaware of why he was here, ponynapped and everything.

“But... b-but I just... oh I'm so sorry for this” Fluttershy apologized and laid her fore hooves on Coal's. “I just wanted a lone moment with you. I'm just so... nervous, I never saw this coming, but now when you are here... it feels like one of my biggest dreams have come true!”,

Coal flickered his eyebrows, scratching his neck as the cuteness radiating from the mare took him by surprise. His eyes shifted into every corner possible before he himself had to find courage to use the correct words. One question was digging deep in his head at the moment.

“That is... heh, nice to hear, miss Fluttershy”.

“Oh please, just call me Fluttershy”.

“... Okay. But I just wanted to ask you... I don't mean to be rude, but how come you're so into our music. You don't look any like any of my other fans. You lack wacky hair, tattoos, piercings, leather jackets, concealed knives... you know what I mean?”.

Fluttershy explained to him that she was in fact not very fond of rock music in general. However, she one day found a record with Mane Death and a note with lyrics to every song. She was extraordinarily frightened by the demonic sounds at first when playing the CD, but soon learned to read the lyrics at the same time Coal sang the words. Song by song, she slowly got more and more into it. The words written into song were much deeper that she had expected. The messages and meanings were beautiful and really spoke to her. In the end, she decided to find more from the creators and thus became a fan of Mane Death. Sadly, she was forced to listen with headphones since the music not so surprisingly drove the animals around her into insanity.

Before Coal knew it, he had been so captivated by the mares tale that he hadn't noticed she was now sitting right next to him, really close too for that matter.

“My favorite track is... is 'Stalking You In My Dreams', i-it has been a great inspiration to me”.

“Really? That's like... one of our most criticized songs ever made. Ponies blamed us for some psychopathic murderer who went loose in Germaney just because it was proven he had listened to a lot of our music. They totally forgot that the maniac also was addicted to various drugs and born with a mental disorder. Aw heck no, it just HAD to be the music's fault” Coal frowned and crossed his forelegs. He felt comfortable enough to lay down in the bed, resting his head on the soft pillow and watching the mare who still sat up.

“What? B-but that song is about finding your true love but getting rejected by it. A-and that you have to deal with it and accept he or she isn't the only one! Th-that song helped me through so much whenever I thought I was in love with somepony!” Fluttershy defended, looking awfully upset from what her idol just said.

Coal chuckled. “You understood that? Colt, you're a really bright pon-” he was trying to say but was severely cut off by a poster and a pen shoved into his face.

“C-c-c-could I g-g-g-get yo-yo-your autograph?!” Fluttershy stuttered with a wide grin. Coal couldn't be angry at her, instead he grabbed the poster of himself and put the pen in his mouth. He glanced at the tensed mare sitting with her fore hooves put together beneath the cute face of hers as he signed his name beneath his jaw. It was a poster of him posing for their second album, when he was wearing his old leather jacket that got burned a few weeks later during an accident with the technical equipment. He calmed the audience by saying that the jacket caught fire due to his 'burning' passion for music. A few seconds later he was laying on the scene, knocked out after getting hit by thousands of empty beer cans in the head. It was one of his bests concerts ever.

“Here you go, beautiful” he complimented her as he hoofed back the signed poster. Fluttershy's face instantly turned red, she fumbled with the poster and nibbled on her lower lip. “Th... th... thank you” she whispered and put aside the objects in her hooves. “I'm... I'm your biggest fan”.

“He he, I've heard lots of ponies say that. Don't worry, I love you all equally no matter how big or small you are”.

“Uhm... no, I really mean it” she said and pointed up at her ceiling. Coal glanced at first, then widened his eyes and slowly tilted his head up.

Posters and paper clips covered the spot on the ceiling above the bed. Drawn pictures were next to them, accompanied by lyrics from different songs and even some photos that looked like him sleeping. Coal then looked around again in the room, discovering a jar with a piece of hair that was black as his own, more photos and even a bust of him covered in red lipstick standing right next to the bed.

While he was watching all the creepy decorations, a click resembling that of a door getting locked echoed from where Fluttershy stood. She turned around slowly, grinning widely with wide eyes...

- - - -
Meanwhile back at a cafe not far from the town hall, the two groups of friends sat together under a big umbrella, enjoying the cool shadow and comfortable tree stumps they sat on. The mayor had however been forced to go back to her office, claiming there was a form of investigation about a attempted murderer on her secretary. By then, Vinyl's friends had happily went deeper into the subject about Coal.

“VIRGIN?!” Lucky Catch yelled from her seat. Wide Beat, Cord Screech, Stricken and Deep Bass all chuckled in unison. The truth was obvious to them, and they didn't bother keeping it a secret about their friend's lack of sexual knowledge on the field.

“Yup! No experience in how to please a mare or a stallion. He doesn't even know his own sexual orientation, the poor thing” Deep Bass said and took a sip from his straw.

“B-but don't you have a horde of groupies? It's written in nearly every issue of all music magazines about your sexual innuendos...” Rain Water implied, equally shocked to hear the fact about Coal. Stricken raised a hoof and smiled in a silly manner.

“Ahem, I'm guilty of that. If there's a mare or stallion who wants us, it's usually me who takes the credit for dealing with them... in my own way” he hinted with a blink at the two mares. The other band members sighed and leaned away, fully aware that this was Stricken's moment to shine with all his sick and twisted knowledge. Strangely to the other stallions, Lucky Catch, Rain Water and Sunny Days leaned forward, ready to eagerly hear every word the perverted stallion had to say...

- - - -
“Uh... Fluttershy?” Coal asked with a nervous tone as the mentioned mare slowly walked over to a CD-player standing on a small table. She pressed play and let the music have its way in the room. A soft guitar was introducing itself right before the loud drums started to play. Coal recognized the song. It was a song by HURT, an alternative metal band run by a single instrumental stallion. Sadly, this song was called 'Bitch' and was about hardcore bdsm sex.

Maybe I should have realized this from the start, Coal thought and turned his eyes to the window that was covered by a thick blind.

“Uhm... mister Coal?” the shy thing asked, catching Coal's attention in a whim. However, he didn’t like what he was seeing. He had been so captivated that he completely missed when Fluttershy brought out a red ball gag and kept it clenched in her wing. In the next moment, she brought out a whip that she had been hiding under the bed and gently laid it next to Coal. His wide eyes spoke of paralyzing terror. He was free to move, yet he couldn't move a muscle due to the overwhelming feelings in his mind. Fluttershy looked at him every now and then, making sure everything she did was alright as she dressed up in her favorite socks that squeezed her thighs so gently...

- - - -
“We of the Mane Death are all a bunch of healthy stallions who won't turn down a mare (or stallion) in need. All of us have gotten laid with dozens of crazy ponies during our concerts and tours across Equestria. However, Coal is the only one who willingly avoids our groupies. We've never made fun out of him for it, because we know what troubles him...” Stricken explained professionally like this was his meaning in life. The other stallions knew that this was one of the very few moments he could be serious for more than a few seconds without saying anything unnecessary.

“We've known him most of our life, and if there's something we know, Coal has never ever slept with any of our groupies. He hasn't even had a special somepony...”.

“No offense, but is it because he's... ahem, impotent?” Sunny asked. If it hadn't been for the context, the band members would have beaten him up in normal case. But this was not a time of war. Stricken sighed with a depressed expression on his face.

“No... it's worse than that”.

- - - -
“Fluttershy, I understand what you want, bu-”.

“Oh, please, Coal Silvermane! I know you're into some really crazy shit, but... b-but I can enjoy that too!” Fluttershy cried desperately as she put on the red ball gag in her mouth and tried to climb up on the terrified stallion. He had struggled to get rid of her ever since she suddenly jumped over him and forced kisses on his cheeks. She had taken his resistance as a sign that he wanted her to put on the gag, and now it was on.

“What the pony-hell are you talking about?! I ain't in to that shit! That's only for ponies with a serious fetish for spanking bulls or something!”.

Fluttershy stopped struggling and sighed in relief. She then took off the ball gag and tossed it away. “Phew, I'm glad you said that. I'm usually not into it either. B-but I do actually enjoy getting whipped, if you'd like that?”.




“With the mouth?”.


“In the... you know, other ho-?”.




- - - -
“Coal suffers from a rare and very, very unfortunate mental disease. I can honestly not imagine a worse punishment, minding that he actually don't mind beautiful mares. He doesn't talk much about it, but we all believe it's a trauma caused by his parents in a early phase of his childhood” Stricken continued, grasping his audience in a thicker and thicker suspense for each passing word.

Sunny Days caught a clue, thus tilted his head up with a scared expression “You don't mean..?”.

- - - -
The music was playing loud, screaming lyrics about chains, whips, drinking things and obeying orders like a dog.

“I beg you, Fluttershy! I'm not into any of that! Just let m-”.

“I'm not either! I'm so glad I brought you here, Coal! Please, make love with me! L-look, I'm really ready! Just look between my...”.

In that heartbeat of a moment, Coal's eyes widened and his pupils shrank into microscopic sizes. His blood stopped flowing, his heart nearly died, and time itself must have stopped when his sight landed between Fluttershy's spread hindlegs. A petrified act of instinct tore his world apart as the howling voice in is head brought back the things he couldn't deal with. The sunglasses fell of his self-esteem...

- - - -
“He suffers from Genophobia. Also known as Erotophobia. Seeing another pony's private parts or believing he's going to get laid is just like threatening to kill him. He gets so scared he loses it and goes on a rampage to escape it”.

The others stared at Stricken with wide eyes and hanging jaws.

“Basically... he's afraid of sex”.

- - - -

Coal cried at the top of his lungs and threw off Fluttershy in his horrified state. The high pitch resembling a filly's voice echoed down to the lower floor and out over the entire cottage. Birds from the Everfree forest fled from the tree crowns together with the ones from Fluttershy's house. The mare herself was lying on the floor, covering her ears unless she wanted them to start bleeding. Everything flashed by Coal's head as he charged towards the window.

“You slept with my wife! YAAAAHHH!” he yelled and crashed through the blinded window, landing on the ground with his neck first in a rain of glass shards. He got up on his legs and ran to the hills, moving in the speed of a crazy train as he headed for what he hoped was the way back to Ponyville. The only thing he could think about now was the thriller he just escaped, his blood was rushing so fast you'd think he was shot through the heart, and now he felt like thunderstruck due to exhaustion. He had failed to find his friends, his last resort. And those bushes with thorns he ran through earlier had really cut him deep. His friends would most likely find him in the outskirts of Ponyville soon and take him to a hospital. So basically, he could only wait and bleed...

- - - -
Stricken put down his milkshake in front of the stunned mares and stallion. Like nothing just had happened, he rubbed his hooves together and looked at the small audience.

“So who wants some chop suey?”.

To be continued

Author's Note:

Ye, I said I was going to start with Ponyville's Lusts, but I actually wanted to get back on this one really badly. When I put this on hiatus, I had already planned on this chapter and knew deep in me how fun it was going to be writing it. Sadly, I wanted to bet on PL and all other stories I had in my head back then. Imma give this a try again and see if I can catch some more readers. Dunno if I can, but hey.... I won't give up. Next week I promise it will be PL and not this or Whorse! That updates.

Brohoof on ya all!

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Its been a while, but do you usually put like 6 song referances at the end of a chapter?

3066603 nah, this was the first time. I try to not be repetitive with the jokes, but this one was actually really fun to make :pinkiehappy:

3079026 ya i saw crazy train, thriller, and wait and bleed and i sat there and went.....waaaaaaait a minute. and went back through the paragraph and found a couple more lol :pinkiehappy:

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